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"This game is more fair and harder than the others ones"

Introduction -This is another game to the Advance Wars series. The series is a good, fun strategy game collection that is easy to understand and play.

Game play - This game is an excellent strategy game with basic controls. It can be an easy or hard game, depending on how you play it. The mechs and tanks can make decent HQ defenders, just like an anti-tank on the HQ is a good choice to defend it. There are 3 types of units: Ground, Air, and Navy. They all can be used to take control of a map, but getting them all is REALLY hard, because the AI's are smart, they know what to do, and how to piss you off, so don't underestimate them. you can have up to 4 teams on one map to add the fun. The game has really simple controls, and they're easy to understand.

Story -This game has a story too. The story is that meteors have bombarded the earth, wiping out 90% of the population. You take control of a young cadet that is saved by a group of people who want to save the survivors. You also meet a girl who has lost her memory, but she knows a lot about the military. You also meet some other people who want to kill everyone for their own selfish reasons, and a group that hates your own group. The story is played through by dialogue with some still screen shots with the dialogue. The story is well played and is understandable.

Graphics/Sound - The graphics and sounds are good, but not really good. The sound is pretty good, compared to the others in the series. The graphics are also better than the other ones in the collection, but they still use sprites, and you can see the pixels if you look close enough. They aren't special, but they are decent, but why focus on them, when you got game play that's excellent.

Play Time/Replayability - This game takes a while to beat, and will require patience, but once you beat it, you got a lot of COs to try out, and you can still play the maps to get the best scores possible, and there are a bunch of maps to play in free battle, so you will never get bored.

Final Recommendation -This game is fun to play that is good compared to other strategy games. If you are a strategy game fanatic, the check out this game, and if you like it, than get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/03/09

Game Release: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (US, 01/21/08)

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