How do I get around the Kayaking course???

  1. I have tried everything I can think of too get round this course and I cant do it in the 55secs. Anyone got any suggestions???

    User Info: laraharvey

    laraharvey - 8 years ago

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  1. The kayaking course is pretty hard, but you need to get a medal in order to receive the Perplexing Paw. just try your best to avoid walls and obstacles(I now despise them) and if needed, time your turning attempts a bit earlier to avoid collision.

    User Info: aznjade20

    aznjade20 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Sorry dude I am as lost as you

    User Info: Celeste633

    Celeste633 - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. turn a bit early when coming up to one of the turns; that's what I did. That way, you don't have to use the right paddle so much. Also, I did short strokes on the screen. It makes it go faster

    User Info: brokendwarf

    brokendwarf - 8 years ago 1 0
  3. I don't think you actually CAN get past the kayaking game. I bet it's rigged or somethin'.

    User Info: Mosuka

    Mosuka - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. Kayaking
    You know, at first, I didnt believe what others were saying, then I played it. Most Unholy Pandabears This game is the worst of the bunch really, though, admittedly, I only have four tested kayaks.

    (Note: I found that repeated strokes on one side of the screen, then switching to the other side, helps you scoot in an almost forward direction pretty quick.)
    (Note 2: If the above doesnt work, most likely during Forked course, then try using two styluses, one for each side of the screen, and do that to alternate sides to go straight better)

    How to unlock:
    Visit Mary outside her house during the daylight hours. She will be outside the kayak building and should immediately ask you to play so kayaking becomes popular again...


    Basic kayak, this sturdy boat will make it around most corners easily, at least compared to some other kayaks...
    This kayak isnt helping the main problem of the game, which is turning and speed, which it cant do around corners very well. Though it is possible Ive missed some way to operate it that I cant grasp...
    This is actually a good kayak in that it should actually turn when you want it to, though a bit on the slow side for my taste.
    This kayak accelerates really fast compared to the others, but has worse turning abilities than the ship, so it isnt good for kayaking because you need to turn a lot.
    I havent tested it, but it might be worth using on short straight (i.e. Simple) courses because of its high top speed.

    I dont know if there are other kayaks, but these took long enough to get to, so I can only hope there is some super auto-pilot kayak or something for all the trouble this game is.

    Oh, did I mention there are more courses as well? Well then...

    A long oval, if you can turn around the two corners and avoid the lonely yellow obstacle (it moves, but sinks when touched) it shouldnt pose much threat.
    Similar to Simple, this one has some red obstacles in a line, but these ones dont sink when touched. There is another lonely yellow obstacle that will sink when touched, and there are also some hidden traps in the clusters of lilies that will slow you down.
    This one has 3 forked pathways, but is still a big oval. There is, from what Ive seen, one lonely green obstacle just before the third fork. It wont sink and is hard to spot, but it wont move. I believe there are also some lily traps around, so try to avoid them.
    This course is just as its name implies. You really need the flower kayak for this one, as it has a lot of U-turns in it.

    There are also reversed (not mirrored! You run the track in the exact opposite direction) courses of each of these.

    (Update!!!! Traps can be changed in repeated runs through the same course... beware!)

    The traps Ive seen are here:

    Yellow cone: This moves back and forth, or sometimes rotates around a green cone. It will sink when touched (but take all Good momentum with it, I think it will either stop you dead or send you off in the wrong direction, whichever will hurt your moral more)
    Green cone: This just sits there, and will bounce you off of it if you touch it, and it will not sink.
    Red cone lines: These can be treated as a more easily definable course wall. (Some course walls have invisible points that make it much harder than it should have been)
    Lily Patches: This acts like a snare trap, slowing you down as you go through it.
    Whirlpools: Ive seen these around, but have never actually touched one. I assume it is bad news to touch one. UPDATE!!! I did run into one recently, and it appears that they simply hold you to the spot for about ten seconds more than you can afford to lose.

    The only difference between single and head-to-head is whether there are other sims to get in your way or not.

    I know its a wall of text. Its part of my self made guide I'm writing as I play to try and understand it.

    User Info: Crystalorbie

    Crystalorbie - 8 years ago 1 0

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