How do I beat adell and rozalin?

  1. any tips you can tell me?
    Here's my team (that i use)
    Laharl LVL 2373
    Angel LVL 2325
    Priere LVL 2001

    User Info: Disgaeassembly

    Disgaeassembly - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are really two main ways that most people suggest to beat this battle.
    1. I would really suggest leveling a rogue up to level 1300, then stealing Rozalin's weapon first, then Adell's weapon, then Rozalin's Exodus. This will make the battle much easier, although if you're not willing to level a rogue, you might have to use a Dream Hand to steal them successfully.

    Then, I would suggest bringing all of your fighting members out of the base panel and then throw Rozalin into the base panel; this will severely deplete her SP, if not eliminate it, which would eliminate the threat of Rose Thorns.

    After this, kill Adell first, because his defense and HP are much lower than Rozalin. Then kill Rozalin.

    2. If this doesn't work, you could also go for the 3x enemy boost geo crystal on the first turn. If you improve Laharl's movement in the Dark Council, he's fast enough to get to the Recovery %20 and No Lift geos, and if you improve someone else's moves and throw Laharl, he can get to the 3x enemy boost geo in one turn, which would also make the battle significantly easier.

    I hope that these tips help you! Remember to stay vigilant; Rozalin has defeated many a player before you, and will defeat many more after you defeat her! Best of luck to you!

    User Info: nboze

    nboze - 7 years ago 1 0

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