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"Boring and no Excitement... a bad tribute to the cartoons we all know and love."

So I decided to give this game a chance because I loved Elite Beat Agents, and I mostly liked Osu! Takakae Ouendan. I didn't want to be biased towards this game though, since I had played those other two... but the more I played Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor, the more I wanted to go back and play Elite Beat Agents.

Basically, the game plays somewhat similar to the games it cheaply rips off... I mean the games that inspired it. The only difference is that not all the beats are circle now, sliders (sliding the ball from one point to the other) are replaced with normal beats that you have to slide your "Baton" to (which is the worst thing they could of done), and falling notes that you just have to tap when they get into the small circle at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to choose the different songs (all classical songs from those like Beethoven), though when I played it, there was no fun to any of the songs... it was like they were just there for the ride and nothing else.

Like EBA and Ouendan, there are things going on at top of the screen, but unfortunately they are incredibly boring. For example, "Hyde and Go Tweet" just shows "Hyde Tweety" chasing Sylvester, then Tweety transforms back to normal and Sylvester gives chase to him, until he turns back into his Hyde form and chases him again... that's it. That's all they keep showing for that specific stage. Only the beginning and the ending are different. Top it off with the bottom screen rarely changing, and it just makes the stages more boring.

The graphics are pretty bad as well. In EBA and Ouendan, you had these nice colorful 2D graphics, and even the 3D graphics were nice for a Nintendo DS game. This game? Bland looking backgrounds, terrible 3D models of the characters (dear god, you should see how huge Bugs Bunny's hands are), and the interaction between the backgrounds and the 3D model characters are poor. There was no care when making this game.

The music is really good though, to say the least. I thought the music was quite clear (granted I was using headphones), and the voices for the characters are nice and clear... though that doesn't help the fact that the lines that the Looney Tunes characters are given are also bland and unfunny.

Overall, if you are an Elite Beat Agents or Ouendan fan, you might like it, but most likely you probably won't. The game just feels like some cheap rip-off of the more famous games, with nothing exciting or inspiration to actually finish or go back to the game. This is just another Looney Tunes game that tries to mooch off of the (though dying) name of the classic Looney Tunes show that we all watched as we were growing up. They take episode idea's and completely ruin them with this half-ass of a game. I think I prefer the ill-fated and short lived Loonatics Unleashed show over this and the other Looney Tunes games anyday.

Overall, I would avoid it. Pay tribute to the classical cartoons by watching the shows that made it famous in the first place... because this surely does it absolutely NO justice.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/29/09, Updated 06/01/09

Game Release: Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor (US, 06/10/08)

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