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    Walkthrough by Leaderofrouge

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    Attention Readers

    Please be aware this guide contains spoilers. If you only wanted a guide that gets you through sections you found difficult---i.e. you want to play through the game yourself---then please use the Table of Contents to skip to my Spoiler-free Walkthrough.


    The tiresomely mundane but essential details that we all know must be addressed, in order to have ourselves properly covered. I just thought I would mention it now, so we could all enjoy the game without interruptions afterwards.


    • This guide belongs to me (Leaderofrouge) and was written for the purpose of gaming (e.g. enjoyment, leisure and/or entertainment etc.). I will not endorse commercial use of this guide for any reasons.
    • As it stands, this walkthrough remains exclusive to Gamefaqs.com, unless permission has been otherwise approved.
    • Please remember this is an unofficial guide. Whilst I assure my readers that all information & descriptions provided here is accurate to the best of my knowledge, I do not guarantee it being completely free of error. In the case that errors are found, readers are encouraged to contact me and I shall attend to the issue.


    Many thanks to:

    • KONAMI for making the game
    • Gamefaq for providing the space
    • Forcexdistance with all of the English names, information on the side-quests, and Mr. Twombly (Ni-no-miya)'s pop-quizzes for each chapter.
    • Everyone on the board who encouraged me initially.
    • Fellow readers of this guide.


    If there is anything you want to talk with me about, may it be a typo, mistake, suggestion, or even just want to drop me line about something else that you think I can help you with [within my limits], you will be able to reach me at:


    Game Control

    By and large, the controls are self-explanatory; otherwise it would be be explained in the tutorial (Prologue) chapter of the game. Regardless, here is a summary:

    World Map

    D-pad or Stylus (drag on screen)Pans camera/view
    LSelects locations (starting from Library to Mi-hara/Vin's home)
    RSelects locations (starting from Train station to Mi-hara/Vin's home)
    A/Stylus (double-tap)Confirm/Enters location
    BNo function
    XToggles system menu
    YNo function

    System Menu

    D-padHighlights option of selection
    Stylus (tap/double-tap)Highlight/Select options
    LShows known flashbacks in flashback menu & Toggle chapter selection in save/load menu
    RShows partially/unknown flashbacks in flashback menu & Toggle save-point selection in save/load menu
    BReturn to previous menu
    XNo function
    YNo function

    In-game Control

    D-pad or Stylus (drag on screen)Pans camera/view
    StylusSelect option/Skip conversation(tap/double-tap); Draw Hollow (draw a circle on the touchscreen during the time-stop mode)
    LNo function
    RNo function
    AConfirm/Skip conversation
    BSkip conversation/Return to previous location
    XToggles system menu
    YNo function

    Japanese-English Translations

    Time Hollow was released initially in Japanese, which was the version that I played, then later translated into English. With the help of keen friend, I managed to compile all of the names in both languages here, for my fellow readers' convenience. Also note that this guide refers to the characters by their Japanese names because that's the version I played, but all of the places and items are in English since it would be easier to understand.

    Toki-o HorouEthan KairosToshokanLibraryNippaaNipper
    Toki-o WataruTimothy KairosMi-Hara IeVin's HomeJitensha no KagiBicycle Key
    Toki-o AkiPamela KairosGakkouSchoolKu-ri no MeganaEmily's Glasses
    Toki-o TamotsuDerek KairosAionAarosBaasu-Dei KaadoBirthday Card
    ForouSoxHimitsu-KichiSecret HideoutKukkiiCookie
    JonLuckySara-ChiVacant LandWaori no ShashinPhoto with Ashley
    ShirouShilohToki-wa SakaClockwork HillFuutonEnvelope
    Ichi-Yanagi SeisakuIrving OneginTokio IeEthan's HomeUde-Dokei to TegamiWristwatch and Letter
    Ichi-Yanagi NaokoMary OneginKousatenIntersectionNazo no TegamiMysterious Letter
    Ni-no-Miya SakutarouJack TwombleyKouenParkTamotsuDerek
    Mi-Hara MotokiVin ThreetKuro-no-suChronos/KhronosHorou PenHollow Pen
    Mi-Hara WaoriAshley ThreetEki-maeTrain Station [Front]
    Shi-Dou ShuntaBen Fourier
    Go-Jima NagiMorris Fivet
    Roku-Jyou KotokoEva Sixon
    Nana-Sawa Ryuu-no-sukeAaron Seven
    Ya-Gi MayuOlivia Eights
    Ku-ri ShoukoEmily Niner
    To-Kura SonokaSarah Tenneson
    Jyuuichi-Tani ArataJacob Eleven
    Jyuuni-Bayashi KanonKori Twelves

    Complete Walkthrough

    Attention: Please remember this is the Complete Walkthrough guide; that is it contains spoilers (along with a bit of my own commentary). So if you want to play the game and not have everything explained to you before you even get to that section of the game, then STOP reading here and use the Table of Contents above to skip over to my Spoiler-free Walkthrough guide instead.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Prologue ~ atarashi hi

    The game begins with you (Toki-o Horou) in your bed room and a tutorial will take place explaining that you have to poke things with your stylus. The compulsory things that you definitely have to examine are:

    • Desk---You will be introduced with your 3 childhood friends; Mi-hara, Shi-dou & Go-jima
    • Bookshelf---You will be told that it is Ho-rou's 17th birthday tomorrow and he is a watch enthusiast.
    • Forou (the cat)---It's your pet and you will learn that it's pissed off at you because you splat water at it during your bath (god knows why he took it with him to bath).

    You are free to check out other things like the TV, window or the carpet on the ground, for some additional comments from Horou. Once you are fed up with the place, press "B" or touch the "Exit" icon on the top right then you will be called for dinner. Press B or touch the icon then your game officially starts and you will hear the opening theme of the game, press start to skip it; after the opening theme song you will then get a brief scene of a mysterious shadow under the moon light.

    Now you are having dinner with your family. You will be told how to engage conversation with other characters by poking them (duh). If you examine the food on the table, Horou will complain about how the food were tasteless as always. Talk to the father and he will ask for the sauce (scroll to the screen's right and it's the glass bottle with red top at your bottom right corner), tap the bottle twice and you will give it to him. Now talk to your mum and the game will proceed. After all the talking, you can return to your room now by double-touching the stairs. When you returned to the room Horou will mention about the opened window, so close it. You will be called for tea after you closed it and you will overhear your father and uncle fighting about some financial business. After the conversation you will return to your room; there will also be another tutorial how to use the Menu. Regardless, since you are sleepy, tap to get rid of the cat on your bed and touch the bed then you get a short sequel of animation.

    When you wake up you will realised that something is wrong about the room, the carpet is gone and the bed's different. Check out Forou and you find something is tied on to it (Hollow Pen). Now investigate that strange hole right in front of you and you will get some flashbacks then you realises that you are at your uncle's house!

    After a long conversation with your uncle, you will be taken to school to meet two characters; Mi-Hara's sister Waori and her friend Ku-ri. Then they will leave and your three mates will appear, so talk with them. After the chat you will get an explanation about the map and you can visit some of the other places but to get on you need to return home which is the name underneath the school. After returning to your room, you will receive a piece of paper from Forou telling you to go to the school's garbage area which the hall way on your right of the first screen after entering the school, go through there and you will be taught how to use your Hollow Pen. (This is also one of the very few times that you get to see the "Time Hollow" world's scenery at night.) But before that you need to go to your flashback option and check out the picture with the garbage area, once you confirmed that about picture it will be transferred to the uncovered side of the flashback option (the L-side).

    Important Note: You can't proceed with the story if the picture has not moved to the "uncovered" (left hand side) section even if you understood what to do. My advice is you always check out that section every time an event or cut-scene occurs, though you don't have to do that for the items and characters, you might just as well check it out while you are in the menu screen---just to get the flashing "New" icon out of the way.

    You will notice when you use Hollow Pen you will have your present screen on the touch screen and the corresponding flashback picture on the bottom for you to refer to. So now, draw a circle around corresponding area where you see a box in your flashback and double-poke that to open up an investigation menu. Select the second option which is "to investigate" and touch on that box again. After a short event sequel, close the hole by touching the flashy icon on your top right of the screen with "close" pointing at it and now you will get some more flashbacks.

    End of Prologue

    Chapter 1 ~ kieta hi - The Day that Vanished

    You will begin at school meeting your homeroom teacher; Ni-no-Miya and he will quiz you on some proverb. It means something along the line of: "the young regrets of not knowing enough when they are old" (Well... something like that), choose the second option which means something like "lifetime passes very fast" I think this is like a mini game feature for Time Hollow, you can encounter Ni-no-Miya throughout the game if you visit the different places between your investigations. I think there's about 4-5 questions in the game. Anyway, back to the walkthrough.

    After the quiz, Waori & Kuri will talk with you then Mi-Hara will join the conversation. Suddenly some flashback will occur then they will all disappear and Shi-dou comes running to you telling to join the search for Waori who apparently has been missing for 2 days. Check out the 6 new flashbacks once you are free to move, after that entered the building. Talk with the student at the locker area and ask about him the situation. Move to the classroom corridor and you will see Ni-no-Miya; he will tell you that he is in a hurry to attend a staff meeting about Waori's disappearance (it is optional talk with him). Enter the classroom to talk with Go-jima and he will tell you to wait while he packs up, while you are waiting tap on the girl with purple long hair in the back; she will leave, talk to Go-jima again and he will tell you that girl is called Jyuuni-Hayashi Kanon (I will refer her to Kanon in the walkthrough) then he will leave for the search as well. Back to the corridor screen, check out the note that is posted on the notice board on the left side of your view and you will find out that it was posted by Kanon saying that she has picked up an envelope; she also left a contact number to be contacted but nothing needs to be done about it at this stage.

    Exit back to the building entrance and you will see two girls standing. Horou will hint to talk with them, do so. Talk about the first topic again after done talking with the two topics for a first time, they will leave and you need to head to the station at the bottom left to talk with Ku-ri. Talk through all the topics and you will find out about an incident that took place at Kuro-no-Su (which I will be calling it Chronos throughout the guide for convenience), where Waori and Ku-ri had a fight which possibly led to Waori gone missing. Return to the school building's entrance and you will come across Go-jima who will tell you he can't find out anything about Waori. Now go to the park where you will see him again, talk with him and he will say no progress was made then left. Next to go the station and talk to Shi-dou who will say basically the same thing. Now go across to Mi-hara's house at the bottom right. Return to your house after talking to him and Horou will mention about how the past has changed (blah blah blah...) and realises that the clock he was given as present "yesterday" from Waori and Ku-ri has disappeared. Go back to examine the note again at the school notice board and you will contact Kanon. It just happens that Kanon have picked up the envelope with money that Waori dropped back around the time of the locker flashback, but she wants Horou to prove that he indeed knows Waori before she would give that envelop to you. So head back talk to Mi-hara and he will give you a photo that you can use as proof. After you receiving the envelope from Kanon, you now have 2 choices to end the chapter (don't forget to update your flashbacks):

    1) You will be prompted to use the Hollow Pen at the student locker area. So confirms that you want to use the Pen and draw a circle around Waori's locker and you should see an exclamation mark pointing on the locker. Choose item, then select the envelope and place it in the locker. Now that she has the money, the fight scene at Chronos would be prevented,


    2) Head to Chronos and move to the area with a bicycle lot. Say yes when it prompts you to use the Pen, then draw a circle on the area corresponding to where Waori's hand is. Tap her hand and select the envelope from the Items menu. Now that the girls have the money, the fight would be prevented.

    With 1) you will receive a bag of cookie and 2) you will noticed that your birthday present now becomes a birthday card. For both endings, you will be told the reason being for the change in present is because it was already too late to buy the clock by the time girls "found" the envelope. Once you have made up your decision of where to place the envelope, you will then get some flashbacks and enjoy another short anime skit between Waori and her brother.

    Side Note: You can go to the local library (next to the school on the map) while you are going to different places. You can tap anywhere along the table to find out the librarian is called To-kura Sonoka (from her name plate). But this serves no real purpose for this chapter other than just so you could get an extra character profile.

    End of Chapter 1

    Chapter 2 ~ kawaru hi - The Day that Changed

    You will start off at school with a conversation with your three friends then you will be taken to Chronos which apparently is a usual hang-out place for your lot. Talk to everyone in the restaurant:

    • Mi-hara
    • Shi-dou
    • Go-jima
    • The dude reading the newspaper in the back (who is actually Ichi-Yanagi)
    • Shop keeper at the bar table (you might need to scroll to the left to see her)

    After some more conversation you will get a few flashbacks and an anime-scene of Ya-gi the waitress getting involved in an accident. Once you become conscious again, examine the entrance of the restaurant then talk with each of your friends. Go to the site of accident - in between the park and Chronos and you will encounter Kanon, but there's nothing you have to do yet. Leave the area and go to the library on the top right of the map where you will meet with Ku-ri and Waori. Once you have talked with them your flashback with be updated and you can go back to where the place where you put the envelope into Waori's hand then you will go to Hollow Pen mode again. Examine the bike and you will discover that the brakes had been disabled by someone deliberately, so in order to save Ya-gi, Horou took away the lock key. Close the hole and the story proceeds.

    Side Note: You can actually also take Ku-ri's glasses as well, which would lead to a sub-event in a later chapter. However, you will have to take her glasses first then the bike keys

    You will be taken back to Chronos and told that another accident occurred involving a dog although Ya-gi is saved. Once you are back in control, take a detour to the library entrance and you will notice Ku-ri is not wearing glasses (I wonder why, huh...) and you have a choice of returning them to her and do it later (which will affect the dialogue slightly later on). But regardless, their conversation will stay the same. Now you can head over to the park where Ni-no-Miya insists that he is "patrolling" the area, but just happens to have time to quiz you again. This time, the proverb is along the lines of: "Time is money", choose the 3rd option which translates to be something like: "Time is something to be cherished". All right, now let's get back on track...

    Head back to the site where the accident took place and you meet a boy in sling called Jyuuichi-tani Arata (I will call him Arata from now on) who is the owner of the victim (dog) named Jon. He will tell Horou that the truck came from the North side of the intersection (top of the screen). So go there and you will be hinted to prevent the accident you need to know find out about the time. So you can't do anything now.

    Side Note: You may or may not already have come across the wandering Forou around town. On your first encounter with it, a tutorial take place explaining to you about something called "Gen-Dou-Tai" (lit. Driving Force) which refills one green bar of your Hollow Pen, whenever you see Forou. Basically keep a lookout for your "lost" pet when you are visit different places---feel free to treat it like a trivial "Where's Wally" type mini-game if you like, because some of the places that it hides in is quite tricky---but it is fairly pointless because it's quite a challenge to actually "run out of gas" to begin with. For one, you are using a walkthrough, you are always given a fairly blatant hint on what to do when you before you use the pen, and the bars will refill at the beginning of each chapter anyway...

    Return to Chronos, talk through the topics with Ya-gi and you will learn about the other witness of the incident called To-Kura who is the librarian (At this point if you return to the accident site now, you will come across Go-jima who came to reminisce about the "dog incident" that Shi-dou threw a hissie fit about; going to the station you will see Mi-hara & Shi-dou who are still dwelling on the topic about the dog). So go to the library and talk through the topics with her as well and you will be able to piece together the flashback on the incident. Head back to the slope (2nd screen of the accident site) and draw a circle around and select the ropes tying around the fridge then an event with Kanon will take place with an animation that lasts about 3 secs (why did they even bother to put that in...), to tell Horou that she also see the flashbacks when the events were altered.

    And so the time goes back to the day before the accident and shows that Ya-gi appears to be in a relationship, as well as an intro speech by the evil mastermind just before the chapter ends.

    End of Chapter 2

    Chapter 3 ~ omoide hi - The Day of Memories

    This time you will begin at the library with a conversation with Go-jima, then Mi-hara calls to tell you Shi-dou committed a murder at the entrance of Chronos and ask to head over right away.

    When you reached the restaurant, examine the blood stain on the ground and touch Mi-hara or Shi-dou. Once you can start conversation with people, order doesn't matter as long as you talked with everyone through all their comments about the crime.

    • Arata---3 issues to address
    • Mi-hara---2 initially; then 3rd appears after you talked with Shi-dou and Go-jima
    • Shi-dou---2 initially; 3rd appears after you speak about the 3rd for Mi-hara
    • Go-jima---2 initially; 3rd appears after you speak about the 3rd for Shi-dou

    After done with the conversations, you will learn that the victim is Ya-gi's boyfriend called Nana-sawa and it occurred when Shi-dou suddenly became enraged when he saw Arata walking Jon, Nana-sawa tried to restrain Shi-dou and the led to murder (it sppears that Shi-dou didn't like Nana-sawa to begin with). So you now have to find Jon for Arata because it took off during the murder.

    You will be moved to the station where you will meet Kanon and have another brief chat. Afterwards Horou and Go-jima arrives at an antique shop called Aion where you learn that Shi-dou used to have a dog called Shiro that died during his childhood. It appears at random places on the map so you just have to take your time going through the places. (I found it on the left of the school gate; you will have to scroll to see it).

    As always, we do a quick detour. Head to the school and head to the classroom corridor where Ni-no-Miya decides to fire several quizzes at you; on the way in feel free to talk the girls at the school entrance and the student at the locker area. So for the first question, you are asked to say the follow-up phrase of:

    • "(lit.) Enemies must not be forgiven"
      • Choose the 2nd option---"Time must not be lost".
    • The second question asks you is what does the phrases mean
      • Pick the 1st option which means---"(lit.) Defeat the enemy only when the time is ripe".

    Side Note: If you go to the library, you will get to meet a librarian substitute who is absolutely useless... Well, that's besides the point...

    After recovering Jon go back to Chronos and you will hear from Mi-hara that Nana-Sawa has died and Shi-dou have decided to turn himself in to the police. Mi-hara and Go-jima will decide to go after Shi-dou leaving you behind, but then Jon will lead to find the murder weapon which is a nipper. Update your flashback and when you exit the menu screen, Hollow Pen will be activated again. This time is a bit tricky, you have to put a circle around the back corner of the flower bed in the front and pan your view slightly to the right to see the nipper.

    After you have taken the nipper to prevent Shi-dou from stabbing Nana-Sawa, but this led to a turnabout where Shi-dou gets beaten to hospital. Go to station as you are told the hospital is near there and you will meet with Kanon again. We have to hear her whine a little about Horou isn't solving problems but just transferring it to someone else then Go-jima will get curious about what you and Kanon are talking about. After you are done talking through the topics, in order figure out a way to save Shi-dou, you end up having to show Go-jima where the places you have flashbacks for. So go back to the slope where you fixed up the rope from Ya-gi's incident and the flower bed for the current case as well as the garbage dump at school. After that Go-jima will you take to Aion suggesting that you can prevent this incident if Shiro didn't die during Shi-dou's childhood. But you don't have the full details of that flashback, so you have to go to library and find out about the accident. You can head to Aion once you receive the information from To-Kura. From here, just enter the shop and go through the conversation until you are asked to use the Hollow Pen. For this one, all you have to do is select anywhere with the rope and select the nipper from your items to set it free. Just before you leave the shop keeper will ask to exchange contact details with you and finds out the keeper is called Ichi-Yanagi. You will be prompted to go back to Chronos to make sure everything is fine again.

    Side Note: We also could have picked up the nipper in the previous chapter (before "permanently borrowing" Ya-gi's bike keys); doing this will slightly shorten Chapter 3 as we will then be able to prevent the stabbing incident from occurring altogether, and skip right to the beating incident.

    End of Chapter 3

    Chapter 4 ~ tooi hi - The Day Far Away

    This time you decided to ask your uncle about all these miraculous things that is going on, but unfortunately he doesn't know anything about Hollow Pen. Then you suddenly recall that the shop keeper mentioned about two students purchased a clock and said "it was a birthday present for a senior" clearly showing Ichi-Yanagi also possessing the same "flashbacks" as you. To confirm the theory, you rushed back to your room to check for the your present's existence --- the antique clock, which of course is not there because the present was the birthday card/cookies. Returning downstairs you then ask your uncle about this "Ichi-Yanagi", he suddenly panics and rushes out (presumably to find Ichi-Yanagi). Then you would noticed that Tamotsu left his room unlocked and so you decide to go in...

    Now examine the:

    • Key on the table---This is the study room's key
    • Metal shelf on the back corner---You will find Kanon being in the class album of your uncle along with Ichi-Yanagi
    • Glass shelf with wooden drawers---You will find out about some Accident that occurred 35 years ago
    • Wooden drawers---You will find a piece of paper same as the one you found tied on to Forou telling you about the Hollow Pen at the beginning

    You will receive additional flashbacks when you exit the room but you can leave them for now. Head to the library and you will notice it isn't To-Kura at the desk. Talk to him and he tell you that he is just a rookie and that his shift is almost over and so you should wait till the "veteran" (To-Kura) gets back.

    From here, let's take a detour to the school locker area and take another of Ni-no-Miya's quizzes. This time you will be asked to complete the proverb beginning with:

    • "(Lit.) Plants and trees are asleep" (Kusa-Ki mo Nemuru).
      • Pick the 3rd option: (Ushimitsu-Doki)

    Side Note: There isn't a really have a translation because it is a Japanese expression referring to the morning hours between "2-3am"---the proverb is basically a figurative way of expressing the period of time when it is still early in the morning when even the plants appears to be sleeping.

    Continuing on, go down to the intersection from Ya-gi's incident and you will see Gojima advertising his dog-walking service to To-Kura. You can now return to the library and ask her about the incident that happened 35 years ago (pick first option); you will be given a copy of the article on the incident. Afterwards Horou would gain some additional flashbacks. As always, make sure you have updated the flashbacks.

    Exit to the map and you will notice a new location along the sea/river side (tr. Evergreen slope or Clockwork Hill in English version) - where the bus accident took place - has been added. Once again check out your flashbacks and go there. This time draw a circle around the front windows and select the third option in the investigation menu then another short animation of Ichi-Yanagi's mother in the bus accident will show.

    The story will switch to Tamotsu talking to Ichi-Yanagi in his antique shop. At the end of it you will watch Ichi-Yanagi abducting Kanon into his shop in front of Tamotsu.

    Once back in control again, we can take a detour to Mi-Hara's place and catch Waori just heading out to meet Ku-ri to study. Also, heading to Chronos, we can also find Shi-dou looking for Ya-gi bike keys (but due to Shi-dou's state of frenzy at the moment Horou decides not to tell him that he actually has the key); at the school classroom we will find a student drained from attending catch-up classes.

    Returning to the library for the bus accident, we repeat the previous process of "saving" Ichi-Yanagi's mother but fail again, which then Horou will prompt that he is feeling a bit tired from overusing his Hollow Pen.

    Side Note: It will be dawn when we return to the world map; as always we can visit the different locations to see what the others are doing:

    • Chronos---Mi-hara & Shi-dou (waiting for Ya-gi to arrive)
    • Park---Go-jima continuing with his dog-walking business
    • Intersection (2nd area)---Nana-sawa walking Ya-gi to Chronos
    • Library Entrance---Ku-ri & Waori (heading home after their study session); To-kura will still be sitting at the reception desk.

    Return to your house and Tamotsu will tell you that he couldn't get any information off Ichi-Yanagi either. At the end of the conversation Horou will say he want to check out Aion again which apparently is already closed, so you might just as well go back home.

    Side Note: On the way to and fro Aion, we can enjoy the night scenes of the Time Hollow world. It probably doesn't really add anything overly significant to the story, but we can meet with the following people leaving work before heading home:

    • Go-jima---Train station (leaving work)
    • Ya-gi---Chronos entrance (leaving work)
    • Nana-sawa---Park entrance (waiting for Ya-gi)
    • To-kura---Intersection (leaving work)
    • Ni-no-miya---Horou's home (he only appears on the way returning back home; he was going to give you another quiz but thought better of it; we also learn that he is actually also Tamotsu's homeroom teacher and tell us that all of the time-related quizzes that he has been giving us were inspired by Tamotsu.)

    Head to school when we wake up; Horou bump into Kanon at the School Ground and decides to ask her about why couldn't the past be rewritten as usual, and some new flashbacks will appear interrupting the conversation and you will be back at home again.

    From here, head to Chronos and you will meet Kanon at the entrance, and the two of you will decide take a seat in the shop to talk...

    Side Note: On the way to school, before meeting with Kanon at the School Ground, if we do our usual detour trip we can find:

    • Mi-hara in front of his house
    • Go-jima at the Park
    • Shop Keeper (Roku-jo) in front of Chronos (one of the few times she is seen actually outside the shop)
    • Ya-gi at the Train station
    • To-kura at the Intersection (2nd area)

    Side Note (cont.) After the flashbacks appearing; when leaving for Chronos:

    • Ni-no-mia at the School Corridor (unfortunately, no quiz...)
    • Mi-hara at the School Ground
    • Waori in front of her home (we will learn that Mi-hara actually quit the basketball due to a childhood injury from falling off the ladder at their Secret Hideout)
    • Go-jima in the Park
    • Ya-gi in front of Aion (apparently, does not know Horou)
    • To-kura at the Library reception desk (as usual)

    When we regain control, examine/tap on everyone in the restaurant that you can see:

    • Kanon
    • Nana-Sawa
    • Shop Keeper

    However, you just have to wait a while before the event takes place so just keep examining random objects like the table, bar table etc. Eventually the keeper will engage in a conversation with you---in fact, asking you whether you are looking for the toilet... Then we start talking about something substantial, we will learn that Tamotsu was murdered some years ago. You will get to ask her about:

    • Tamotsu (first option)
    • Tamotsu's incident (second option, you will need to select this option twice)

    Side Note: You will find out that the restaurant's name, "Kuro-no-su", was named after the God of Time, Chronos/Khronos.

    We want to find out more about the murder so head to the library. If you had taken Ku-ri's glasses back in Chapter 2, then a "side-quest" will occur where Horou can go back to the bike parking lot and give Ku-ri back her glasses.

    Side Note: The side-quest is about Ku-ri injurying herself as a result of "accidentally losing" her glasses---read: stolen. So everything will be fine again if we return it back in time. As always, we can visit the different places again for some extra story:

    • Ni-no-miya at the School Gate
    • Mi-hara at the Park
    • Waori at the Library Entrance
    • Shi-dou in front of the Train Station
    • Go-jima at the Park

    Continuing with the main plot, speak with To-kura to find out about Tamotsu's incident (2nd option); don't forget to update the flashbacks afterwards. I don't think we needed to do this, but if we go home now, Horou will reminiscence about Tamotsu---this will also change the BGM to a nice remix version of the opening theme, until you decide to leave the house and travel to the crime scene via the train.

    Head to the station. we will see Shi-dou (if you haven't already talked with him above) but we can ignore him; feel free to talk to him though. Touch anywhere on the station and you will be prompted to travel to the murder scene. This time you just have to draw circle anywhere with the body and choose the investigate (second) option, and Horou will find out that Tamotsu was holding on to the note that Horou wrote for Ichi-Yanagi as contact details... Head back home for some more of Horou's thinking then it will be the next day.

    What you have to do now is write a memo with ideas from everyone that you come across on how to establish a successful restaurant and send it back to Tamotsu in the past. So starting with Mi-hara and Shi-dou in the corridor (tap them multiple times until they tell you that they are out of ideas), you can find other people's location:

    • Ni-no-miya---Locker area (doesn't contribute anything to the list...)
    • Shi-dou---Inside library (Horou adds an emphasis about recruiting beautiful ladies...)
    • Go-jima---Park (suggests that a successful restaurant need to have a good atmosphere)
    • Ya-gi---Train station (too busy worrying about finding a job)
    • Nana-sawa---Chronos (don't use Hollow Pen to talk to him; he will suggest to you about employing young girls & that just having some old dude working in a cafe is not appealing)

    Finally return to the restaurant and your Hollow Pen will activate. Draw a circle around the spice bottles next to Tamotsu's left elbow and select the memo from your item list. You will then be taken to a time where Tamotsu is now the owner of Chronos and suddenly becomes very friendly (and even bought Horou a oversize Furou pillow for his birthday... Not to mention Ya-gi's maid outfit)! Then Horou will receive a call from Ichi-Yanagi to meet him a the bus accident site.

    End of Chapter 4

    Chapter 5 ~ kecchaku no hi - The Day of Resolution

    You will be a long conversation with Ichi-Yanagi before he pulls out his knife at you, just at the moment Tamotsu will come to the rescue. As Ichi-Yanagi's plan to get rid of Horou fails, he decides to use his Hollow Pen to "get rid of" Horou in other ways by changing some more of the past; Kanon will also appear [out of nowhere] and tells you that Ichi-Yanagi must be stopped, but it was all too late.

    After seeing some flashbacks, you will be at home again and Kanon will ask you to meet her at where Aion used to be. Also, a nice warm welcome to good, old, cranky uncle who doesn't have the time to be caring for Horou.

    As always, we will take a brief walkabout to see what has change in this current "present" of ours:

    • Ya-gi---Train Station
    • Arata---Front of Chronos
    • Nana-sawa & Shop keeper inside Chronos

    So we have gathered that Horou is essentially unknown to anyone; now we will proceed to meet with Kanon. Once you reached the site of Aion you will noticed that the shop isn't there anymore. Talk to Kanon and she will tell you how she got involved with the Hollow Pen etc. After her life story, you will go to school only to find out Ichi-Yanagi somehow became Ni-no-Miya and that your three mates are actually dead from a fire in this present time after talking to Waori and Ku-ri at the School Ground. Since you don't have any information at hand on the incident so go to the library to find out about the incident...

    Side Note: As always, before going to the library we will take another short detour to see:

    • Nana-sawa at the Park

    ...Yup, that's it this time.

    After finding out more about the fire incident, go back to the Vacant Land (where we chatted with Kanon)---don't forget to update your flashbacks---then it's Hollow Pen time! The main objective here is to put out the fire to prevent the incident, but by examining the part of the ladder where the rope is tied onto, would also prevent Mi-hara from injuring his hip which allows him to continue playing basketball.

    After that you will be teleported to school again and have a conversation with Kanon and Ni-no-Miya (i.e. Ichi-Yanagi). He will play the "Ni-no-Miya" game by asking you a hypothetical question:

    "If we were to send $1 billion from the present back to 5 seconds back in time, how much do we have now?"

    Well... common sense tells us that there should still be just $1 billion so pick the second option. After giving our answering he will explain about the reason behind the logic of how he became Ni-no-Miya---basically suggesting that he replaced the previous Ni-no-Miya's existence by substituting his "Ichi-Yanagi" presence into him (thereby removing the existence of Ichi-Yanagi as well)--- He also vowed to continue to take vengeance on Horou.

    Enter the school when you can move again, we will find Waori and Ku-ri at the locker area and they will be back to their normal selves---i.e. friends with Horou. Head to the restaurant and you will find Mi-hara and Go-jima alive. Just as you guys are about to talk about Shi-dou, Ni-no-Miya will have done something causing you to be teleported to the Train Station apparently talking with Shi-dou and Mi-hara, and learn that Go-jima was killed. Talk with them to gather information about the murder, talk through each topic twice and another event will take place with Ni-no-Miya continuing with his killing spree.

    This time you will be taken home again then Shi-dou will call to say that the victim this time was Waori and wants to meet up at Mi-hara's place. Again, we can go around town to see what others are doing:

    • Arata & Nana-sawa---Park entrance (Nana-sawa telling the kid to go home due to the recent murders)
    • 2x Police officers---School gate (urging you to get your errands done and get out)
    • 2x School boys---School Ground (talking about the recent murders)
    • School boy---Locker area (daydreaming...)
    • 2x Police officers and a detective---Vacant Land (they sealed off the area saying it is a crime scene)
    • Ya-gi & Rokujou---Chronos (worrying about the recent murders)

    Finally head over to Mi-hara's and you will see Shi-dou trying to cheer Mi-hara up---talk to the boys once each, then talk to Mi-hara again and Horou will prompt that he needs to do something to help. Next return the student who was daydreaming at the school locker area and we will be able to get some information from him this time---talk through all the topics about Waori once with him. Update your flashbacks and your Hollow Pen should start, if not leave and return to the locker area. Circle around the locker that Waori used and examine there then select the investigation option (second). Just as you get the happy-ending flashbacks with everyone alive, the scene will flip to Ichi-Yanagi with him causing some more trouble; this time Horou becomes the murderer!!

    When you can move again, update the flashbacks, and we shall do our usual walk around town to find out what has changed:

    • Library entrance---Ku-ri (she panicks as she thinks you will kill her, but we also learn that Waori has lost her mobile phone)
    • Vacant Land---Inspector (he will try to arrest you)
    • Park, School Gate, Chronos, Train station---Police (same as above)
    • Mi-hara's home---Mi-hara (he will say something about police having evidence that shows you committed the murders of Go-jima & Waori. He also warns you if you ever show up in front of him again he will bring you to justice.)

    After visiting all the locations, return go to the School Gate where you will meet Kanon and she will try to cheer you up---the two of you will then try to brainstorm the sequence of events to figure out how to make everything right again. After that go back to your house, there will be some patrols but Kanon will lure them away for you. Go in and you will receive Waori's mobile from Tamotsu, then head back to the school lockers and place her mobile at Waori's locker's position as shown from the flashback. We will then receive flashbacks of her being alive.

    So let's now go to where Aion used to be again to save Go-jima as well. If we were to do a detour again, we will find similar scenes occurring at the:

    • Park entrance---Nana-sawa telling Arata to go home due to the recent murders
    • Library---To-kura will try to cheer Horou up about the murder happening at the school
    • School Ground---2x School boys (talking about the recent murders)
    • School Locker Area---Ku-ri & Waori (tries to cheer Horou up)

    It's just the same old trick as earlier, just cut the rope to let the dog roam free with the nipper. You will be in the restaurant with Mi-hara and Shi-dou then Konan will call telling you to make sure Go-jima is all right---you meet with him straight after you exit the place. Ni-no-Miya will appear just to tell you it's not over yet. Exit to the map and Horou will mention that he's tired, so let's go home.

    'Side Note: As usual, we can see the amended changes by going to different places:

    • Park entrance---Arata introducing his pet to Nana-sawa
    • School Ground---2x School boys talking about getting bored of their peaceful days... (well not for Horou...)
    • School Locker Area---Waori & Ku-ri going shopping again.
    • Classroom---Student on detention again...'

    Tamotsu will be reading that same newspaper at the dining table (again) and Horou decides ask him about:

    • Ichi-Yanagi
    • Ni-no-Miya
    • Jyuuni-Hayashi (Kanon)

    Go through all topic a second time. Then Ni-no-Miya (Ichi-Yanagi) will put something into the letterbox and say "bye-bye" to Horou.

    You will be reappear to the "present" without your uncle again.

    'Side Note: Doing our usual trip around town, we will find at the:

    • School Ground---Mi-hara leaving school from his basketball training
    • Vacant Land---Go-jima walking Shiro'
    • Train Station---Nana-sawa whinges about Ya-gi's spending
    • Chronos-----Ya-gi & Roku-jou (Shop keeper) (still recognises Horou)'

    In order to save Tamotsu, you will have to go to the library again, but this time Kanon will have got you the incident info already. Once again, sort out your flashbacks and head to Eterna---a new location above the train station. Talk to Kanon and she will offer to enter the hole herself to take Tamotsu somewhere safe away from the explosion. So just draw a circle anywhere where Tamotsu would be visible to be selected and choose the 1st option. You will get some flashbacks with Tamotsu alive as well as Horou's parents at the same place where the explosion took place---how convenient, so just get your flashbacks updated and draw a circle around the door away then choose the 3rd option to call to them. It will be followed with a short animation cut-scene of Ni-no-Miya killing Kanon (NO!!!), and then he ends up falling off the cliff where the bus incident occurred (YES!).

    End of Chapter 5

    Chapter 6 ~ owaru hi - The Final Day

    We will wake up in a hospital where his mother is caring for him, as Horou was stabbed in the leg while he was saving his parent from the explosion, while his father fills Tamotsu in about what has been going on with Hollow Pen and so on. A few days later, Horou become well enough to return home for more in-depth family discussion...

    In the conversation, we will learn that Tamotsu actually committed suicide because Kanon died after being pushed off from the rooftop of the school building. Thus Horou's father saved her using his Hollow Pen at the time---hence explains why Konan is around where Horou is. So our final quest will be to prevent Kanon's death.

    As always, update all the flashbacks, but also tap on the flashback with Kanon falling even though it is not mark as "NEW", then a cut-scene of Kanon recapping that she was pushed off the rooftop will show briefly, prompting us to find out about Kanon's incident. Once you have talked through all the issues regarding the topic you can leave home to check out classroom window that Kanon was saved from. Important Note: You must remember to update the flashbacks, otherwise you won't get the option to go to that specific classroom (3-B) when proceeding from the school corridor.

    Of course, once we regain control, we will proceed with our routine detour to:

    • Chronos---Ya-gi (she over-exaggerates the severity of Horou's injury)
    • Library---Go-jima (talking about hearing that Horou has had a "serious injury" from Mi-hara)
    • School Gate---Mi-hara (briefly talks about him being glad to see Horou being discharged from hospital)
    • School Corridor (do not pick the option to go to 3-B)---Shi-dou (same as Mi-hara)
    • Evergreen Hill---Horou recaps that Ni-no-Miya/Ichi-Yanagi fells off the cliff

    Once you have reached the 3-B classroom, draw your circle anywhere you can see Kanon and select the look (first) option---but in effect Horou have taken her through the portal and brought her home to for a further discussion with Horou's parents. We eventually finds out that it was Ichi-yanagi who pushed Kanon off the rooftop of the school and Ichi-Yanagi's mother did not die during the bus crash, because Horou's father saved her---implying she must have died on another occasion (thanks, Captain Obvious). This will spark a few considerations about when may Ichi-yanagi's mother have died, so pick the:

    • 2nd option---She must have died after Kanon's death
    • 1st---She was still alive
    • 3rd---A "past event" that got her involved [and leading to her death]

    Without going into the story too much, your current task is to get the Tamotsu in the past to meet to past a note to Ichi-Yanagi's mother on the day that he was due to commit suicide. So now you have to go to school to find Tamotsu's locker and slip a piece of paper in.

    'Side Note:As always, we will cruise around for a little bit and check out:

    • Chronos entrance---Waori & Ku-ri (they were planning to visit Horou at the hospital)
    • Vacant Land---Arata & Jon (he talks about wanting to build a secret base, someday...)'

    Since Horou is sort of dumb, he realises that he does not know when did Tamotsu commit suicide and which locker was his... So you have to run back and ask Tamotsu (who is in the study) about it then go back to lockers---don't forget to update the flashback. His locker is number 15, that is:

    • 4th row up from the bottom and 3rd across from the left (far side)

    After that return to the house to see if Tamotsu have any memory of reading the memo Horou wrote, but he won't. Now head to the Chronos and you will meet with Mi-hara and Shi-dou---apparently Mi-hara threw out a love letter written to him because he doesn't know who wrote the letter. Inspired by Mi-hara's incident Horou will decide to return home and get Kanon to write the note instead. Horou figured that because Tamotsu doesn't recognise Horou's writing (since he wasn't born yet) and probably thought read the note and threw it out; if Kanon wrote it, however, then Tamotsu would definitely not have thrown it out and surely read it.

    So this time around, return the locker area and put Kanon's note into Tamotsu's locker and Horou will receive a new flashback with Ichi-Yanagi's mother at the station. But before that you have to talk to Tamotsu to make he has the memory of tell her to meet you there.

    Now going to the station and draw a circle around the letterbox, pick the 3rd option to talk her. After talking to her, we will find out that she killed herself later on because she felt guilty of Ichi-Yanagi's wrongdoing. So now, return to home again and talk to Horou's father and mother then select touch the study room's door and there will some topics to consider, so choose:

    • Second option---in order to prevent Ichi-Yanagi's mother from committing suicide;
    • Then the 2nd topic again---Ichi-Yanagi would not (need to) seek revenge in Horou's family;
    • The remaining option---Horou's parents would not be involved in the gas explosion incident

    After that Horou will figure out that what they have to do to prevent Ichi-Yanagi's mother from committing suicide is not to save Kanon by taking her away from her original world but to prevent her death there---in other words putting someone through to that world. Naturally Tamotsu will volunteer.

    As per usual, we will take a detour around town to:

    • Park---Go-jima (walking dogs)
    • Chronos---Shi-dou & Mi-hara (Mi-hara mocking Shi-dou saying if Horou doesn't turn up then there wouldn't be anyone there to listen to Shi-dou's gibberish)

    So going back to the 3-B classroom, draw a your circle on the window and select Tamotsu for your list of items (that sounded wrong but anyways...). An event will take place with Ni-no-miya/Ichi-Yanagi trying to stop Horou from closing the hole and father will take the stab so you could close it which will be the end of him... Finally, enjoy the animation of Tamotsu saving Kanon, as well as Horou returning to his dinner with his parent at the very beginning---indicating everything is TRULY back to normal.

    End of Chapter 6

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