Where can i find Registeel? an how do i get regigigas?

  1. Can someone help me to find registeel?
    I got Regirock/ice?
    what do i need to do to get Regigigas?
    thanks for youre time!

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  1. Registeel:
    1.) Capture a Galade (or Gallade) in Altru Tower.
    2.) Go to the Chroma Ruins.
    3.) When you are close to exiting the Chroma Ruins, you see the Rock Statue. Use Galade's (or Gallade's) PokeAssist on it. Registeel will appear.

    1.) Bring all the Regis (Rock, Ice, and Steel) to the Ranger Union. Erma will lecture you for a second.
    2.) Bring all the Regis (Rock, Ice, and Steel) to the Hippodwon (or whatever) Temple. Go to the maze with the tiles that move you around.
    3.) Go through the maze until you come to a vortex. Jump in and you will find 3 plates on the ground. Place the Regis (Rock, Ice, and Steel) on the plates. A door will open.
    4.) Go inside and capture the final Pokemon of ALMIA!!!

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  1. You can find Registeel at the Chroma Ruins (North of the Chroma Highlands, at the top-right point on your map). Make sure to bring a Pokemon with Cut x 5!

    And to encounter Regigigas, you must first capture all 266 Pokemon before it (essentially, complete your Browser, and Regigigas will be made available). It will be found at Hippowdon Temple upon capturing all Browser Pokemon, other than Regigigas.

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  2. In addition,you can't capture Regigigas after battle.

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  3. For Regigigas you must a) befriend all 266 other pokemon (includeding Quest Pokemon)
    b) recieve information that Regigigas is at Hippowdon Temple (Go to Vientown and Ranger Union)
    c) Go down the vortex in center of Hippowdon Temple
    d) Place Three Regis on pillar
    e) Double Check that you are willing to advance and risk lossing data
    f) Go through door and fight Regigigas (and hope for a lot of luck and good poke assists)

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  4. For Regigigas: Complete your browser. Then talk to Barlow, Hastings, and Erma. Go to the room in Hippowdon Temple with the arrow puzzle. Remember that place in the middle that wasn't like the rest? With sand and a cracked edge? There will be a vortex there. Go down it, be sure you're ready to fight a really hard Pokemon.

    Have Pachirisu as your partner. It can stun Regigigas.

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  5. you must bring:- a pokemon with Lv 5 cut ( you can bring Gallade)
    - some strong pokemon

    To find registeel you must go to Chroma Ruins and then go to a place that was guarded by spiritomb (the palce where you befriended spiritomb and has a save machine). go straight on,and go to the next tunnel. you can see a strange white statue with some regi's dot/eyes on the bottom of the statue. Cut it with a pokemon that has lv 5 cut. that's all i can help, good luck.

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  6. registeel: inside of chroma ruins, you need a level 5 cutting pokemon to slice the steel pillar, and the only level 5 cut is gallade, in the altru tower room you find the yellow gem in. regigigas: unsure if you can get him,but i have explored the entire game, and every side area possible... without any luck of finding this guy... so sadly i think he doesnt appear... though it WOULD have been a nice addition to the side stuff... and i suggest for the fight with registeel you be at least level 45, have beaten the capture arena(go to haruba village to the dock you first came in on, not the one in town, it has a sudowoodo near it and you will find a wailord) and have a large amount of pokemon that know how to "stun"the pokemon, as in make it so he cant attack, it took me 10 seconds, and i didnt even need to use all my pokemon, the best part is i ended up using nothing but poison and steel... poison so he couldnt recover, steel so he couldnt attack, then went all out... double charging and looping at about 3 loops per second... yay me?

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  7. you'll need a lvl 5 cut: which Gallade is the only one and go to chroma ruins and near the end, before you go to Ponte's place. Regigigas is in Hippodondew temple the place where the moving squares are. ( The place where you catch Starly in the quest). You'll to have seen and captured all other 266, as well as have regis Ice, Steel, and Rock with you. The capture time is also a mission. note: capturing Gallde is a pain so make sure your ready to take damage.....

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  8. gallade is easily caught if you are level 40+ and have a fully upgraded styler. to get to registeel, the person porting above me did good explaining that, so i will leave it to him. but nobody on this page explained regigigas, so i shall do the honors... about the 30th time today... he tells you how to get to the room, and what you need to get to regigigas, but does not say where in the room. go to the very center of the room and stand over what used to be sand, and is now quicksand. at this point,your styler is drained and all pokemon in your party leave you, as well as your browser is automatically erased. just kidding, no go into the quicksand and you will appear in a very small, claustrophobic room with the faces of each of the 3 regis on the floor. touch each with your stylus and touch yes, and the respective regi in your team will automatically stand on that panel. when all regis are on these panels, ihopehieldon as your partner pokeomon. i also hope that you have your browser holding all but regigigas in it, because otherwise what i have said up til now will be left up to your imagination to find, since you cannot get into this area without them. anyways, once you walk up to the door north ofthe room, you will be prompted on whether or not you want to go in or not. if you have a full charge styler are around level 45 and have a full friend gauge say yes. if any of these do not apply to you, then please click no and turn off your ds, go to some random site, and imagine that you have all of those done. go into the room, and apon entering the fight, use shieldon first. uise 3-5 shots and then loop around him 5-9 times, and bre quick if you want to do so 9 times, since each step, if he is not stunned, will cause a shockwave. throw the shot at him, and if it hits, congrats, you have a good 20-30 loop safe zone. if not you are screwed =P. keep doing this while he is stunned. if the poke assist timer runs out, then you want to fill up your gauge again and use shieldon as soon as possible. after hitting him with the first stun ball, loop 5 times and launch the ball you have built up. keep doing this until the regi dies. congratulations, you have completed the game.

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  9. and eevee, pachirisu is pointless for this fight, stun does not last long enough. if you make it so he cannot attack with steel then he will not be able to launch his Stomp Shockwave attack. he also will not be able to launch ANY OTHER attack, making the fight easy to beat. andagain, congratulations, you have beaten the game

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