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    FAQ/Walkthrough by heliumsy

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/17/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Otometemeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo (DS) Walkthrough
    	by Heliumsy
    	3/26/08 - Version 0.1 - Skeleton Created
    				Filled in Section 2.1, 2.2.
    				Started Characters Section w/ Masaki &
    				  Takashi-oniichan & Ren
    				Started Sections 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3
    				Completed 2.4.2-2.4.6
    	3/29/08 - Version 0.2 - Filled in most of Ryutaro, Completed 
    				 Ayato, Toru
    				Edited 2.4.4-5, 2.5.3, 4.1.0
    				Added 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.6.2, 2.6.1
    				Added Personal Opinions & PO record for
                                      the guys I played for
    				Added 5.1-5.4
    	3/31/08	- Version 0.3 - Edited 2.6.1, 3.2 (reorganizing this 
    				 section soon), 4.2, Ayato
    				Completed Kaede, Souta
    				Completed 5.5-5.9	
    				Edited Masaki (Thank Lock.VII for info)
    				Changed	Heart Level to Condition, since
    				 some events do not depend on heart lvl
    				Edited and Completed Kennosuke
    				Added to Takashi-oniichan & Shinobu's
    				Added Section 6, 2.7.1-3
    	4/2/08 - Version 0.4 - Organized Miscellaneous Characters 4.2
    			       Completed Ryutaro
    			       Added to 5.4, 5.1
    	4/4/08 - Version 0.5 - Added Miscellaneous Pictures info
    			       Completed Oniichan (FINALLY!)
    			       Edited Omake sections 5.1 & 5.8
    	4/7/08 - Version 0.6 - Edited Ayato's story teeny teeny bit
    			       Edited Masaki, Ren a tiny bit
    			       Edited Oniichan stats
    			       Adding all 4 special items guys give info
    			       Took out 2.4.2 & 2.4.7 and placed them in
    				new section 2.4.6 Odds & Ends
    			       Finally redid Section 3 with imo better
    			       Completed 5.4
    			       Recorded all summer trip locations
    			       Added to 4.
    	4/10/08 - Version 0.7 - Edited Q-S & Q-L (Thank chiisana_inori)
    			        Edited 2.2
    				Edited Kennosuke
    	12/02/08 - Version 0.8 - Starting storyline conversation trans-
    				Edited 3.1
    				Added to 2.4.2
    				Added a No-end date for Ryutaro
    	12/03/08 - Version 0.9 - Continuing with storyline translating
    				 Added to Text Message section				
    				 Edited Ren's condition for Aug 1 pic
    				 Edited storyline for all except Toru
    	12/04/08 - Version 0.92 - Added to Text Message section
                                      Edited Ren, Kaede, Toru storyline a 
    				   tiny bit
    	12/05/08 - Version 1.0 - Completed dreams
    			         Edited Ayato a bit
            12/06/08 - Version 1.1 - Completed Text Messages
    				 Edited Oniichan, Masaki storyline
    				 Calling FAQ complete
    	3/17/09 - Version 1.1 - Changed Kaede's present to bear pajama
                                    (cheaper alternative to pocket watch, 
                                    thank JD)
    Didn't think I was gonna update this FAQ for so long, but I updated again
     not because I found the 2 missing pictures (though I did read something
     about it)... but because I'm doing storyline translation a little, plus
     editing some conditions that triggers cutscenes.
    Yay, finally only missing 1 picture now in the Miscellaneous Character 
     section, but while I was reading forums, I read that that picture's 
     supposed to be unlocked after item collection is complete, but that one
     is bugged, so not gettable. I do have a completed item collection, but
     no picture. So if someone wants to verify that the last one is indeed
     not gettable (i.e. read an official statement from the game makers?),
     please e-mail me & let me know. Otherwise, I will call this FAQ done.
            3/16/13 - Version 1.1 - Edited grammar, mentioned Sports Day
                                    might require Fitness>21 (thank MizDFong)
    *************************** Table of Contents ***************************
    1. Personal Comment
    2. Game Overview 
    	2.1. Title Menu
    	2.2. Controls
    	2.3. In-Game Menu
    		2.3.1. Menu
    		2.3.2. Schedule Plan
    	2.4. In-game events
    		2.4.1. Dating
    		2.4.2. Food from guy (Dreams)
    		2.4.3. Present giving days
    		2.4.4. Month End Check
    		2.4.5. Sports Day
    		2.4.6. Odds And Ends Events
    			A) Dieting too fast!
    			B) October 3
    			C) Walk home with guy
    			D) Guy visits you
    	2.5. Activities and Stats
    		2.5.1. Using Items
    		2.5.2. Normal Days
    		2.5.3. Weekend/Holidays
    		2.5.4. Fitness Option
    		2.5.5. Stats
    	2.6. Shops
    		2.6.1. Shop info
    		2.6.2. City Map
    	2.7. Endings
    		2.7.1. Solo Endings
    		2.7.2. Good & Bad Endings
    		2.7.3. Secret Endings
    3. Starting Guide + tips
    	3.1. First week guide
    	3.2. Tips
    		3.2.1. Weekend/Holiday Days
    		3.2.2. Normal Days
    		3.2.3. All Gift Collection
    4. Characters
    	4.1. Guys
    		4.1.0. IMPORTANT for getting a guy ending
    		4.1.1. Ichinose Ren
    		4.1.2. Kahara Masaki
    		4.1.3. Fukami Souta
    		4.1.4. Tachibana Kennosuke
    		4.1.5. Kamishiro Ayato
    		4.1.6. Kinomura Toru
    		4.1.7. Tokita Kaede
    	        4.1.8. Wakatsuki Ryutaro
    		4.1.9. Takashi-oniichan
    	4.2. Miscellaneous
    		4.2.1. Characters Pertaining to Plot Only
    		4.2.2. Miscellaneous Character Pictures
    5. Omake!!
    	5.1. Heroine's Memorial
    	5.2. Heroine's Dream Flashback
    	5.3. Heroine's 3 Koma Theater
    	5.4. Heroine's Collection
    	5.5. Heroine's Text Messages
    	5.6. Heroine's Character Check
    	5.7. Heroine's Love & Sweat Result
    	5.8. Heroine's School Snap
    	5.9. Heroine's Toshishaa
    6. Why won't the secret ending trigger?
    7. Credits
    ************************* 1. Personal Comment ***************************
      So I'm making this guide for my amusement only this time. After all, 
    who else would play this when they could be playing Tokimeki, which I
    ditched after a 3 week binge.  Probably gonna ditch this one too after 
    the initial binge, but I'm recording my playthroughs for prosperity/
    future record in case I lose my saves.  Don't get me wrong, the game is
    pretty amusing... and pretty different from other otome games.
      Oh, btw, I don't really know that much Japanese, so...
    ************************** 2. Game Overview *****************************
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.1. Title Menu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    4 options under the title menu.  They're in English, so... pretty self-
    explanatory.  1) Start: see First week guide Section 3.1.
    	      2) Continue: Continue from one of your 3 save points
    	      3) Option: Change options
    		3 Koma Animation: Auto - don't have to touch screen when
    					 you're doing daily activities
    				  Manual - touch the screen to move go
                                               through 3 frames of actions
                                      Off - Animation skipped
    		BGM Volume: background music volume
    		SE Volume: sound effect volume
    		Auto mode: Changes the speed of things showing
    			   while in auto mode
    	      4) Omake: See Omake!! Section 5.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.2. Controls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Up/Down/Left/Right: Self-explanatory
    A button: Confirm
    B button: Cancel
    L button: See previous dialog in this portion of events
    R button: During Activity choosing, this is the Repeat command
    	  During dialog, turn on/off Auto Mode (Auto mode implies it'll
              press A for you except at decision points, saves your thumb, 
              but also skips through pictures and might miss keywords, but 
              you can always go look at the pictures in Omake, and I'll 
              record the keywords) If you press R and hold R while Auto
    	  Mode is going, you get Skip Mode.
    Stylus: Poke when big words Touch show up on the screen
    	Poke at commands
    X button: Quick-save (Q-S)
    Y button: Quick-load (Q-L)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.3. In-Game Menu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pretty important to know how these work, but since they're mostly in
    English, shouldn't be a problem. 
    2.3.1. Menu
    You can access this on your Schedule Plan page, right above your dialog
    box (unless you have Auto-mode on) or at the bottom of your answer pages. 
    9 Commands, all pretty self-explanatory (they're in English after all).
    Important ones that you use all the time are Save and Load
    Love=check guy's heart lvl
    Item=check what items you have and what they do (See Using Items 2.5.1)
    Mail=Useless really, other than to check if lost your guy ending w/o 
      saving (if you don't see a sticker of your guy you won't get the guy). 
      This is much better in Omake!! :)
         To start receiving mail, you have to be Orange (maybe Pink) heart
      level with the guy, then go out on a Date with them.  When they talk
      to you at the entrance of the building, the guy will exchange Mail
      address with the Heroine.
    Graph and Diary's kinda fun to look at, just to see how the shadow girl
     slimmed down.
    Title=return to title menu, I only use to go look at Omakes
    2.3.2. Schedule Plan
    5 Places to pay attention to
    1) Top screen can display either Calendar or your Status
    	i) switch between the two by tapping on the word Status or
    	   Calendar on your bottom screen with stylus.
    	ii) Both modes display the date, amount of money, weight, Hara-
    	    heri meter at the top.
        A) Calendar mode shows a calendar, and on the right a list of events
            for that month.
        B) Status mode shows your stats
    2) Bottom screen 
        A) shows the tabs where you can set your daily activities.
           Monday-Wednesday, Thursday-Saturday, Sunday is single tab
        B) Calendar/status (see part 1 of this section)
        C) Info shows which stats are affected by the daily activities you
           choose in the day tabs
        D) Repeat - this would actually be useful, except pressing R button
           does the same thing, except faster.  It repeats what you did last
           3 days basically. So you don't have to reset it if you want to
           build the same 3 stats for more than just 3 days.
        E) The Q-S & Q-L = Quick Save and Quick Load, so don't have to go
    	into Menu to Load (Thank chiisana_inori for info).
        F) Menu (see 2.3.1)
        G) Purple Cancel button in the left corner clears the activity set
           for the selected day tab (I just use B-button, faster)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.4. In-game events~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    2.4.1. Dating
      Every holiday/weekend, you get a full day to visit (for Visit option 
    location check 2.5.3) a guy and ask to date him (1st option) or drink tea
    with him (2nd option) or ask him what he thinks of your stats (3rd 
    option).  Save before you select Date, if he rejects you, you can reload 
    until he agrees to go. He will never reject tea or stats. You gain heart 
    level for tea too, but not as much as answering correctly on dates.
      You can go to 5 different date spots, doesn't matter which you pick, I
    alternate because otherwise it's boring. During a date, save before you 
    answer his question. Select the choice that gives off a Ding sound, 
    otherwise, reload.
    2.4.2. Food from guy (Dreams)
      3 times during the game, the guy will come give you food to eat. Choice
    1 is itadakimasu, and you eat the food making the guy happy.  However, 
    you will gain 1kg, 2.5kg, 4kg respectively. On the other hand, your 
    hara-heri meter drops a lot, and you get a dream.
      The dreams are kinda cool, but I didn't actually pay attention to their
    plot... all I remember is that in Ayato's it rained and the Heroine's on
    a boat, in Ren's she's a princess.  
      Replaying again, so this time I'll record the dreams.
    Ren - 
       Dream 1: Heroine is a princess in a fairy tale land, and Ren is the
    	    prince, and they dance.
       Dream 2: Heroine goes into the forest and meets a wolf, but Ren saves
    	    her onto a white horse.
       Dream 3: Prince and Princess are married. The end :-P
    Masaki -
       Dream 1: Heroine sees an apple in a tree, so Masaki (Robin Hoodish)
                 shoots the apple down with bow and arrow and then asks for a
                 kiss from the Heroine.
       Dream 2: Heroine and the hunter plays with forest animals
       Dream 3: Heroine and hunter goes to hunter's house and chat.
    Souta -
       Dream 1: Souta's a dwarf living in a gingerbread house, Heroine passes
    	     by and is offered the house to eat.
       Dream 2: The dwarf's preparing a ton of sweets to give to people in 
    	     the night.
       Dream 3: Dwarf asks Heroine to stay with him in the gingerbread house
    Kennosuke -
       Dream 1: The Heroine is an Edo period princess, Kennosuke is a samurai
                 protecting her.
       Dream 2: Heroine and Kennosuke are at a festival. He buys her a hair
       Dream 3: Heroine got injured, which pains Kennosuke a lot, but he
    	     swears he won't let it happen again. (silly samurais)
    Ayato -
       Dream 1: Heroine's in another ancient period, it starts raining, and
    	     when she's hiding from the rain, Ayato (a traveler) sees her
       Dream 2: Heroine and Ayato's on a boat...that's pretty much it
       Dream 3: Heroine hears flute, walks out to see Ayato dressed pretty...
    Toru -
       Dream 1: Toru's a power ranger type character who saves the Heroine
       Dream 2: Power ranger saves Heroine from er... robotic giants
       Dream 3: So power ranger completes saving Earth, asks Heroine to go to
                 his planet, and they teleport
    Kaede -
       Dream 1: Kaede's some magician living in a tower who just completed a
                 potion and wants the Heroine to drink it, while she runs
       Dream 2: Magician and Heroine are flying through the night skys on a
                 pet dragon
       Dream 3: Magician reads his crystal ball about Heroine's future, but
                 doesn't tell her so she'll visit him forever.
    Ryutaro - 
       Dream 1: The Heroine is a live-sacrifice to the evil demonlord 
       Dream 2: Elegant table in front of the Heroine, demonlord says to
                 go ahead and eat, all the food there is low-calorie.
       Dream 3: Demonlord's bored of being demonlord, so he wants Heroine to
                 go traveling with him. (so not weird...lol)
    Oniichan -
       Dream 1: Heroine's on a cruise ship, Oniichan is her butler.
       Dream 2: Heroine fell asleep on the deck. Butler brings her back to
                 her room.   
       Dream 3: Heroine asks the butler to take care of her always, he agrees
    2.4.3. Present giving days
    You need to give presents on the following days, be sure to have gifts
    ready or have enough money to buy the gift:
       July 6th - Prompted on the day to buy gift
       Birthday - Prompted on the day to buy gift
       Christmas - Not prompted! So buy a gift beforehand from Marbles.
                   On Christmas Day, you'll be prompted to give a gift from
                   your inventory (I skip this when I do choices for the
                   Christmas selection under Guy section)
       Valentine's Day - No need to get anything, but guy will accept only if
                         he's Red heart level
    Don't have to get them gifts, but they do raise heart level quite a bit
    given a good present :).
    2.4.4. Month End Check
    At the end of every month, your onii-chan gives you an update. You can
    check if you satisfied the stats for the guy and heart level.  
    The guy pictures will have a stamp on them.  Red (impossible) means not 
    even close, Yellow (average) means closer, Blue (Good) means stats and 
    heart is fine. If you have all the stats perfect and you think you have
    red heart, but it says yellow still, I think it just means it's not full
    red yet, just wait a while (usually it automatically turns full red, or
    you can go drink tea or date the guy a bit more).  Btw, Blue in the month
    check does NOT mean you have an ending guaranteed yet. Check the mail
    sticker or your save background for that.
       When checking stats: x = not even close
    		        triangle = much closer
                            o = almost done
                            circle inside circle = done
    I find that heart level is easier to check when visiting the guy on rest
    days (they change expressions as their affection goes up), but the size 
    of the heart and color of the heart changes with heart level.  Heart 
    level color goes from Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red. Red is the highest.
    2.4.5. Sports Day
    Sports Day occurs on September 23, but you have to pick the event on 1st
    of September. On September 1, you can ask the guys which events they're
    gonna do, or just follow this and not talk to any of them. Supposedly,
    this event won't trigger unless Fitness stat is >21 (according to
    MizDFong, and since I don't even know where my DS went, I don't feel like
    verifying. Other people feel free to verify)
    Each event corresponds to a guy, not including onii-chan.
    	Choice 1 - Tachibana Kennosuke
    	Choice 2 - Kahara Masaki
    	Choice 3 - Tokita Kaede
    	Choice 4 - Fukami Souta
    	Choice 5 - Kinomura Toru
    	Choice 6 - Ichinose Ren
    	Choice 7 - Wakatsuki Ryutaro
    	Choice 8 - Kamishiro Ayato
    2.4.6. Odds and Ends Events
    These events are tiny tidbit events that occur if certain conditions are
    met, doesn't necessarily happen at all during a game.
    A) Dieting too fast!
    In early June, the Heroine will get up at night and go searching for 
     food. She'll meet the guy, just pick the Ding answers, but beware for
     some guys you'd gain weight (i.e. Ayato), others you lose weight (i.e. 
     Toru), and some nothing happens.  However, it does increase heart level
     quite a bit if you selected the correct answers.
    B) October 3
    New winter uniform! Yuriko makes fun of it, but the guy you're aiming
     for comes and defends you.
    C) Walk home with guy
    Every once in a while, the guy will come and ask to walk with you home
     after school, agreeing makes him happier.
    Choice 1, agree to walk with him home.  On the way home, you get to ask
     him 5 questions: interests, how to spend free time, family, why he moved
     to the mansion, and dislikes (any of them is fine, doesn't affect your 
    D) Guy visits you
    Randomly on Sunday, the guy will come ask the Heroine out. Agree and she
     can either go drink tea or date him (see 2.4.1 Dating)
    ~~~~~~~~~~ 2.5. Activities and Stats ~~~~~~~~~~~
    2.5.1. Using Items
    3 Main Classes of Items in this Game:
     1) Diet related (these items can last forever or for a set number of
        turns -- see lower right corner of item description, if you see a
        countdown, that means the item doesn't last)
       a) Items used separately have blue stars highlighted (i.e. medicine, 
          row boat)
       b) Items without blue stars highlighted but have stats highlighted
          (i.e. soap) are used up when paired with activities
     2) Snacks
        These sweets are edible on days you use the Relax command, they do
        expire according to season, not days.  So if you buy a watermelon 
        right before it turns fall it won't last as long as if you bought it
        at the beginning of summer.
     3) Other (these items can last forever or for a set number of turns --
        see lower right corner of item description)
        a) Ones with highlighted stats helps the growth rate of the stats 
           automatically, do not have to select it
        b) Ones without highlighted stats are usually used as gifts only
    2.5.2. Normal Days
    Full day option
    	A. Study - increases Study
    	B. Book - increases Reading
    	C. Beaker - Increases Science
    	D. Running Person - Increases Sports
    Half day option
    	A. Fitness - increases stats related to fitness (see Stats)
    	B. Part time job - increases money by 2000Yen
    	C. Club - increases Spirit
    	D. Go out - visit shops or random places
    	E. Relax - Raises weight, lower Hara-heri
    2.5.3. Weekend/Holidays (Rest Days)
    	A. Study - increases Study
    	B. Book - increases Reading
    	C. Beaker - Increases Science
    	D. Running Person - Increases Sports
    	E. Fitness - increases stats related to fitness (see Stats)
    	F. Part time job - increases money by 5000Yen, increases spirit
    	G. Club - increases Spirit
    	H. Go out - visit shops or random places
    	I. Visit - visit the guys to ask them out for dates/tea
    	J. Relax - Raises weight, lower Hara-heri (Don't bother using
                       this on weekend/holiday, wastes a perfectly good 5
                       star day, if your Hara-heri is full during this
    		   go part-time job, can always use money ^_^)
    2.5.4. Fitness Option
    Important thing to note here is the Star System. Once you enter this
    section, check the Top Screen and you'll see blue stars: 3 for normal
    days, 5 for holiday/weekends.  Think of the stars as time you have.
    Now if you check the exercises under each section, you will see on the
    Bottom screen Blue stars and underneath those highlighted stats
    	i) Blue stars=amount of blue stars consumed from the Blue stars
               in the Top screen to do this (i.e. can't do 5 star event on
    	   a 3 star day, but could do 3 1 star events on a 3 star day)
    	ii) Highlighted stats = stats that get improved by this the
    6 Options on screen here, all the exercises under these you can check
    improved stats by checking what's highlighted:
    Full Body Slimming		Muscle Exercise
    Target area Slimming		Helpful Food
    Facial				Data Gathering
    Exercises under Full Body Slimming are the ones that causes you to 
     lose weight notably (some Helpful foods help you drop like .1kg 
     not that great).  Check the highlighted stats to see what other stats 
     are improved by the exercise
    Target area Slimming the exercises targets either Arms or Legs
    Facial targets Face
    Muscle Exercise targets Arms or Muscle
    Helpful Food (You can buy these food from the drug store or get them
     as gifts from the guys) - Some help you lose Hara-heri and weight, I
     don't use this command that often
    Data Gathering improves Diet info only.
    You can pair certain exercises with items (i.e. CD w/ Yoga) to make the
    exercise more effective.
    2.5.5. Stats
    In general, whichever activity you pick, the little highlighted icons 
    will tell you which stats it improves. 
    Weight - Optimize using Full Body Slimming under Fitness
    Face - Optimize under Fitness Section
    Arm - Optimize under Fitness Section
    Leg - Optimize under Fitness Section
    Muscle - Optimize under Fitness Section
    Spirit    - Optimize under Club
    Diet info - Optimize under Fitness Section
    Study     - Optimize using Study
    Reading   - Optimize using Book
    Science   - Optimize using Beaker
    Sports    - Optimize using Running Person
    Money	  - Increase by 2,000 per Part-time job on Normal day, 5000 on 
    	    Rest day use and increases by 5000 once per first day of the
    Hara-Heri - This is sorta like the stress level from Tokimeki, basically
    	    higher this bar goes, lower the success rate and stat 
    	    increase.  Best to Relax and eat a snack once the bar turns
    	    yellow. Found another way to lower Hara-Heri, go to Marbles
    	    on a Normal day, buy the 3000Yen book. Read it under Data
    Quite costly, but fastest way to increase stats is actually to spend $$$s
    Fitness Stats - Use Rose Garden for everything except Muscle and the Gym
    		for Muscle (weight's a bit iffy, 15,000Yen for up to 4kg
    		but exercise bike ~.9kg per use... to get 15,000 takes
    		8 days of Part-time normal or 3 Rest, and 4kg<.9*8)
    Non-fitness Stats (not including Spirit) - 
    	Best way to increase is to buy Pencil and Handkerchief from Tonya	Nihonichi
    	Nihonichi + have special items (i.e. Rainbow thing, encyclopedia)
    	while you do the full day events
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.6. Shops ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    2.6.1. Shop Info
    Collector Item Shop (CIS) - This shop opens the first Sunday of every
     month.  Sells "collector items" like the basketball the No. 2 idol uses
     plus some snacks. Some of the items help raise stat growth, but mainly
     worthless, except to fill up your item section in Omake.
     The first item and the snacks change by season.  The items are random.
    Open all days:
    Elizabeth's (ELZB) - On Normal Days, a hot guy (if you visit 41+ times,
     he takes off his bag for 1 picture) with a bag on his head greets you.
     He sells Bokusasaizu Set, a ball, hula hoop. Same all year around
    		     On Rest Days, a creepy girl greets you. She sells
     Exercise bike (everlasting & 1 time use ones), Rowboat (everlasting &
     1 time use ones), Jumprope, EMS/(arm, leg, face), Under skin fat fighter
     (arm, leg), Facial Machine, Pull up bar. Same all year around.
    Marble (MRBL) - Sells mainly presents and help stat growth items. Rest
     Days and Normal Days sell different set of items, but I think same year
     around. (The first few non-present items change quite randomly with days
     of week, but there's only 3-4 different ones, so once you get them all,
     don't have to visit anymore)
    Happy Drug Store (HPDS) - Sells drugs and things to use in conjunction
     with other exercises and beautification items.
    			On Normal Days, sell Bronze, Silver, and Gold
     Massage Gel, Mega Skin Wrap, Aburatori Pack, kumachuri Pack, Black
     Pudding.  (Same all year around)
    			On Rest Days, sell Red, Indigo, and Green Beauty
     Cream, Rosehip Tea, Amino Acid, goya tea, Vitamin C drink (Same all year
    Tonya Nihonichi (TYN1) - Sells snacks, changes with season and rest or
     normal day.  Some Saturdays, she gets new snacks too.
    			On Normal days, also sells Lemon, Aerobic pass,
     Pool pass, Pencil and a Hankerchief
    			On Rest days sells a cube looking thing, 1 time
     use exercise suit, everlasting exercise suit, waterproof TV, BMI 
    Sports Center (SPCT) - Sports Center lets you do exercises. 700Yen 
     Muscle exercise.  On Rest Days, if you bought the passes from Tonya
     Nihonichi, you can do aerobics or swimming (5 uses per pass).
    Rose Garden (RSGD) - Pay to lose weight and improve fitness stats. All
     days same. Full Body Treatment, Arm Treatment, Leg Treatment, Facial
    Blue Blood Devil (BBDL) - Arcade, 3 mini-games (see 5.9/5.4). Winning 
     gives you a random prize.
    Open on Normal days only, visit these places to sometimes meet a 
     random guy for a bit of a heart lvl increase with that guy.
    Zoo (ZOO)
    Park (PARK)
    School (SCHL)
    Cinema (CNMA)
    Amusement Park (AMSP)
    2.6.2. City Map
    This part shows the relative locations of everything (kinda squashed),
    all relative to MANSION (which I spelled out):
    	[ELZB]	[MRBL]	[CNMA]
    [CIS]		 [HPDS]		[AMSP]
    	[TYN1]		  [BBDL]
         [SPCT]    [MANSION]   [SCHL]
      [ZOO]         [PARK]           [RSGD]
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.7. Endings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    2.7.1. Solo Endings
    One of these endings occur if you fail to get a guy ending (super solo
    ending=exception, super solo ending>bad guy ending).
    	Chubby Weight Ending: Heroine's Weight: 55kg-100kg
    		The 2 friends will console the Heroine and Yurika will
    		mock the Heroine some more.
    	Pretty Ending: Heroine's Weight: 45kg-54kg
    		The 2 friends will congratulate the Heroine and Yurika
    		will take back her words and admit the Heroine's a 
    		beauty now.
    	Super Solo Ending: Heroine's weight~45kg-50kg, study stat~100
    		Other stats might not matter, but get them to ~70+ to
    		be safe.
    		This ending is actually easier to get than it seems. I
    		was actually trying to get Ryutaro's bad ending, and I
    		thought I was okay, until March 14, imagine my surprise
    		when I saw the Pretty Ending instead! Almost turned off
                    the DS in frustration, but I didn't and this ending 
    		appeared after the credits.
    		Years later, heroine becomes a successful and super 
    		popular person, not entirely happy about her love life,
                    but good enough about her career and such, so continue 
    2.7.2. Good & Bad Endings
    Don't meet the Super Solo ending requirements (good ending>super solo,
     but be on the safe side)
    These two endings occurs if you get the guy (fulfill his stats & heart
     level) and chose the correct choices, plus you have to see the last few
     cutscenes (i.e. you can miss the 1st  one and be okay). (see Character 
    In my opinion, it is much easier to get the Good Ending than the Bad one.
     The Bad ending isn't really "Bad," it should actually be better known as
     a best friend ending, where the guy decides he'll be best friends with
     the Heroine for now. So in the secret ending, they can still be together,
     whereas the Good Ending, the Heroine and guy will decide to go steady.
    2.7.4. Secret Endings
    Input keywords collected throughout playthrough.  How to use the input
    screen (see Section 6)
    ********************** 3. Starting Guide + tips *************************
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ 3.1. First Week Guide ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Start the game. You get a brief story.  The heroine used to be a cute
    girl, winning lots of beauty pagents. Therefore, she got a myriad of
    snacks and candy as presents. Plus, her parents and Oniichan thinks she's
    extra adorable when she's eating, so she ate and ate until she became 
    100kg. She was in denial about her weight until 5 new tenants arrived at
    her family's high-class mansion, where she lives with Oniichan because
    of how close it is to the school. She heads out to meet the 5 new tenants
    who happens to be the 5 most popular guys in her new school. 
    	Ren: I'm Ren, 3rd year high school.
    	Heroine describes Ren as rich and cold and No. 1 idol at the 
    	 school. She was just thinking howlucky it was to have him living
    	 in her mansion when she sees him staring at her.
    	Ren: Eyesore... why must you, a single person, take up a whole
    	Heroine: (Shock! How rude)
    	Ren: Bye!
    	Heroine: (Pretty on the outside, but what a rude jerk.)
    	Masaki: Haha, I'm Masaki, 2nd year high school, same grade as you
             but different class 1st year.
    	Heroine: Oh...
    	Masaki: But I know you, you're very famous in our grade.
    	Heroine: Uh... (The No.2 idol, never spoken to this guy before)
    	Masaki: You may not be skinny, but seem to have personality.
    	Heroine: (Er... not exactly what I want to hear, but I guess it's
    	Masaki: I'll see ya around in school.
    	Kennosuke: Hi, I'm Kennosuke, 1st year.
    	Heroine: H..hi... (The 1st year student famous for being cool and
    	 aloof to girls, I wonder if that's true)
    	Kennosuke: Wow... there's actually a dress size for that?
    	Heroine: (Whoa, scary... even though he didn't really mean to say
    	 that... but still)
    	Kennosuke: Uh... that's all.
    	Heroine: (Do these people even know how they make other people 
    	 feel. Next up is the 3rd year who's known for his kindness to
    	 girls, he'll definitely say how cute I am... looking forward to 
    	 it, so nervous)
    	Ayato: I'm 3rd year, Ayato.
    	Heroine: Pleasure to meet you.
    	Ayato: You...
    	Heroine: Yes...
    	Ayato: Yeah, so bye...
    	Heroine: (Totally ignored!!! Omg, what's wrong with these people?
    	 Am I really that bad?)
    	Souta: Hi! I'm 1st year Souta.
    	Heroine: (Ah, this person... like Kennosuke, is a famous 1st year
    	 student. If he, too, makes fun of me, I don't think I can take
    	Souta: So senpai's also staying at this mansion?
    	Heroine: Yeah.
    	Souta: That's so nice to hear! So glad I chose this mansion.
    	Heroine: (He seems nice...) I'm glad too, if you still have any
    	 questions about the place, feel free to come ask me.
    	Souta: I will, I will, which room are you staying in? Can I come
    	 visit often?
    	Heroine: Of course, we live in the same mansion, so come anytime.
    	Souta: Will do, bye!
    	Heroine: (What a cute kid, feel so much better after meeting him,
    	 especially after those 4. Maybe my body shape is a little bad...
    	 I'll eat a lighter breakfast tomorrow)
    Heroine goes to school hungry from eating only 3 bowls for breakfast.
    Meet Toru and the heroine's 2 girlfriends, plus the mean girl.
    	Toru: Heroine, you look tired. Want to eat anything?
    	Heroine: Oh Toru! Can I eat that chocolate sandwich? (Toru's my
    	 childhood friend, we have been in the same school since we were
    	 little, he's almost family) Uh... nevermind.
    	Toru: Eh! Heroine's actually rejecting food...
    	Rie: Heroine, Toru, good morning! So glad we're in the same class.
    	Yuu: Agreed! The group's still together is the happiest thing.
    	Heroine: Yep! (These two are my high school friends, we do a lot
    	 of things together, they accepted me for me)
    	Yuu: Oh! Yurika's in our class too!
    	Rie: Yes, the girl every girl idolizes.
    	Heroine: Oh... (same class as Yurika in the end...)
    	Rie: So I heard the most popular 5 is living in your mansion, is
    	 that true?!
    	Yuu: Eh, you should've told us from the start.
    	Heroine: Oh yeah, was going to tell you all, but the mental
    	Rie: Mental trauma?
    	Yuu: Hmm? What happened?
    	Heroine: (Please don't ask...)
    	Heroine: (Oi, I'm still being depressed, why is there a commotion
    	 in the hallways?)
    	Souta: O! Heroine, I found you!
    	Heroine: Eh... Souta?! (No wonder, Souta's appearance caused the
    	 ruckus) Why are you here?
    	Souta: The assembly's over, so I sneaked over. The girls in class
    	 were too annoying.
    	Heroine: (Didn't think such a cute face can say something mean)
    	Souta: Plus, I need to grab books, so I came over so I can go 
    	 home with you.
    	Toru, Rie, Yuu: Shock!
    	Heroine: Uh... (Ouch!)
    	Yurika: Ouch!
    	Heroine: (What a beauty! I can see flowers blooming next to her,
    	 the popular and famous Yurika) I'm so sorry, are you okay? 
    	Yurika: No no, I should be sorry I ran into you.
    	Souta: Yep, Heroine's hurt.
    	Yurika: I thought I ran into a wall.
    	Heroine: Eh?
    	Yurika: You're so huge. And you're so strong, healthy-looking. So
    	Other boys: Yurika, are you hurt? We'll take you to the medical
    	Yurika: No, I'm fine, I'm sorry Heroine that I'm just so fragile.
    	 So bye.
    	Souta: What was that? I don't like her.
    	Toru: Are you okay?
    	Heroine: Eh... yeah... eh... (getting faint)
    	Toru, Souta: Are you okay?
    	Heroine: So so... hungry... can't move.
    Then you get taken to the doctor's office and meet Ryutaro.
    	Ryutaro: Oi, you can't come in here suddenly.
    	Souta: Eh... aren't you a bad teacher, smoking in the medical
    	Heroine: (Ryutaro is a teacher, who like Toru, moved into the
    	 mansion a while back. Anyway, he's the awful teacher who drinks
    	 and smokes and needs students to look after him. However, he's
    	 really good at looking after people and is also a popular 
    	 teacher in school. He's also very willing to communicate with
    	 students, a warm person)
    	Ryutaro: Wha... you said you reduced breakfast? Though hard to
    	 imagine, but you're also trying useless diet?
    	Heroine: Diet....? No no, not that extreme.
    	Souta: Please take a look at her, if this continues, Heroine 
    	 would become too skinny!
    	Ryutaro: Not possible! Take a close look young one, do you think
             this heavy layer of fat would easily go away?
    	Heroine: ...you didn't have to say it like that.
    	Ryutaro: Even after being in the drama club for so long, still
    	 managing to become as chubby as you are, I'd say it's a talent.
    	Souta: Eh!?! Senpai's in the drama club?
    	Heroine: Yeah...
    	Ryutaro: K, leave her here, return to your class.
    	Souta: Eh....!!
    	Rie, Toru: K, we'll take our leave.
    	Souta: If that bad teacher tries anything funny, be sure to yell.
    	Ryutaro: Oi oi, I'm not so starved as to try girls I don't like,
    	 now get out!
    	Yuu: Bye!!
    	Ryutaro: So what happened?
    	Heroine: Just had some trauma, so I ate a little less.  Because
    	 of how people reacted to me... but just ate a little less and
    	 I passed out, maybe I'm too fragile.
    	Ryutaro: How much less did you eat?
    	Heroine: 3 bowls of rice, 2 cups of juice, eggs, fried fish... 
    	 leftovers from last night... and finally some dessert, ice cream
    	 plus an apple pie, etc.
    	Heroine: Not enough food, huh?
    	(Ryutaro attacks!)
    	Heroine: Ouch! What are you doing?
    	Ryutaro: How is that much food not enough???
    	Heroine: I usually eat 5 bowls of rice, plus 4 eggs, plus...
    	Ryutaro: You should start noticing that that's not normal!
    	Heroine: How can you say that?
    	Ryutaro: You ate that much, just go and rest a while then go
    	 back to class!
    	Ryutaro: If you're planning on dieting, come talk to me and we'll
    	 discuss it.
    	Heroine: Okay, then I'll go back.
    	Ryutaro: Here, take this.
    	Heroine: Cake?
    	Ryutaro: Got some extra ones, so you can have some.
    	Heroine: (Can tell Sensei's an excellent cook)
    	Ryutaro: Eat it and get over the trauma.
    	Heroine: (Such a nice teacher after all)
    	Ryutaro: After all, if you were to collapse anywhere, moving you
    	 would be a pain.
    	Heroine: ...(Where should I eat my cake?)
    Anyway, when you get control again, you get to pick to go to 8 spots in 
    the school. 7 of them corresponds to a different guy (excluding Kaede, 
    who transfers in later and Oniichan who isn't a high schooler) and lets
    you get a head start on heart level:
    Choice 1 Classroom:     Toru
    Choice 2 Senior Class:  Ren
    Choice 3 Library:       Ayato
    Choice 4 School Commns:	Masaki
    Choice 5 Entrance:	Kennosuke
    Choice 6 Health Office: Ryutaro
    Choice 7 Roof:          Yurika (not a guy) (necessary for Oniichan end)
    Choice 8 Walk Around:   Souta
    When you get home, you get a choice to view a tutorial (2nd choice to
    not view it, 1st Choice to view, why would you view it when you have my
    guide? ^_-)
    When you get to the Schedule Plan, first 3 days I recommend going to
    Part-time job to make enough money to go shopping.
    First Weekend, do another Part-time job, so you have 21,000Yen to use.
    Next 1 (3 days if you're doing Souta) day, go Part-time job again, with the
    remain days, go shopping at Tonya Nihonichi. (Btw, the Tonya shopkeep is a 
    guy, not a girl, scary...)  Buy pencils & handkerchief (see Shop info if 
    you don't know which one those are) and end with lemon until you have 
    21,000Yen (26,000Yen if you're on Souta) left.
    Next 3 days, head out shopping at the Tonya Nihonichi 2 more times, just
    visit is fine, don't have to buy anything, last day use it to visit Marble 
    and buy the 3000Yen Green CD (near the top). This CD will let you drop
    Hara-heri without gaining weight or using up expensive snacks, plus you
    can pair it with 1 star or 2 star events (see Fitness section on stars)!
    On the Sunday, go visit Elizabeth's and buy the 18,000Yen Exercise Bike.
    (Souta path will get a prompt to go buy him a b-day gift, go buy the 5000
    Yen Kangaroo.)
    Yay, first week complete, you have 0Yen left, but that's actually great.
    In the next week, be sure to visit Tonya 2 more times (3 for Souta), if
    Tonya's visited 5 times total on normal days, shopkeep gives you a Rainbow
    thingy, that's worth 50,000Yen if you sell it after raising your 
    non-fitness stats to the correct level)
    Now, just do basically stat optimize and heart lvl raising for the rest of
    game... like 11 months!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3.2. Tips ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This section lets you optimize your stats and heart levels early, so 
     you can get all of the pictures.  However, be sure to read 4.1.0. 
     Important section just for an extra precaution for getting endings.
    Unlike Tokimeki, 2-timing makes the game much harder since you can easily
    miss important plot cutscenes. However, if you want all the text messages,
    you have to 2-time. Just make sure you focus on 1 guy, i.e. pick him for
    Sports Day, Christmas, V-day, & make sure your stats are all matched for
    his cutscenes to occur. Just visit the other guy on weekends every once
    in a while, until your main guy is red, then visit other guy until he's
    red too. 
    After first week:
    3.2.1. Weekend/Holiday Days
    Do nothing except visit the guy and reload until he agrees to date until 
    he's green heart level. (Should be green by late May) 
    This is a bit extreme, you can just go for tea, but you might miss some 
    items/cutscenes. After that, just visit on Sunday and do other stuff on 
    holidays until he's red heart level.
    	The easiest way to tell if the heart level changed is by paying
            attention to the guy's picture instead of the heart color (which
    	looks the same from orange to red imo). You know you have red
            heart if the guy is blushing in his icon.
    After you get red heart level (For most of the characters, this occured 
    by mid-September), relax and do whatever you want (I usually finish stat
    building then earn money to lose weight like crazy) and just go drink tea
    /date with him when he asks (unlike Tokimeki you can ignore him and he 
    won't love you less, also a reason to drink tea instead of date, saves 
    Also, to save time and thumb, just leave on Auto mode.
    3.2.2. Normal Days
    On Normal Days, spread your stat building out, but also follow the advice
    that the Heroine gives after a date with a guy (i.e. I need to diet more
    or I should go study reading more).
    A) Weight issues
    Keep these weight requirements in mind. Use the Book to lose Hara-
    heri, pair it up with lemons is more effective than doing facial.
    Weight requirements: 95kg by mid-May (needed for first event usually)
    		     84kg by July 1 (needed for guy to agree to go on 
    				     August trip)
    		     75kg by September 1 (random number I decided is
    					  pretty easy to get)
    To lose weight, use Exercise bike. Use it until Foot Stats are fine,
    then feel free to use Yoga or just keep using Exercise bike to get to
    ideal weights. (Lose weight once per week unless you can't make the
    weight requirements in time)
    B) Non-Fitness stats
    Improve these only on Normal days, save the Rest days for visiting guys
     and Fitness events.
    When the non-Fitness stats are done (except Study, that one gets 
     fulfilled even if you never use the Study command), focus on the 
    Fitness stats.
    C) Fitness stats
    Try to choose Full Body Exercise for your Arms, if the other stat it
    raises is not done yet, otherwise use Target area slimming and finish 
    Arms. Use lemons paired with the Green Book for Face when your Hara-heri
    is about 2 or 1 Book's worth high. Muscle stats go to the Sports Center 
    on Normal Day or use Muscle Exercise.  Legs use Exercise bike, mine was
    always 100 by the time I reached my target weight.
    D) Money
    Keep in mind you should have enough money to buy gifts! So calculate it
    out and go work part-time jobs, keep it minimal early, (i.e. for Kaede,
    to get enough money to buy 12,000Yen clock by his birthday & July 6,
    you probably should work baito on a Normal day before June 13, then on a
    Rest day & 1 time on Normal days before July 6)
    3.2.3. All Gift Collection
    On a regular school day, once per month (4 times only), the guy will 
    come give you a gift if you satisfy the following.
    To collect all of the guy's gift (they give 4 total), his affection for
    you must be at least:
    	1) close to green
    	2) close to orange
    	3) close to pink
    	4) close to red
    PLUS! At least one of the stats that the gift raises must not be optimal.
    This isn't usually a problem for anyone for me except Souta and Ryutaro.
    Had to just go to Part-time like every Noraml day just so I don't 
    optimize all of Souta's stats by August.
    NOTE: the guy will only give you 1 gift per month, so even if you satisfy
    the above criteria, you can't get all 4 gifts in the same month.
    *************************** 4. Characters *******************************
      Like most otome games, collect pictures is the way to go.  This section
    will mainly go over how to collect those pictures (lazily...). You can
    ignore the ^PO: #^ by the guy's names later.  That is for me only, so I
    know my play order for future reference in case I'm curious.
      Just a side note, for the non-event day picture dates (i.e. not sports
    day or summer trip, etc), they can appear a few days later if the stats
    doesn't meet the minimum until a bit later.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4.1. Guys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Under each guy's section I will mention the following:
    	1) Birthday: Don't forget to have enough money to give gifts
    	2) Present: Cheapest and most liked gift...feel free to e-mail me
    	            if you find a cheaper one that makes the guy extra 
    		    happy, ends w/ yokata
    	3) Special item: Each of the guys will give you 4 different items 
               as the game progresses to use during the Fitness command (as 
               to where and how, read up on it under Items).  You will know
               if you meet them in the classroom and they mention something 
               in brackets and you end with Arigatou or Domo. I will record 
               them all for item & animation completion sake. (order might be
    	   a bit off for some characters)
    	4) Ideal Stats: Stats needed to get ending
    	5) No Ending Day: Pick wrong on this day and all endings go bye
            6) Decision Date: Date event occurs that forces you to choose 
                              between good and bad ending, save or replay
    			  (Ding answer here=bad ending usually)
            7) Keyword: Needed to get secret ending, appears throughout the
                       playthrough as green words. It's more fun to collect
                       these yourself, but if you missed one or if you can't
                       get what you wrote down to work, check this. I'm too 
    		   lazy to input japanese, so convert the romaji to 
                       katakana yourself (Section 6 for more info)
    	8) Pictures: Most important imo and most self-explanatory... I
                          missed the exact dates/choices for the Masaki, 
     		      since he's my first completed picture person (but 
    		      Lock.VII provided me the ones I missed :)).
    		     10 pictures per guy except for Takashi-oniichan (8), 
    		      last 3 pics are always the 3 endings: secret 
    		      ending, bad ending, good ending, all gettable w/ 1
    		      run if you reload at decision date. (secret ending 
    		      is always 10, but good and bad can be either 8 or 
                         Title of pictures are a bit shady, since they're my
    		     Condition: are all minimal (i.e. better stats than
    		      specified is fine)
    `` Personal Opinion ``
    OMG, why do these kids travel to all these crazy expensive places for
    their summer trip????  Didn't notice until my Kaede PT when the location
    was the keyword, so didn't get to record where they go... but I'll 
    record the ones I know here.
    	Kaede - Italy
    	Souta - America (Disneyland for that matter!)
    	Kennosuke - France
    	Oniichan - Japan, Izu
    	Ryutaro - Japan, Okinawa
    	Ayato - England
    	Toru - Bali
    	Ren - Switzerland
    	Masaki - Japan, Kobe
    4.1.0. IMPORTANT!!!
    Getting a guy ending isn't as trivial as I thought:
      So follow the tips section and get the guy's heart red early. 
      BUT that doesn't insure a guy ending! Basically, if you answer 
      improperly during a certain event, you don't get the guy. If by
      the Decision Date, you did not get the event to choose the proper
      response, you're getting a solo ending even if your stats and heart
      level are fine.
      How do you counter such a fate? First of all, get your heart lvl up
      as fast as possible. Then, save before you answer questions during 
      events and always pick the 1st answer that Dings (except for Decision 
      Date and a few picture days, follow the guide to pick correctly for 
      those days, for the Choices Either, best to pick Ding answer).  I'm 
      adding a No Ending day (I'll just put the ones that aren't obvious, 
      i.e. ones that doesn't lead to a picture or Ding), so pick wisely on 
      those days or all endings goes poof, gone forever. (Not gonna have 
      one for Masaki, sorry... I did him first time w/o trying other 
      answers and I don't want to replay him again just yet)
      If none of the answers Ding, try them all and see if any of them have a
      follow-up question that has an answer that Dings, pick that one of 
      course.  Otherwise, should be okay.
      Pay extra care to days when music changes, usually means something's up
    `` Personal Opinion ``
    If I was to play this from scratch again, and I wanted to play in a
    relatively practical manner, I'd play like this (organized by increasing
    difficulty order (difficulty meaning easiness to get no endings):
    Souta, Kennosuke, Masaki, Ren, Ryutaro, Oniichan, Kaede, Ayato, Toru
    (Him last, even though he's the easiest because if you take the good 
    route, in Omake his icon changes in the mini-game section)
    Er... Oniichan's route is hard to mess up, unless you want the good
    ending then it's so easy to mess up it's not funny! Anyway, he has the 
    earliest decision date too, makes me want to kill him!!!)
    4.1.1. Ichinose Ren		^PO:5,17^
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    This guy's your usual cold-on-the-outside rich meanie with a heart of 
     gold story. Eh, trivial to get, not many No End Dates, not that great
     of a storyline.
    He has a tux, and he's the No. 1 idol in school... so for those thing's 
     tameini, worth a playthrough. 
    Birthday: February 4
    Present: Pocket Clock (12,000Yen)
    Special item: 1) Roiyarukurin - Face, Arm, Feet
    	      2) Facial Set - Face
    	      3) Rodeo Master (special animation) - all fitness stats
    	      4) Electronic Dictionary - Study, Read
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 45kg
                 Face      - 81
                 Arm       - 61
                 Leg       - 61
                 Muscle    - 61
                 Spirit    - 81
                 Diet info - 41
                 Study     - 81
                 Reading   - 81
                 Science   - 61
                 Sports    - 41
    No Ending Day: Must see Christmas scene
    	       January 16 (Pick 2nd: I'll go buy equipment after all
    		After you meet Ren, pick the Ding answer...should be 
    		2nd I think)
    Decision Date: January 28 (Choice 1 2 times: bad ending & Choice 2 
    			  2 times: good ending)
    Keyword: ko-hi-, ne ku ta i, ki re i
    1. Organizing files after school
       Date: May 14
       Condition: Weight ~95kg
       What happens: See Ren in 3rd year classroom assigned with a mountain
    		 of papers to work on, Heroine wants to help, but got
       Choices: Automatic
    2. Swiss Night
       Date: August 1 (keyword 1)
       Condition: Weight ~84kg by July 1, ask him to go with you on trip,
    	      then pick 1st choice to have Heroine pester him
    	      Study stats > 27ish
       What happens: Summer trip, see Ren staring out the window
       Choices: 2: Understood
                rest of trip just pick the Ding answer
    3. Are you okay?
       Date: September 2
       Condition: Heart level~orange, Weight~74kg
       What happens: Find Ren on the bed when the Heroine delivers food
       Choices: Automatic
    4. Handing over headband
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Borrow Item (Option 6) on Sept 1 as your Sports Day
       What happens: During the Borrow Item race, the Heroine needed to
    		 borrow a headband that's signed by Ren, which he gives
       Choices: Automatic
    5. Mysterious Girl at the Culture Festival 
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart level~ (here on out, mine was Red)
       What happens: Yui refuses to forgive Ren, because Ren is happily
    		 living, despite Rin's traffic accident, which was due
    		 to Ren not showing up on time.
       Choices: 2 What should I do?
    	    2 Should go check
    6. Christmas Party
       Date: December 25
       Condition: Heart level has to be pulsing red
       What happens: Ren in tux, defending Heroine from his adoptive 
                     mother's verbal attacks
       Choices: 1: I'm free
    	    2: I'm sorry
    7. Tied together fortune
       Date: January 5
       Condition: Heart level~ mine was red
       What happens: Ren ties his Super Lucky and Heroine's Super Unlucky
                     fortune together on a line to average to Lucky
       Choices: Either's fine
    8. Graduated (bad ending, keyword 2)
       What happens: Ren and Heroine talk in the hallway, basically
                     about what a fun year it was
    9. Necktie Promise (good ending, keyword 3)
       What happens: Ren kisses Heroine, pulling her by the necktie,
    		 and er... helps the Heroine get into his college
    		 in the later days
    10. Years later, in a Park
        What happens: Ren lies on the grass watching the Heroine, his
                      new secretary and gives her a proposal ring
    4.1.2. Kahara Masaki		^PO: 4^
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    This guy is the first one I actually got both bad and endings for,
     seemed really trivial, but I also learned a ton from failing to get
     endings trying for Ayato, Kennosuke, and failing to find the decision
     point for Onii-chan.  In retrospect, he is really trivial! Most
     obvious and relatively late decision point and I can't even remember 
     an obvious No End Date.
    I like how he's so happy-go-lucky most of the time.
    Birthday: January 17
    Present: Game/RPG (6800Yen)
    Special item: 1) Mandarin Juice - Face, Foot, Arm
    	      2) Cream - Arm, Leg
    	      3) Buruburu7 (special animation) - Face
    	      4) Notebook - Diet Info, Study, Read
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 45kg
                 Face      - 81
                 Arm       - 61
                 Leg       - 61
                 Muscle    - 41
                 Spirit    - 61
                 Diet info - 41
                 Study     - 81
                 Reading   - 81
                 Science   - 41
                 Sports    - 61
    No End Date: None that I can remember
    Decision Date: January 5 (near the end of the scene, choose either 1:
                   chase after Masaki=bad or 2: talk to Yuuki more=good)
    Keyword: su to ro be ri -, nyu ku su, ji ru ko ni a
    1. Doki Doki? Bath
       Date: May 9
       Condition: Weight ~96kg
       What happens: Middle of the night, Masaki's out looking for his dog,
                     find the doggy and wash him
       Choices: 2: look separately
    	    2: keep looking solo
    2. Church's Shadow
       Date: August 1 (keyword 1)
       Condition: Weight~84 by July 1, ask him to go with you on a summer 
    	      trip and he agrees
       What happens: Summer trip, meet Masaki in a church and discuss
       Choices: 2: travel solo (ditch your friends)
    3. Sudden Trial
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was Orange)
       What happens: You see Masaki playing soccer
       Choices: Automatic
    4. Close Distance
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick 3 legged race (Option 2) on Sept 1 as your Sports Day
       What happens: Run next to Masaki during 3-legged race
       Choices: Automatic
    5. Looking at the Night Scene (keyword 2)
       Date: December 25
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was pink)
       What happens: Masaki and you take a night view of the city
       Choices: 1: Okay, let's go pick out present for your sister
                2: Handbag
    	    2: Guess can't help it...
    6. Tense Atmosphere
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Heart level ~ (mine was red from here on out)
       What happens: Masaki and doggy see Yuuki, not happy about it
       Choices: 1: Look for Masaki
    	    (1: Chase after Masaki=bad end, 2: Stay with Yuuki=good end)
    7. Danger at the Ski Lodge
       Date: January 26
       Heart Level: Red
       What happens: Masaki saves Heroine from falling down a cliff, but
                     falls down himself, so Heroine pulls him up, even
                     though Masaki tells her to let go
       Choices: 1: Head towards the ski lift without Masaki
    	    2: Even though that's true, but...
    	    1: How can I let go so easily?
    	    2: ...huh?
    8. Our Classroom (keyword 3) (good ending)
       What happens: Masaki kisses Heroine in classroom just for the heck
    		 of it
    9. True Identity Under the Mask (bad ending)
       What happens: Masaki leaves the classroom after telling the Heroine
    		 that he's actually had a mask on forever, he's really
    		 pretty cynical.
    10. After Many Years, New Years Countdown
        What happens: Masaki and Heroine toast the New Years in New York,
    		  Masaki still hasn't learned to trust humans, but is
    4.1.3. Fukami Souta		^PO:10^
    `` Personal Opinion ``
    I never quite care for the shota characters in these otome games. They
     way too kiddy looking, dating them just seems wrong, lol.
    His stats are by far the easiest to satisfy. Only reason to play him
     imo is how easy he is to get. His story's lacking, too souta for me.
    Birthday: April 17
    Present: Kangaroo thingy (5000Yen Non-normal Day Only, his birthday is 
             actually a Non-normal day) 
    Special item: 1) Panic Drink - Face, Arm, Foot, Muscle, Sports
    	      2) Diet Method 20 - Spirit, Diet Info, Sports
    	      3) Pencil - Spirit, Study, Read, Sports
    	      4) Muzzle (special animation) - Arm, Foot, Muscle, Spirit
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 75kg or less
                 Face      - 41
                 Arm       - 21
                 Leg       - 21
                 Muscle    - 21
                 Spirit    - 41
                 Diet info - 1
                 Study     - 41
                 Reading   - 61
                 Science   - 41
                 Sports    - 81
    No End Date: January 14 (1: Visit hospital)
    	     January 21 ( "good end path only", pick 1: Visit hospital)
    Decision Date: January 14 (1: Visit hospital, then 1=bad end, 2=good end)
    Keyword: pa re - do, ra i mu cho ko, ra bu ra bu
    1. Not permitted!
       Date: June 1
       Condition: Weight ~90kg?
       What happens: Souta defends Heroine from Yurika's put downs
       Choices: 2: No problem
    2. Parade's Light
       Date: August 2 
       Condition: Weight~84 by July 1, ask him to go with you on a summer 
    	      trip and he agrees
       What happens: Souta and Heroine watches Night parade (keyword 2)
       Choices: Pick this way: If first question pick 1: go together after
    	    all. Then pick Either (but 1: let's rest, triggers a long 
    	    chat), next pick 2: Stay in the room, final	Either one.  
    	    If first question pick 2, then next pick 2: Stay in room, 
    	    final Either one.
    3. Eating with grandmother
       Date: September 2 
       Condition: Nothing
       What happens: Souta invites you to his room to eat dinner with his
       Choices: Either
    4. Lively Sports Festival
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Obstacle Course (Option 4) on Sept 1 as your Sports 
    	      Day event
       What happens: After Souta wins the short run course, congratulate him
       Choices: Automatic
    5. Unplanned Action
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: After the club play, Souta and Heroine talk a walk in
    		 the hallways
       Choices: If pick 1: Of course, then pick 2nd, then Either
    	    If pick 2: Very cool, then Either
    6. Christmas present
       Date: December 25
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Souta gives the Heroine a stuffed Alligator?
       Choices: 1: Sure
    7. What's happened!?
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Souta's crying! His grandmother got sent to the hospital
       Choices: Automatic
    8. Wonderful snack friend
       What happens: Souta thanks Heroine for a fun year and wants to be
    		 best friends
    9. So daring! (good ending, keyword 3)
       What happens: The FC Club is pestering the Heroine, so Souta comes &
    		 kisses the Heroine.
    10. Years later, day in the shade
       What happens: Souta graduated from high school, the two walk near
    		 Souta's grandmother's place and discuss living there.
    4.1.4. Tachibana Kennosuke	  ^PO: 3,11,16^
    `` Personal Opinion ``
    So 3,11... I guess I really put off trying for him again. First time,
     I failed, but I guess I wasn't impressed enough to try it again until
     I got him out of my memory. So let's see if I can be proven wrong this
     playthrough. (Considering he's 2nd easiest or maybe easiest to get, I
     am ashamed I didn't get his ending 1st time around)
    Kinda amusing... a yakuza heir who wants to be free and become a
     pastery maker? Talk about dreams, heh.
    Birthday: June 30
    Present: Pink Pillow (3000Yen)
    Special item: 1) Black Bean - Face, Muscle, Spirit
    	      2) Katana (special animation) - Arm, Feet, Spirit
    	      3) Yukata - Spirit
    	      4) Speed Master - Science
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 60kg or less
                 Face      - 41
                 Arm       - 61
                 Leg       - 41
                 Muscle    - 61
                 Spirit    - 81
                 Diet info - 21
                 Study     - 61
                 Reading   - 50
                 Science   - 81
                 Sports    - 61
    No End Date: January 29 (1: Sure, what's going on?, then pick ending)
    Decision Date: January 29 (1, 1: Not fit? 2: let's go together=good)
    Keyword: bu ra kku, pa ta - n, fo (fo=hu o(little)) n da n sho ko ra
    1. Wa, Inexperienced??
       Date: June 27
       Condition: Weight ~89kg
       What happens: Heroine thinks there's a lot of unfriendly figures
    	         on the street. They all happen to be looking for
    		 the yakuza heir, Kennosuke.
       Choices: Keep picking choice 2 (he won't agree to go on summer trip)
    2. Watching
       Date: August 1
       Condition: Weight~84 by July 1, blackmail him to go with you on the
    	      summer trip and he agrees (Pick choice 2 on June 27)
       What happens: Kennosuke and Heroine looks at a Pastery Shop, while
    		 discussing the pasterymaker
       Choices: Either one
    	    2: I'll keep it slow
    	    1: Chase after him (he ran away because Heroine got her
    		wallet stolen)
    3. Club Activity
       Date: September 5
       Condition: Heart level ~ (mine was pink)
       What happens: After class, Heroine watches Kennosuke play basketball
       Choices: Automatic
    4. Unexpected Warmth
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Group Exercise (Option 1) on Sept 1 as your Sports 
    	      Day event
       What happens: Heroine rests on bench after event, meet Kennosuke and
    		 the two chats
       Choices: 1: wait here quietly
    5. Difference of case
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart Level ~ (I was red)
       What happens: Kennosuke defends Heroine from bullies
       Choices: Either
    	    3: Roof
    6. Surge Confession
       Date: December 25 (keyword 1 2nd time)
       Condition: Heart Level ~ (I was red)
       What happens: Kennosuke invites Heroine to his room to eat a cake,
    		 and tell her his plan to tell everyone he wants to be
    		 a pastery chef.
       Choices: 1: agree to go to his room
    7. Will not lose!
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Heart Level ~ (I was red)
       What happens: Heroine sees Kennosuke on the roof all beat up by his
    		 dad. After some inspiration words from the Heroine, 
    		 Kennosuke realizes why he can't tell his family about his
    		 career choice, and then hugs her.
       Choices: Either
    8. Keep trying my cakes (keyword 2)
       What happens: Kennosuke chat with Heroine and other stuff
    9. Sweet time
       What happens: Kennosuke gives Heroine pastery, she gets cream on her
    		 face, so he licks it off.
    10. Years later, Future Philosopy
       What happens: Christmas years later, Kennosuke and Heroine reminesce
    		 about their high school and Kennosuke wants Heroine to
    		 go with him to Paris under a street lamp.
    4.1.5. Kamishiro Ayato		^PO: 1,7^ 
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    This guy should just die... not that I have no pity, but he has so many
     No End Dates it's not funny. Granted they're kinda obvious, but still
     the lack of Dings (luckily I can read the choices)...
     Plus, the Decision Date is so early and the silly keyword Keitai 
     (cellphone) comes up so much I wanted to spit blood. Learned most about
     how to get endings from this playthrough imo.
    On the other hand, for a sick guy, he's pretty good looking, and I'd say
     worth being the first guy I tried to get (failed 1st time though, heh).
     I did like his storyline enough to actually turn off Auto, press L to
     make an effort to read what's going on. He's actually really worth the
     trouble, like him lots when I actually paid attention to the story.
    Birthday: February 24
    Present: Game/ADV (6800Yen)
    Special item: 1) Diet Pills - Face, Arm, Foot
    	      2) Yoga CD - Arm, Diet Info
    	      3) Yoga Suit - Arm, Diet Info
    	      4) Sandbag (special animation) - Muscle, Sports
    Ideal Stats: Weight    55kg or less
                 Face      - 81
                 Arm       - 61
                 Leg       - 81
                 Muscle    - 41
                 Spirit    - 41
                 Diet info - 41
                 Study     - 61
                 Reading   - 81
                 Science   - 41
                 Sports    - 21
    No End Date: November 20 (2 Choices here: Either Must See Picture Path or 
    			  during 1st question pick 2: let's go together)
    	     December 11 (Choice 1, visit him in the hospital!)
    	     January 2 (Choice 1, visit him)
    	     January 22 (only applies if you're getting good ending
    		         2nd = go outside to look and see Natsuumi
    			 1st = I'll definitely be with Ayato)
    	     February 14!! (only applies for bad ending, 1st choice when 
    			    you give him chocolate!!!)
    Decision Date: November 20 (1,3: good ending & 2: bad ending)
    Keyword: ke i ta i, ku ri su ti - [ti=te + i (small), !=chi], 
    	 ka su mi so u
    1. "No translation"
       Date: May 9 (keyword 1)
       Condition: Weight ~95kg
       What happens: Stumble upon Ayato on the phone
       Choices: Automatic
    2. Is this okay? (keyword 2)
       Date: August 1
       Condition: Weight~84 by July 1, ask him to go with you on a summer 
    	      trip and he agrees
       What happens: Ayato rests on Heroine's lap in the park after a
    	   	 pain attack
       Choices: Ask him to go on the trip w/ you on July 1 and he agrees
    	    On August 1, pick this way: Either one
    					2 definitely worried
    					Either one
    3. Record keeping...
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Record Keeping (Option 8) on Sept 1 as your Sports 
    	      Day event
       What happens: Ayato wipes Heroine's face after she falls on it
       Choices: Automatic
    4. Vibrant Red
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Er...Ayato's spitting blood... apparently he's sick
       Choices: Pick 1, 3  (don't get this if you want "bad" ending)
    (December 11th Ayato leaves the mansion for a hospital, no more visiting
    him until he gets discharged from the hospital on January 28)
    5. Lively Hospital Room
       Date: December 25
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Christmas with the 2 sick guys and Natsuumi
       Choices: 1: Let's go 
    6. Hopeless eyes
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red), Path to Good Ending
       What happens: Ayato's depressed by Yoshihisa's death
       Choices: 1: Go look at Ayato
    7. Unmaskable Feelings
       Date: January 28
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red), Path to Good Ending
       What happens: Heroine's bike had an accident and she gets taken to the
    	         hospital, Ayato visits, and he hugs her when he saw her.
    	   	 (worried she might've died I guess) (``i like oniichan's
    		 reaction more though`` ^_-)
       Choices: Automatic
    8. The Last Smile (bad ending, Yoshihisa dies too probably, except Ayato 
       probably lied about it on your Jan. 2 visit)
       What happens: Ayato gives the Heroine a huge batch of Kasumisou
                     (keyword 3)flower, and then disappears from her life.
    		 (I'm assuming they mean he's going to drop dead...)
    9. Kind Selfishness (good ending)
       What happens: Rooftop of mansion, Ayato kisses Heroine and decides to
                     date her even with his health issues
    10. Years later, future's light
       What happens: Ayato and Heroine visits the hospital when sakura's 
                     blossoming, and they say he will be fully cured. So 
    		 they lie under the falling sakura. (Pretty :))
    4.1.6. Kinomura Toru		^PO:8^
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    Other than the fact, he really liked to decline my date invitations, I
    don't mind this guy too much. I thought I was gonna hate him from his
    looks, but he has a good personality.  His Decision Point is also really
    obvious (to me at least).  So do the bad ending and don't input the
    keywords for the secret ending first (a bit boring since it's basically
    no more pictures until the end), but this makes his good ending all the
    more fun.
    Whoa.... really like the Save backgrounds for the good ending.
    Birthday: May 10
    Present: Perfume/Eternal Star (14,000Yen)
    Special item: 1) Plums - Face, Spirit
    	      2) Super Computer (special animation) - Diet Info,Study,
    			Read, Science, Sports
    	      3) Swimsuit - Arm, Foot, Muscle
    	      4) Rock - Muscle, Spirit
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 64kg or less
                 Face      - 61
                 Arm       - 41
                 Leg       - 41
                 Muscle    - 81
                 Spirit    - 41
                 Diet info - 21
                 Study     - 41
                 Reading   - 61
                 Science   - 21
                 Sports    - 41
    No End Date: Can't seem to find one
    Decision Date: November 18 (1: bad ending, 2: good ending)
    Keyword: ne kku re su, ke ru be ro su, mo de ru
    1. That, that is...?
       Date: August 1 (keyword 1)
       Condition: Weight~86kg by July 1, ask him to go with you on a summer 
    	      trip and he agrees
       What happens: Toru yells at a doll that looks like him
       Choice: Get him to agree to go with you on trip on July 1
    	   Pick: Either, then 1 (the one not saying let's go back)
    2. Trying his best
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Long Distance Walk (Option 5) on Sept 1 as your Sports 
                  Day event
       What happens: Toru does his long distance walk
       Choices: Automatic
    3. Future Dreams (keyword 2)
       Date: October 5
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Toru stands in front of window, telling Heroine the DVD
                     movie was made my his dad in America, and he'll be going
    		 to America on the 16th.
       Choices: 1: let's go watch together
    (October 16, Toru leaves and you can't visit him again until he comes
    back on November 18... errr... don't read on unless you chose the good
    ending path already)
    Note: if you chose the bad ending path, there's no more pictures for you
    for the rest, except for the ending.
    4. Who!?
       Date: November 18
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Toru's back, and he's kinda good looking now. LOL, he
    		 caught a cold while in America (germ-ridden place, lol)
    		 and couldn't eat properly. He also broke his glasses
    		 (poor kid, life in America is hard, heh).
       Choices: 2: Yes, should hurry back to see him
    5. Bravery
       Date: December 25
       Condition: Good ending path
       What happens: Toru defends Heroine from a soliciter
       Choices: 1: let's go
    	    2: Uh...about that...
    6. Praying Face
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Good ending path
       What happens: Toru and Heroine goes to the temple at night, and he
       Choices: Automatic
    7. Reminiscing Time
       Date: January 25
       Condition: Good ending path
       What happens: Toru makes a snowman on the ski trip.
       Choices: Automatic
    8. Most Important Inspiration ("Bad" ending, I think it's a fine end)
       What happens: Toru gives you his completed manuscript, whose model 
    		 (keyword 3) is the Heroine.
    9. Ending is? (Good ending) 
       What happens: Basically Toru confesses, Heroine accepts. Toru decides
                     he now knows what the ending of his manuscript should be.
    		 Hmm, it's a cute picture, so just look at it
    10. Years later, collected time 
       What happens: Heroine enters college, Toru goes to work for I guess an
    	 	 anime company. Toru and Heroine are on at some place that
    		 is displaying Toru's work.
    4.1.7. Tokita Kaede		^PO:9^
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    Where's the alien, time traveler, and esper?  Seriously though, don't
     care for how girly this guy looks when he has his hair down. But at 
     least it makes Yurika mad to see Heroine with him, so I guess that's 
    Unlike Ayato, I don't think his story justifies how painful he wants the 
     Heroine's stats and the 4 No End Dates. (He's on par with Ayato to get
     imo, but rather play Ayato again than him) No subtlety in his story, 
     1-D guy trained from childhood to be a bodyguard, wants to follow
     his heart instead of duty because of Heroine. (do correct me if I
     got his story wrong, I only skimmed his conversations)
    Birthday: June 13
    Present: Bear Pajama (2,900Yen)
    Special item: 1) Raw Meat - Face, Arm, Foot
    	      2) Eyedrop - Study, Read, Science, Sports
    	      3) Flashlight (special animation) - Arm
    	      4) Poetry - Study, Read
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 50kg or less
                 Face      - 61
                 Arm       - 41
                 Leg       - 41
                 Muscle    - 61
                 Spirit    - 41
                 Diet info - 1
                 Study     - 81
                 Reading   - 81
                 Science   - 81
                 Sports    - 81
    No End Date: Dec 11 (pick 1: no way..., 2: should be fine)
    	     December 25 (1: go to party, 2: search the premise)
    	     January 28 (Follow picture route, esp last question)
    	     March 14 (Good ending path only,
    		       Pick 1 during Roran's test, why is he so mean?)
    Decision Date: December 25 (1: go, 2: check outside out, Either, then 1=bad
    			    ending & 2=good)
    Keyword: i ta ri a (July 1 if he agrees), su i c chi, ko n to ro - ru
    (Ah, the transfer student. You meet his guardian Roran on April 16 who 
    warns you of his arrival. Kaede arrives on April 18 [requests to sit next
    to Yurika when he arrives], so first visit day is April 24)
    1. Naturally?
       Date: May 9
       Condition: Weight ~96kg
       What happens: Books fall on Kaede's head
       Choices: 2: Hmm, definitely dangerous
    2. Event in Italy
       Date: August 1
       Condition: Weight~84 by July 1, ask him to go with you on a summer 
    	      trip and he agrees
       What happens: Kaede protects Yurika from attacking guy
       Choices: Any's fine
    3. Care from a Handkerchief
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Tug-of-war(Option 3) on Sept 1 as your Sports Day
       What happens: Classroom, Kaede rips a handkerchief and ties it on
                     Heroine's injured hand
       Choices: Either
    4. Sudden present
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart level pink, >62kg (I had 62kg,and it didn't
                  trigger, had to eat until I was up to 70kg again)
       What happens: Kaede gives the Heroine an accessory that he thinks 
    		 looks good on her
       Choices: 2: let's go together
    	    1: I like it
    5. Completely Different Person...
       Date: December 11
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red), <70 kg, but >60kg
       What happens: Heroine stumbles upon Kaede after he pounded a guy
    		 to the ground
       Choices: Automatic
    6. Understand?
       Date: December 25 (keyword 2)
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red), <65kg
       What happens: Kaede warns the Heroine against something
       Choices: 1: let's go
    	    2: Hmm, check the premises (don't pick 1 or you lose ending)
    	    1: Bad ending or 2: Good ending
    7. "No translation"
       Date: January 25
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Kaede explains that Yurika's an important client (he
    		 works as her bodyguard... kinda amusing)
       Choices: Picked good ending route, so Heroine's skis into a pole almost
    		but she survived thanks to Kaede, pissing off Yurika
    	    2: Should go talk to Kaede
    	    1: ...ok (Do not pick 2: don't understand, or ending's gone)
    8. Until we meet again
       What happens: Didn't watch... (was playing SSBB with game on Auto)
    	         but I guess from title you go say good-bye to Kaede
    9. Uncontrollable Actions (good ending, keyword 3)
       What happens: Roran tests Heroine out, then Kaede steps in to save
                     her. After giving her a clock as gift, he kisses her.
    10. Years later, can gradually feel
       What happens: So Kaede didn't quit his job, because he wants to
    	         protect people to repent for hurting people before. 
    		 Just got back from a 4 month mission, glad to see
    		 Heroine. Cut his hair too apparently, not as bad 
    	         looking I guess.
    4.1.8. Wakatsuki Ryutaro	   ^PO: 6,13,15^
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    Oh the shame! I missed his picture 1 and can't find the Decision Date
    first try, I've yet to fail too since figuring out my good method. I
    guess it's my own fault for not wanting to use all 3 saves (never again,
    gonna use all 3 saves to find D-dates from now on).
    As promised, I got to Ryutaro and completed him, took a while but it's
    done :).
    Being your teacher, he's really rather immature... enough said. One
    more thing, he has a vampire tooth!
    Birthday: November 22
    Present: Silver bracelet (6,000Yen)
    Special item: 1) Yeast - Muscle, Diet News
    	      2) DVD - Face, Arm, Foot, Muscle, Diet News
    	      3) Strapping Belt (special animation) - Muscle, Spirit
    	      4) Concentration CD - Face
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 51kg or less
                 Face      - 81
                 Arm       - 41
                 Leg       - 61
                 Muscle    - 41
                 Spirit    - 81
                 Diet info - 61
                 Study     - 41
                 Reading   - 21
                 Science   - 21
                 Sports    - 21
    No ending Day: August 1 (pick 1 to go with him to store, then 2 to not
    		let him buy the sake)
                   January 2 (1st choice to go with him)
    Decision Date: Dec 25 (1,1,1=bad & 1,2,1=good)
    keyword: pi ra mi ddo (visit him in health office), ri ppu ku ri - mu,
             ta - ge tto
    1. Showoff?
       Date: May 9
       Conditon: Weight ~94kg
       What happens: Ryutaro meets Heroine while she's shopping/trying to sneak
    		 some unhealthy foods, since Oniichan's eating out, so he 
    		 invites her to his place and cooks a meal
       Choices: Either choice is fine
    	Ask why can Ryutaro cook: pick 1: Cook for yourself a lot?
             			  pick 2: Learned cooking from someone?
    2. Dazzling
       Date: August 1
       Condition: Weight~84kg & heart level ~ green by July 1, ask him to go
    	      with you on a summer trip and he agrees
       What happens: Ryutaro saves drowning Heroine
       Choices: 1: go w/ him to shop
    	    2: Don't buy the alcohol please (necessary for Christmas scene)
    	    2: play in the ocean
    3. Diet advice
       Date: September 23
       Condition: Pick Relay (Option 7) on Sept 1 as your Sports Day event
       What happens: Ryutaro stole Heroine's high-calorie lunch, then gave
    	         her a lunch he prepared for her instead.
       Choices: Automatic
    4. No room to stay
       Date: November 20
       Condition: Heart level~pink, plus a few perfect stats
       What happens: Ryutaro gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend
       Choices: Automatic
    5. In middle of warm arms
       Date: December 25 (keyword 2)
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was pink), answer properly on August 1
       What happens: Drunk Ryutaro lands on Heroine
       Choices: 1st: Then I'll trouble you
                Either if fine, but ending changes
    		Choice 1: Can't ask after all = bad ending
    		Choice 2: Want to know more about Sensei = good ending	    
    6. Back's warmth
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red)
       What happens: Ryutaro takes the Heroine on his bike at night
       Choices: 1st: I'll go with you
                2nd: But I can help
    	    Either choice
    7. Can only keep company
       Date: January 25
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red), on Good End Path
       What happens: Ryutaro talks to Heroine, who has a fever, in her room
       Choices: Either
    8. Educational Advice...? (keyword 3)
       What happens: Ryutaro tells heroine she needs to grow up more and he
    		 will teach her how. As to why he's standing with a 
                     pointer and sinister music is playing is beyond me.
    9. Adult's fragrance
       What happens: Ryutaro kisses Heroine in doorway after giving her
    	         perfume as present.
    10. Years later, no longer a student
       What happens: Ryutaro sits on couch talking to Heroine about moving
    		 in together and not letting her escape, etc.
    4.1.9. Takashi-oniichan 	^PO: 2,12,14^
    (Unlocked after finishing game once)
     `` Personal Opinion ``
    Love Takashi-oniichan, not sure why.  I think just because he's unlocked
     and not there the whole time. Obviously, failed to get his good ending 
     1st try (can't find decision date)... but I'll definitely play him 
     again! After other guys probably, but right after, I promise :).
    He's the Heroine's brother who encourages her through the game, kinda
     like the TMGS1 little boy.  I'm actually not sure if he's blood-related
     to the Heroine or not, but who cares, it's just a game. (80% sure he
     is blood related, interesting...)
    As promised, attempt number 2! Also, gonna put in info I forgot.  Okay...
     starting to hate him.  Decision Date just can't be found, really getting
     sick of looking at him.  K, attempt 2 given up on. Come back to him
     after Ryutaro.
    OMG!!! Finally found the Decision Date I think.  After back tracking from
     January 2 all the way back to August 1 and picking all the decisions
     (took 3 whole days!) finally got the other ending! Anyway, I'll verify
     this some other day. Now I'm taking a long deserved break!
    I hate playing Oniichan now, it's official.  Everytime I play it, I get
     more confused... why do cutscenes stop triggering!!!!
    Birthday: August 9
    Present: Pink Pillow (3000Yen)
    Special item: 1) Veggie Food - Face, Muscle, Diet Info
    	      2) Charm - Non-fitness stats
    	      3) Ribbon - All stats
    	      4) Pep talk (special animation) - weight
    Ideal Stats: Weight    - 59kg or less
                 Face      - 41
                 Arm       - 41
                 Leg       - 41
                 Muscle    - 41
                 Spirit    - 81
                 Diet info - 41
                 Study     - 41
                 Reading   - 41
                 Science   - 41
                 Sports    - 41
    No End Date: On bad end path: November 28 (take picture route)
    Decision Date:  August 1 (2,2,2,1=bad) (2,2,2,2=good)
    keyword: u chi wa, ku ri su ta ru, fu ra da n su
    1. Summer Thought
       Date: August 1
       Condition: Visit roof at beginning of game; 
    	      By July 1: 
                     <87kg, heart lvl~green.
    	         Make sure you don't give a good gift to the other guys or
                      ask them out on dates at all or get non-Oniichan SD 
                      dolls from the Game Center.
                     Ask none of the other guys (last option on the page).
                     Then pick option 1: let's go together
       What happens: Oniichan's playing with fireworks with Heroine
       Choices: Either (2 has a funnier scene though)
    	    2: I'm okay now
    	    (The next two doesn't have anything to do with this pic)
    	    1: You get event on August 14 = bad ending & 2: good ending
    2. Need to be Formal sometimes
       Date: August 14
       Condition: Heart Level ~ (mine was orange), Pick 1: I win on the 4th 
    	      (last) question of August 1 trip (getting bad ending though)
       What happens: Oniichan dresses up during shopping excursion
       Choices: 1: Let's go
    	    2: I wanna see it
    (Note: Shinobu first meeting Oct. 24)
    3. Twisted Feelings
       Date: November 28
       Condition: Heart level ~ (red) + (bad end path)
       What happens: Oniichan shields Heroine from glass
       Choices: 2: Okay, I'll go (if you choose 1, you become 100kg!)
    	    2: Then I'll disturb you for a bit.
    	    2: Head towards Oniichan's direction
    4. Never Seen Expression (2 versions of this pic!)
       Date: December 25
       Condition: Weight~ 69 (mine was 67) Only doable on bad end
                   route. Plus... no idea anymore, can't get it a 2nd
                   (wouldn't mind someone's opinion)
       What happens: Oniichan puts necklace on Heroine
       Choices: 1: spend Christmas with oniichan
    	    Either (1=give him present, 2=don't give him present)
    5. Wet in the rain
       Date: January 2
       Condition: Heart level~ (mine was red), Weight ~59kg, Affection
                   for other guys are <19 points (so basically blue)
       What happens: Oniichan's outside, drenched in the rain
       Choices: 1: Let's go search for Oniichan
    6. Happy until older? (keyword 3) (bad end, not really though)
       What happens: Oniichan asks Heroine to be with him unless someone
                     else comes along and hugs her if she agrees (gives
    		 her peridot earrings as present)
    7. Till You Wear The Earrings (good end, I guess)
       What happens: Onnichan claims heroine for himself
    8. Many years later, still us two...
       What happens: Oniichan and Heroine together still, and they're
    	         throwing away marriage arrangement photos... 
    		 thinking about getting a cat
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4.2. Miscellaneous ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    4.2.1. Characters Pertaining to Plot Only
    4.2.1.A. Characters Met for all Plot
     1) Tojou Yurika - Mean girl who puts the heroine down a lot
     2) Shibosaki Yuu & Ogino Rie - Heroine's 2 girl friends
    4.2.1.B. Characters Met for Specific Plotline
    1) Ren's Storyline
    	Murata Yui - Girlfriend of Ren's brother Rin. Never forgave Ren
                         for Rin's death.
    	Rin - not actually a character that appears, but kinda important
                  to the storyline. Rin's the real son of the Ichinose's,
    	      while Ren's adopted. Died in a car accident while returning
    	      home from a meeting Ren didn't show up at.
    2) Masaki's Storyline
    	Yuuki - He's actually a guy btw... anyway, Masaki's childhood
                    friend who abandoned Masaki in order to run away, thus
                    leaving Masaki unable to trust people again.
    3) Souta's Storyline
    4) Kennosuke's Storyline
    	Sister 1 - profession lawyer (reminds Heroine of Medusa)
    	Sister 2, 3
    	Father - I believe he's a yazuka boss
    5) Ayato's Storyline
    	Yoshihisa - Patient in same hospital room as Ayato
    	Natsuumi - Yoshihisa's girlfriend
    6) Toru's  Storyline
    7) Kaede's Storyline
    	Roran - Kaede's relative and guardian, meet him on April 16 and 
    	 more if you do Kaede storyline. His profession is forture-teller
    8) Ryutaro's Storyline
    	800Ya (name of the guy's shop) - Ryutaro's dad
    	Miki - Ryutaro's maybe ex-girlfriend
    9) Takashi-oniichan's Storyline
    	Shinobu - Takashi-oniichan's college friend. Really he has a 
            jealousy issue (against the Heroine if you picked the good path.
            Yeah, a little perverse. Or if you picked the bad path, against
            Oniichan for not caring about anything, whether it's girls or
            career, just because of his sister-complex) and wants to get 
            revenge by doing something mean to the Heroine.
            He tricks the Heroine to his place, on the bad path, Heroine's 
            girl friends were worried and told Takashi to check on her. So 
            he arrives in time to stop Shinobu's plan. Or on the good path,
            he just lets her leave.
    4.2.2. Miscellaneous Character Pictures
    1) Everything starts
       Condition: Automatic during start
       What Happens: Heroine while she was a beauty
    2) Rival(?)'s Appearance
       Condition: Automatic during start
       What Happens: Yuriko bumps into Heroine
    3) Teacher's Love Ignorance
       Condition: Automatic during start
       What Happens: Ryutaro hits the Heroine
    4) Decision to Diet
       Condition: Automatic during start
       What Happens: Oniichan supports Heroine's decision to diet
    5) Noisy Morning
       Condition: Automatic during start
       What Happens: See girls swoon over the 5 idols in front of 
        Heroine's mansion
    6) Luxurious Troubles
       Condition: Get the Pretty Ending (see Endings 2.7)
    7) Diet... Tomorrow!
       Condition: Get the Chubby Weight Ending (see Endings 2.7)
    8) Gorgeous Self
       Condition: Get the Super Solo Ending (see Endings 2.7)
    9) Accidental Meeting
       Condition: Visit Blue Blood Devil 10 times
       What Happens: Tora, the Manager of Blue Blood Devil, is seen sitting
    	on the park bench.
    10) Not Understandable Girl
       Condition: Visit Elizabeth's on Rest Days 6 times
       What Happens: Mikki, the rest day shopkeep for Elizabeth's, is seen on
    	the rooftop.
    11) See the Ugly Face
       Condition: Visit Elizabeth's on Normal Days a lot of times!
       What Happens: Happen to stumble upon the shopkeep without his paper bag
    12) That person is... ...?
       Condition: Visit all the spots that aren't closed on 
    	weekends 2 times to meet him (i.e. don't have to visit Park, Zoo,
    	etc), 4 times to get his Picture
       What Happens: Satoshi sees you at the cinema.
    13) Condition: Bugged (ungettable), but supposed to be completing Item
                   Collection (someone verify please?)
    14) Picture of Heroine surrounded by Oniichan, Kaede, Toru, and Ryutaro
        Condition: Collect all mails (see Text Messages for more info)
    15) Picture of Oniichan and Ren 
        Condition: (I got this after completing all the pics for all the 
    ***************************** 5. Omake!! ********************************
    9 things here :)  Most of them are fun fun fun.
    1) Heroine's Memorial			2) Heroine's Dream Flashback
    3) Heroine's 3 Koma Theater		4) Heroine's Collection
    5) Heroine's Text Messages		6) Heroine's Character Check
    7) Heroine's Love & Sweat Result	8) Heroine's School Snap
    9) Heroine's Toshishaa
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ 5.1. Heroine's Memorial ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    All the pictures you get during any of your game (even if you don't save)
     is in this section. The 9 guys + Miscellaneous.
    Just a side note: You can change the lighting/expression for the 
    following pics:
     Ayato's picture 8
     Kaede's picture 5
     Oniichan's picture 4
    For the Miscellaneous Chars section, I finally have all of them, except
    for the last 3.
    ~~~~~~~ 5.2. Heroine's Dream Flashback ~~~~~~~~~
    Relive all the events just before you get the pictures.  Also this gives
    the picture titles.
    ~~~~~~~~ 5.3. Heroine's 3 Koma Theater ~~~~~~~~~
    You know those animations that appear on the top screen when you take an
      action? Well, all the ones you have seen are stored here.
    The only non-obvious ones here is the special items the different guys
      give you, the 2 sports center Rest Day activity that you can only do
      if you buy the passes from Tonya Nihonichi, and the 3000Yen book from
      Marbles on Normal day.
    I got all these after playing through all the guys.
    ~~~~~~~~~~ 5.4. Heroine's Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Here, it shows the items you got during your playthrough.  There's 249
    total.  Finished collecting them all.  To get them all, the tricky ones 
    are the gifts you get from the guys (see 3.2.3) and the shopkeepers for
    visiting them a lot. The collector item ones are kinda tricky too since 
    they're random spawns in the item shop, just have to visit them a lot.
    The trickiest of all is the SDs, collect these by winning at the 2nd 
    mini-game (the eating one) many many many times. Winning prize is random
    too, so takes a while and you can reload if you are running out of time.
    Also, only way to get cute Toru SD is go the good ending Toru path (after
    Nov 18) and then getting Toru doll.
    The SDs are kinda cool, they decorate your room.
    Diet Section: Complete
    Sweets: All of these are buyable from Tonya Nihonichi and the Item
    Collection Shop for me, except for the in matrix location 10x1 (got
    that one playing Blue Blood Devil many times, which is okay, need to
    get the silly dolls anyway.  Complete Sweets Section though.
    Others: Complete
    ~~~~~~~~ 5.5. Heroine's Text Messages ~~~~~~~~~~
    Hmm, the guys will text you during the game after events and on certain 
     days. They're all saved here.  I'm not sure if I collected them all, I
     know some only happen if you answer certain ways or do/not do something.
    Oh yeah, so tricky mails (non-automatic ones) for each character:
     a. Generally, be sure to ask the guy out on a date between August 14-30
     to exchange mail addresses with them to get the 1st mail
     b. 1/21-1/29: The funkiest one to get is this one, and all the guys have 
        one. 1st, you have to trade mail addresses with your 1st and 2nd choice
        guys. I highly recommend Kennosuke, Souta, Ayato, Kaede for your 1st 
        choice, since their No-End Date is on a date between Jan. 21 & 29... 
        other guys either have No-End Dates that are too far from January 21-29
        or 0 No-End Dates.
        Next, you have to 2-time, then lose your main guy's ending (i.e. pick
        the choice that makes you LOSE the ending on a No-End Date), then... 
        your 2nd choice guy will send you a consolation mail! (Yeah, that's not
        complicated)  (if you have questions about 2-timing, see 3.2 Tips) Oh
        yeah, load after you get the mail, or else you'd get a solo ending. (Or
        you can slap the DS shut and go thank god you don't have to see Souta
        ending again)
        P.S. it is possible to 4-time so you can reload like 1 month before and
        get 3 text messages, but kinda painful keeping track of the affection
        lvl (since only guy with 2nd highest affection gives text message),
        (presents=2.5 successful dates, cutscenes=??, ding answers=1 or .5 
     c) In addition to the above 2, a few more tricky ones
      1) Ren (10 messages total)
    	11/2 - Weight <69kg, exchanged mail address with Ayato & got
    	       Ayato's 11/2 mail
    	3/10 - I don't think this one's automatic, either get high stats
    	       or don't give him Valentine chocolate, not sure which
    	       triggered it
      2) Masaki (11 messages total)
    	11/2 - Reading > 90
      3) Souta (12 messages total)
    	11/1 - Get higher than 660 on the Flowing Hair Panic game? Might
                    just get it if you get high scores on all 3 mini-games
                    more than 5 times each, but I'm pretty sure >660 on Panic
                    is the true condition (someone can verify?) 
                    (I got 700 after a lot of practice and luck [some games
                    just don't pop up enough heads], but it is possible...
                    contrary to my belief before) Hardest message to get imo.
    	12/26 - Exchange mail addresses with Souta, even though you are on
    		the Kennosuke path
      4) Kennosuke (12 messages total)
    	12/14 - Science stat > 90ish (mine was 94)
    	12/27 - Receive the 12/26 mail from Souta
    	1/11 - Receive the 12/14 mail
      5) Ayato (9 messages total)
    	11/2 - On Ren route, but exchanged mail with Ayato
      6) Rest of the characters don't have tricky ones it seems
      Toru (12 messages total), Kaede (12 messages total),
      Ryutaro (12 messages total), Oniichan (12 messages total)
    The super fun part though is the little orange button on the right side of
     the bottom screen that says Shirru.  During the game, there's nothing
     there, but in Omake, you can select the guys you got an ending with
     and make them the background of the "cellphone" and have the guy's
     sticker displayed.  The 10th one here is "Secret," which is unlocked
     once you get at least 1 ending for all the guys. It's just a picture
     of the 5 idols together, no sticker.
    I have a completed 103 messages total.
    ~~~~~~~ 5.6. Heroine's Character Check ~~~~~~~~~
    This section lets you check information on the guys.
    Name			Grade
    Height			Blood Type
    Birthday		Club
    Interests		Best Class
    Best Sport		Treasured Thing
    Favorite Music		Pet Peeve
    Favorite Food
    ~~~~~~ 5.7. Heroine's Love & Sweat Result ~~~~~~
    5 playthrough endings are saved here. As to how those 5 are decided, I'm
    not sure.  I believe it's organized this way: Lowest Weight, ending with
    guy, most recently played.
    ~~~~~~~~~~ 5.8. Heroine's School Snap ~~~~~~~~~~
    Yay, my favorite part of Omake, well maybe tied with Memorial. :) In
     this section, you can look at the outfits for the guys (you have to get
     his ending first though).
    Controls: Up/Down changes the guy's expressions (for Toru, can change to
              cute Toru)
    	  Left/Right changes the outfits.
    By the way, if you complete all the guy's pictures, the other character
    section of this also opens up, and you get to see the outfits for all
    the miscellaneous characters in the game.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ 5.9. Heroine's Toshisha ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ah, the 3 minigames, you can play them in game at Blue Blood Devil. Here
    you can practice them.
    Mini-game 1 Flowing Hair Panic:
    	Basically, rub their hair when they come out with your stylus,
    	if you see a Great that's 20 points. If you rub the chicken, 
    	that's -10 pts. Try to score as high as possible. Best to play
            with sound on, so you can hear when the next head pops out and
            not miss a head... rub them in coming out order so less chance
            of missing.
    	Note: You can use the arrow buttons and A to rub, but it's much
    	more painful, so just use the stylus.
    	My stats: max is 700, average 600 (practiced a lot....)
    Mini-game 2 Food! Good!!:
    	Top screen has a bunch of useless images. The important one is
    	the 3 foods in the bottom middle. This is the pattern you need
    	to match.
    	Bottom screen has 3 plates with numbers 1,2,3, then a Red Apple
    	to the right of that. Underneath these plates there's 8 different
    	Use the arrow keys to select the food, press A, then select the 
    	plate with the arrow keys and press A again to place the food on
    	it.  When the foods on the plate is exactly equal to the pattern
    	on the Top screen, select the Red Apple and press A so the cat 
    	will come eat the food.  Repeat under time runs out.
    	Or easier! Use stylus to drag the foods into their matching plates
    	My stats for this game: max is 14, average/medium 13, min is 11 w/
                                    stylus. 10/8/6 w/o stylus.
    	My tip: Minimize your movement steps by noting that the 3 rows
    		wrap, so if you're on row 3, press down once to get to row
    		1 instead of up twice.
    Mini-game 3 Kimono Boys: (easiest of the 3 imo)
    	Flip cards over and you get them if the 2 matches. Get more than
    	5 matches to win.
    *************** 6. Why won't the secret ending trigger? *****************
    First make sure you have the DS version, I think the PS2 one has 
    different keywords, not sure, don't have it.
    If you found the keywords yourself and wrote them down, then that's fine.
    Otherwise go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katakana#Table_of_katakana 
    (I used this table's conventions) and convert the romaji of the keywords
    I found to katakana.
    On the input page (after you get an ending), on the very left side, tap on
    the katakana version of Kana, 3rd one down.
    Do NOT tap on the Dark blue button on the bottom left ever, unless you 
    don't want the secret ending.
    1) Now input the katakana keywords by writing one at a time on the input
    2) After you write it, check the very top and tap on the correct suggested
       one (might have to tap on clear Top Right Right light blue button and 
       rewrite a few times for the suggest to come up properly).
    3) Repeat for until word 1 complete.  
    Then Tap on the down arrow to the right and move to next keyword area. 
    4) Repeat Steps 1-3
    After you finish, tap on the purple Decided button on the Bottom Right and
    it should trigger. If not, check your inputs again, (i.e. make sure Shi 
    isn't Tsu and the double letter sounds are actually small Tsu and not the
    big one and don't leave out the - sounds.)
    If this still doesn't help, e-mail me where you have trouble specifically
    (i.e. which ending you're going for, which instruction is unclear, etc).
    **************************** 7. Credits *********************************
    Yay for the game maker as always.
    I'd like to thank Haruno_hyuuga's PS2 Otometeki Koi guide for getting me
    Thank Lock.VII for filling in the things I forgot in the Masaki Route :).
    Thank chiisana_inori for mentioning what Q-S and Q-L are.
    Thank JD for finding the cheaper best-liked present for Kaede.
    Thank the e-mails asking why certain cutscenes don't start, inspiring
     lazy me to go back and find out why.
    Legal stuff: Don't use this guide without author's permission please.
    E-mail me if you have comments/requests/etc: heliums@juno.com
    Copyright 2013 by HeliumSY

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