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"Kingdom Hearts is back in handheld form and it could not be better"

Being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan I have been drooling over this game since it was first announced. It was a long wait, but it was well worth it.

Story 10/10
Kingdom Hearts 2 introduced us to Sora's nobody Roxas. We got to enjoy a three hour tutorial with him, but then that was basically the last time we saw him until the very end. We knew he was once in Organization 13, but it was never expanded on. 358/2 Days is the untold story of Roxas and his time in the Organization. It is an incredible story that is filled with unexpected twist and turns. Along with the other twelve members you know and love a fourteenth member by the name of Xion joins the cast. Discovering the truth behind this mysterious girl is just one of the many things that will have you fighting to take a break from playing.

Gameplay 10/10
If you have ever played a Kingdom Hearts game you know what to expect. Using the keyblade and your magic you will battle the heartless and some new boss fights. The game introduces a unique "panel system" which you will use for everything from weapons, to magic, to leveling up. It is hard to explain, but basically you have a row of empty slots that you have to place items in to use them. Lets say you want to level up, you will take a level up block and place it into a panel. It is a new concept, but very easy to get the hang of and you will probably end up preferring it. You will be going through missions that require you to kill a certain amount of heartless, collecting emblems, defeating bosses and more.

Graphics 10/10
The game is beautiful and pushes the DS to its limits. Everything is in full 3D and only gets blocks a a few small occasions. At some points you will be treated to fully voiced CG cutscenes that move the stories more important parts. They look incredible and are right on par with a ps2 cutscene.

Audio 10/10
The music is as good as ever. Again anyone who has played a Kingdom Hearts game knows what to expect hear. The music always fits the mood of what is happening. Sanctuary returns in the first scene its awesome.

Multiplayer 9/10
The multiplayer allows you to take control of any of the thirteen Organization members along with a few bonus characters I wont give away. This is the experience that every Kingdom Hearts fan has wanted and it is fantastic. They all handle great and you will have no trouble adjusting to the various characters. I take a point off because it can be difficult to find someone to play with, but you can still go through on your own.

If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan you will love this game without a doubt. If you are just a casual Kingdom Hearts player, you will still love this game. If you are new to the series this is not where I would recommend you start. The story is not impossible to grasp if you are new, but it does assume that you have played the other games (which I would HIGHLY recommend if you have not). 358/2 Days is perfect and should not be missed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/16/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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