Where do i get the friendship pendant?

  1. I can find where and how i get a friendship pendant can some one plzzzzzzz help me?

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  1. All pendants, necklaces, and other accessories need to be commissioned through Charlie. If you talk to Charlie when he's behind the counter at Chen's shop, there should be an option for "accessories" or something similar to that. If you check his menu, there should be some basic ones available, including the small friendship pendant.

    The cost for accessories is not in G (money), but rather in pieces of orichalcum, which can be found in the mines. To access the mines, you need to unlock Volcano Island. In the mine on Volcano Island, the earliest floor where you can find orichalcum is floor 25, but it can also be found on floors 51-74, 225, and 250-254. If you are having difficulty reaching floor 25, make sure that you are packing enough stamina-replenishing food with you on your mining trip: this is done more easily if you have a kitchen because cooked food replenishes relatively more stamina than raw ingredients. Also, if you have been lucky enough to get a green wonderful stone, having one on your hoe can save a lot of stamina while you are digging in the mines.

    Once you have collected enough orichalcum, you can ask Charlie to make the pendant for you. After commissioning the small friendship pendant (red), about a week later he will have a medium friendship pendant (green) on his menu. After commissioning the medium pendent, about a week later he will have a large friendship pendant (blue).

    Good luck!

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