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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PatrickSim

    Version: 1.16 | Updated: 03/18/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
                                Written By: PatrickSim
                                     Version 1.16
                               Total Playtime: 20:43:11
                               Copyright 2009 Patrick L.
    Table of Contents
    ctrl+F "(xx#)" whatever section you need or the chapter title.
    0. Version History........................................................(0vh)
    1. Introduction............................................................(1i)
       a) Units & Classes......................................................(1u)
       b) Tips & Basic Strategies............................................(1tbs)
       c) Secret Shops........................................................(1ss)
    2. Main Walkthrough.......................................................(2mw)
       Prologue I-IV
       Chapter 1: Marth Embarks
       Chapter 2: The Pirates of Galder
       Chapter 3: A Brush in the Teeth
       Chapter 4: Battle in the Lea
       Chapter 5: Champions of Aurelis
       Chapter 6: Fire Emblem
       Chapter 7: Lefcandith Gauntlet
       Chapter 8: Port Warren
       Chapter 9: The Pyrathi Dragon
       Chapter 10: Princess Minerva
       Chapter 11: Knorda Market
       Chapter 12: The Ageless Palace
       Chapter 13: The Wooden Cavalry
       Chapter 14: Land of Sorrow
       Chapter 15: An Oasis of Magic
       Chapter 16: The Battle for Altea
       Chapter 17: Star and Savior
       Chapter 18: The Sable Order
       Chapter 19: Manakete Princess
       Chapter 20: Camus the Sable
       Chatper 21: Clash in Macedon
       Chatper 22: A Knight-Filled Sky
       Chatper 23: Dark Pontifex
       Chatper 24: The Dragonkin Realm
       Endgame: Chosen by Fate
    3. Gaiden Chapters........................................................(3gc)
    4. Character Growth Rates................................................(4cgr)
    5. Character Base Stats...................................................(5bb)
    6. Merciless Mode.........................................................(6mm)
       H501: Marth Embarks
       H502: The Pirates of Galder
       H503: A Brush in the Teeth
       H504: Battle in the Lea
    7. Thanks, Contact, Legal................................................(7tcl)
    = VERSION HISTORY                                                       (0vh) =
    -Merciless chapters 3-4 added
    -Reformatted stats chart
    -First two chapters of Merciless Mode added
    -Started on base stats chart
    -Gaiden Chapters info added
    -Units & Classes added
    -Character Growth Rates added
    -Main game finished
    -added missing village
    -fixed some typos
    -Chapters 12-17 added
    -Walkthrough up to Chapter 11 completed
    -Document written and formatted
    = INTRODUCTION                                                           (1i) =
    At long last, North American gamers finally assume the role of the first hero
    of the Fire Emblem series in his own game. The original Fire Emblem was
    released on the Nintendo Entertainment System way back in 1990 only to Japanese
    gamers. This series would become a classic Nintendo franchise and spawn many
    sequels from the original NES right up to the modern-day Wii. The appeal of
    this series lies within its heavy emphasis on tactics and strategy, emulating
    everything that makes a good chess game: foresight, accuracy, step-by-step
    moves leading to one goal, and planning. Dump this all into a mythical medieval
    setting, add a generous helping of supporting characters and customization, mix
    in good storytelling, and you have a recipe for a really good game.
    These are the basic ingredients for a Fire Emblem title, though like most
    games, some installments lack flavor in one department but succeed in others.
    This game, however, remains a starting point for the Fire Emblem series, and
    the purpose of this FAQ will be to help guide you through its story mode
    If you're reading this FAQ because you are stuck in a particular level, then by
    all means ctrl+F the level you are stuck on and I hope my strategy there will
    help you out.
    If this is your first Fire Emblem game and you absolutely refuse to read the
    game's instruction manuals or read through the in-game tutorials, then I highly
    suggest you continuing reading to the "Tips & Basic Strategies" section
    (1abtbs); it might even be enough to help you beat this game without any
    level-specific help.
    Either way, thank you for reading my FAQ, and I hope you will enjoy/enjoyed
    this game!
    This walkthrough will cover the game on Normal. I will not go through the
    gaiden chapters. I will recruit as many people as I can and I will not let a
    single one die. Plus I will get all the chests I possibly can. This is what
    this walkthrough will hope to do.
    1a. Units & Classes                                                       (1uc)
    In this game, you control an army of individual units, and each of these units
    have their own class, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Below is a basic
    outline and description of all the classes in the game. Most classes get
    promoted to another set class after you use the Master Seal. Doing this will
    make that unit stronger and increase their potential.
    This is a special class that only Marth, the protagonist, can hold. This class
    cannot be promoted, but its level is capped at 30 instead of 20 to make up for
    it. Only Marth can capture seize points to complete chapters.
    Pegasus Knight -> Falcoknight/Dracoknight
    My favourite class. Units of this class undeterred by any terrain except solid
    walls, allowing to them to fly anywhere and demolish any other small group from
    behind. They use lances and if they become Falcoknights, they can also use
    swords, and if they become Dracoknights, they will also use axes instead. Use a
    master seal to promote a peg into a draco, and the Elysian Whip (purchased
    through the online armoury; it uses the ingame money, not real-life money) to
    promote your peg into a Falcoknight. The difference between the two is that
    dracos have more str and def, while falcos have more speed and
    magic resistance.
    Cavalier -> Paladin
    Another strong class. These guys usually have bulky str, combined with decent
    speed they can usually attack twice for... massive damage. Since they are also
    mounted units, they can cover great distances, although they can't fly. At
    first they can only equip lances, but after they become Paladins, they will
    also be able to use swords.
    Knight -> General
    Some people like these, some people don't. I always found them useless after
    the first few chapters. These guys are basically tanks, with high defence and
    mediocre attack. They use lances and their purpose is usually to stall or
    protect weaker units. However, this isn't anything a decent cavalier can't do.
    After they are promoted, they can also use bows.
    Archer -> Sniper
    Unfortunately this class is completely useless and inferior thanks to another
    class that does everything these guys can do but better. These guys use bows,
    but so does another class, and you'll want to use the other class instead.
    You'll see when we get there.
    Mercenary -> Hero
    I consider this class to be a mini-Lord. They also use swords and they can use
    axes afterwards. They have decent attack and defence; they are probably the
    most well-balanced class that can use axes.
    Myrmidon -> Swordmaster
    These guys live by the sword. Their specialty is high speed and skill,
    resulting in higher rates of critical hits. A bit risky though, I find that
    in this game, this class is not really that consistent. They also have low
    defence so it's a bit of a risk to use them in the frontlines.
    Fighter -> Warrior
    Mini-tanks. They use axes and, after promotion, bows. Good for chopping down
    lances, and they have mediocre speed and skill. Defence is nothing noteworthy
    Hunter -> Horseman
    The archer's old brother. No matter what they archer does, the huneter bullies
    him and steals the spotlight. These guys are stronger and once they get
    promoted, they get their very own horses, making them more useful. If you want
    to have bowsin your army, this is the way to go.
    Pirate -> Berserker
    A pumped-up fighter. They only use axes and apparently berserkers have higher
    rates of criticals. I've never tried this class though, nothing really appeals
    to me with this class. Big sweaty men screaming with their axes. Ugh.
    Dark Mage -> Sorceror
    One of those offensive magic classes. These guys have high def for magic users,
    allowing them to help capture the front instead of staying behind and casting
    from afar like mages in any other game. 
    Mage -> Sage
    The standard magic class. After they are promoted, they can also use staves
    which are healing staffs. These units do have higher magic though, but they'll
    most likely die in one hit if you leave them in the open.
    Curate/Cleric -> Bishop
    Healers. One of a kind class. Necessary for every chapter. Highly recommended
    that you use two during the later chapters.
    This class does not promote. They use swords but don't bother attacking with
    them, their main purpose is to open doors and treasure chests.
    Manakete -> Fire/Light Dragon
    These guys must be the ancestors of Laguz. They do not promote, but they are
    pretty powerful. Any unit of this class must equip either a Firestone or
    Divinestone to be able to do anything. The stones allow them to transform and
    significantly boosts their stats in battle.
    This is another special unit. You won't see this guy until mid-game. They use
    their own type of special weaponary, designed to be long range and to soften up
    any enemy units before the main army charges in. Quite useful.
    Copycat unit. Only one of these in the entire game, and pretty fun to use. Its
    stats are meaningless since it'll copy everything from another unit except the
    1b. Tips & Basic Strategies                                              (1tbs)
    Below are the common strats of Fire Emblem games. Most of these can be applied
    to all the FE games, and it will pretty much soon be second nature as you
    progress through the game.
    *This isn't a complete list of basic stuff. I'll mention others as they become
    useful throughout the chapters ingame. ctrl+f "*Tip*" if you want to skip to
    them now. Especially the Forge tip. I hope everyone does what I mention.
    { You will control individual 'units' as part of your army, and each unit will
    have their own classes. The classes themselves will have their own advantages
    in what stats they excel at, what weapons they can use, and any terrain
    advantage as well. However, each advantage will have its own cost; for example:
    classes with high attack or defense will usually have very low speed and
    { Non-magic units have three basic physical weapons that work in the same
    fashion as rock, paper, scissors: swords, axes, and lances. Swords do greater
    damage against axes, axes on lances, and lances on swords. Failure to take this
    into consideration when choosing who your units will attack will lead you to
    inevitable defeat. Physical melee units are able to inflict counter-damage
    to other physical melee units attacking them.
    { Units that are able to use magic have their own strength-weakness triangle:
    fire does greater damager to wind-users, wind beats thunder, and thunder beats
    fire. Magic units are able to inflict counter-damage to any standard unit.
    { Physical vs. Magic: Usually, physical attackers will do very high damage to
    mages due to their low defence stat, and vice versa as well, due to physical
    attackers normally having low resistance. This is not always the case
    (depending on the class of the units involved), but it can be used to great
    advantage by both you and your enemy.
    { Bowmen have no part in the triangle of physical attackers. They still have an
    advantage and disadvantage to the others, however. They are able to attack from
    a distance, and thus take no counter-damage, but if they are attacked by a 
    regular melee solider, they will be unable to unflict counter-damage back to
    them. Position your archers strategically in order to avoid an untimely death,
    as archers typically fall into the same hole as mages: low defence. 
    { When confronting a group of enemies, try to concentrate on one unit at a
    time. Though this is not always the case, it is better to eliminate one
    opposing unit completely rather than weakening a bunch of them. Every enemy
    unit gone is significantly less damage done to your own units at the beginning
    of your next turn.
    { Archers and mages at the back, always, if not 90% of the time.
    { Do not try to level up every character you come across. There will be many
    recruits that you encounter, but you will never need to use all of them at
    once. Concentrate on a core group of about 10-12 units. If a mission requires
    you to deploy more, than either have a small side group ready or just ignore
    the extra units if possible. Quality > quantity. Whatever your core group
    consists of, make sure it has a good variety of classes to cover each other's
    weaknesses. Just remember to be able to be ready to attack any opposing unit or
    combination of units.
    { Remember that units are capable of counter-attacking. You can use this in
    different ways. Send a strong unit to the front and have it chip away at the
    enemy units in one turn, letting weaker units feast on the remains when it is
    your turn again. Or have a unit with high speed lure strong units within range
    of your stronger units, knowing that your decoy should be able to dodge any
    attack due to its high speed.
    1c. Secret Shops                                                          (1ss)
    In this game you have your basic armoury and vendor, which sells normal weapons
    and stuff like vulneraries and keys. These tiles are obvious, just go on top of
    them and you'll be able to buy. However, there are also secret shops in this
    game which allow you to buy 'secret stuff' such as stronger and specialized
    weapons and stat-boosting items such as Energy Drops and Dracoshields, which
    are pretty valuable.
    These secret shops are available midway through the game, and there are only
    about three or four of them spread out through the rest of the chapters, but
    each one is worth visiting. 
    ctrl+f "*Secret Shop*" to find their locations within the main walkthrough
    = MAIN WALKTHROUGH                                                      (2mw) =
    Prologue I
    Walk forward and you'll be intercepted by enemy units. When it's your turn
    again, move to the closest unit and finish him in one attack with the Iron
    Sword. On the proceeding turn the second unit should attack you, and die in the
    attempt due to Marth's counterattack. Proceed forward and smash this fool
    taking the throne. You shouldn't have any problem using just the Iron Sword; if
    you do, I suggest you turn off your DS and play something like... Brain Age.
    Seize the throne (yellow glowing space) to complete the mission.
    Prologue II
    Oh sweet, cavaliers! Frey should be able to immediately reach the axeman at the
    far left, and he conveniently holds an Iron Sword to do extra damage against
    the axe. Have Marth and Abel team up to take down the lance soldier. 
    *Tip*: If two units can attack an enemy unit, it is more efficient to let the 
    one that will *not* finish it in one move to attack it first. The unit will
    receive experience points for engaging in battle, while the second unit can
    finish it off and gain the usual amount of exp. I guess you could call this
    Eliminate the guard in the middle, letting whoever you want to become stronger
    to finish him and the remaining units. Send one of the cavaliers to the right
    to take out the second archer (wouldn't want the exp to go to waste), and seize
    the map after taking care of the lance on top of it.
    Prologue III
    Move down and head to the left in order to complete your objective: seizing the
    fort in the top left corner of the map. You have an overhwelming army of three
    cavaliers and a paladin; this is what is meant by overkill. Visit the houses if
    you need a reminder of tips and strats.
    I would reccommend not using Jagen and letting your cavaliers and Marth gain
    the exp. You can even unequip him and use him as bait.
    Prologue IV
    Proceed to the prison, and you'll be treated to an embarassingly poor
    performance of acting skillz. Talk to the archer, Gordin, and you'll be able to
    recruit him.
    At this point you will be prompted to make a sacrifice as a decoy in order to
    get rid of the massive reinforcements. I chose Jagen for a simple reason:
    strong units in the beginning can easily become inferior as the game
    progresses. Abel, Frey, and Cain have better potential as they level up and
    attain higher stats; that is why I gave up on Jagen. But whoever you choose,
    remember to trade their weapons and vulnerary to someone you're keeping,
    especially Jagen's silver lance.
    Pegasus knights will show up as reinforcement, good thing you just got an
    archer. P. knights are extremely vulnerable to bows, and Gordin will be able to
    one hit kill them for easy exp. For the boss, heal up if you have to because
    he'll be able to counter any of your units. Make sure to let as many units
    attack him as possible for that 10 exp (should be three of them since he is a
    boss and has high defence), then let whoever you want to finish him for a big
    exp boost. Most people would choose Marth, I'm guessing. This strategy applies
    to all bosses for the rest of the game.
    Chapter One: Marth Embarks
    It seems wherever Marth goes, that kingdom will be in danger. Wait a sec- a
    Pegasus Knight! The only thing better than a cavalier is a flying cavalier! I'm
    partial to Peg Knights since they are my favourite class, but I would recommend
    devoting exp to them. They might not have as much attack and defence as
    cavaliers, but they usually have more speed letting them attack twice and dodge
    attacks easier. Their attack stats aren't that low anyways.
    Knights are ok. Depends on your playing style. They have high defense but they
    never attack twice. I like to use them to chip away at enemy units so weaker
    ones can do the finishing blow.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |If you let any of your units die during the prologue (not counting the       |
    |sacrifice), you should have four units coming out of the prologue. If this is|
    |the case, then Norne, an archer, will join your army.                        |
    Take care of the thief, because he is able to destroy villages and thus make 
    you lose whatever treasure you could've gotten. There is an armoury here,
    allowing you to buy additional weapons. I would reccommend buying a javelin for
    one of your cavs, one who doesn't have one already, and an iron lance for Caeda
    so she doesn't have to waste her Wing Spear on regular enemies. Make your way
    to the northern fort.
    *Tip*: Always remember to count how many enemy units are capable of attacking 
    any of your own. Assume that all enemy units will attack a single one of your
    units, and do not send that unit in unless he or she can survive all those
    attacks. Also remember that you can put your own units beside each other to
    reduce the number of attacks on either one (blocking off one side). Lastly,
    enemy units also block off a side for you (assuming you don't kill them during
    the counter-attack), so take all these numbers into account. If you want to
    find out how much damage an enemy unit will do to you, select that unit with
    your own and choose to attack (but don't confirm!), and see how much counter
    damage they do to you.
    There are a couple of archers that will approach you from the south, but you 
    should not be sending Caeda in solo anyways, so send in your cavs in first,
    equipping javelins if you want to whither their hp down for a weaker unit.
    Remember to spread your exp to Gordin by letting him attack first, or letting
    him finish with the steel bow (if you plan on using Gordin).
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |The village on the left will let you recruit Wrys, an ugly old curate who    |
    |does not fit the 'cute-girls only' healer archetype. Anyways, he's a mobile  |
    |fort, healing hp for a unit basically giving you an advantage to move further|
    |and earlier without waiting at a fort in preparation.                        |
    The village on the right has 10,000 gold for you. I guess I completely forgot
    to mention this part. This is, in fact, really important early on, since you'll
    want to buy different weapons and maybe even forge (later). Thanks to
    Neppy_Leet for pointing this out.
    For the boss pirate, remember not to attack with a non-ranged unit unless that
    unit can survive two attacks (the counter, and the boss's turn); see tip above.
    He should be doing about 9hp, so if your unit has 18 or less hp, don't bother
    attacking, unless you can kill the boss in one turn and thus not give him a
    chance to attack you back on his turn. Heal first if you need to before
    Chapter 2: The Pirates of Galder
    You'll get four new units at the beginning of the map: three fighters and one
    mercenary. Fighters typically have high attack, mediocre defense, and low
    speed. Ogma, the mercenary, is a slightly powered-up version of Marth, having
    more speed and skill, so he might be useful as a backup main. 
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Towards the north across the bridge is a pirate unit named Darros. Move Marth|
    |within Darros' range, and on the enemy turn, he'll approach Marth and talk   |
    |with him; he'll force himself as part of the team.                           |
    Send two or three units to the north, at least one to block off the bridge, but
    remember that these Jesus-pirates can walk on water tiles. The thieves could be
    easy picking for Gordin if you choose to invest in him. You have one useless
    unit blocking the enemy from the north while the rest proceed west.
    At this point you should start noticing which one of your caveliers you want to
    stick with, judging by their stats. They each should be around level five, and
    you would want to train the ones with higher attack, defence, and/or speed. The
    one with the lowest should be your designated decoy, the 'useless' unit who
    will only lure and visit houses.
    As to which fighter you should invest in, they all seem pretty equal right now
    (remember that Barst, the one with slightly higher stats, does have one level
    over the other two). Choose whoever you think is cute, or just level them up
    equally and decide based on stats growth. Also, it might be useful to consider
    reclassing them (changing their classes). I don't think you really need three
    axe-wielding madmen in your army, so consider changing them to mages or hunters
    for variety, if you use them at all.
    We do not want to train all our cavaliers and all our fighters because that
    would be bad management. In Fire Emblem, one strong unit is more useful than
    a group of five weak units, especially in later chapters.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |There are two archers that will approach you from the northeast. One of them |
    |will say something about Caeda when he attacks you. Move Caeda next to him   |
    |and have her talk to recruit Castor, a hunter. He looks like a real wimp     |
    |doesn't he? I'm not going to use him.                                        |
    The village to the north will nab you 5,000g when you visit it with Marth.
    When you reach the boss, make sure your units can survive two hits before you
    surround him, although he does have very low accuracy with his hand axe. Finish
    him off with whoever needs the exp.
    Chapter 3: A Brush in the Teeth
    You'll notice a pair of escaped convicts in the beginning, and it seems they
    want to join Marth's gang of runaway rebels, which is appropriate. Direct them
    south towards the main group, while sending a few units to cover them. Note the
    quiet guy in red, Navarre.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Speak to Navarre with Caeda. It seems this guy has a bad memory. Or Caeda is |
    |just plain crazy. He's a myrmidon, which means high speed and skill, plus    |
    |high chances of critical attacks. Pretty useful as either an ace in the hole |
    |or a one-man army, though weak in the beginning.                             |
    The village to the north will gift you with a Devil Axe that has high attack,
    but might damage the unit using it. After recruiting Navarre, leave him and 2-3
    units with him to get exp off the fighters and thieves. Proceed east with the
    main group, making sure to eliminate the archers before they have a chance to
    attack, if you can.
    As you reach the seize point, Lena should have caught up with the main group.
    Trade Wrys' healing staff to her. Yay! No more creepy bald guy feeling up your
    wounds! Unless you're into that kind of thing.
    There is an armory inconveniently placed in the northwest corner of the map,
    and that might seem to signify something important, but there is nothing
    special about this armory; no special weapons available or anything, so don't
    worry about not reaching it if you don't have to.
    You'll be able to talk to Ogma with Caeda, and see a scene where Ogma gets
    friend zone'd. Poor Ogma. He won't be able to get any ladies with that goofy
    name. And haircut. 
    The boss is a little annoying due to his high speed (and thus high avoid), and
    the fact that he has a hand axe. He might even squeeze a double-hit on some of
    your units, but thankfully his weapon has low accuracy. Chip away at his
    health, it might take you two turns, and remember you'll be unable to heal any
    unit fighting the boss, unless you want to risk the healer being axe'd (your
    healer will be two spaces away, within reach of the hand axe). One of your cavs
    should have enough skill to attack him twice, so he's still pretty easy.
    Chapter 4: Battle in the Lea
    You will now have time to prepare and select which units you want to use. It is
    more important to focus exp on specific units now, as some will usually sit
    back and not even see battle. The first thing you'll want to do is take Wrys
    out and bring Lena in. This is just a preference, but I like girls better than
    old bald guys.
    *Tip*: Always heal with your staves even if it's just 1hp. You will get exp no
    matter how much you heal. This will ensure quick levelling for your healers and
    higher mag = more hp healed down the road.
    Now with that out of the way, choose whoever you want to join the battle.
    'View Map' lets you see the map and the number of enemies, where they are, and
    what they are holding. It is useful to see this before choosing which units.
    Also, you'll be able to reposition units in order to efficiently send them
    wherever they need to go. 
    'Inventory' lets you rearrange and trade weapons and items, and stock up from
    the convoy.
    'Reclass' lets you change the class of your units. I guess the significan of
    this is to let you use more of whatever units fit your playing style. Some
    units just aren't cut out to be certain classes though. A good rule of thumb is
    to make sure that the relevant stat matches the level of the unit at least. For
    example, if Cain's level is 5 and you're thinking about changing him into a
    mage, and you see that his magic stat will be 1, don't do it. 
    For now, you might want to put in a Dark Mage for variety, since we haven't met
    one yet. You might also want to make sure you have two healers, since most maps
    will allow your army to split up.
    'Armory' lets you purchase weapons if any of your current weapons' durability
    is running low. You'll also be able to forge weapons, which means you can
    adjust the attack, accuracy, critical rate, and weight of any weapon you are
    holding. This is useful for giving weak units that you know will become good
    strong weapons in order to allow them to kill for exp. 
    *Tip*: Forge whenever you can. Not just for letting weak units get exp, but it
    might be a useful to get rid of a beefy enemy unit if you don't want to waste
    your Rapier or Wing Spear. Plus, enough added attack and you'll be guaranteed
    to kill whatever enemy unit stands in your way, and this is invaluable in Fire
    The rest of the menu is self-explanatory. Select 'Fight' whenever you're ready.
    Send your swords north to hold off the incoming orcs, and once it's clear, have
    them join back up with the main force which should be already heading east,
    triggering the enemy cavalry. Amongst the enemy army is a pink-haired fella
    named Matthis, and he seems to be looking for Lena. Also, one of the regular
    cavs is holding an Armourslayer, so keep track of that if you are using a
    knight. You almost might want to be using a knight to lure the other cavs in;
    the knight will be strong enough to take zero damage from the army.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Make sure Lena is with the group heading west. Keep her behind a wall of     |
    |units to protect her. Advance slowly until Matthis is within range for her to|
    |talk with. Lena might in a vulnerable position after you talk with him so    |
    |have some other units ready to move before recruiting Mr. Pink.              |
    You'll have to be careful with this group. There are many of them so it might
    be easy to lose track of how many can attack where and who. Keep your mages and
    healers surrounded on all four sides to help make sure you suffer no
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |The village at the bottom will allow you to recruit Merric, an old friend of |
    |Marth's, apparently. He's a mage with a badass starting spell: Excalibur. And|
    |here I thought only the hero was suppose to wield this in sword form.        |
    On the other side of the river will be some horsemen with bows and an archer or
    two. Keep your units one space away from the river tiles to avoid damage. To
    advance, place a unit one space away from the enemy knight. This should lure
    the horsemen in without giving them a target since their own knight is in the
    way. Eliminate whatever unit went on the bridge, and have Marth kill the knight
    in one hit with his Raper. I mean Rapier. *groan*
    After that, move in with your units and surround the archers. Your own archers
    and mages can provided support from the south side of the river if you think
    you can take them out on that turn.
    Marth will rob 5,000 gold from the village on the right. There is also a new
    space across the bridge further east, it looks like a colesseum. Here you can
    bet a set amount of gold and engage in an automatic battle with whatever unit
    entered. If you win, you win your money back plus exp. It seems the enemy you
    face carries the weapon that beats you in the weapon triangle, but they have
    generally weak stats. Any damage you take is permanent for the rest of the
    mission, and if you die in the arena, it is the same as dying by and enemy
    unit. Press B to run and avoid death.
    The boss of this map has high defence and a significant amount of strength,
    most likely rivalling your primary cavaliers. The fun part is you cannot engage
    your cavs against him since he holds the Ridersbane, which does bonus damage
    against horseback units. However, this is the only weapon he holds. Your mages
    and archers/hunters can easily pick him apart. Also, since he is standing on
    the seize point, he regains about 7hp every turn, so you can keep attacking him
    with one unit to gain extra exp.
    *Tip*: I'll call this method 'recycling exp'. It can be done on a boss unit
    standing on a seize point, which allows him to heal, and it is usually done
    with mages/archers so that they can be counter-attacked. Since you can keep
    attacking the boss without getting hit, your unit will keep getting exp with no
    cost (other than weapon durability, but that's with any normal way of getting
    Chapter 5: Champions of Aurelis
    At the beginning of this chapter you'll gain three more cavaliers and two
    horsemen. They'll be on their own to the west until your main army joins them.
    If you plan on using only one bowman, it would seem Sedgar is the better choice
    since he is two levels lower than Wolf and only trails her in stats by one. He
    has greater potential.
    You'll want to divide your army: send 5-7 of your own units to the north
    (including Marth), and have the rest join Hardin towards the west. You might be
    tempted to send Caeda north to avoid the bows at the east, but other than Marth
    (who needs to go north to recruit a new unit), she holds a weapon capable of
    taking out cavs and knights quickly. Send her to the west if you want less
    Use a unit from Marth's group to lure the northern cavs closer and then mob
    them with the rest of your army. Do the same with the peg knight and lone
    archer. The Pope should be lured in as well.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Have Marth talk to the pope-unit on the eastside group of enemies. You will  |
    |recruit Wendell, and he seems to be asking for your help. Either way, he's a |
    |sage packing some serious stats. High magic + high speed = double magic      |
    |attack = yes please. However, he is a promoted unit, which means Merrick     |
    |and/or your current mages do have a good chance of surpassing him when they  |
    |reach Wendell's level. Your current units shouldn't be too far behind        |
    |anyways.                                                                     |
    For Hardin's group, make your way out of the valley. The enemy archers should
    close in on you but not within range to attack. On the second turn, rush with
    your group making sure to eliminate as many bows as possible. The melee
    fighters will be lured to your own bowmen (the AI gives priority to attack
    mages and units incapable of counter-attacking), so use that to your advantage
    and make the enemy spread his attacks out to different units if you need to.
    The boss is quite simple. Recycle exp from him until Marth arrives, then either
    finish him with a mage/dark mage, or the Wing Spear/Rapier. 
    Chapter 6: Fire Emblem
    Make sure you bring Julian, the thief, so you can open doors and chests.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |At the very beginning of your turn, open the prison cell door with Julian,   |
    |and have Marth talk to Rickard, another thief. Tsk, tsk. Marth has fallen so |
    |low as to help thieves escape imprisonment. What kind of prince is this?!    |
    The enemy thieves will make for the treasure chests, taking some pretty useful
    stuff. Don't worry though, as long as you kill them before they escape from the
    map, you'll get whatever they stole for you. They will escape via the top right
    corner of the map, which means you'll have to make haste at the beginning.
    What you'll want to do is have at least two mages in the beginning to help you
    take out the knights. Marth's Rapier and Caeda's Wing Spear should only be used
    in emergencies now. Place your cavs and mages at the front if you have trouble
    catching up with the thieves, but even if you place the cavs at the back, you
    should have enough time to block off the exit (that one tile leading down the
    stairs near the northernmost chest). As long as you do that, the thieves will
    have nowhere to escape.
    Also, the thieves, for some reason, give a lot of exp, so finish them off with
    any weak units you want to catch up. You should be able to kill all the thieves
    before engaging with the two archers and knight at the bottom west corner. Lure
    them one by one, especially for the knight. You can rush the archers with a cav
    if you want.
    Do the same with the group in the center with the boss. Lure the knights one at
    a time so your mages can finish them, and lure the archer and mage with a
    ranged attack of your own, hunter or horseman.
    The boss is hold a silver lance, which will hurt any melee fighter that
    challenges him. You know what this means: it's mage time. Recycle exp if you
    want, he does give about 14exp every time you make contact with him. When
    you're done, light his bum on fire. Or wind or thunder.
    Wtf where did this princess come from? Fire Emblem? More like hax emblem.
    Chapter 7: Lefcandith Gauntlet
    Hmm... At the beginning you should note four lovely ladies at the bottom right
    corner. I wonder how we can recruit them. Actually, you can't. Not in this
    chatper anyways. Just avoid them and they won't bother you. You can walk around
    them, it doesn't matter if your units are in their attack range, they won't
    chase after you.
    Also, you might want to use the Seraph Robe from before. I gave it to Caeda,
    but it's really up to you. Don't bother giving it to any unit with high defence
    You'll want to split your army into two groups here. It might seem the enemy
    group on the right behind the door is small, but remember the peg and
    dracoknights can fly over mountains and easily back them up.
    On the first turn put a couple of cavs to the starting tiles to the right, with
    a unit holding a door/master key next to them. On the first turn, the unit
    should open the door and the cavs should be able to rush in and eliminate the
    archers. You can keep your units at the gate; the two swords and the flying
    knights will come to you, just be careful not to have any of your units on the
    left accidentally lure them away.
    The group on the right will fend off the peg knights, so have your archers or
    horseman ready. The group to the left will proceed south and be intercepted by
    enemy cavaliers. 
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |The village within the closed mountain area will let you recruit Bantu, who  |
    |is a laguz- I mean manakete. He mentions losing his firestone. Hopefully you |
    |visited all the villages up until now. One of them should have given you the |
    |firestone.                                                                   |
    As Minerva and the peg knights get closer, you'll notice that they're holding
    some pretty deadly weapons, but they won't use them. They'll leave eventually,
    so don't worry about attacking or defending from them.
    Lure the reinforcement cavs in. As you go further south, note that the knights
    have javelins (so does one of the cavs). Before you engage, make sure that you
    can wipe them all out on your next turn, otherwise you'll risk a casualty. If
    you lure the knights in with cavs holding a javelin, it'll give you an easier
    After you take them out, be aware that enemy reinforcements will be coming in
    every (other) turn afterwards. You can prevent this by standing on the fort
    tiles, blocking the reinforcements from coming. Alternatively you could use
    them as exp fodder, but just remember to stay in control of the situation. The
    forts on either side can be trapped with a single unit, so have a mage or
    bowman stand behind the unit blocking the enemy cav, and spread the exp out.
    The boss is the same as every other knight boss. Chip away at his health with
    magic, then finish him with whoever needs the exp.
    Chapter 8: Port Warren
    At the beginning you'll gain two new recruits: Radd and Caesar. Radd is totally
    rad, with stats close to Navarre if you levelled him, and probably surpassing
    him if you didn't. All this at level one! You might want to use him. Caesar
    isn't as impressive. He should be on the same level as Ogma. All depends on how
    lucky your stats are at level up I guess.
    Use those two to stock up on vulneraries and thunder and blizzard tomes. So far
    as we know, we can probably only buy them from these vendor tiles near the
    beginning. Also in the armouries are a Rapier and Wing Spear, and a javelin if
    you want.
    As you move up, enemy cavs should close in on you, so build a defensive wall.
    The opening connecting your two armies can be blocked off by one or two units.
    Block using two units between the mountains, it will help speed things up and
    give you more room to maneuver. Defend with cavs or knights in front with bows
    and magic supporting from the back. When you feel comfortable, proceed.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |You should have noted amongst the no-name-no-face knights another pink-haired|
    |dude named Roger. Talk to him with Caeda and she'll work her thing (but make |
    |sure there aren't any archers or horsemen around, or you can kill them this  |
    |turn). Roger is especially useful to recruit in this situation; as a knight, |
    |he'll be a strong part of your wall.                                         |
    In my game, Frey holding a javelin was able to clear out most of them and slash
    the other enemy units' hp in half through counter-attacks. 
    One thing to note: the horsemen seem to give more exp when non-horseback units
    finish them, so try to aim for that.
    Before you head east towards the bridge, leave a couple of units behind and let
    them head towards the forts in the northwest corner. Enemy reinforcements
    should arrive. If you leave a cav in the middle fort, he'll be able to attack
    both of them and another unit can back him/her up, preferably Roger.
    As you move to the middle, lure the two knights and archers with a ranged unit
    of your own so it can strike back at the archers. Knight reinforcements will
    also spawn after you cross the bridge, so be ready for that.
    The boss is another knight, and he has slightly higher res than the previous
    grunts, but he should still be no problem. One or two magic attacks, followed
    by Caeda's Wing Spear will finish him in one turn. He'll resist Marth's Rapier
    though, due to the weapons triangle.
    Chapter 9: The Pyrathi Dragon
    Quite a few doors and chests, so be sure to bring a thief. It's also the return
    of the jesus-piates, who can walk on water, so watch out for them. They'll be
    able to cut across islands and attack your units from behind, though the AI
    would never be smart enough to think of that.
    Well, it looks like they'll try anyways, depending on where you move your
    units. Keep a mercenary and/or myrmidon behind to fend them off, you'll want
    your cavs to move through the door to engage the pirates and archers. Marth,
    Caeda, and a single cav should head far east towards the village to intercept
    the thief and pirate. 
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Jeorge will be waiting in the village for Marth. A promoted archer with only |
    |seven strength. Fail. He would be the unit you keep around just so others can|
    |laugh at him for his parents who spelt his name wrong. Just kidding. I am    |
    |culturally considerate of people who spell things with J's.                  |
    It is especially important for Caeda to head east then south as fast as she can
    to stop the thief from looting the whatever is in that chest. It contains a
    Wyrmslayer, a special weapon that deals extra damage to manaketes, which is a
    boss of this chapter, but this weapon isn't necessary at all to defeat him.
    You'll have to use the lure-in one at a time as you proceed onto the island 
    with the boss on it. The best would be a cav holding a javelin. Rush in with
    your other units when you see the chance.
    When you reach the boss, pirate reinforcements will appear every other turn, so
    you'll have to make haste, or defend while your thief makes the long trip.
    Alternatively, you could let the thief steal the Wyrmslayer at the beginning,
    then kill him to save time, but that would you mean completed this map faster
    than I did. Oh well.
    The boss is a dragon, but he will still be susceptible to magic, especially
    Merrick's Excalibur. You might need a forged weapon if you want to finish him
    with a unit other than Marth or anyone else who's pumped up so far. Be wary
    about the range of the spawning pirates, they'll be able to reach your mages if
    you're on the wrong side while recycling.
    Chapter 10: Princess Minerva
    You'll notice something interesting within the dungeon, a thief and two
    treasure chests. Oh yeah, there seems to be a girl being held hostage as well.
    Put your cavs and Caeda in front, with a thief close behind. The enemy thief
    will only go for one chest, then try to escape. Either Caeda or one of your
    cavs should be able to catch up to him if you rush in and stay out of range of
    the other units.
    You'll need Marth, your thief, and a couple of other units to clear the castle,
    then have Marth, your thief, and a curate/cleric holding the Warp Staff make
    their way to the prisoner. You'll see why. Don't worry about the hero near the
    The rest of your army should have engaged with the peg and dracoknights coming
    from the west. After the coast is clear, have one of your main cavs and a mage
    continue northwest towards the boss. On the way there, you might want to stock
    up on vulneraries, and steel weapons.
    Back to Marth. By the time you take out the archers, for me it was turn six,
    enemy reinforcements will arrive in the northeast corner of the map. It might
    look intimidating, but all it is is juicy exp. Other than the reinforcements,
    there's the boss, a hero, a knight, and a curate. 
    Your main army should be ready to soak up the incoming exp. Let them approach
    you while you build a vertical wall extending the bottom left corner of the
    castle. Fighters and cavs should be able to hold - have them hold hand axes and
    javelins. After they arrive and attack, rush them with all you got, giving
    priority to making sure you kill as many units as you can, rather than just
    weakening them. I was able to take out the cavs in one turn, so you should be
    able too. Make use of all your units; you might have to take some risks but
    your healers should be with you as well. 
    Meanwhile, back in the dungeon...
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Marth (I've never noticed, but I guess he is a prettyboy) should be able to  |
    |free Maria either with a key or his trusty side-kick thief. She's Minerva's  |
    |sister, and she asks if we would be able to inform her sister that she's been|
    |rescued. Oh great, walking all the way back through a battlefield. Should be |
    |worth it though... Minerva's a Dracoknight and they seem to be close sisters.|
    |Marth you perv!                                                              |
    Well it looks like Marth and Maria will not be heading to the boss. Hurry back
    to the main army playing defence, because a second round of reinforcements will
    appear and this time, Minerva's coming with them. 
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Well actually, if you brought along the Warp Staff as I suggested in the     |
    |beginning, simply warp Marth back outside near Minerva. She won't attack your|
    |units and if Marth is around, she'll talk to him. She'll also mention that if|
    |her three peg friends could see her, they would join Marth's army as well.   |
    |Marth's harem is coming along quite nicely. Also note that she is already a  |
    |promoted class. Caeda or perhaps one of the three peg knights we saw earlier |
    |will most likely surpass her in stats, so it is recommended that you put her |
    |on the sidelines.                                                            |
    After you recruit Minerva, it's only a simple matter of taking out the rest of
    enemy. If you have enough units left to move, press on and attack. If not,
    retreat and assume a defensive stance. Withdraw any units low on hp, unless it
    creates a gaping hole in your defence. If you have to bring your healer in to
    the action, position your units to protect him/her. 
    When the battle is over, and most of your units should have levelled up twice
    or three times, warp Marth near the boss as a shortcut. 
    The boss is a bit beefy with a javelin to boot. The cav and mage you sent
    earlier should be waiting by the boss now, having killed the hero and the
    knight (jeez, sounds like we're bad guys). Between the two of them and Marth,
    they should be able to finish them in one turn. You should be able to pull off
    double attacks with all three since the boss has really low speed. If not, wait
    for a healer to catch up if necessary.
    Chapter 11: Knorda Market
    Keep your units out of range from the ballisticians, especially peg knights and
    mages. Oh look, one of them has a face and name: Jake. Looks like we'll reach
    him at the end though. Also note that the enemy peg knights will be closing in
    on you during their first turn, so use yours to get ready.
    Send three or four units to clear the village in the southeast, preferably cavs
    and/or myrmidons/mercenaries. Leave the rest of your units to greet the pegs.
    Alternatively, you could send Caeda solo over the mountains; she'll most likely
    clear it all herself if you spent a decent amount of exp on her.
    While you defend from the peg knights, you might be forced into a
    ballistician's range, which is ok as long as you're not going to be attacked by
    both or if that unit is not a mage.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Once Marth reaches the village, he'll find Linde, someone who's suppose to be|
    |pretty important or something. She seems to be a princess. I think that's the|
    |third princess Marth has met now. Marth be pimpin. Anywho, she's a girl-mage,|
    |which is a nice change from a cleric. Looks like she has good stats too,     |
    |being level one with good potential. I'm going to use her, up to you if you  |
    |want to as well.                                                             |
    For the first ballist (the northernmost one), your cavs will be able to move in
    without taking damage by going to the edge of its attack range, then moving on
    to the save circle tile. You'll attract the horseman though, but it shouldn't
    be a problem. Kill this ballist to let the rest of your army move in.
    There's also a manakete here with a name and face, but you won't be able to
    recruit him. Watch out, he's a dragon, so only send in your tough units to deal
    with him.
    For the second ballist (not Jake), you'll have to rush in with a couple of
    cavs, to ensure you can kill the ballist quick and defend yourself from the
    enemy cavs. You might take some hits from Jake, but if you have high enough
    speed, they should mostly miss.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |If you visited the house on the west side of the pond (that better not be a  |
    |lake) you'll talk to Anna, a girl who knows Jake and mentions that he'll only|
    |have time for a lady. I'm not sure if you need to talk to Anna first before  |
    |you can recruit Jake. Well, actually, when you talk to Jake, whichever girl  |
    |unit you used will mention Anna, so it looks like you do have to visit the   |
    |house first.                                                                 |
    I moved in with Caeda, which I know was a risk, but she had maxed out her speed
    and she was the quickest female unit I had. Jake missed her, and then I was
    able to recruit him.
    The boss is really easy. Nothing special. Not even a name or face. Recycle or
    put him out of his misery quick.
    Chapter 12: The Ageless Palace
    Bring a thief to make your life easier. Kill the two immediately to your right
    with your myrmidon and mercenary, or whatever footsoldiers you're using. Move
    your cavs to block the knight with your mages behind. Two archers and a mage
    will be harassing the prisoners, potential units for you. Slaughter the knights
    in your way with the Armourslayer or warp a cav to take them out. I did the
    Reinforcements will come in from where you started, so have two units ready to
    block them off in that opening to the left of the first save circle.
    The only thing you really need to strategize here is who is going to get how
    much exp. The top group will get quite a lot of exp from the constant cav
    reinforcements. I kept my myrmidon, mercenary, and two mages there. Plus one
    cav for insurance.
    The bottom group, of probably your cavs and Marth, should have no problem
    eliminating the enemy units plus the manakete at the bottom. There's a paladin
    named Heimler who looks like a recruitable, but he's just another random enemy,
    like the manakete in the previous chapter.
    It might occur that the reinforcements will overwhelm your forces in the battle
    at the top. Don't be afraid to use the knights you just freed as walls.
    The general guarding the five chests is a pain. He has a bow so your mages and
    Caeda are vulnerable. I simply brought in a cav holding an Armourslayer.
    The sniper at the bottom can be troublesome too. You should've brought a ranged
    attacker along with Marth as you headed to the bottom. Whichever unit you
    decided to bring, leave him within range of the sniper and let him attack first
    so you get some counterattack damage in. You might want to take out a curate as
    you position yourself. I left my hunter with a forged steel bow; was able to
    bring him down one turn and kill him the next.
    The boss is holding a- mmmm..... baloney. Yes I am aware that is not how you
    spell that. It's pretty dangerous to attack him head on unless you have two or
    three units ready. To ensure the boss's exp for one unit, leave that unit (mine
    was Marth) next to him so he'll attack on the next turn and Marth can counter
    him. On your turn, you'll be able to kill him, just be sure to have a strong
    weapon on Marth or whichever unit, like a steel weapon. 
    Make sure your thief loots all the chests before you seize the throne. Some
    pretty sweet weapons in there.
    Chapter 13: The Wooden Cavalry
    Well this looks like a really annoying map. If you're using Caeda, it should be
    safest to send her on the bottom route, since there's only one arrowspate and
    it can't move. Be sure to bring all your capable paladins; they'll have to rush
    in and eliminate the ballists quick. Give your rushers vulneraries too; you
    won't be able to bring your healers in close at first.
    There is a hero along the middle road by the name of Astram. If you paid
    attention during the opening scene of the last chapter, Midia (the paladin you
    rescued) seems to know him. So bring her along if you want to recruit him.
    *Tip*: This tip is really important for this map, I think. Make sure to bring a
    warp staff if not two for this map. Once you warp your cav unit, it'll be able
    to wreak havoc on the ballists up close and personal. If anything, it should
    make this mission a bit quicker.
    If you follow my tip above, warp Caeda to the bottom and have her kill the
    ballist using the arrowspate. She might have to carry a forged weapon to do
    enough damage.
    Marth and Midia should move in the middle, and whatever unit you think has good
    endurance. Two cavs (or even one) are enough to take the top route.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |The village in the middle will let you recruit Beck. He's highly recommended |
    |if only just for this chapter. He'll be carrying a thunderbolt, which does   |
    |bonu damage against his own kind (ballists). Recruit him and let him work his|
    |Zeus.                                                                        |
    Let Beck take care of the ballist furtherst back in the middle. As you move
    closer with Jake, Marth, or any cav, Astram the hero should be lured in. 
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |If you brought Midia like I mentioned earlier, you'll be able to recruit     |
    |Astram by talking to him. Another promoted unit: useless. Even Ogma, if you  |
    |trained him as a mercenary, should have higher stats than him even at the    |
    |unpromoted class.                                                            |
    As you approach the boss, make sure to keep healing your units via Psychic.
    Only cavs should be rushing in towards the seizepoint. After you take care of
    the surrounding ballists, it's just a matter of standing next to the boss and
    whittling down his hp.
    Chapter 14: Land of Sorrow
    Well, it seems Beck might be a legitimately useful unit now. If you noticed the
    broke bridge right of where you start, you'll see that you'll have to all the
    way around the island. I'm guessing by that time the reinforcement peg knights
    will arrive, and I'm willing to bet one of them will be Minerva's friend.
    Anyways, have Caeda fly south and deal with the two knights on the right. She
    should have her Wing Spears. She'll keep heading down solo to intercept the two
    As for your main army, they'll be assaulted by archers as they move west, so
    move your archers and cavs holding javelins first.
    The village in the corner will get you a Thoron, a high level thunder spell.
    The person says it belongs to Boah, but you might as well give it to one of 
    your main mages; you're not seriously using Boah are you? Ah ha ha... ha.
    +--------------------------------New Recruits---------------------------------+
    |Two peg knights will appear on the left side of the map. Move Marth ahead and|
    |on their turn, they'll speak with Marth and you'll have two new peg knights  |
    |under your command. They're both unpromoted, a bit low level but they have   |
    |high weapon levels; Palla will be able to use silver lances on the get go.   |
    |Not a bad choice for backing up Caeda. For future chapters...                |
    As you move down the west side of the building (where the curate and archers
    were in), you'll be assaulted by constantly reinforcing peg knights. Move your
    weaker units carefully, always cover them on the sides with your peg knights
    taking the right side on the sea tiles.
    You can stop the reinforcements, however, by placing two of your peg knights on
    the two tiles that they spawn in. Or you could use them as exp fodder, so long
    as you keep your pegs healthy and tag team when necessary. Between Caeda,
    Palla, and Catria, they can gain quite a bit of exp by this method.
    Before you fight the boss, don't forget the two chests on the right side of the
    map. One contains money and the other a Silver Card that lets you rob the
    As for the boss itself, start off with magic and finish him off with either a
    forged weapon or one that does extra damage to knights. Easy as pie.
    Chapter 15: An Oasis of Magic
    Right at the beginning of this chapter you'll see a sorceror named Gharnef who
    says something about nothing being able to stop him except some light from some
    guy who tried and failed. You will not be able to recruit or end him this
    chapter. He's basically an invincible unit with a powerful magic attack, enough
    to two hit kill your own units.
    In order to minimize casualties, you'll want to bring as little units to this
    mission as possible. It's not worthwhile to bring any more than you need
    because 1) they'll most likely get killed by Gharnef as you try to run away,
    and 2) this map is huge; Gharnef will catch up to you by them time you make it
    to enemy units, and you don't want to waste warp over a bit of exp. 
    So, bring all your useable pegs and cavs. Also, bring a thief or a unit with a
    master key to get the chests at the bottom right corner.
    The units I used on this map were three pegs, three cavs, two clerics, and my
    hunter with the master key.
    *Tip*/Neat move:
    Give one of your healers the barrier staff at the beginning, and place two of
    your pegs 'chess-horse' spaces away, like an 'L'. This way, on your first turn,
    you can cast barrier on one peg, have the other healer stand next to the first
    healer and second peg, trade and cast barrier again to the second peg all in
    one turn. Then two of your pegs will be ready to face the magic. I let the one
    with the highest res go without barrier.
    Place your pegs on the left side at the start, they will simply go north. The
    two mobile cavs should be placed on the right. Your three pegs and two cavs
    should meet together in the middle as you move north when you engage the enemy
    Be sure to give your pegs javelins and vulneraries, because they will be
    engaging dracoknights holding the same and they'll be on their own.
    On the first turn my hunter killed one of the mages, and my cav the other. The
    other two cavs charged on ahead towards the north, where they would lure the
    dracoknights. The pegs are to take out the group of mages on the left, then
    join with the cavs to take down the dracoknights.
    To end this map asap you'll have to warp Marth to the seize point. Once there,
    he can one hit kill the boss mage with a silver sword (which he *should* be
    able to use by now), and seize if things get hairy. 
    *Tip*?: This map might be easier if you have horsemen, but I chose not to use
    Wolf or Sedgar, and my hunter hasn't been promoted yet, so my strat does not
    involve any horsemen, though you would probably be able to take down the dracos
    quicker if you have any.
    Once Gharnef was far enough away, warp the thief (who should be ready to move)
    to the chests, which should summon a mage nearby, but your looter should be
    able to get the two chest before getting hit. Also, be sure that you killed the
    thief for the recover staff.
    Seize with Marth once you got both chests and you've got your fill of exp or
    Gharnef is getting too close.
    Oh snap blue man group!
    Chapter 16: The Battle For Altea
    Did anyone else lol when they saw the boss's face for this chapter, or am I
    just immature? lol. There's another unit with a goofy looking picture on the
    right side, a 'freelancer' by the name of Xane (wtf feathers?). Looks like
    we'll be able to recruit this chapter.
    However, you'll notice two annoying things about this map:
    1) Xane and the two villages are at opposite sides of the map, which means a
    long walk for Marth. Also, you'll want to get Xane first before your units
    accidentally kill him (her?), which means an even longer walk to the seize
    point. Bring the warp staff if you're impatient. You'll probably just warp
    2) There are three dracoknights at the beginning of this map ready to intercept
    your units as they head towards Xane (which is the quicker way to finish this
    chapter), and two of them are holding lethal weapons for your mounted units: a
    poleax and ridersbane, putting serious hurt on your horseback units. All I can
    say is: be wary. Lure them in, and be careful if you use a peg, they can't
    usually take many hits.
    To take out the hero blocking the door, have a strong unit engage him with a
    mage or archer backing up from behind.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Once you get inside, have Marth talk to Xane. You'll recruit your first      |
    |freelancer, a unit that can copy one unit for five turns, gaining their      |
    |stats, max hp, and sprite, but not their current hp or their weapons. Sounds |
    |useful, but also more trouble than it's worth.                               |
    Now either have Marth move back towards the other side of the village or warp
    him back.
    +--------------------------------New Recruits---------------------------------+
    |Between the two villages, you can choose one additional recruit. Since both  |
    |are promoted units with inferior stats, the only choice you need to make is  |
    |who's equipment you want. On the left is Arran, a paladin holding a silver   |
    |and killer lance. On the right is Samson, a hero holding a silver axe and a  |
    |vulnerary. I chose Arran.                                                    |
    Marth and the few units you bought shouldn't have a hard time taking down the
    small group of enemies. 
    Meanwhile, back on the east side of the map, if you brought along your ballist,
    he should be sniping at the enemy units on the middle island, and having your
    peg knights finish them off. There is another enemy unit to the south holding
    a ridersbane, so be sure to have a unit other than your cavaliers exit the
    castle first.
    You can also lure the horsemen in the middle area by placing one of your
    archers or javelins on the opposite side, while your ballist soften them up.
    The turn after you engage the boss, reinforcements will arrive from the forts,
    the ones to the north and the two in the middle in front of the seize point.
    Stand on top of them to negate it.
    As for the boss himself, magic first, then finish him with whoever.
    Chapter 17: Star and Savior
    We'll split our groups into two teams. One will go for the chests on the left,
    the other will clear the throne room. You should bring a thief to open the
    chests, so that team will be Team Thief. The other team should be led by Marth,
    to bring the chapter to quicker conclusion. I'll divide this chapter into two
    Team Thief
    Team Thief's goal is to clear the way to the treasure room. You should bring
    your cavs and make sure one of them is holding the Dragonpike, since you'll
    face two manaketes along the way. Have the cav holding the Dragonpike lure the
    manaketes in, and swarm him with your archers and mages if you need to in order
    to finish them.
    The other cav should be holding an Armourslayer take care of the knights on the
    right. Lure them towards you but don't let them get the first attack with the
    javelins. Kill them both in one hit. 
    The rest is simply luring the sniper and mages.
    Team Marth
    I recommend bringing in your peg knights to take over the throne room. There is
    a small moat surrounding the throne, and your pegs will be able to fly over it
    to the pesky bishops on the right. On the first turn, a peg holding a javelin
    should open the door, and Marth and the rest should assemble behind her.
    After that, have Marth step in and kill the weakened knight with his Rapier.
    Your peg knight should be able to fly in and kill the bishop using 'Swarm' in
    one attack. You can have the other pegs fly in and put a dent on the knight,
    but don't worry about it, as long as you can kill him on the next turn. 
    As soon as you breach the throne, two pairs of a knight and paladin will
    reinforce through two turns. Don't worry about them. Assemble your pegs outside
    the sniper's attack range, and once all of them are ready (I recommend Caeda
    plus the sisters), you should be able to kill the sniper in one turn with a
    forged lance, and same with the two bishops with any ordinary weapon. Go for
    the one using fortify first. The paladin and knight will attack you, but they
    won't do too much damage.
    *Secret Shop*: You might have to defeat the boss first before you can access
    this. After you kill them all, you should have a VIP card and your Silver card.
    Give them both to a single unit, and fly over to the wall directly north of the
    seize point. It should be in between two parts of the wall sticking out and has
    some decoration on it. This secret place will sell you special weapons that do
    bonus damage to specific units, and killer weapons, which gives you a higher
    critical percentage, but it never seems to work for me :(
    The boss is a pompous mage dragon, and he has the right to be because being a
    mage dragon is pretty badass. He'll put some serious hurt on any of your units.
    Place Marth holding the Wyrmslayer in front of the boss, but don't attack. Let
    him attack you first, then heal Marth and attack him again. If Marth somehow
    misses, finish him with a javelin or archer. Magic won't damage him.
    Grab all the treasure, then seize.
    Chapter 18: The Sable Order
    From this point on, I think you should know which units are on your A-list.
    By now they should be at B rank for their weapon levels, so equip them with
    silver lances. Yeah that's right, I know they can equip lances.
    Your pegs can cross the river to engage the mounted enemy units in the middle,
    just be sure to attack the horsemen first before they attack you. Your cavs can
    rush the bridge, acting as a luring wall. Remember to sure exp with Marth and
    your mages, or any other units you chose, if you want. Be wary of enemies
    holding Ridersbane.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |By turn six, the last of the peg sisters will arrive on the battlefield: Est.|
    |She claims to have flown into enemy territory to retrieve one of the three   |
    |mythic weapons of Altea: Mercurius. Awesome. She's pretty low-level for this |
    |late stage of the game, but the stats don't seem too bad. Do what you will   |
    |with her.                                                                    |
    On turn eight, reinforcements will arrive at the bottom left forts. Bonus exp!
    The only one that is a threat is the horseman holding a silver bow. Send your
    cavs to take them out quick.
    Boss thinks he's Gandalf. Not much he can do. Your forces can overwhelm him
    easily. Ridersbane, magic, peck at him with everyone, poor guy. We shall pass.
    Chapter 19: Manakete Princess
    If Gharnef was so smart he would be guarding the object that can kill him
    himself. And he wouldn't talk so loud that we can hear, because he mentions
    Bantu, so bring him along for this mission. As you can also see, there are lots
    of mystery doors; exciting! Bring your thief, and give a door/master key set to
    another unit.
    *Tip*: Always have units at the ready before opening a door. You don't know how
    many enemies are waiting inside. You'll want to be ready either to clean them
    out or set up a defence. Well, since you're reading this, you'll probably look
    ahead to see what enemy units are behind the doors anyways. You sneaking poo.
    I'll count the doors going up (towards the seize point).
    Door 1 on the left: A single archer.
    Door 1 on the right: Two chests - Left is Pure Water, right is Spirit Dust.
    Door 2 on the left: Two chests - Left is Bullion (XL), right is Bolganone.
    Door 2 on the right: A single archer.
    Door 3 on the left: A single archer.
    Door 3 on the right: Two chests - Left is Geosphere, right is Seraph Robe.
    Door 4 on the left: Two chests: Left is Master Seal, right is Speedwing.
    Door 4 on the right: A single sniper. Be careful if you're using pegs to clear
    the rooms, this guy has higher def.
    The chest in the middle has the Starsphere.
    The thief on the left is holding a Lightsphere, one of the things needed to
    defeat Gharnef. I think there's suppose to be a difference in Chapter 24 or
    something depending on whether or not you take the Lightsphere. There's a
    difference in how the story plays out. Anyways, I'm going to take the
    Lightsphere for this run. Inside the top middle room is a mage and another
    hero. Watch out for the mage when you get close, he can cast from behind the
    wall and it's pretty strong.
    Have a two-unit wall ready at the top to lure the thieves and heros in. It is
    recommended that you have javelins, Levin Swords, or regular bows and magic
    ready to back up your front units. You'll want to kill the enemies in one turn
    anyways, since there is a healer at the top that will cast pyschic on them.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |If you brought along Ban-Ban (Bantu) like I suggested in the beginning, have |
    |him talk to Tiki and she'll join your forces. Once you can control her, talk |
    |to Marth with her and Marth will get his very own nickname. Yay!             |
    If you choose to kill Tiki, I hope you brought along a Dragonpike or
    Wyrmslayer. But why would you want to kill Tiki anyways? She's cute and
    mentally handicapped, you horrible person!
    *Tip*: Before or after this map, by this chapter you should have some units
    that have reached level 20. I'm assuming these are the good units you want,
    since you let them level so high, so give them a Master Seal and use it during
    battle prep. This will increase their stats, weapon level, and let them gain
    exp again to gain even more stats boosts. This promotion only happens once, and
    only promote units that you feel are necessary (the very best, like no one ever
    was. Dahn dahn dahn dahn!)
    Chapter 20: Camus the Sable
    It's a good idea to bring along your ballistician holding a Thunderbolt, there
    are a couple of enemy ballists who can be quite a pain. Eliminate the ballist
    opposite the river at the beginning, and send your pegs/dracos to kill the two
    Move everyone along just outside the range of the other ballist. On the enemy's
    turn, he'll send paladins both from the north and middle groups. Finish off the
    middle group before sending your units across the bridge (with a bridge or
    master key). Marth, of course, will continue going south to visit the village.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |Approach Camus with any of your units and he, Marth, and Nyna will engage in |
    |a conversation. After that, he'll join- Just kidding! Aw geez, pulled a fast |
    |one on me, Intelligent Systems. We are unable to recruit Camus, so here we   |
    |are presented simply with a moral dilemma: Spare Camus, who is actually a    |
    |good guy, or kill him for the Gravidus, an uber-elite weapon. Just so you    |
    |know, the Gradivus is the strongest lance of the game, and its special effect|
    |is being able to recover all of 
    |                                                                             |
    |I am going to kill Camus. It's my first playthrough and I want the weapon    |
    |rather than for Nyna to like me. lol owned. Plus he gives a lame reason for  |
    |not joining Marth's crew.                                                    |
    Make sure to visit the village. You'll get the Hammerne, which lets you repair
    the durability of most weapons. Pretty useful.
    It's a slow trek, but move Marth and an extra unit up to the boss. Have your
    ballist eliminate the enemy one if it's causing you problems.
    *Tip*: This is a pretty good idea. There is an arena in the top right area of
    the map. While the rest of your army make their way towards the seize point,
    have some units train. I used my peg knights to get them some extra exp. I also
    left behind a healer to keep healing them so they can just go back and forth.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |When you reach the boss, simply talk to him with Marth. Lorenz the General   |
    |will join your group. Now this is a serious facepalm moment. Why didn't Marth|
    |use this logic to convince Camus?! Hm, I wonder what would've happened if I  |
    |talked to Lorenz first before killing Camus.                                 |
    Chapter 21: Clash in Macedon
    Oh boy, this looks like a tough mission (to keep everyone alive). I sure hope
    draco reinforcements don't show up in those forts up north... Well, I might be
    exaggerating the difficulty of this level because I haven't really trained any
    bowmen (Yeah, I didn't use Wolf or Sedgar, but I didn't know!)
    Be sure to have one of your flying units hold the VIP and Silver Card. There is
    a secret shop in this chapter. Have 18,750 gold ready to spend. You should have
    more than enough from selling the XL bullion from chapter 19. If you don't have
    enough, sell your weapons/items until you do. Don't ask any questions. *glare*
    Very important for this chapter: Always make sure whether or not the enemy can
    reach you. Those dracoknights can cover a surprisingly long distance, most of
    them hold javelins and one even carries a Ridersbane. Lure them one at a time.
    My setup was this: Est and Caeda on the left, Palla and Catria on the right.
    See? Peg knights have their advantages! I also use two healers, so keep that in
    mind as you form a stradegy for your own team.
    Well, I was right. Reinforcements do show up on turn five from the forts at the
    back, but not all of them are dracoknights. Again, lure them in with strong
    units and finish them off with weaker ones if you still need to. Perfect
    oppurtunity for Est to catch up if you plan on using her.
    Paladins and Dracoknights are good units for luring, and you shouldn't have
    that many in the first place. Use them to lure and have the other units catch
    up to them in exp.
    *Secret Shop*: This shop is located on the edge of the east side of the map. It
    is the 'plain' tile surrounded by 'mountain' tiles. This shop is extremely
    important. You need the VIP card to visit it in the first place, and the Silver
    card to actually afford everything, because you will *want* to clear out this
    shop. It sells three each of Energy Drops, Secret Books, Spirit Dusts, 
    Speedwings, and Ashera Icons. Massive stats boosts for your troops. Too bad no
    Dracoshields, my Abel and Frey have such low def right now :(
    I'm not sure these guys are fit to be called bosses. Surrounded him and attack,
    just make sure you can kill him in one turn because he has a javelin that can
    kill your mages in two hits. I Rapier'd him.
    Whoa blue man is back.
    Chapter 22: A Knight-Filled Sky
    Before you start this chapter, eat all the things you bought from the secret
    shop in the previous chapter. Use them on units that need catching up. As I 
    suggested before, a good rule is to make sure the unit's important stat(s) are
    equal to their level. If Marth has 15 str, and he's level 20, use an Energy
    Drop or two on the poor guy. Also, you might want to save some for units that
    lag behind as they level. Yes, we are almost at the end, but it's still a good
    idea to be prepared for the last battle so we can DOMINATE WITH NOTHING
    STANDING IN OUR WAY! Or if it stands in our way, it won't stand a chance.
    Anyways, on to the mission. If you want the Starlight (to defeat Gharnef
    easier), bring the Starsphere and Lightsphere and give them to Marth. Keep in
    mind that you'll lose both and their awesome abilities if you trade them in.
    I don't know about you, but I had a good time picking those dracoknights out of
    the air with my ballist, Beck. He can pretty much clear the castle with his
    Arrowspate. They will come out and attack you though (the long way; they can't
    fly over the walls either). You can split your army up or just send everyone up
    the east side. That's where the enemy will be coming from.
    As you head up, form a horizontal wall with your able pegs/dracos. They should
    be able to withstand the enemy's onslaught. Heal them the next turn and bring
    the pain to them.
    The village to the north is where Gotoh is at. If you visit him with Marth,
    he'll forge the Starlight for you, the magic that will penetrate Gharnef's
    ultimate shield. If you don't have it, he'll be disappointed and recommend 
    using the Mecurius or the Gradivus against Gharnef. I don't know how hard it is
    to defeat Gharnef without the Starlight, but I took it anyways cause I'm the
    On turn 8, a draco knight and a peg knight will be reinforced from the forts in
    the middle. Same with turn 9 and turn 10. You can either block them by standing
    on the forts or use them as exp fodder. Turns 11-14 brings six more enemies
    from each fort each turn. It's like... bonus exp land! I gave my horseman a
    draco each turn, while my pegs took turns finishing off the paladin. Marth got
    the horseman. That's how I chose to spread it. Do whatever you want.
    The boss is a real meanie. Won't even talk to Minerva or Maria (his sisters,
    and yes, I brought them along), and he negates any bonus damage from bows.
    Silver weapons will easily bring him down, along with regalia weapons if you
    brought them along (Mecurius, Gradivus, Hauch-something that Minerva was
    Chapter 23: Dark Pontifex
    Bring the following staves/weapons to this chapter for an easier time:
    -Warp Staff
    -Barrier Staff
    -Javelins/handaxes for every unit that can hold them
    -Tiki with Divinestone
    In this chapter, Gharnef clones himself. You'll find three of these clones
    scattered throughout the map, and they're all holding the Falchion, Marth's
    supposedly ultimate weapon. Early on you'll be notified that if you seize the
    throne (complete this chapter) before defeating the real Gharnef, you won't get
    your sword back. Well of course we want the sword, right? So don't seize until
    all the Gharnefs are gone.
    Give Merric (or Linde, and only these two because these are the two units worth
    using as mages) the Starlight tome. This is the only practical way to eliminate
    Gharnef and his clones. Give one of your healers the Barrier stave if you want
    to play safe.
    Bring a thief, and give your VIP and Silver cards to a single unit. Start the
    thief on the left hand side and have him head towards the two chests while
    being escorted by a single unit. This job belongs to a strong unit that doesn't
    need exp anymore. For me, this was Caeda, dracoknight. She's strong enough to
    stand on her own, plus she doesn't really need to be at the frontlines for exp
    anymore. Use whatever unit you have that is in a similar level. The reason why
    the thief needs to be escorted I'm not quite sure yet. There IS an openining in
    to the left of the castle, and that just screams out enemy reinforcements.
    Better safe than sorry.
    For the rest of the map, I had my pegs take out the mages to the right, and
    everyone else charged to the top. Beware the sniper at the beginning at the top
    of the stairs, if your pegs are passing by. 
    Well son of a gun. I'm writing this as I play, and I just saw the cheap combo
    this map has set up. Gharnef takes zero damage from regular weapons, and when
    you do damage him with Starlight, he'll be healed by the two curates at the top
    via psychic and fortify. ARGH! He took damage from my counter-attack with a
    javelin though.
    Here's a strat for Gharnef #1. He's standing off at the end with another mage
    right by him. If you lure either with Merric, then Merric will die from the two
    attacks of Gharnef and the other mage. So use one of your pegs holding a
    javelin to bring them in. Kill off the mage and let Gharnef attack Merric first
    so you can finish him the next turn. Also, you might want to cast Barrier on
    Merric before engaging.
    As if the Gharnefs weren't enough, as you climb up this gauntlet of death, two
    Bishops will be casting Swarm on you. This is particularly dangerous for Marth,
    since he doesn't get to be promoted and thus he has no res. This is where the
    barrier staff comes in. Cast barrier on any unit to raise its res by seven, and
    each turn it decreases by one until it goes back to normal.
    By the time you finish Gharnef #1 at the bottom, your paladins should have
    reached the top. The priority is the curate at the top right. Once you kill
    that unit, you'll get an extra Barrier staff.
    For me, Gharnef #2 (top right side) was the real Gharnef. I'm not sure if it
    changes with different playthroughs. Anyways, this was a real pain. So you have
    Gharnef dealing heavy damage to your units, and you can't scratch him. You have
    to get Merric up there quick, which is why you should have brought the Warp
    Also note: On turn seven, reinforcements will arrive at the top. Mages with
    pretty strong spells.
    Before you warp Merric, there are a few things you should do to ensure
    your victory. It's a complicated procedure so I'll lay out step by step.
    1) Warp Tiki to the top left area and have her eliminate the other curate using
    psychic. She should have very high res, and shouldn't take any damage from
    Imhullu (for some reason), and very little damage from the other mages (1 or 2
    if any).
    2) Remember that curate you killed who dropped the barrier staff? Lena should
    be near that area now if you kept her on the move. Trade the barrier staff onto
    her from whichever unit has it (hopefully a paladin). Cast barrier on that
    paladin (who should also have a javelin), and have him clear out the mini-mages
    at the top right area so they don't do damage to Merric. Take out the heroes 
    and the ones casting Swarm as well while you're up there.
    3) Heal and cast barrier on Merric before warping to the top to deal with
    Gharnef #2. Let Gharnef attack first if he still does too much damage after
    Your stradegy could be different than mine depending on whether or not you
    devoted more exp than I did on Merric. For me, he was only level 13, not even
    promoted yet, so he had low res.
    Anyways, when the coast is clear, send Merric up and wipe the floor with
    Gharnef #2. He will drop the real Falchion for Marth to use.
    It seems after you kill the real Gharnef, the fake ones become really weak.
    Kill the last clone however you want.
    The boss is a bishop. Small fry. Kill him however you want.
    *Secret Shop*: Before you seize, bring the unit holding the VIP and Silver
    cards to the tile just north of the seize point. It's the tile that looks like
    a door. Here you will find three Master Seals for sale. You might want 
    to save your money though, because the secret shop in the next chapter has more
    valuable items for sale.
    Chapter 24: The Dragonkin Realm
    Manaketes galore! Bring your dragonpikes and wyrmslayers and give them to the
    units that need exp. The Falchion also deals lethal damage to them as well.
    Also, before you begin, make sure you have 15,000 gold to spend. Give one of
    your flying units the VIP and Silver cards.
    You can finish this map pretty fast if you use your peg/draco knights. They can
    fly over the mountains with their dragonpikes and get a quick jump on the
    enemy. If you choose to do this, be wary of the snipers in the vicinity.
    As your ground units walk the path, lure them while holding the bonus weapons.
    I was able to clear the road with Abel and Frey, while Caeda, Palla, Catria,
    Est, and Marth cleaned up house near the seize point; I warped Marth there, and
    you might as well since this is the second last chapter. 
    Take out the snipers first, then most of the dragons should attack Marth and
    most likely miss, then getting one hit killed in the face with the Falchion.
    *Secret Shop*: This shop is located at the very southwest corner of the map,
    it's actually the exact corner of the map: the plain tile surrounded by
    mountains. For sale here are three each of Dracoshields, Talismans,
    Seraph Robes, and Arms Scrolls. It's like, there's a stats-boosting party and
    everyone's invited guh-huh! Buy it all.
    The chest in the middle of the map contains the Lum staff, which lets you
    revive one party member that fell. I haven't let anyone died though. Oh well.
    If you want to get it, two units are enough to take out the two manaketes and
    hero. I had Abel and Palla do it. Hope you gave either of them a master key.
    The boss can be taken down in one hit by a dragon-bonus-damage weapon by a
    decent unit, or Marth and his Falchion Paunch!
    Endgame: Chosen by Fate
    The final chapter. This will be your longest prep time for a chapter, because
    you'll want to use up all your stat-boosting items such as Energy Drops, and
    you'll have to strategically place your units nice and even to cover each
    other's weaknesses, because Marth had the brilliant idea of splitting up.
    Whoever you choose to place wherever you want, make sure they have
    corresponding weapons to deal with any immediate enemy units. For example, a
    unit placed on the top left should have a dragonpike or wyrmslayer for the
    manakete waiting to the south. Also remember to give Marth a door/master key
    so the bottom middle group can escape.
    A short checklist:
    -Give everyone their maxed durability silver and specialized weapons
    -Use up all Energy Drops, Dracoshields, Speedwings, etc. on units that need it
    -Use Master Seals on whichever units haven't been promoted yet
    -make sure some of your units have either a handaxe or javelin
    In case you were curious or if you'd like for reference, this was my setup:
    Pallas, Catria, and Est, at the top left; Abel, Frey, Lena, and Bord (horseman)
    at the top right; Beck (ballist), Merric, and Tiki at the bottom left; and
    Marth, Maria, Xane, and Caeda at the bottom middle.
    Holy cow that dragon looks intimidating.
    Medeus: I summon myself! Red-eyes Gold Dragon! (44atk, 25def)
    Marth: Not so fast Medeus! You've neglected my trap card!: Falchion Sword!
    At least, I hope that's how it'll go down.
    +---------------------------------New Recruit---------------------------------+
    |As soon as you begin, Gotoh (blue man) will join your group in the bottom    |
    |middle, only if you didn't visit gaiden chapter 24 (the bonus chapter 24     |
    |mission). He's pretty useful, a sage with powerful tomes and useful staves.  |
    |Where were you in the beginning you glory-hogger!?                           |
    I'm digging this final chapter music. Let's walk through the first turn of this
    final chapter move by move. This is what I did and I believe I did a good job
    maximizing damage done on first turn, which is pretty useful in this map.
    TURN 1
    Team Marth
    -Marth opens the door
    -Caeda kills paladin
    -Xande imitates Marth
    -Gotoh swarms ballistician
    -Maria heals Xande
    Team Peg Sisters
    -Catria and Est take out the manakete with their dragonpikes
    -Palla kills the hero (gasp)
    Team Tiki
    -Beck finishes off the ballist with thunderbolt
    -Tiki blocks the opening to this starting room; equipped with Firestone
    -Merric stands right behind Tiki, just out of range from the second ballist
    Team Horsey
    -Bord takes out the draco in one hit with silver bow
    -Lena uses Hammerne on Abel's Gradivus
    -Frey takes out bishop
    -Abel takes out the knight
    On the enemy's turn, the hero should attack Caeda. The manakete will attack 
    Abel and die. If you placed your units in a similar start as I did, you don't
    have to worry about bonus-damage weapons except for the wyrmslayer on Tiki.
    Also, that group in the middle grass area will most likely head left, so
    prepare for that.
    Be wary of the ballists' range if you have mages nearby. They'll aim for your
    mages first because of their low def.
    *Tip*: This tip only becomes necessary during this map, I think. You should
    have two healers by now if you're a cautious and smart player. Well, I guess if
    you made it this far with one healer you're just a good player. Anyways, I
    think most would have two, and this is an advantage because they both should be
    able to use fortify. You should fortify at the beginning an end of your turn.
    This will ensure that none of your units will fall, provided you haven't placed
    them in a situation where they get mobbed. Gotoh has fortify too, but he should
    be swarming.
    From here on out, it's safe to treat this as a regular map, though there are
    some surprises (see below). You'll want to take out the healers though, because
    it does get quite annoying watching them heal the enemy constantly. Do not use
    a peg or draco to kill them. First, have the holder of the Gravidus (your 
    paladin) kill one of the healers through the wall. This will lure both snipers
    to attack you and they will die from the sheer awesomeness of the Gravidus. You
    should be able to get a chance to do this while the things happen below. After
    the snipers are gone, you can use a peg's javelin to kill the other healer on
    the other side. The two healers should be gone before the turn five
    reinforcements meet up with you.
    *Warning*: At the beginning turn three, the doors to the starting rooms for the
    groups in the top left and top right will close, locking whichever units are in
    there for the rest of the map. Get your units out by the end of turn two.
    On turn four, enemy units will reinforce in the left room from the two stairs,
    a ballistician and a bishop. Do not go in there to fight them.
    On turn five, reinforcements will appear from the forts on the bottom right
    corner, and a single dracoknight from the stairs on the right side of the
    Turn six, the room to the left side is closed off, and the same reinforcements
    from turn four show up in that same room.
    On turn eight, all the reinforcements from above will come all at once, but
    you'll still get to move first. Prepare for them and just get ready to rinse
    and repeat.
    Here's what you do about the reinforcements:
    For the ballisitician, have Beck and Gotoh double team it with Swarm and the
    Thunderbolt. You might need to cast Hammerne on the Thunderbolt. Ignore the
    bishop, he's locked up anyways.
    The reinforcements from the bottom right are nothing special. Block them off
    with one unit, then have a ranged a unit take their hp down. Rush in with other
    units if necessary.
    Reinforcements will also appear from the stairs in the middle, a manakete on
    the left, and a hero on the right. You can simply put Marth or the holder of
    the Gravidus in the middle hallway to clear them both out. Just remember to
    keep healing them. 
    While all the above is taking place, you should have been sending Marth and one
    backup unit (preferably your strongest paladin) to the boss. When the coast is
    clear, engage Medeus with the Falchion for, hopefully, a one turn kill. You
    should be able to a double attack 30+ damage each.
    I got an epic one hit kill on the boss with Marth's critical.
    Here comes the epilogue.
    Clueless Marth. Oh man, this guy's a nerd after all lol. Bah ha, I told ya Wrys
    was a pedo: "Opening up an orhpanage". Poor kids.
    = GAIDEN CHAPTERS                                                       (3gc) =
    The 'Gaiden Chapters' are bonus side-story missions available to you throughout
    the main story if you fulfill certain requirements. They are worth visiting
    because they all contain an extra recruitable character and usually some nice
    treasure within the chapter.
    Have 15 or less units in total by the end of chapters 6, 12, 17, and 20,
    respectively to access the following gaiden chapters:
    Chapter 6x: In War's Grip - Athena (Myrmidon)
    Chapter 12x: A Traitor's Worth - Horace (General)
    Chapter 17x: Prisoner of Helena - Etzel (Sorceror)
    Chapter 20x: Men and Monsters - Ymir (Warrior)
    To access Gaiden Chapter 24x, Tiki must not be in your army (either kill her or
    don't recruit her), and you must not have the real Falchion (don't kill
    Gharnef). In this chapter, you can recruit Nagi (Manakete).
    I will not cover the stradegy for these chapters here, but I will for the Hard
    Mode walkthrough. Remember in each of these, there is one new recruitable unit.
    = CHARACTER GROWTH RATES                                               (4cgr) =
    The following chart grades the probablity of a specific unit's chance of gain
    in a stat when he or she levels up. So, even if someone is ranked 'A' in 'STR',
    they still might end up with low STR; it's just that it's highly unlikely. 
    *Also, this chart does not take into consideration what class the unit is. Abel
    as a mage will have a higher chance of increasing MAG than Abel as a cavalier.
    But since Abel's MAG gain is so low anyways, you might as well not use him as
    a mage.
    This chart is based on www.serenesforest.net, an awesome Fire Emblem site that
    contains a boatload of information.
    Also note that they are seperated and classified by their class sets, in order
    for you to better compare who to use as what.
    |Group One: Units that do not get promoted - Lord, Thief, Manakete,           |
    |Ballistician, Freelancer                                                     |
    |    NAME    |   HP  |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES   |
    |  Bantu     |   B   |   D   |   D-  |   D   |   D-  |   D-  |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Beck      |   A   |   C-  |   F   |   C   |   B   |   B-  |   C-  |   F    |
    |  Jake      |   B   |   C   |   F   |   B+  |   D   |   B+  |   D   |   F    |
    |  Julian    |   A   |   B+  |   F   |   B+  |   B+  |   A   |   C   |   D-   |
    |  Marth     |   A   |   B+  |   F   |   B   |   A   |   A   |   D   |   D-   |
    |  Nagi      |   S   |   B+  |   D-  |   A   |   A   |   S   |   D   |   D-   |
    |  Rickard   |   B+  |   B+  |   F   |   C   |   B+  |   B   |   D-  |   D-   |
    |  Tiki      |   S   |   B+  |   D-  |   A   |   A   |   S   |   D   |   D-   |
    |  Xane      |   B   |   C   |   F   |   C   |   C   |   D   |   D   |   D-   |
    |Group Two: Cavaliers-Paldins, Archers-Snipers, Clerics-Bishops, Mages-Sages, |
    |Pegasus-Dracos, Myrmidons-Swordmasters. Note that pegs get a better boost in |
    |speed, while cavs get a slightly better chance at STR, SKL, and DEF; this is |
    |the only male/female difference. The other classes that both male and female |
    |can use have no difference, that's why I put the guys and girls together.    |
    |    NAME    |   HP  |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES   |
    |  Abel      |   A   |   B   |   F   |   B+  |   B+  |   C-  |   D   |   F    |
    |  Arran     |   B+  |   B+  |   F   |   C   |   B   |   B   |   D   |   D-   |
    |  Athena    |   A   |   C-  |   F   |   B   |   B+  |   C-  |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Boah      |   D-  |   F   |   D   |   D   |   D   |   D   |   F   |   C    |
    |  Caeda     |   B   |   D   |   F   |   A   |   A   |   A   |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Cain      |   A   |   B-  |   F   |   B+  |   B+  |   B   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Catria    |   A   |   B   |   F   |   A   |   A   |   B   |   C-  |   D-   |
    |  Elice     |   A   |   F   |   C   |   B+  |   A   |   A   |   F   |   C    |
    |  Est       |   B   |   A-  |   F   |   A   |   A-  |   B+  |   D   |   D-   |
    |  Frey      |   A   |   B-  |   F   |   A-  |   A-  |   B   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Gordin    |   A   |   D   |   F   |   B   |   C+  |   B   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Gotoh     |   A   |   F   |   D   |   B+  |   A   |   A   |   F   |   C    |
    |  Hardin    |   B+  |   C   |   F   |   A-  |   A-  |   C   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Jagen     |   B   |   D   |   F   |   C+  |   D   |   C   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Jeorge    |   B   |   D   |   F   |   B+  |   C   |   D   |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Lena      |   D   |   F   |   C-  |   C-  |   D   |   A   |   F   |   B+   |
    |  Linde     |   B   |   F   |   B+  |   B   |   C+  |   A   |   F   |   D    |
    |  Maria     |   D   |   F   |   D   |   C   |   C   |   A   |   F   |   B    |
    |  Matthis   |   S   |   B   |   F   |   C   |   D   |   C   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Merric    |   A   |   F   |   B   |   B+  |   B   |   B   |   D-  |   D    |
    |    NAME    |   HP  |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES   |
    |  Minerva   |   B   |   C   |   F   |   B+  |   C   |   B   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Midia     |   A   |   C   |   F   |   B+  |   B+  |   D-  |   D   |   F    |
    |  Navarre   |   S   |   C   |   F   |   B   |   B+  |   B   |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Norne     |   A   |   C-  |   F   |   B   |   A   |   C   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Palla     |   A   |   A-  |   F   |   A   |   C-  |   D-  |   C-  |   D-   |
    |  Radd      |   A   |   B   |   F   |   B-  |   B   |   B   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Roshea    |   S   |   B   |   F   |   A   |   D-  |   D-  |   D   |   F    |
    |  Tomas     |   A   |   C   |   F   |   C   |   B+  |   C   |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Vyland    |   A   |   C   |   F   |   C-  |   B   |   C   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Wendell   |   B   |   F   |   D   |   D   |   D   |   B   |   F   |   C+   |
    |  Wrys      |   D   |   F   |   D   |   D   |   D   |   B   |   F   |   B    |
    |Group Three: Knights-Generals, Mercenaries-Heroes, Fighters-Warriors,        |
    |Hunters-Horsemen, Pirates-Berserkers, Dark Mages-Sorcerors                   |
    |    NAME    |   HP  |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES   |
    |  Astram    |   S   |   B+  |   F   |   B   |   D   |   B+  |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Barst     |   A   |   B   |   F   |   B   |   C   |   B   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Bord      |   S   |   A-  |   F   |   B   |   D-  |   C+  |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Caesar    |   S   |   B   |   F   |   B-  |   B   |   D   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Castor    |   B   |   B   |   F   |   B   |   B   |   D   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Cord      |   A   |   B+  |   F   |   D   |   B   |   B   |   D-  |   F    |
    |  Darros    |   S   |   A   |   F   |   D   |   D-  |   B   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Dolph     |   A   |   C   |   F   |   B   |   C   |   D-  |   B   |   F    |
    |  Draug     |   A   |   D   |   F   |   B   |   B   |   C   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Etzel     |   B   |   F   |   C   |   B   |   B   |   D   |   F   |   C    |
    |  Horace    |   A   |   D   |   F   |   C+  |   D-  |   D   |   B-  |   F    |
    |  Lorenz    |   A   |   B+  |   F   |   A   |   D   |   B   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Macellan  |   A   |   B   |   F   |   C   |   C   |   C   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Ogma      |   S   |   B   |   F   |   B   |   C   |   B   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Roger     |   A   |   B+  |   F   |   C   |   D-  |   A   |   C   |   F    |
    |  Samson    |   A   |   B-  |   F   |   C   |   C   |   A   |   D   |   F    |
    |  Sedgar    |   S+  |   A   |   F   |   S   |   A+  |   C   |   A+  |   F    |
    |  Wolf      |   S+  |   S   |   F   |   A+  |   A+  |   B+  |   A   |   F    |
    |  Ymir      |   S   |   B+  |   F   |   C-  |   C   |   C-  |   D-  |   F    |
    = CHARACTER BASE STATS                                                 (5cbb) =
    These are the individual stats for each character when you first meet them.
    Again, they are seperated and classfied by their class sets. If a unit's level
    is 21 or above, that means they have already been promoted. For example, Jagen
    at level 21 means he is a Paladin at level one.
    |Group One: Units that do not get promoted - Lord, Thief, Manakete,           |
    |Ballistician, Freelancer                                                     |
    | NAME/Level |   HP   |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES  |
    | Marth/1    |   18   |   5   |   0   |   3   |   7   |   7   |   7   |   0   |
    |Group Two: Cavaliers-Paldins, Archers-Snipers, Clerics-Bishops, Mages-Sages, |
    |Pegasus-Dracos, Myrmidons-Swordmasters.                                      |
    | NAME/Level |   HP   |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES  |
    | Abel/1     |   20   |   6   |   0   |   7   |   7   |   2   |   7   |   0   |
    | Caeda/1    |   16   |   4   |   1   |   6   |   12  |   9   |   7   |   6   |
    | Cain/1     |   20   |   7   |   0   |   5   |   6   |   3   |   7   |   0   |
    | Jagen/21   |   22   |   7   |   1   |   10  |   8   |   1   |   9   |   6   |
    | Gordin/1   |   18   |   5   |   0   |   3   |   3   |   4   |   6   |   0   |
    |Group Three: Knights-Generals, Mercenaries-Heroes, Fighters-Warriors,        |
    |Hunters-Horsemen, Pirates-Berserkers, Dark Mages-Sorcerors                   |
    | NAME/Level |   HP   |  STR  |  MAG  |  SKL  |  SPD  |  LCK  |  DEF  |  RES  |
    | Barst/3    |   24   |   10  |   0   |   6   |   9   |   5   |   6   |   0   |
    | Bord/2     |   20   |   8   |   0   |   4   |   7   |   1   |   5   |   0   |
    | Cord/2     |   20   |   7   |   0   |   5   |   9   |   5   |   5   |   0   |
    | Draug/1    |   20   |   7   |   0   |   3   |   3   |   1   |   11  |   0   |
    | Ogma/4     |   22   |   6   |   0   |   11  |   12  |   3   |   6   |   0   |
    = MERCILESS MODE                                                        (6mm) =
    "Recommended for those seeking a challenge. Enemies are up to five degrees
    tougher than those in Normal mode. No prologue is included."
    So, this means merciless mode is five levels higher than what the normal mode
    offered. Can't be that bad. But for the sake completion, this FAQ will also
    cover the hardest difficulty of the game.
    The approach will be different. I will tell you which units I am using, and so
    throughout the guide I will be referring specifically to those characters. If
    you choose to use different units, follow my stradegy by substituting similar
    units. For example, if I talk about moving Cain somewhere, and you're not using
    Cain, simply replace him with another cavalier or mounted unit.
    Here is the list of units I will be mainly using:
    And here is a list of thins that will be adhered to during this playthrough:
    -All gaiden chapters will be played
    -All villages and chests will be pilfered
    -We will not kill Camus
    -We will trade in the Starsphere and Lightsphere in order to get the real
    -Caeda will become a Falcoknight
    H501: Marth Embarks
    Only Marth, Caeda, Abel and Cain should be getting the major exp for kills.
    Gordin will be used to weaken enemies, Draug and Jagen will be used to lure and
    weaken. However, you might need to use Jagen's Silver Lance a few times, just
    make sure not to kill them.
    Turn 1
    Go to options and turn off animations. Move Abel and throw a javelin at the
    thief; if it misses, reset until it does hit, and if it hits, continue. Let
    Marth visit the village. Buy two Iron Lances and a Javelin with Gordin. Move
    Caeda next to Gordin and trade all three lances you just bought to Caeda. Have
    Jagen attack the thief with his Iron Sword, and then let Cain finish the thief
    off.  Move Draug south towards the group, end turn.
    Enemy Turn 1
    About six or seven pirates will start to mobilize. The one that started closest
    to you won't though (the one standing in the middle of the entire map two
    spaces from a tree tile), and don't lure him in yet, he won't bug you if you
    don't bug him. There will be one jesus-pirate on the water. 
    Turn 2
    Move Jagen onto the fort. Move Caeda next to Abel, this should be one space
    outside of the pirate's range, and trade one Iron Lance to Abel. Move Abel and
    Cain outside the range of this pirate, but not too far. Move Gordin and Marth
    south. Move Draug within the pirate's range at the very tip.
    Enemy Turn 2
    The pirate should attack Draug and lose a bit of hp in the counter attack. Also
    be wary of the other pirates closing in.
    Turn 3
    Attack with Gordin first, then let one unit soften it up and another finish
    him. This should be done between Marth, Abel, and/or Cain. End turn without any
    of your other units within range of the next closest pirate. Keep Jagen on the
    From here on out things change. Things change depending on where you have your
    units place and where the enemy pirates move. If you followed the previous
    three turns to get you started, you should be in a strong position to wipe out
    the rest of the pirates while maximizing exp for Marth, Caeda, Abel and Cain.
    At this point there is one difficult part because two pirates come together at
    once so you'll have to strategize with both offense can defense in mind. The
    safe way would be to lure them further into the island (towards the village and
    fort), since the sea tiles are very restricting. Or you could build a little
    wall and use that one destroyed village tile as a barrier as well. 
    Whatever you do, remember that Jagen has a silver lance. Use that to bring an
    enemy with high hp to their knees, and finish it with Caeda or Marth. Alternate
    between the Silver Lance and the Iron Sword depending on the enemy's hp. Also
    remember that Abel and Caeda both have javelins, so use that to whither hp when
    required. Always attack with Gordin's bows first, and make sure no one can
    attack him when your turn ends. I didn't have to use Draug at all after turn 3,
    but he's there if you need to poke a few hp away or as a wall. Don't forget to
    keep a unit on the fort if he or she isn't in use.
    This beginning part might be frustrating, but following basic rules will get
    you through it. Keep the above in mind and let the enemy attack you first.
    After the two-pirate combo, there will two more pirates but thankfully they'll
    come one at a time. Lure them in and take them out. All that should be left are
    units that don't move: five pirates, a hunter, and the boss.
    Heal your units at the fort before proceeding. Well, while Jagen and Draug
    heals, you can move the rest up. Lure the two closest pirates one at a time.
    It's slow, but it's safe. When you step with in the range of the second pirate,
    the hunter should start coming to you as well. Just be sure to kill the pirate
    before engaging the hunter.
    Have a full unit stand on the fort to lure in the pirates. Two will move but
    only one will be able to reach you. Kill them one at a time, making sure not to
    accidentally leave a unit within range of the next pirate.
    Visit the village with Marth to recruit creepy old guy. It's only because we're
    desperate that he's remotely useful. Heal your units to finish this map quick.
    Boss time: When your units are ready, leave Jagen holding the Silver Lance
    beside the boss. Do this whenever you can, because you might have to repeat it
    a few times before bringing the boss' hp low enough for a weaker unit to kill
    him. Use Gordin's bow and both javelins to chip at his hp, until Marth can kill
    him. Heal Jagen with Wrys to speed things up. My Abel accidentally critical'd
    him and took the kill though.
    H502: The Pirates of Galder
    Don't leave your starting area until all the units from the north are dead. If
    you're trying to recruit Darros, lure him closer into the island, because if he
    talks to you on the first turn, he'll die in one hit. Let him die if you plan
    on doing the gaiden chapters.
    Out of the new recruits that you get at the beginning, Ogma and Barst are the
    most worthwhile, not that the other two are bad, but they're not really good
    enough a solid hard mode run. Still up to you though. Ogma has an advantage due
    to his high speed, allowing him to attack twice with his Iron Sword, which is
    pretty uber. Leave him waiting with an Iron Sword to do serious counter-attack
    The hunter at the top will be able to kill Gordin in one hit. Watch out if you
    plan on keep Gordin for now. Remember the enemy pirate can walk on water, so
    cover your weaker units. You should be able to eliminate the pirate on your
    second turn before he touches any of you. One of your cavs should block the
    north bridge, while another unit blocks the two incoming cavs. Stay out of the
    enemy cavs' range, and they'll only be able to attack the one guarding unit one
    at a time. Marth can even guard holding his Rapier. Caeda can kill both cavs
    with her Wing Spear in one turn each. Double attack ftw.
    Cross the bridge and lure the single pirate. After you kill him, move forward
    a bit without stepping into any other pirate, and one from the far west will
    head towards you. Kill this one, then heal up your units.
    If you stay on the tile just before the top bridge, Castor and the other hunter
    will head your way. Step back first though, let Castor come in closer. Talk to
    Castor with Caeda, and he'll become bait. It's ok to let him die, he's garbage
    anyways. Try to let him do some damage first though. After you kill the
    hunters, lure the southwest pirate closer.
    The last remaining two pirates are simple, since you have so many units now.
    Build a vertical wall of units to help prevent them from both attack the same
    one. Visit the village with Marth for 5,000 gold.
    Boss time: Move all your units towards the boss. Use the save point. The thing
    about this guy is that he has high speed, meaning you might miss with some of
    your units, and that's just too troublesome. Leave Jagen holding a Silver Lance
    beside the boss, and if the counter-attack hits, proceed. Barst's Iron Axe, 
    Ogma's Steel Sword, an Marth's Iron Sword should be enough to finish him. Throw
    in a lance or sacrifice your bowman if you still have him if that isn't enough.
    H503: A Brush in the Teeth
    Ok, this chapter is really freakin' hard. It's hard because the enemies hit
    hard, and you can't even double-attack them. It's also hard because luck plays
    a very important role in your success. A few units will die here, but I prefer
    to call them sacrifices. Don't sacrifice Julian or Lena though.
    I will describe each unit's role for the first few turns.
    Marth will retrieve the Devil's Axe from the village and trade it to Barst
    Ogma will head north to block and stall the enemies to the north. There is one
    tile that he can stand on that will let him block all three and only let one
    enemy attack him at a time. There are four plain tiles inbetween peak and
    mountain tiles lined up vertically, Ogma should stand at the topmost one.
    Caeda should position herself northwards in order to get ready to recruit
    Lena and Julian are to head south to join the main army.
    Wrys should trade his heal staff to Lena, then stand behind Ogma without being
    in range.
    The rest of the units should stay near the beginning area.
    My strat deals with the three guys coming from the west first. Let them come
    all the way near to the village. Barst should step into the attack range of the
    closest one while holding the Devil's Axe. Then the rest of the units should
    finish him on your turn while setting up a defensive wall to get ready for the
    next two. You should always line up your units straight in order to ensure that
    none of them will get attacked twice.
    After it is your turn again, use javelins, handaxes, and bows first, then end
    them. You'll have to be lucky with these ranged weapons and the Devil's Axe. If
    the Devil Axe fails with this group or the next, just reset. Barst is too good
    of a unit to pass up and the Devil Axe's damage is crucial to preventing as
    many casualties as possible.
    Meanwhile, when Navarre comes within range of Caeda, she should be able to
    talk to him without being in range of the archer or the fighters. Navarre might
    be trapped, but that's ok, he's a sacrificial unit. If you're lucky, he might
    even critical a thief for you before he dies. Ogma should not be attacking, you
    want his hp to go down as slowly as possible.
    When Ogma's hp is nearing its limit, evacuate him and put Wrys in his place.
    Wrys will stall one turn for Ogma to escape death. He will not be missed.
    By the time Ogma joins the main army, the three fighters from the west should
    be just about dead. You won't have time to fully heal your units before the
    ones from the north comes, so let as many units heal 5hp from the fort as
    possible, rather than letting one unit heal 10 or 15. Create a vertical wall
    in the three plain tile inbetween the green mountain and peak; it is just to
    the right of the house (from our perspective).
    This should be enough to whither these three, although you may have to count on
    the Devil's Axe one more time. Good luck.
    Units with 1-6 hp are still useful; use them as finishers. I even had to use 
    Julian as an attacker.
    In my playthrough, I lost Draug, Wrys, and Navarre during this chapter.
    After finishing these fighters, heal all your unit before proceeding.
    The remaining two archers and two fighters are a simple matter of luring and
    killing, though theywill move before you get into their range. Remember to lure
    one at a time.
    Boss time: This boss is a real pain. I mean, who does he think he is? He's only
    the level 3 boss, not some surprise hidden final form in some Final Fantasy
    game. Yet he's still able to double attack almost all of your units for massive
    damage, he has high defence, and he's holding a handaxe to own your archers and
    javelin weilders! You'll most likely have to sacrifice another unit here. 
    Save before you battle him. Move Ogma with a Steel Sword next to him and pray
    that the boss will miss (but not Ogma). If the boss misses, then attack with
    Ogma again, then let your sacrifical unit attack next. The sacrifice will do
    enough damage to let your next unit kill him, but whoever you choose, they'll
    most likely get double-attacked by the boss unless the boss misses or you got
    lucky with the stats boosts during level up, in which case you might not have
    to sacrifice anyone. Finish the boss with whoever needs the exp. If the boss
    hits Ogma, then attack with Ogma on your turn and pray harder that he'll miss
    on the counterattack. If Ogma dies, reset until the boss misses at least once
    then follow the above strat.
    I sacrificed Jagen for his Silver Lance damage. Oh well.
    H504: Battle in the Lea
    Before you begin, forge a weapon for one of your weaker units. I forged
    Juilian's Iron Sword because he needs it badly. A forged weapon is very useful;
    lets you kills enemies that otherwise you'd be helpless against. +5 MT is
    usually enough.
    This is actually a pretty simple and easy map. If you've been sacrificng units
    (and I don't see how you couldn't have), then at the beginning of this mission
    you'll have random units substituting the empty spots. I got a peg, mercenary,
    dark mage, and hunter, so my strat will be based on this. The only one that
    might be really important is the peg knight.
    Position your pegs and one cav close to the lake; they are to take out the
    archer and thief. Have two ranged misc units at the bottom left plus one you
    want to use; they are to take out the thief, with your unit getting the kill
    for 50exp. Ogma and Barst are to placed at the top right, so they can block the
    traffic coming from the north. Ogma should be on the right, Barst on the left
    so that they both block the right side of the lake. Equip Barst with the 
    Devil's Axe and keep resetting until he makes contact on the counterattack.
    Turn 1
    Leave your pegs in the middle of the lake but as close to the archer as you can
    (he shouldn't be able to reach you). Same with your designated cav but he'll be
    taking the bridge, so move him there. Ogma and Barst are to take their positons
    on the right side of the lake, making a two man wall. Kill the thief at the
    bottom. Move the rest of your units behind Ogma and Barst.
    Enemy Turn 1
    The enemy cavs will move out, but don't worry about them; you should be able to
    finish all the fighters before they reach you. Ogma and Barst will be attacked.
    The lone archer on the left will move onto the bridge. The archer on the right
    will be behind all the fighters.
    Turn 2
    Kill the archer with your pegs and cav. Move Barst back one space and throw his
    Handaxe; heal him with Lena. Move Ogma back as well if he got hit. Don't
    initiate any battles unless your unit can kill the enemy in one hit. Sub in
    other units to take Barst's and Ogma's places.
    Keep repeating until you kill the entire group. By the time you do, the enemy
    cavs should be a couple of turns away from reaching you. Now do the same block
    you did on the fighters except in reverse. Your units should be all along the
    right side of the lake, so that only two of your units can be attacked at a
    time. Use whatever method you'd like, since Marth's Rapier and Caeda's Wing
    Spear makes things more flexible for you. Don't forget to talk to Matthis with
    Heal up as you approach the two archers and knight. Remember to stay out of 
    range from the horsemen, don't line up and of your units by the river. Lure in
    the archers so that only one of them can attack you. Both archers should come.
    Kill them and don't worry about the knight; he won't move. Recruit Merric
    before moving on; he's a keeper.
    You might want to Excalibur the knight to give you more room to deal with the
    horsemen. Hm, looks like the knight is a bit smart. When I put Merric in front
    he suddenly decided to move and attack, so watch out for that. He won't be able
    to kill Merric in one turn though.
    Lure the horsemen one at a time. Be careful since they can most likely double
    attack your units. They give a ton of exp though, so plan it out.
    Boss time: Really easy now that you have Merric. Weaken him with magic then
    finish him with whoever needs the exp.
    H505: Champions of Aurelis
    Remember to forge if you need to. I did one for Cain.
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