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"Yeah, it's pretty good."

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 is about Roxas' year he spent in the Organzation (I say year to save time.) and his adventures with Axel and friends. It's in between KH and KH2 and Chain of Memories happens during the story. The story in itself is... well, it's alright. I have no major problems with it other than some of the stuff that happens in late-game but the story while told pretty well, moves pretty slowly too. It takes a good few hours for things to start picking up and stuff to start happening. And in all honesty one of the plot twists will knock you for a loop and make this series' story even more ridiculous than it was before.

The gameplay is... meh. I honestly found the first few hours of playing to be fun. I liked how it used the regular battle system from KH but also added in the Panel gimmick. I thought it was fun after a while. But then as the game went on, Magic started becoming less useful, mashing attack becomes rather annoying and I honestly could not stand the panel system later. It just got to the point where I had everything set up perfectly and then when something new I wanted came along I couldn't just replace it. I had to pick up the thing I wanted to remove and then put it back and then take the thing I wanted to put in from the list, this becomes doubly annoying when you almost have enough room for something and then there's another panel in the way and you can't just replace that panel, no I had to put the panel I wanted to put in back, take this panel out, and then put that panel back (Although it's possible I missed something here). And with the more panels you get out of an item the more of a problem it gets to be and you can't even rotate them.

Sound, I can honestly say the music and voice-acting is the best part of the game. The voice actors do a great job of conveying their characters with emotion and seriouness. The music is great as it has always been. The music for one of the characters I didn't really care about actually made me feel a bit sad and the music used from the other games is still good too. Although the script leaves something to be desired with how schizophrenic it is in quality. There's times when the script is utterly ridiculous and annoying and other points where it's just genius. I miss the script writer from KH and CoM but this one is alright at times.

Overall, the game was fun but leaves something to be desired. The story, while good moves too slowly at the beginning and goes nuts later. The gameplay becomes very tedious and boring and after a good while along with the panel system becoming a large nuisance. The music and voice acting are fantastic, but the script needs an improvement at points.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/20/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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