Review by Ami_Long

Reviewed: 01/19/10

Average! Believe it!

This game is honestly nothing special. I was fortunate enough to receive this game from a friend, because I used to like the show a few years ago (that was before the days of massive filler arcs… Well, less massive than they are now), and my friend thought I still loved the show, much less, kept up with it as time went by, so he bought me the game. What’s funny is that most Naruto games-- despite their questionable content in terms of the anime, are pretty fun otherwise, so I honestly don’t know what happened here.


If you’ve seen Naruto, you’d feel right at home. If you haven’t seen Naruto, you‘ll be lost like no other, as the story jumps around all over the place, making it so bad, that there is NO WAY that anyone that has never seen the anime up to that point would know what the crap was going on. Even with the little summaries beforehand. Even for a fighting game, the story is god awful, because the game has the nerve to show you the cutscenes like it’s important or something. At least other fighting games know that they have bad stories and don’t try to seem like they have any substance.

3/10 Bad, but I’ll give it some credit for its obvious effort. Plus if you like Naruto, you could follow it, as it is simply fanservice.


Well, the backgrounds are decent enough, and the models look detailed enough… Until they start moving. From there, you’ll notice that the animations are kind of jerkish and choppy. Which is really bad as they are 3D models, so they cannot get away with some of the quick movements that a sprite could. I don’t think the graphics ever actually impressed me at any actual moment. And the specials are some of the worst looking parts of the game which is surprising, because you’d think if anything was going to look good, it would be those.

5/10. Despite them being massively underwhelming, the graphics are at least clear enough that characters do not look like each other, and I didn’t notice any model swapping, so I will give them an average score overall.


They worked. Except for the little Storyline’s platforming segment. That part was awful.



The game is broken up into a few sections of Story Mode, Battle Mode, and Wireless Battle Mode. But for the most part, they are all the same, as they all end up with one thing: you beating the snot out of your opponents. This is where the game is a bit weak, as the combos are far to simple and effective for some characters (Rock Lee), while for other people, it takes too damned long to pick up on them, and when you do, they really aren’t that good after all. Throughout battling your opponent, you’ll notice that there is a bar underneath your health bar, this bar-- when filled up, allows you to use specials, which if you are playing with this, I recommend never using them and using your special bar to evade oncoming attacks instead. The reason? Specials suck. Despite the fact that Naruto just pummeled Kakashi’s face in and hitting him about 30 times, it does about the same amount of damage as Naruto upper cutting him and then juggling him-- which is not only easier to do, but it saves you the bar to evade people. By evade, I mean that you can teleport behind the opponent with the L+R buttons to sneak behind the person to get an advantage in battle.

5/10. Overall, it’s not the worst fighting game I’ve played, but it gets pretty stale, especially considering the people that made the game thought it would be funny to not allow Wi-Fi for the game, AND not have download play. That means that you not only have to find someone with a DS, but you have to find them with a DS AND the game. That is what ultimately kills the fun factor out of this game, because the computer sucks, and I can’t find more than like 1 person to play with.

The game clearly only has any sort or replay value if you can find friends.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2 (US, 09/15/09)

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