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"Fun for Two Days, boring the other Three-Hundred Fifty-Six. Unless Over Two or more people."

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Review

Now, I'm a big fan of KH, but this installment left a staler taste in my mouth than KH2 does on Beginner Mode. But, enough on that.

Days is a solid game, but I had many problems with it. I'll start with saying if you're a fanboy, stay away from this review. I will now review the game, part for part. (Gameplay, Story, Graphics, Music, and Replay Value)


The Gameplay in Days is great. Sadly, there are many hinders. For one, the levels are taken STRAIGHT out of the PS2 games (explained more in Graphics). Then, the weapons. KH usually has many Keyblades to collect, and such. Days however, has maybe EIGHT bases. Sure, Ability parts get more but other than the stick (story event), weapons barely make a difference. I got through the entire game mostly using just the Kingdom Key, and there was no real damage difference. Did I mention I was on Proud Mode?

Actual fighting is smooth, but if you're playing the Japan game the HP is way too high, and in NA it's way too low. Magic is like a nuke now, you just have to position it right.

Since this is advertised as a Multi-play game, you should know the game gets a lot more fun in multi-player.

STORY: 4/10

They SAID it would answer the most sought-after secrets in KH. Instead we got Emo Roxas 40% of the game, Emo Xion 27%, Boring Disney story that doesn't matter to the story of KH 32%, and actual stuff that matters the other 11%. And I STILL don't know if Kairi can use a Keyblade. D:

But it DOES fill in about two gaps, says was Roxas did in Org. XIII (lol it was never XIV, oops just spoiled some plot) and says some stuff that just opens MORE questions the PSP game will say, and guess what? You'll need to buy a PSP to know that. Unless you want to ruin it, but meh.


This is some of the BEST stuff on the DS. I still find SE's DS 3D to Pixel-y.

The one thing I AM shocked about is the game took EVERY level straight from the PS2 games (KH1 and KH2) and they're just as good, and one may even be bigger. It's just amazing they did that.

MUSIC: 6/10

It'd just tracks from the PS2 game mostly. The new stuff, and the old stuff, however, are both great.


Single play, all that's left is get Mickey and Sora and every item. Multi-Play, WOOT! You can have fun playing with friends! There's much more Replay value there (including re-fighting bosses with friends or re-seeing cutscenes).


The game is solid, but the game is way too boring without friends to play with. IMO my final score is just.

You should get it if you are a KH fan however.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/26/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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