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"Too many positive reviews"

Normally I don't write reviews for games, but I feel that anyone reading the other GameFAQ's reviews for this game is going to be sorely misled. Anyone giving this game higher than a 7/10 has been beaten over the head one too many times. Not a terrible game by any means, I got several hours of enjoyment out of it. But I couldn't help but feel more often than not playing this game is a chore. A lot of times that I play it I almost feel as if I just want to finish it so I can move on to the next game already.

Here are my gripes with the game (please note I played this game solely on Proud mode, and played single player only):

Story/Characters (3/10): My biggest problem with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. For a SquareEnix game, this plot is just downright awful. Never in my life have I wanted to skip through so many scenes when playing a SquareEnix game. I sat through all of them, thinking that this finally would be the scene where something meaningful happens... but 99% of the time it is just eating more fricking sea-salt ice cream while simultaneously questioning what it's like to have a heart and feel emotions while... *gasp* you guessed it, getting emotional. Maybe I'm too old to be playing this game and all the other reviewers have the reading comprehension skills of a 5th grader, but there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of piss-poor story telling.

Difficulty (5/10): The proud difficulty setting was too easy 95% of the time, and then mind-numbingly annoying the other 5%. Occasionally an enemy comes a long that is capable of one shotting you... and frequently these enemies have a boatload of health. Meaning, you have to attack the creature for roughly 5-10 minutes without making a single mistake. Sounds like that's a fair challenge, right? Well, not so much. At the end of a 10 minute battle where you just jump into the air and thwack thwack thwack, its gotten past the point of repetitive and all you want to do is end it as quickly as possible. This makes you take riskier moves, and quite often this is when your more reckless behavior results in a one-shot. Enjoy doing it all over again.

Graphics (9/10): Not my style of graphics at all... but for many this would be considered a top notch game graphically on the DS.

Sound (7/10): Not much too complaint about here, but nothing very memorable either.

Gameplay (6/10): Good enough to keep my attention, but far too often much too repetitive and slow. A lot of enemies have too much health, and it takes forever to kill them. As alluded too earlier in the difficulty portion, once you figure out the enemies pattern there isn't much challenge left. At this point, it just becomes tedious for any enemy with high defense and a load of HP. Especially when there are a ton of them on a level. Maybe this is my fault for playing Proud difficulty, but I think someone at Square didn't realize "annoyance" and "difficulty" are not synonymous with each other.

Overall: This game is not terrible, even though I am coming down on it pretty harsh in this review. It's just that I've come to expect a bit more from SquareEnix, and lately they seem to be blowing it all over the place. This title epitomizes the mediocrity that Square and Enix (SquareEnix) have come to represent. I don't know how long they plan to last off the reputations that they have spent 2 decades building, but sooner or later these kinds of games will catch up with them. All that said, this game is a decent enough way to pass time, but there are far better options available on the DS.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/05/10

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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