What is, and What are the Qualifications of Seraphic Gate?

  1. The answers are scattered and tattered on the board, some I don't quite understand the procedures but it seems you need 3 seperate endings to unlock Seraphic Gate? And what is the purpose or functions or Seraphic Gate?

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  1. You can access the Seraphic Gate in this game. To do so, save a file for each of the three different endings. Here's how to get them:

    - Do not use the feather between Chapters 2 and 5 to get to the chapter entitled "Meikai to no ketsubetsu;" (Parting from Hades)
    - Chapter 5 should be either "Modoranu mono" (The one who cannot go back) or "Mayoigo no nageki" (Lamentations of a lost child) AND use the feather 1 to 4 times to go to the chapter called "Meisou no yukusue" (One's fate for straying)
    - Any other combination/route should get you to "Toga no daishou" (Compensation for one's sins)

    If you have three save files for each of these, you'll be granted access to the Seraphic Gate. All info was found in a Japanese VP game guide.

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  1. Well, if it's anything like every other Tri-Ace game, you have to have a save file with the last possible save point in the game. Once you do that you can usually unlock the Seraphic Gate.

    The purpose of the Gate is just for fun. It has nothing to do with the storyline and pretty much allows you to challenge yourself to the game's hardest enemies.

    I think however that your question may be in regards to the original Valkyrie Profile and not the DS one

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  2. to make it more simpler on to how to unlock all 3 endings, heres wat i did

    1 playthrough without usings feathers at all except wen u use it on ancel (which is part of the story)

    another playthrough using the feather only once on a character.

    and another playthrough using the feathers on 2-3 characters.

    Please be warned tat if u use the feather on 2 characters on 1 chapter( tat is if u only use the feather skill only twice throughout ur playthrough), it is possible u will get the results of the " 1 feather used ending" instead which happened to me.

    if u really want to know whether u get these endings or not let me know as it contains spoilers.

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