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"OMG is t3h SUXXOR!!1!!!11!"

Given a choice between entering a haunted house or chilling at home with a couple of mini-games on your DS, which would you choose? If it's too much of a struggle, O.M.G. 26 - Our Mini Games serves as fusion remedy of sorts. There are 26 different mini-games based around the sorts of things you'd expect to see in a haunted house (and some not) and you will definitely be going "OMG!" by the time it's over, but for all the wrong reasons.

So a haunted house eh? With some hidden treasure too, apparently. Three kids decide to enter it only find themselves thrust into a set of 26 mini-games as they aim to get past the nefarious mad scientist who resides within. The games are broken up into sets of four from which you can choose the order in which you tackle them, but ultimately you are going to go through every single one of them (given that you finish them successfully) until you attempt to snatch the key to the treasure from the dozing mad scientist himself.

Most of the mini-games in O.M.G. are a load of B.S. That is, they are boring and short (although the other meaning works here too). Erasing all the symbols that don't match the one shown; tap flying plates to break them into pieces; memorise a four digit number as it flies across the screen . . . Zzzz. (Apparently, this is another mocking title of a very mediocre game.) Some games are over in mere seconds, or even just a single one! How does tapping a small ghost just ONCE sound? Or carrying a gem safely from the left-hand side to the right with barely any obstructions? Granted, the later mini-games are more lengthy, but it won't take you more than 26 minutes to see it until the end I guarantee you 100%.

Some of the better mini-games tend to be things we've seen before (and have already been done better). Guiding the girl away from a myriad of flying furniture reminds of classic Shmups, using a slingshot to knock down objects is reminiscent of some of the mini-games (A.K.A. tech-demos) found in Super Mario 64 DS or New Super Mario Bros., identifying the fuzzy figure is not unlike the Job Juggler microgame present in Chocobo Tales, and tracing the shape of a key sounds a lot like something I did back in pre-school.

There are some more complex and interesting ones as usual, but the quantity is equivalent to the number of letters in this game's abbreviation. Yes, you should be all be able to count them: 1, 2, 3. Mixing two different coloured liquids to give the demanded cocktails is pretty neat, as is guiding one of our heroes across a bridge by tracing his path on the opposite screen with the catch being that what you draw is inverted. Then there's a unique take on those 3x3 slide puzzles with the female lead (if you could consider the tacked-on characters "leads") walking through tubes that you manipulate (much like in Pipe Dream) to gather keys before exiting out the opposite corner from which she entered. 3 gems and 23 duds. That's an 11.5% success rate which made me go "OMGWTFBBQ!" and all that jazz.

It's a pity. This game had a lot of promise with its haunted house theme and touch-based mini-games (yeah, I lap them up), but as it turns out, the setting isn't taken advantage of and the mini-games are both too short and mostly boring affairs. There are even a ton of Flash games out there that deliver more quality content. Aside from some nice artwork, O.M.G. has absolutely nothing worth your time - apart from 3 mini-games, but then you don't play a game just to enjoy 11.5% of the content now, do you?

VERDICT - 2.5/10 Here's for the inevitable sequel . . . O.M.F.G.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/07/07

Game Release: O.M.G. 26 - Our Mini Games (US, 10/30/07)

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