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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Written on 5/3/11
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    Table of Contents:
    1.  General information
    2.  Video Walkthrough
    3.  Case One: Turnabout Visitor
      3a. Edgeworth's Office
      3b. Prosecutor's Building - Hallway
    4.  Case Two: Turnabout Airlines
      4a. First Class Lounge, In-Flight Shop
      4b. Franziska Appears 
      4c. The Cargo Hold
      4d. Final Confrontation
    5.  Case Three: The Kidnapped Turnabout
      5a. Held Hostage in the Wild, Wild West
      5b. The Stadium
      5c. The Kidnappers' Hideout
      5d. Confronting the Killer
      5e. The Haunted House
    6.  Case Four: Turnabout Reminiscence
      6a. A Double Murder
      6b. Gumshoe in the Hallway
      6c. Figuring Things Out
      6d. Confronting the Killer
    7.  Case Five: Turnabout Aflame
      7a. Fire in Babahl
      7b. Murder in Allebahst
      7c. Figuring Things Out
      7d. Confronting a Culprit
      7e. The Head of the Smuggling Ring
      7f. Moving the Body
      7g. Case Closed!
    8.  Credits
    1. General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) 
    game called Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. 
    It's a spinoff of the Phoenix Wright series, starring the 
    ever-popular cravat-wearing prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.
    You can contact me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, if 
    you want to put my guide on your website or something 
    like that.
    This guide is separated by save points. Every time you 
    get a chance to save your game, I start a new section of 
    the guide. I made up my own names for the sections, 
    because the game itself gives unhelpful names like 
    "Middle  Part Two" to the various sections. 
    2. Video Walkthrough
    For those of you who are interested, I have made a video 
    walkthrough for this game. You can find them at the 
    following links.
    Case One:
    Case Two:
    Case Three:
    Case Four:
    Case Five:
    3. Case One: Turnabout Visitor
    Case One begins with a murder in Miles Edgeworth's 
    office, early in the morning.
    Edgeworth enters his office about fifty minutes later, 
    having just returned from a month-long trip overseas. He 
    is surprised to find the door unlocked, and even more 
    surprised to find a dead body in his room.
    It seems the killer is still in the room, as a shadowy 
    figure pulls a gun on Edgeworth and leaves without saying 
    much, or doing much besides shooting the picture frame on 
    the wall.
    3a. Edgeworth's Office
    The case begins with the police examining the scene of 
    the crime. Edgeworth's friend Detective Gumshoe bursts 
    into the room, ready to investigate.
    Investigation takes two forms in this game. The first is 
    very simple: you look around and examine things in order 
    to find evidence. This evidence is added to the Court 
    Record...I mean, Edgeworth's organizer. You can look at 
    this evidence whenever you want by pressing the R button 
    (or tapping "organizer" on the bottom screen). Examining 
    evidence sometimes leads to finding out new information. 
    Profiles of all the characters are kept in the organizer, 
    The second form of investigation Edgeworth uses is Logic. 
    You can examine Logic by pressing the L button (or 
    tapping "Logic" on the bottom screen), and you can then 
    connect different ideas through logic.
    For example, in the conversation Edgeworth has with 
    Gumshoe, two thoughts are added to the Logic function.
    Crime Scene: Why did the murder occur in Edgeworth's 
    Office Key: The only way to get into the locked office is 
    by using the proper key.
    Hit the Logic button and connect these two thoughts by 
    selecting both thoughts, then hitting "connect" (or by 
    pressing A twice, then Y). Edgeworth comes to the 
    conclusion that the murder happened in the office for a 
    reason; after all, it's rather difficult to get inside a 
    locked room, so the killer and victim must have gone out 
    of their way to enter Edgeworth's office.
    Edgeworth then asks the next logical question: why did 
    the killer enter his room? This is added to Logic.
    Okay, that's enough Logic for now. Time to begin 
    investigation! As Detective Gumshoe says, you can move 
    around with the control pad and look at things with A (or 
    you can use the bottom screen on the DS). At any time, 
    you can tap the picture of Detective Gumshoe on the 
    bottom screen to start a conversation with him.
    You can examine various items in this room and talk to 
    the police officers if you want. There are some fun 
    things to look at, like the Steel Samurai figurine, King 
    of Prosecutors trophy and flowers from Wendy Oldbag.
    However, in order to advance the plot of the game, you 
    need to look at the gun towards the bottom of the screen. 
    Gumshoe recognizes it as the kind of gun that detectives 
    use in this area. Edgeworth adds this to his Logic!
    Examine the victim's body in the lower/right part of the 
    screen. This leads to a close-up view of the crime scene. 
    Tap the DS touch screen (or just use the control pad) to 
    move the cursor over something, then press A to examine 
    it. There are three things to examine.
    You can examine the body to see the victim was shot in 
    the abdomen. This information, along with the crime scene 
    photo, is added to Edgeworth's organizer.
    You can examine the files which are lying around. 
    Apparently, the victim and the killer had some sort of a 
    struggle. This information is added to Edgeworth's Logic.
    Finally, you can examine the victim's wallet to learn 
    that he is Buddy Faith, a detective. This is added to 
    Edgeworth's Logic.
    Edgeworth figures he has plenty of information now, so 
    it's LOGIC TIME!!! Modus tollens, it's your time to 
    Hit the Logic button and review the thoughts Edgeworth 
    The Killer's Goal: What is it?
    Disordered Files: There was a struggle in this room.
    The Murder Weapon: A gun used by detectives.
    The Victim: He was a detective.
    Connect the gun with the murder weapon. If the victim was 
    a detective, and the murder weapon is a gun that only 
    detectives have...then it's logical to assume that the 
    murder weapon belonged to the victim.
    Gumshoe checks the body. The victim is wearing an empty 
    gun holster. Looks like the gun was stolen from the 
    victim, presumably during the struggle between the victim 
    and killer.
    The gun is then added to Edgeworth's organizer. He 
    decides to take a closer look at it through the power of 
    scientific investigation! Using the scroll wheels and the 
    zoom in/out buttons, you can look at the weapon from all 
    angles. Pretty handy!
    Check the bullet holder thingy. Five out of six bullets 
    are still in the gun, so that means there was only one 
    shot fired. Edgeworth, of course, adds this information 
    to his organizer.
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the gun.
    Look at the victim's body for a close-up.
      Examine the body.
      Examine the files.
      Examine the wallet.
    Logically connect the gun with the victim.
    Examine the bullet chamber of the gun.
    A new character arrives on the scene. Well, technically, 
    he's not new. You saw him kill the victim in the opening 
    He introduces himself as Jacques Portsman. He claims to 
    be highly upset by the death of his friend Jim, and in a 
    fit of anger, he accuses Edgeworth, then Gumshoe of being 
    the true murderer. 
    Edgeworth requests that everyone calm down. The 
    investigation is still ongoing, so it is premature to 
    jump to conclusions. Portsman agrees, compliments 
    Edgeworth, and says it's a pleasure to work with him.
    Portsman wants to say good-bye to his friend, so he 
    busies himself around the body. One of the officers moves 
    to take pictures, which is your cue to go to the 
    upper/left part of the screen and examine the picture 
    The picture frame was shot! We already knew that, though. 
    Edgeworth notices a contradiction (which is a term that 
    reminds our hero of a certain spiky-haired defense 
    attorney). You are then challenged to find the 
    contradiction yourself.
    Move the cursor over the bullet hole. Hit the "deduce" 
    button, then pick which piece of evidence has the 
    You only have three pieces of evidence, one of which is 
    your attorney's badge, so it's not too hard to figure out 
    that you need to pick the gun. Only one shot was fired, 
    right? Then why is it that there are two bullet holes--
    one in the victim and one in the picture frame?
    Edgeworth concludes that there could have been another 
    gun at the scene of the crime, something which he adds to 
    his Logical thoughts.
    Gumshoe then notices the safe which was hidden behind the 
    picture frame. All prosecutors' rooms are equipped with 
    hidden, secret safes, but no one besides a prosecutor is 
    supposed to know about this (otherwise, it wouldn't be 
    much of a secret).
    You then get to examine the safe. Look at the keypad to 
    note that, unlike the rest of the safe, it is not dusty. 
    The Forensics officer examines it and concludes the 
    keypad was wiped clean of fingerprints recently. This is 
    such important information that Edgeworth adds it to his 
    organizer AND his Logic thoughts.
    Logic time again! Edgeworth has four thoughts.
    The Killer's Goal: What is it?
    The Hidden Safe: Someone tried to open it recently.
    Disordered Files: There was a struggle in this room.
    A Second Gun: Does this exist?
    Connect the killer's goal with the hidden safe to come to 
    the conclusion that, perhaps, the killer wanted to steal 
    something. Good, but we can make further deductions.
    Motive: The killer wanted to steal something.
    Disordered Files: There was a struggle in this room.
    A Second Gun: Does this exist?
    Connect the motive with the disordered files. Perhaps the 
    files are disordered because the killer was searching for 
    something to steal!
    Eager to test this theory out, Gumshoe offers to put the 
    files back in order in case some are missing. The files 
    get put back in place, but something feels wrong...
    Deduction time. Move the cursor over the bullet hole, 
    then present the crime scene notes as contrary to it. As 
    you can see, the bullet hole is far too close to the 
    ground. Someone made a mistake somewhere.
    The mistake was with the order of the files. Edgeworth 
    doesn't keep them in numerical order, but if they are 
    organized in numerical order...ah! That's better.
    This means, oddly enough, that someone put the files in 
    numerical order before the crime. So someone went through 
    all the files both before and after the crime. This is 
    added to Logic.
    Investigation time is almost finished, folks! There's 
    just one more thing to look at: the files in the 
    lower/right part of the screen. They're covered in blood.
    A closer look reveals that one of the files is missing. 
    Edgeworth jots this down in his organizer. More 
    importantly, however, the word "Gumshoe" is written on 
    the files in blood, which makes the good detective look 
    very suspicious.
    Investigation complete!
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the picture frame.
       Deduce (ie. select) the bullet hole.
       Present the gun as contradictory to the bullet hole.
    Examine the keypad.
    Using logic, connect the safe with the unknown motive.
    Using logic, connect the motive with the disordered 
    Deduce, using the bullet hole.
    Present the crime scene notes as contrary to the bullet 
    Choose "the order of the files".
    Examine the files in the lower/right.
    Portsman then accuses Gumshoe of being the murderer. 
    Edgeworth requests that Portsman clearly explain his 
    argument, which means...it's time for Cross-Examination!
    You can choose to have Edgeworth explain cross-
    examination or not. It's no different than cross-
    examination in the Phoenix Wright games.
    What happens is that the witness gives a testimony. If a 
    statement contradicts something in Edgeworth's organizer, 
    he can present it to point out the contradiction.
    There are five things currently in Edgeworth's organizer: 
    his prosecutor's badge, the crime scene notes, the 
    victim's revolver, details about the safe, and the stolen 
    You can also press any statement to get more information 
    (and sometimes, new testimony).
    Cross-Examination: Why Gumshoe Is The Killer
    Jacques argues that Detective Gumshoe stole the victim's 
    gun and shot him. Gumshoe tried to throw everyone off 
    track by messing up the files. That's when he moved the 
    body, and overlooked the fact that his name was written 
    in blood on the files.
    You want to present the stolen file as evidence at the 
    statement about the victim's body hiding the files. As 
    you can tell from looking at the shelf of files, the 
    missing file was stolen AFTER someone wrote Gumshoe's 
    name on the files in blood. Therefore, the victim's body 
    did not really hide the files, as the murderer got a look 
    at the files after the murder.
    Portsman is impressed by Edgeworth's logic, and he agrees 
    that Gumshoe is most likely not the killer. That's good 
    news, but Portsman brings in another possible 
    suspect...the only other person who had a key to 
    Edgeworth's office...the security guard on watch tonight, 
    Maggey Byrde!
    Oh no! Not Maggey!
    For those of you who don't know, Maggey was falsely 
    accused of murder in Phoenix Wright: Justice for All AND 
    Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. It looks like 
    her bad luck has followed her through to this game as 
    Gumshoe is very upset about this because he kind of has a 
    crush on Maggey, and he insists that HE is the murderer, 
    in an attempt to clear her name. No one is fooled by 
    this, however, and Portsman decides to explain why he 
    suspects Maggey.
    Cross-Examination: Why Maggey Is the Killer
    Portsman claims that Maggey snuck into the room by using 
    the master key to all the rooms. If Detective Gumshoe 
    didn't open the door to the room, then she must have. On 
    top of which, she knows Gumshoe. The killer knew Gumshoe, 
    which is how he or she knew to frame him by writing a 
    dying message on the files in blood.
    The Master Key is added to the evidence.
    Edgeworth suggests pressing some testimony, in case you 
    haven't tried that already. Press the first statement 
    about Maggey using the master key. Maggey says she 
    couldn't have used the master key, but Portsman cuts her 
    off, saying she's making things up.
    Edgeworth is given the option of hearing Maggey out, or 
    agreeing with Portsman. Hear what she has to say. She 
    says that the master key went missing around 1 AM. Did 
    somebody steal the key and then return it later? Or, as 
    Portsman claims, did she just lose the key?
    Guess what? We have...a new piece of testimony! Now, 
    Portsman is saying that Maggey's motive was robbery.
    Present the safe at this statement. True, the killer did 
    attempt to steal something from the safe. But Portsman 
    has forgotten that it is a secret safe! Only prosecutors 
    know about them! Why, even Edgeworth's partner Detective 
    Gumshoe didn't know about it!
    The conclusion? The murderer is a prosecutor.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination...
    Press the statement about Maggey using the master key.
    Ask Maggey to say more.
    Present the safe at the statement about thievery.
    Prosecutor Portsman is looking very nervous now. He then 
    claims that he told the victim about the secret safes 
    recently. So, clearly, the victim tried to steal things 
    from Edgeworth's room, and Maggey, being a good security 
    guard, decided to stop him at all costs.
    Portsman further develops this line of thought. The 
    victim was robbing the room, when Maggey came in. The 
    victim pulled his gun on her, and she was forced to kill 
    him in self-defense.
    Portsman then claims that the victim stole the master key 
    to the room. The reason Maggey now has the key is because 
    she took it from his dead body.
    Portsman then kicks everyone out of the room, claiming 
    that he is now the prosecutor assigned to the case, and 
    that they are all suspects.
    The part now ends, and you are given the option to save 
    your game. Oh, you can save your game at any time, did I 
    mention that? Just hit "start" to bring up the "save 
    game" screen.
    3b. Prosecutor's Building - Hallway
    Things certainly look bad for Maggey, now that our heroes 
    have been kicked out of the crime scene, but Edgeworth is 
    not worried. He wanted to inspect the hallway, anyway. 
    It's the best place to solve the mystery of the missing 
    You can explore the hallway and do unnecessary things, 
    like examine the basketball, basketball hoop and talk to 
    Prosecutor Payne.
    Examine the sofa in the lower/left area. The missing file 
    binder is here, under the sofa! Some pages are missing, 
    however. They all deal with a 10-year-old case, which the 
    person who had the office before Edgeworth served in. 
    This information is added to Edgeworth's organizer.
    Talk to Maggey. Edgeworth suggests presenting the key to 
    her with the present button. Try it out now. Hit the Y 
    button (or press "present"), and the organizer pops up. 
    Pick a piece of evidence from the organizer, and press Y 
    again to present it.
    You can do this with any piece of evidence when talking 
    to people.
    Presenting the Master Key to Maggey causes her to tell 
    you that it was stolen from 1:00 to 2:30. This 
    information is added to Logic. She is sure that is when 
    the key was stolen, because she used the key that night.
    This opens up a new conversation topic called "Used the 
    Master Key?" She used it to open up a door for a 
    prosecutor who forgot his key...Prosecutor Portsman! Ah!
    Ask about forgetful Mr. Portsman. At 12:00, Maggey opened 
    the door to his office for him. At 1:30, she locked the 
    door for him. This information is added to Logic.
    Wait a minute...something about those times doesn't seem 
    right. If the key was stolen from 1:00 to 2:30, how could 
    it have been used at 12:00 and 1:30? Connect "Master key 
    was stolen" to "Master key was used" in Logic.
    Edgeworth confronts Maggey with this contradiction. She 
    admits that she just pretended to lock Mr. Portsman's 
    door. This information is added to the organizer.
    It sounds like it's time to examine Portsman's door. When 
    you examine the nameplate, you learn that he actually 
    wanted Edgeworth's room, Room 1202. When you examine the 
    basketball hoop, you learn that people generally 
    recognize which door is Portsman's because of the 
    basketball hoop.
    When you examine the door lock, you'll notice that it's 
    locked. But...Maggey just said she didn't lock the door. 
    That's a contradiction! Deduce on the door lock and 
    present the office door.
    Edgeworth concludes that either the door was locked after 
    Maggey pretended to lock it, or that she pretended to 
    lock a different door. A simple fingerprint test should 
    determine what happened.
    Only the victim and prosecutor Portsman's fingerprints 
    are on the door. Someone else's fingerprints should be on 
    the door. Whose?
    Pretty simple; select Maggey. If she opened the door, her 
    fingerprints should be on it.
    Once the door is fingerprinted, it is revealed that 
    Maggey's prints are not on the doorknob. Therefore, she 
    never touched it. Therefore, she opened a different door. 
    Edgeworth then notices a note tucked under the door. 
    Examine it to find that it is a letter from the victim to 
    Prosecutor Portsman. Looks like the victim stopped by his 
    room sometime, but he wasn't there. Interesting...it's 
    almost as if Portsman never entered his room tonight!
    Examine the basketball hoop. Notice how it's NOT in 
    position? That makes it seem like it was moved tonight. 
    Edgeworth notes this in his organizer. 
    Now, go to Edgeworth's door and examine it to get a 
    close-up. Look at the doorknob to learn that it was wiped 
    clean of fingerprints.
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the binder hidden under the sofa in the 
    Present the Master Key to Maggey.
    Talk with Maggey about Using the Master Key and Forgetful 
    Mr. Portsman.
    Logically connect both times that involve the Master Key.
    Look at Mr. Portsman's door.
      Look at the door lock.
      Deduce the lock.
        Present the office door as contrary to the lock. 
           Choose "prints on the doorknob". 
           Present Maggey's profile.
      Look at the note under Portsman's door.
      Look at the base of the basketball hoop.
    Go to Edgeworth's door and look at the doorknob.
    Edgeworth believes that Portsman is the murderer. He, 
    Gumshoe and Maggey all return to Edgeworth's Office for 
    the dramatic confrontation between Edgeworth and 
    Edgeworth comes in and formally accuses Portsman. 
    Portsman makes some snide comments about Edgeworth's 
    mentor, Manfred von Karma, who was accused of falsifying 
    evidence at various times in his career. Edgeworth isn't 
    disturbed by this underhanded mud-slinging, and cross-
    examination begins.
    Cross-Examination: Mr. Portsman's Rebuttal
    Portsman claims there is a mountain of evidence that 
    points away from him. Besides, how could he have gotten 
    into Edgeworth's locked office?
    Present the Master Key at the statement about the locked 
    office. Portsman told someone to open the door with the 
    master key, and that someone is Maggey Byrde. She opened 
    Edgeworth's office, not Mr. Portsman's!
    Maggey confirms this story. She checked the nameplate on 
    the door before opening it. Edgeworth suggests that 
    Portsman switched nameplates, and furthermore, he tricked 
    her into thinking she was at the right door with 
    something else.
    That something else is the basketball hoop. The hoop 
    always sits outside Portsman's door, right? So Portsman 
    moved it next to Edgeworth's door to trick Maggey into 
    opening the door to Edgeworth's room. After all, there 
    ARE signs the hoop was moved recently.
    Portsman then gives more testimony.
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the Master Key at the statement about the locked 
    Select Maggey Byrde
    Select the basketball hoop
    Cross-Examination: Conjecture's Rebuttal
    Portsman claims that Maggey opened the door to his room, 
    and he was in his room the whole time.
    Present the note left by the victim at the statement 
    about being in his room the whole time. Clearly, he was 
    NOT in his room at one point, because the note was 
    delivered when he was NOT in his room. Of course, this is 
    because he was in Edgeworth's Office, not his own.
    Portsman demands proof. Edgeworth obliges, as he has 
    decisive evidence. Select the office door. Maggey's 
    prints aren't on it; therefore she didn't open that door. 
    Most likely, she opened Edgeworth's (the door with 
    fingerprints that were wiped clean). Perhaps, when the 
    victim dropped the note off at Portsman's office, he 
    heard Portsman in Edgeworth's office, went in to 
    investigate, and that's when he was killed by Portsman.
    Edgeworth also mentions his confrontation with the 
    killer, that is, the time where the killer held him at 
    gunpoint and shot the picture on the wall.
    Edgeworth has a pretty compelling series of events, but 
    Portsman lies and says he wiped down his doorknob because 
    he's obsessive-compulsive. He then claims that he simply 
    overlooked the note.
    Further, because Edgeworth mentioned the confrontation 
    with the killer, Portsman was able to remember he has an 
    To summarize this cross-examination...
    Present the note at the statement about being in the 
    Select Mr. Portsman's door.
    Cross-Examination: Portsman's Alibi
    Edgeworth was held at gunpoint at 2:00 AM. Well, Portsman 
    was in criminal affairs at the time. It's a rock-solid 
    Gumshoe double-checks with criminal affairs. Portsman is 
    right! Oh no! Edgeworth, however, believes there MUST be 
    a contradiction somewhere in the testimony.
    Press every statement. Darn! His alibi IS rock-solid! 
    Portsman then orders that Maggey be arrested, and 
    Edgeworth adds the information about the alibi to Logic.
    In Logic, connect the statement about the second handgun 
    to Portsman's alibi. What if there's a second gun because 
    there was a second person in the room that night? We know 
    that there must be a second person, the person that held 
    Edgeworth at gunpoint, because Portsman has an alibi for 
    that time.
    Connect the idea of a second person in the room with the 
    disarrayed files. Remember, the files were set in 
    disarray twice: once before the murder and once after. If 
    there was a second person in the room, this makes more 
    sense; the murderer messed up the files once, and the 
    second person in the room messed up the files once.
    With all this new information, Edgeworth feels prepared 
    to continue cross-examination. After all, Edgeworth 
    thought the person who held him at gunpoint was the 
    killer. Now, it seems that this is NOT the case; the 
    person who held him at gunpoint is, in fact, someone 
    else. A thief, perhaps? Someone DID steal one of the 
    files from the room after the murder, after all.
    In any case, the presence of a second person explains why 
    there are two handguns that were fired once in the room, 
    and the fact that the files were disturbed twice.
    Edgeworth explains the series of events in great detail.
    Portsman is amused at this series of events. If it's 
    true, his alibi is worthless, as it only shows he is not 
    the second person in the room. Does he have an alibi 
    which shows he is not the FIRST person in the room (i.e. 
    the killer)?
    Portsman may not have an alibi, but Edgeworth has no 
    solid proof that he WAS the first person in the room. 
    Portsman then gives testimony to the effect that the 
    SECOND person in the room was the killer, not the first 
    person in the room.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination...
    Press every statement.
    Logically connect the second handgun to the alibi.
    Logically connect the second person to the files.
    Cross-Examination: Portsman's Alibi, Part 2
    Portsman claims the thief should be the main suspect, as 
    he was training in his room the whole time. He left to go 
    the Criminal Affairs, and that's when the victim left a 
    note under his door.
    Press the statement about Jim visiting Mr. Portsman. 
    Portsman clarifies a bit and says that he knew Jim wanted 
    to deliver two pieces of evidence.
    Edgeworth adds this statement to the testimony. If you 
    read the note from the victim, it clearly says there are 
    THREE pieces of testimony. Present the note from the 
    victim at the statement about two pieces of evidence to 
    make an objection.
    Foiled by arithmetic, Portsman! Where's the THIRD piece 
    of evidence? Gumshoe searches Portsman and finds a 
    videotape. Portsman gets really, really upset about this, 
    and Edgeworth concludes it must be because the tape 
    indicates him as the murderer.
    Edgeworth does scientific investigation on the videotape, 
    a tape from the KG-8 incident. Flip the tape over to find 
    blood. Fresh blood! The victim's blood, perhaps?
    Edgeworth plans to have the tape fingerprinted 
    immediately. If the only fingerprints on it belong to the 
    victim and Portsman, that should pretty much prove that 
    Portsman stole it from the victim after he was killed.
    Portsman is so upset by the fact that his guilt has been 
    proven that he faints.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination...
    Press the statement about Jim delivering evidence.
    Present the victim's note at the statement about two 
    pieces of evidence.
    Flip the tape over and examine the blood.
    Portsman is arrested, and the lab guys confirm that the 
    blood on the tape was the victim's. Maggey and Gumshoe 
    are both very grateful to Edgeworth now.
    The case is pretty much over now, but we never DID find 
    out why Portsman robbed Edgeworth's office. Gumshoe 
    suggests that it is because of a behind-the-scenes 
    Edgeworth has a further problem. Present the stolen file 
    at this point. We don't know why the second thief tried 
    to steal this file! Who was that person, anyhow?
    An officer comes in, saying he found a card in the 
    office. Edgeworth recognizes it as the calling card of 
    Master Thief Yatagarasu! Yatagarasu is a thief who sneaks 
    into corporations and expose corruption from the inside!
    The Master Thief Yatagarasu...corruption...a behind-the-
    scenes criminal organization...These are all dramatic 
    things, and thanks to what happened not too long ago, 
    Edgeworth knows about these things all too well.
    Specifically, Edgeworth learned about the behind-the-
    scenes criminal organization two days earlier, which is 
    the story we go over in Case #2. After that, Case #3 took 
    place, and that case involved the Master Thief 
    Yatagarasu. Because of these two cases, Edgeworth can't 
    say he was COMPLETELY caught off-guard by the sudden 
    appearance of Yatagarasu and the criminal ring.
    4. Case Two: Turnabout Airlines
    Edgeworth remembers that two days ago, he was involved in 
    a murder mystery, while flying back to America on an 
    Specifically, there was some turbulence in mid-flight. 
    Edgeworth, who has a childhood fear of earthquakes, 
    collapsed, unconscious, for about ten minutes while in 
    the First Class Lounge.
    Edgeworth then gets up and finds a travel wallet in his 
    pocket. Weird. That's not HIS travel wallet! Oh well, no 
    matter. Time to ride the elevator up and return to his 
    AUGH! A dead body is in the elevator! Worse yet, a flight 
    attendant comes in at exactly this moment, and she 
    assumes Edgeworth is the murderer. She quickly puts him 
    under arrest, and the case begins.
    4a. First Class Lounge, In-Flight Shop
    The flight attendant is Rhoda Teneiro, and she is sure 
    that Edgeworth is the killer. Edgeworth pleads for the 
    chance to defend himself, so Ms. Teneiro gives testimony.
    Cross-Examination: What Ms. Teneiro Saw
    Ms. Teneiro isn't lying. She is sure Edgeworth is the 
    killer. She saw him with the murder weapon in his hand, 
    and it was dripping blood.
    That's pretty decisive testimony, except for the fact 
    that Edgeworth never had a murder weapon. Go to the 
    statement about him having the murder weapon in his hand, 
    and present the Travel Wallet. See, Edgeworth wasn't 
    holding a murder weapon! He was holding a wallet!
    Furthermore, the travel wallet is dripping with wine, 
    er..."grape juice". Grape juice is not blood.
    Ms. Teneiro requests that the wallet be opened. Do so by 
    selecting the latch with Scientific Investigation!  
    Inside is the victim's passport. The victim's name is 
    Akbey Hicks. Ms. Teneiro is shocked and immediately 
    discerns a motive for the crime.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination...
    Present the travel wallet on the statement about the 
    murder weapon in Edgeworth's hand.
    Open the travel wallet.
    Cross-Examination: Ms. Teneiro's Logic
    So, maybe Edgeworth wasn't caught with the murder weapon. 
    He WAS caught with the victim's wallet. This indicates 
    that Edgeworth killed the victim and then robbed him for 
    Present the crime scene notes on the statement about 
    money. You see, there is money strewn about the crime 
    scene. Theft could not have been the motive in this case, 
    because nothing was stolen, save the travel wallet.
    Of course, Edgeworth needs to prove this, so when given 
    the chance to select something, select the money on the 
    Ms. Teneiro sees the flaw in her logic and apologizes. 
    She frees Mr. Edgeworth, which upsets one of the other 
    passengers: a foreigner by the name of Zinc Lablanc. He 
    is an art dealer from the imaginary country of Borginia.
    Lablanc is hot-headed, and he is very obsessive about the 
    time of the crime, because he wanted to watch the in-
    flight movie at 6:00. So he knows for a fact that the 
    victim entered the elevator at 6:00. This tells us that 
    the murder took place somewhere between 6:00 and 6:15.
    The captain of the airplane gives Edgeworth permission to 
    investigate the crime scene, provided that Ms. Teneiro 
    accompanies him at all times. She also has the power to 
    end the investigation whenever she wants.
    Examine the first class area if you want to, but what you 
    should do now is go to the left, then down the stairs to 
    the first class lounge.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination...
    Present the Crime Scene Notes at the statement about 
    Select the money on the ground.
    Investigation: First Class Lounge
    Ms. Teneiro says that nobody entered or left first class 
    near the time of the crime. Ergo, we have a First Class 
    Investigation time! You can examine a bunch of things 
    here, but there are only two areas you need to look at. 
    Both of them give you close-ups of the area.
    First is the big "grape juice" stain outside the 
    elevator. The close-up reveals something interesting. 
    Select the footprints here. Apparently, someone left the 
    elevator after the grape juice was spilled (at the time 
    of the turbulence). So...someone left the elevator around 
    the time of the murder.
    The second area to look at is the crime scene. You can 
    get a close-up of the victim's body. Examine the corpse 
    to get a bunch of information, such as the fact that the 
    victim was hit on the back of the head, and his glasses 
    were broken.
    What is the murder weapon? There's a figurine in the 
    lower/right. It's a piggy bank of Mr. iFly, the airline 
    company's mascot. It is also covered in blood, which 
    makes it likely that it is the true murder weapon.
    There's a piece of paper in the victim's pocket. Examine 
    it to find that it's a photo. Wait a minute! There's 
    something in the photo which is missing from the crime 
    scene...the cell phone that Zinc Lablanc complained 
    Deduce at the cell phone holding device around the 
    victim's neck. Then, present the photo of Mr. Hicks. 
    Edgeworth notes that the cell phone is missing and puts 
    this in his notes.
    That's all for investigation. We have a lot of 
    information, so let's use Logic and clear up Mr. 
    Edgeworth's cluttered head!
    You can make two connections right off the bat.
    Connect "Where was the killer" with "elevator". We don't 
    know where the killer was, but we know the victim was in 
    the elevator. The conclusion? The murderer was in the 
    elevator, too. This is added to Logic.
    Connect "blunt force trauma" with "murder weapon". 
    Edgeworth concludes that the murder weapon is, in fact, 
    the murder weapon. This is added to the organizer.
    Connect "In the elevator with Hicks?" with "Spilled grape 
    juice". We suspect the murderer was in the elevator, and 
    we know there are footprints leading away from the 
    elevator. Presumably, the person who made the footprints 
    is the real murderer. So now we know for certain that the 
    murderer was in the elevator.
    The grape juice footprints are added to the organizer. 
    Investigation Complete! 
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the grape juice stain.
      Highlight the footprints.
    Examine the crime scene.
      Examine the corpse.
      Examine the figurine.
      Examine the paper in the victim's pocket.
      Deduce, using the cell phone neck strap.
      Present the picture of Mr. Hicks.
    Using Logic, connect "Where was the killer" with 
    Using Logic, connect "blunt force trauma" with "murder 
    Using Logic, connect "In the elevator with Hicks?" with 
    "Spilled grape juice".
    Zinc Lablanc, who is still angry, comes down to the 
    lounge to complain that the in-flight move STILL isn't 
    being shown. It was supposed to be shown at 6:00, and 
    past 6:30! What's the hold-up?
    While complaining, Mr. Lablanc notices Edgeworth. He 
    turns his anger on the good prosecutor and explains why 
    Edgeworth has to be guilty.
    Cross-Examination: What I Saw
    Lablanc saw Hicks enter the elevator to the lounge at 
    six. At that time, Edgeworth was the only one in the 
    lounge. The body was found at six-fifteen. Ergo, 
    Edgeworth is the murderer.
    Press the statement about Hicks entering the elevator. 
    Edgeworth will ask for more information. Lablanc says the 
    elevator was empty; Hicks was alone in his trip on the 
    This is too important to let pass by, so Edgeworth has it 
    added to the testimony. 
    Lablanc confirms that no one besides the victim was in 
    the elevator. Present the Grape Juice Footprints at this 
    statement. The footprints prove someone left the elevator 
    after the turbulence. Ergo, Hicks could not have been the 
    only one in the elevator.
    Lavlanc thinks this is totally impossible and gets upset. 
    However, nobody thinks he is lying. So...why is there a 
    contradiction? Perhaps more testimony will clear things 
    To summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "I am certain I saw Mr. Hicks enter 
    the elevator!"
    Present the Grape Juice Footprints at "The only person 
    inside was that Mr. Hicks man!"
    Cross-Examination: What I Saw, Part 2
    Lablanc was very upset when Hicks was passing by. He 
    checked his watch many times, which is why he's so 
    certain of the time. He is equally certain that no one 
    else was in the elevator.
    Press the second statement, the one about Lablanc 
    checking his watch constantly. Lablanc says that he was 
    hoping to watch the movie at 6:00, which is why he was 
    constantly checking his watch.
    This leads to Edgeworth checking the in-flight magazine, 
    and a new statement about how Lablanc's watch is set to 
    the destination's time. But...if you paid attention when 
    Edgeworth checked the magazine, you noticed that the 
    flight is set to the departure time.
    Present the in-flight magazine at the statement about the 
    destination's time zone to show Mr. Lablanc the error of 
    his ways.
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement about checking the watch many times.
    Present the in-flight magazine at the statement about the 
    watch being set to the destination time zone.
    Ms. Teneiro confirms what is in the in-flight magazine. 
    This plane is still working on the Borginian time zone, 
    not the Californian time zone. That explains why the 
    movie was not on at 6:00, as Lablanc expected. It also 
    means that Lablanc saw the victim enter the elevator at 
    3:00, not 6:00.
    Edgeworth learns some new information, such as the fact 
    that the plane made a brief stop in Zheng Fa from 4:00 to 
    5:00. The flight attendant who speaks Borginian, Cammy 
    Meele, says that she saw the victim in his seat at 5:00.
    But wait! Edgeworth was in the lounge at 5:00 onward. 
    So...that means Edgeworth is STILL the main suspect!
    Edgeworth is challenged to alleviate suspicion by showing 
    the crime is tied to somewhere besides the lounge. You 
    can present the footsteps which lead to the in-flight 
    shop, but Lablanc is only convinced when you show the 
    iFly Piggy Bank. The murder weapon came from the shop, 
    right? That means the shop is worth investigating.
    Ms. Teneiro agrees. At 5:40, she saw the murder weapon in 
    the shop. Wait, that's just before the murder! Ms. 
    Teneiro, why didn't you meantion this EARLIER?
    Ms. Teneiro is looking suspicious now, and she seems even 
    _more_ suspicious when it is revealed that she did not 
    ask the captain for permission to investigate. Cammy did, 
    however, so she's going to be Edgeworth's partner for the 
    next leg of investigation.
    Fortunately, the investigation in the in-flight shop goes 
    much more quickly than the previous investigation 
    (because there's no cross-examination to be had here).
    Edgeworth begins the investigation by adding the piggy 
    bank to Logic.
    Well, right off the start, I can see one thing that looks 
    worthy of investigation: all the broken glass that's on 
    the floor. Examine it to find a mini captain's hat. Gee, 
    where did that come from?
    If you check Edgeworth's notes, you can probably figure 
    it out. The hat goes on the piggy bank statue. Connect 
    the statue to the hat in Logic, and Edgeworth concludes 
    that the murder weapon probably came from this display 
    case. The notes on the murder weapon are then updated.
    So let's take a closer look at the display. 
    Hmmm...interesting. The Deduce button is here, so there 
    must be a contradiction here. Perhaps there's a problem 
    with the glass? Select the shelf the murder weapon goes 
    on (the one in the middle that's empty), Deduce, then 
    present the murder weapon.
    Edgeworth then uses his super logic skills to derive a 
    contradiction. The glass is on the floor outside of the 
    display case, therefore, the display case glass was 
    broken from the inside. Woah! And since no one was inside 
    the display case, obviously, that means the piggy bank 
    broke the glass during the turbulence.
    But the turbulence took place AFTER the murder occurred 
    so that means it can't be the murder weapon! Edgeworth 
    adds the information about turbulence to his Logic.
    So much for investigating the display case. Examine the 
    ugly suitcases that are 50% off. Ms. Teneiro designed 
    these suitcases, in case you didn't know.
    Some turbulence hits, and one suitcases moves out of 
    position. Wait a minute...turbulence. Didn't we just add 
    something about turbulence to Logic?
    Open the Logic function. We know that whenever turbulence 
    hits, the suitcase moves. We saw that just now. But...we 
    also know turbulence hit at the time of the murder. 
    However, the suitcase couldn't have moved then, because 
    we didn't find it out of position. Odd.
    Logically connect the suitcase to the turbulence, and 
    Edgeworth points out this odd contradiction. Ms. Meele 
    doesn't understand what he's talking about, so let's help 
    her out a bit. At the close-up picture of the suitcases, 
    point out the missing wheel stoppers on the left 
    See? There are wheel stoppers on the right suitcase to 
    prevent it from moving during turbulence! Why aren't 
    there stoppers on the left suitcase?
    Edgeworth thinks it could be that the suitcase was placed 
    here after the turbulence. In any case, this suitcase is 
    looking highly suspicious. Time to take a closer look at 
    it with scientific investigation.
    Open the suitcase by pressing the button the side of it. 
    It's a blue button, and it's touching the red trip. 
    Inside the suitcase is a piece of bloody cloth. Augh!
    Okay, it's official: the suitcase is DEFINITELY related 
    to the murder somehow. But it's rather unlikely that 
    someone would use a suitcase to transport a bloody cloth. 
    No, the murderer probably transported something much 
    bigger...the victim's body.
    Present the crime scene notes here, which have a picture 
    of the victim's body.
    So now Edgeworth has a pretty good idea of the crime 
    scene. Well, kind of. The murder weapon is NOT the piggy 
    bank from the In-Flight Shop, and the corpse was 
    transported to the First Class Lounge by means of a 
    suitcase. It looks likes the actual murder didn't take 
    place in the lounge OR the in-flight shop.
    Rhoda Teneiro comes in and informs Edgeworth that the 
    investigation is over. That is, the captain thinks 
    Edgeworth has had enough time to investigate. Faced with 
    the dead end, Edgeworth is forced to stop investigation, 
    but he's still curious as to the real culprit to this 
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the broken glass.
    Using Logic, connect the captain's hat to the murder 
    Examine the display case
      Deduce, using the empty shelf in the display case.
      Present the piggy bank.
    Examine the suitcases.
    Using Logic, connect the suitcases to the turbulence.
    Present the wheels of suitcase on the left.
    Open the suitcase.
    Present the Crime Scene Notes.
    4b. Franziska Appears
    Edgeworth, of course, preserves the crime scene until the 
    plane lands, at which time, he is instructed to leave the 
    matter to the local police. Fortunately, our friend 
    Gumshoe is part of the local police, as well 
    Hey, it's Franziska von Karma! She was the leading 
    prosecutor in Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All! She's 
    also the daughter of Manfred von Karma, Edgeworth's 
    mentor, so the two of them saw a lot of each other while 
    growing up. In fact, they have a semi-brother/sister 
    relationship, even though they're not related.
    Franziska, however, is usually angry at Edgeworth, 
    because he's always showing her up. HE was the first one 
    to get his attorney's badge, not her. HE was the first 
    one to defeat Phoenix Wright in court, not her. And HE 
    gets to star in his own videogame, while she gets 
    relegated to the role of secondary character. 
    Understandably, she's upset about this.
    Oh, and she has a whip. It's best not to get on her bad 
    Franziska is upset with Edgeworth right now because he's 
    a murder suspect, but she doesn't think he's REALLY the 
    culprit, so she agrees to let him continue his 
    investigation...for now.
    Franziska then calls in Detective Gumshoe and asks him to 
    guard Edgeworth.
    Talk to Gumshoe about everything. It seems that Franziska 
    mysteriously appeared in the United States, and she was 
    so quick in getting to this crime scene that Gumshoe 
    suspects she knew about the murder ahead of time. 
    Interesting...could Franziska's current case be somehow 
    related to the murder on the airplane?
    Go left and Edgeworth boards the plane. There is a brief 
    scene of Franziska interrogating the plane captain and 
    whipping him. Edgeworth moves on to the in-flight longue, 
    where Mr. Lablanc is still very angry, this time at being 
    detained on the plane after it has already landed.
    Talk to Mr. Lablanc here. He is upset (naturally) because 
    he isn't being allowed to examine his artwork in the 
    cargo hold. He has all sorts of art, from statues to 
    Speaking of costumes...doesn't Mr. Lablanc's hat resemble 
    the bloody cloth we found in the suitcase? Ask him about 
    it, and he says it's a very common cloth to ship overseas 
    due to its popularity, and he isn't transporting any on 
    this flight.
    Lablanc complains about Ms. Teneiro, whose investigation 
    is taking a long time. Ask him about that, and Edgeworth 
    agrees that it is unusal that the police haven't finished 
    interrogating her yet.
    Franziska von Karma will come in, because she's finished 
    talking with the captain and Cammy Meele. Unfortunately, 
    she still thinks Edgeworth is the most likely suspect, so 
    there is no need to talk to Miss Teneiro (which is what 
    Edgeworth wants to do). We'll have to disprove 
    Franziska's logic here to continue the investigation.
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation:
    Talk to Gumshoe about both topics.
    Go left, to the in-flight lounge.
    Present the Bloody Cloth to Zinc Lablanc.
    Talk to Lablanc about Rhoda Teneiro.
    Cross-Examination: Franziska's Logic
    Franziska says she'll keep things simple. The crime scene 
    is the first class lounge. The only person in the lounge 
    at the time was Edgeworth; ergo, he is the most likely 
    If you press her statements, you learn the Franziska 
    doesn't know all the facts of the case yet. This is the 
    main flaw in her argument; she hasn't learned about 
    Edgeworth's discoveries in the in-flight shop. Namely, 
    she doesn't know that the murder took place outside of 
    the elevator.
    At the statement which says the murder took place in the 
    elevator, present the suitcase. The body was transported 
    to the elevator by means of the suitcase. That's pretty 
    clear evidence that the murder took place elsewhere, 
    Franziska wants more evidence. Present the Grape Juice 
    Footprints, then select the tracks left by the wheels of 
    the suitcase. Given the fact that the suitcase wheels 
    have grape juice residue on them, it is now certain that 
    this suitcase was taken through the area after the 
    Franziska agrees, but she doesn't think this exonerates 
    Edgeworth. After all, who's to say that the suitcase 
    transported the dead body, and not just the bloody cloth? 
    Further, this murder could have been premeditated, an 
    idea Franziska expounds upon in her next testimony.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination:
    Present the suitcase at the statement which says the 
    first-class lounge is the scene of the crime.
    Present the grape juice footprints.
    Present the tracks left by the wheels of the suitcase.
    Cross-Examination: Franziska's Logic, Part Two
    Franziska argues the murder was pre-meditated. Edgeworth 
    prepared the piggy bank ahead of time, and he was in the 
    process of moving the body away from the elevator in the 
    suitcase when the turbulence hit. This sudden problem 
    forced Edgeworth to double back and pretend to be the one 
    who discovered the body.
    This is an interesting testimony from Franziska 
    especially because, as Edgeworth points out, it accounts 
    for the murder weapon. However, just like with the last 
    piece of testimony, Franziska doesn't have all the facts. 
    Namely, Edgeworth found out that the piggy bank was 
    removed from the in-flight shop AFTER the turbulence 
    (remember how the glass in the in-flight shop proved 
    this?). Therefore, the piggy bank cannot be the murder 
    So, at the first statement of the testimony, present the 
    piggy bank. Edgeworth tells Franziska that it is not the 
    real murder weapon.
    Edgeworth then gives a tidy summary of what we know so 
    far. After the murder, the murderer did three things. 1) 
    The murderer moved the suitcase containing the bloody 
    cloth inside the in-flight shop. 2) The murderer took the 
    piggy bank from the in-flight shop in order to make it 
    seem that the piggy bank is the murder weapon. 3) The 
    murderer framed Edgeworth by planting the victim's 
    passport/wallet on him. 
    However, there are no other possible murder weapons. So, 
    either the weapon is still being hidden, or someone 
    tampered with the glass in the in-flight shop to make it 
    seem like the piggy bank was removed after the 
    turbulence. The only person who could have tampered with 
    the in-flight shop in such a way is the only person with 
    the key to the cabinet: Rhoda Teneiro.
    Ms. Teneiro is in the attendant's room, which is to the 
    left. Walk there now to enter the room.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination:
    Present the piggy bank at the statement about preparing 
    the piggy bank beforehand.
    It's time to talk to Miss Teneiro now, and see what her 
    relation to the crime is. She's keeping a secret about 
    the in-flight shop; is this secret related to the murder? 
    Or is it just a coincidence?
    Talk to Ms. Teneiro about the captain's permission. She 
    lied when she said the captain gave her and Edgeworth 
    permission to examine the crime scene. Why?
    She says she lied because she didn't think the captain 
    would give permission, as he only listens to Cammy. Also, 
    Ms. Teneiro wanted to make things up to Edgeworth after 
    falsely accusing him of murder.
    Okay, so that's one mystery solved. What about the in-
    flight shop? Talk to Ms. Teneiro about that, and she 
    lies, denying that she has any connection to the in-
    flight shop at all.
    Present the suitcase to Ms. Teneiro. She designed the 
    suitcases in the shop, after all. There's a connection 
    between her and the shop! Ms. Teneiro admits she was 
    interested in seeing how well the suitcases were selling.
    Talk to Ms. Teneiro about the last suitcase. Apparently, 
    there was only one left for sale! Oh, so they're selling 
    very well! That's surprising, because they're ugly 
    suitcases. And it's double surprising because there were 
    two suitcases in the shop when Edgeworth looked.
    Speaking of suitcases, isn't that one in the corner? Ms. 
    Teneiro says she bought it a long time ago, but that's an 
    obvious lie. After all, it still has a price tag on it! 
    Point out the price tag, and Edgeworth figures out the 
    The suitcase in this room came from the in-flight shop, 
    and it was purchased by Rhoda Teneiro. That's right, the 
    only person willing to buy such a hideous suitcase is Ms. 
    Teneiro. She felt really bad that her suitcase design was 
    such a failure, so she determined to artificially boost 
    sales by buying a suitcase every time she served a 
    So, that's her secret. She was in the in-flight shop to 
    buy a suitcase. She didn't want to tell anyone about 
    this, because it kinds of makes her look bad. After all, 
    it's admitting that her suitcase design is a total 
    Okay, so this clears Ms. Teneiro of all wrongdoing, 
    No...wait. There's still the problem of the extra 
    suitcase, the one with the bloody cloth inside. We have 
    just confirmed it did NOT come from the in-flight shop; 
    of the two suitcases in the shop, one was purchased by 
    Ms. Teneiro and the other one was there during the whole 
    flight. So where did the third suitcase come from?
    Franziska knows something Edgeworth doesn't know; the 
    suitcases come from the cargo hold. So this third 
    suitcase must have been brought in from there.
    But...access to the cargo hold is blocked. You need a 
    special keycard to get there, and Ms. Teneiro is the only 
    one with this keycard.
    Ms. Teneiro checks her locker and is surprised to find 
    the keycard is stolen. But was it REALLY stolen, or is 
    she just pretending? Franziska places Ms. Teneiro under 
    arrest in the meantime, and Edgeworth goes to examine the 
    cargo hold.
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Ms. Teneiro about the captain's permission.
    Talk to Ms. Teneiro about the in-flight shop.
    Present the suitcase to Ms. Teneiro.
    Talk to Ms. Teneiro about the last suitcase.
    Present the price tag of the suitcase.
    Select the in-flight shop.
    Select Rhoda Teneiro.
    4c. The Cargo Hold
    If we've thought through everything correctly so far, the 
    suitcase containing the bloody cloth was taken from here, 
    the cargo hold. Also, Edgeworth suspects that the real 
    murder took place here, and the body was transported to 
    the in-flight lounge by means of the suitcase.
    Start off by examining the suitcases. Yep, one of them is 
    clearly missing! This is almost certainly the place where 
    the mysterious third suitcase came from! Also, Edgeworth 
    notes that there are glass shards on the floor. That's 
    odd, and he adds it to Logic.
    Speaking of suitcases, do you see an open black suitcase 
    lying on the ground? Examine it to learn that it belongs 
    to the victim. Inside is a picture of Franziska, along 
    with a profile on her. Woah! Sounds like Franzy's got a 
    stalker! Edgeworth adds this to Logic.
    Talk to Franziska. She talks a little bit about why she 
    was able to get to this crime scene so quickly: she's 
    working with Interpol on a top-secret assignment. So, she 
    was already at the airport, on other business.
    Logic Time! Open up Logic to see that Edgeworth has four 
    things here, and two pretty obvious connections to make.
    First, connect the broken glasses to the glass shards. 
    Edgeworth is confident that the glass shards here in the 
    cargo hold come from the victim's broken glasses. Ergo, 
    this is the real scene of the murder, as Edgeworth has 
    suspected for quite some time now.
    Second, connect the profile on Franziska with the fact 
    that she's working for Interpol. It seems that the victim 
    was working for Interpol; in fact, it seems that he was 
    Franziska's contact.
    Talk to Franziska about the victim. She confirms that she 
    was going to meet with Agent Hicks on official Interpol 
    business. In fact, Agent Hicks is on the trail of a 
    smuggling ring. He was working undercover, and he was 
    supposed to meet with Franziska upon landing.
    Edgeworth figures investigation is over (for now). We 
    have a pretty good idea of what happened: Agent Hicks 
    went to the cargo hold as part of his investigation of 
    the smuggling ring.
    The question is how did he get down to the cargo hold? He 
    must have travelled with a member of the flight crew. The 
    crew member then killed him in the cargo hold, and 
    stuffed his body in a suitcase. While travelling in the 
    elevator, the plane hit a spot of turbulence, and the 
    body flew out of the suitcase.
    Investigation Complete! Based off the investigation, 
    Franziska concludes that Ms. Teneiro is the murderer, and 
    she explains why. 
    So, to sum up this bit of investigation...
    Examine the double row of suitcases.
    Examine the black, open suitcase.
    Talk to Franziska about the airport.
    Using logic, connect the broken glasses with the glass 
    Using logic, connect Franziska's profile with Interpol.
    Talk to Franziska about Mr. Hicks.
    Cross-Examination: Definitive Evidence
    Franziska thinks all the evidence points to Ms. Teneiro. 
    After all, only someone with the right keycard, Ms. 
    Teneiro's keycard, could get down to the cargo hold with 
    the victim.
    Press the statement about the keycard that allows 
    elevator access, as it is the crux of her argument. She 
    will supplement her testimony with a new statement about 
    how Ms. Teneiro is ALSO the only person with access to 
    the display case that the murder weapon came from.
    Press this new statement about the key to the display 
    case with the murderous piggy bank. After all, there's a 
    big flaw in this statement. Edgeworth proved the piggy 
    bank was NOT the murder weapon some time ago!
    Clearly, something else needs to be investigated. What is 
    it? Select "the body". We don't have an autopsy report, 
    so we can't confirm or disconfirm the piggy bank as the 
    murder weapon.
    Gumshoe runs off to get the autopsy report, and he comes 
    back with the news that, as expected, the piggy bank is 
    NOT the murder weapon. You see, the victim has a large 
    wound which covers most of his back. What weapon could 
    THAT be from?
    Enter Zinc Lablanc, the angry foreigner. He gets in a 
    fight with a police officer and is pushed off the top of 
    the stairs. Edgeworth suddenly has a flash of insight: 
    someone pushed off the top of the stairs could possibly 
    Edgeworth immediately jumps to Logic. Connect the piggy 
    to the cause of death to receive "the missing weapon". 
    Connect "the missing weapon" to "a sizeable weapon".
    Edgeworth boldly proclaims he knows what the murder 
    weapon is. Franziska wants evidence, but say you don't 
    have evidence to show, because the victim died from a 
    free fall.
    Zinc Lablanc gets up, perfectly unharmed, because he 
    landed on a piece of cargo. Franziska concludes that this 
    means a fall from the top of the stairs is not fatal, but 
    Edgeworth concludes that the piece of cargo in question 
    wasn't there at the time the victim was pushed.
    What time was that? Present the article on refueling in 
    Zheng Fa. New cargo was taken onboard at that time, so 
    the murder must have been during/before that time.
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement about the keycard and the elevator.
    Press the statement about the murderous piggy bank.
    Select "The body".
    Using Logic, connect the piggy bank to the cause of 
    Using Logic, connect the missing weapon with the sizeable 
    Select "I don't have evidence to show".
    Select "Free fall".
    Select "Refueling in Zheng Fa".
    Investigation immediately picks up again, because 
    Edgeworth needs to learn more about this piece of cargo 
    and ascertain whether or not it was moved. Naturally, the 
    first thing you want to do is look at the cargo box.
    When you do so, Mr. Lablanc runs down and starts 
    hollering about how you should keep your hands off his 
    artwork. Ah, it appears he owns the piece of cargo. Well, 
    this should certainly clear things up for us! Talk to him 
    about it.
    He tells you that the artwork is very valuable, in 
    addition to being big. Edgeworth adds this to Logic.
    Open up Logic now. If people are smuggling things on the 
    plane, and the most valuable thing onboard is this piece 
    of artwork, then the smugglers might have targeted this 
    piece of art! In other words, it could be a fake!
    Lablanc is sure it is not a fake, because he has some 
    certification documents saying it is real. However, those 
    documents might be fake, too. Let's take a closer look.
    The statue is unveiled, and it's called the Alif Red 
    statue. The victim had a photo of it, and...wait, doesn't 
    something look weird about the statue? In the victim's 
    photo, the statue has different-colored eyes!
    Deduce at the eyes, then present the victim's photo. Yep, 
    this statue looks like a fake now! Edgeworth is sure he 
    can further prove it is a fake, so do some more 
    deduction. Move down to the bottom of the statue.
    Deduce at the cover underneath the statue. Present the 
    Cargo from Zheng Fa here. Obviously, if the statue is 
    ABOVE the cargo from Zheng Fa, it was put onboard AFTER 
    the stop at Zheng Fa. Therefore, as Edgeworth suspected, 
    the statue is a fake.
    Franziska orders the statue to be moved, and sure enough, 
    there's a blood stain underneath. It was cleaned up, 
    however. By what?
    Select the bloody cloth. It makes sense this was used to 
    clean up the blood from the murder.
    Edgeworth now gets to choose his next witness. That 
    witness is the real murderer, the flight attendant who 
    led the victim to the cargo hold...Cammy Meele. Edgeworth 
    now has proof she was lying, so he wants to confront her 
    with it.
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the large cargo box
    Talk to Lablanc about his cargo.
    Using Logic, connect the smuggling ring with the valuable 
    piece of art.
    Talk to Lablanc about the possibility of the smuggling 
    ring wanting to steal his valuable piece of art.
    Deduce, using the statue's eyes.
    Present the photo of the victim at the statue.
    Deduce, using the cloth under the statue.
    Present the cargo from Zheng Fa.
    Select the bloody cloth.
    Select Cammy Meele.
    4d. Confrontation
    After the chance to save your game, the investigation 
    picks up again in the cargo hold. Cammy Meele is now 
    here, along with Rhoda Teneiro. Cammy is sleepy, and she 
    seems amused that she is now a suspect.
    Cross-Examination: Ms. Meele's Alibi
    Cammy is pretty sleepy, but she wakes up long enough to 
    say she was in the flight attendant's room from 3 to 4, 
    and 5 to 6.
    Press the last statement about her being alone in the 
    flight attendant's room from 5 to 6, and raise an 
    objection when given the opportunity. We have proof that 
    someone else was in the flight attendant's room at that 
    Remember? Ms. Teneiro bought a suitcase at 5:40 AM and 
    dropped it off. The suitcase receipt in the evidence 
    proves this, so present that. Why is it that Ms. Teneiro 
    didn't see Cammy in the flight attendant's room when she 
    visited the room at 5:40?
    Cammy makes up an excuse on the spot: she was in the 
    bathroom at the time. Edgeworth can't disprove this 
    statement, so the cross-examination ends. Fortunately for 
    us, Cammy gives a new piece of testimony in an attempt to 
    exonerate herself. Hopefully, the testimony will do just 
    the opposite.
    So, to summarize this cross-examination...
    Press the statement about 5 to 6.
    Raise an objection.
    Present the suitcase receipt.
    Cross-Examination: Reason for Suspicion
    Cammy thinks that Edgeworth is defending Ms. Teneiro 
    because the two of them kind of like each other. 
    Interesting idea. However, it's obviously that a flight 
    attendant committed the crime, and Ms. Teneiro is totally 
    suspicious, because she's in charge of the flight shop 
    and has the keycard to the cargo hold.
    Press the statement about the keycard and the shop to get 
    a new piece of testimony. Edgeworth learns that Cammy is 
    in charge of all foreign guests who don't speak English; 
    as we saw earlier, she speaks fluent Borginian. She also 
    is in charge of all documents written in Borginian.
    Hey, we have a document written in Borginian! The 
    falsified certificate which says the forged statue is 
    real! Go to the statement that says Cammy is in charge of 
    Borginian stuff, and present the certificate.
    Cammy gets a little upset now. She admits that she signed 
    off on the certificate without actually checking to make 
    sure it was legit, but that doesn't mean she's a murderer 
    or a member of the smuggling ring. In fact, even if she 
    WAS a smuggler, that doesn't mean she's a murderer.
    Franziska disagrees; if Cammy worked for the smugglers, 
    she would have a strong motive for murder. Cammy accuses 
    Ms. Teneiro, but Edgeworth defends her. It's obvious the 
    killer went to great lengths to frame Ms. Teneiro, ergo, 
    Ms. Teneiro is most likely NOT the killer.
    How was she framed? Present the suitcase. The killer went 
    out of his or her way to use a suitcase that is only 
    owned by Ms. Teneiro. Either Ms. Teneiro is very bad at 
    covering her tracks, or the killer was deliberately 
    trying to frame her.
    Why would the killer frame her? Because of where the 
    murder took place: on an airplane. There was no question 
    of hiding the body before the plane landed; ergo, the 
    killer had to frame someone.
    It's a very nice (and accurate) picture that Edgeworth 
    has painted here, but it's all circumstantial. Time to 
    change gears. Is there any evidence Edgeworth hasn't 
    looked at yet?
    Pick the cell phone. Yeah, what happened to the victim's 
    cell phone? Franziska calls it, and it starts ringing. 
    Let's see if we can find it.
    Go upstairs and look in Ms. Teneiro's locker. The cell 
    phone is there! It looks like the murderer did a really 
    thorough job in trying to frame her.
    Franziska is ready to arrest Ms. Teneiro again, but 
    Edgeworth tells her to "Hold it!" They haven't examined 
    the cell phone yet. If the killer stole the cell phone, 
    odds are there is some incriminating evidence on it.
    Edgeworth examines the cell phone. Turn it around to see 
    a camera lens. Examine it to learn that there is a photo 
    on the cell phone. This is our only lead, so we have to 
    examine it, even though it's a photo of the smuggling 
    operation, not the kidnapping.
    You can examine several things in the picture, but the 
    important thing to look at is the boxes in the 
    lower/right. The boxes are cargo that was dropped off at 
    Zheng Fa; they contain cloth.
    Wait a second...cloth! Could it be? Yes! Present the 
    piece of bloody cloth. This must be where the bloody 
    cloth came from. The killer pushed the victim off the top 
    of the stairs, and cleaned up the blood with a cloth from 
    one of the boxes down here.
    What's more, the word "cloth" is written on the crates in 
    Borginian. This must mean the killer was able to read 
    Borginian, right?
    Cammy disagrees; the killer could have just looted all 
    the boxes in the area until finding the one with 
    Borginian cloth inside. After all, if you're looking for 
    something to clean up a blood spill, you aren't picky 
    about what box you go through.
    Edgeworth disagrees, because there's a better box here. 
    Select the only other box in view, the one which has 
    "bedsheets" written on it. If the killer wanted something 
    to clean up a blood spill, the killer would have opened 
    the box of bedsheets first. Unless, of course, the killer 
    could read Borginian.
    The fact that the killer opened up the Borginian box of 
    cloth before the English box of bedsheets indicates the 
    killer can read Borginian. The only crew member who 
    speaks Borginian is Cammy, and therefore, she is the 
    murderer. In the face of this logic, Cammy confesses that 
    she is the murderer. 
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement about the keycard and in-flight shop.
    Present the Alif Red Certificate at the statement about 
    Borginian stuff.
    Present the suitcase.
    Select "Where the murder took place"
    Present the cell phone.
    Go upstairs.
    Examine Ms. Teneiro's locker.
    Turn the cell phone over and examine the camera.
    Examine the boxes in the lower/right.
    Present the Borginian Cloth.
    Present the box of bedsheets.
    Cammy is arrested, and Ms. Teneiro is freed. She thanks 
    Edgeworth by giving him a complimentary suitcase. How 
    Edgeworth decides to stop and talk to Franziska von Karma 
    before she leaves. She says another agent is working on 
    the smuggling ring case with her, and she hints that 
    Edgeworth may meet this person someday.
    After that vague bit of foreshadowing, there is a more 
    concrete bit of foreshadowing: Edgeworth gets a phone 
    call from Ernest Armano, who wants him to help with a 
    kidnapping case.
    5. Case Three: The Kidnapped Turnabout
    Edgeworth is working on the kidnapping case now. He has 
    the money, and he's prepared to make the drop-off for Mr. 
    Amano. But where is he?
    He's in Gatewater Land, a theme park based off the Blue 
    Badger. That's a very unlikely place for a kidnapping 
    exchange, but Edgeworth isn't in charge here: the 
    kidnapper is.
    The kidnapper forces Edgeworth to go to the Stadium, then 
    the Haunted House. He drops off the money is a room, as 
    ordered, and exits. While he's standing guard outside the 
    room, waiting for the police to show up, someone in a 
    costume sneaks up behind him and knocks him unconscious. 
    What a dramatic start to the case!
    5a. Held Hostage in the Wild, Wild West
    Edgeoworth wakes up, tied up in a strange room. Oh no! 
    He's been taken hostage! He tries to escape, but he can't 
    because the ropes are too tight.
    Then, someone jumps into the room to free him. It's Kay 
    Faraday, the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Wait, THE 
    Yatagarasu? Really? The famous great thief just happened 
    to be strolling by, and she decided to help Edgeworth. 
    That's kind of hard to believe, especially because 
    Yatagarasu is such a professional, and this girl 
    Talk to Kay about everything you can, which is pretty 
    much limited to the Yatagarasu. Once that's done, it's 
    time to escape...except Kay wasn't smart and came in 
    without any idea how to get back out again. Looks like 
    it's up to Edgeworth's logic and investigation skills to 
    figure out how to leave this room.
    Examine the cell phone on the tarp to start a cutscene 
    where Edgeworth calls Detective Gumshoe. The call is 
    interrupted by Interpol Agent Shi-Long Lang, who 
    basically says the situation is Edgeworth's fault, so he 
    won't help at all. What a meanie!
    What you want to do now is basically examine everything 
    in order to get all sorts of information and logic. 
    Examining the badger head on the ground gets you 
    information about the Bad Badger. Examining the sign on 
    the ground gets you information about the Badger Photo 
    Rally. And examining the boxes gets you the Blue Badger 
    Bible, as well as some logic about costumes.
    While examining the boxes, you might notice that there's 
    a key in the upper/left. Grab that key because it might 
    come in handy.
    Examine the lockers on the far left side of the room to 
    get a piece of logic about the lockers. Examine the beam 
    Edgeworth was tied to get a piece of logic about the 
    Once all that investigation is done, talk to Kay about 
    the kidnapping. She tells you that the kidnappers were in 
    the next room. She then steps aside so Edgeworth can look 
    into the next room, so do so.
    In the next room, Edgeworth sees a trap door and gets a 
    piece of logic.
    It's LOGIC TIME! The trap door in the other room is held 
    in place by a hook...there's a similar hook in the room 
    they're in now...what if the hook in this room is ALSO 
    designed to hold open a trap door? Connect "the beam I 
    was tied to" to "open floor panel", and Edgeworth 
    searches for a trap door.
    Aha! There IS a trap door in this room! Unfortunately, 
    it's locked. We have a small key, so connect "tiny key" 
    to "underground entrance" in Logic. Edgeworth then 
    decides to try using the key on the locked trap door. 
    The trap door is now unlocked, but it doesn't lead 
    anywhere useful. It just leads to an empty room with a 
    ladder. The ladder can be moved from one place to 
    another, so Edgeworth adds this information to Logic.
    Open up Logic one last time, and connect the "underground 
    ladder" with the "lockers". Using the ladder, Edgeworth 
    and Kay can easily get on top of the lockers to reach the 
    open window. And of course, that's just what they do. 
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Kay about the great thief.
    Talk to Kay about the Yatagarasu
    Examine Edgeworth's cell phone.
    Examine the Bad Badger head.
    Examine the photo rally sign.
    Examine the boxes.
    Examine the key near the boxes.
    Examine the lockers on the far left.
    Examine the beam Edgeworth was tied to.
    Talk to Kay about the kidnapping.
    Examine the door to the room.
    Examine the trap door.
    Using Logic, connect "the beam I was tied to" with "open 
    floor panel".
    Examine the trap door.
    Using logic, connect "tiny key" with "underground 
    Using logic, connect "underground ladder" with "lockers"
    Edgeworth and Kay land in the Wild, Wild West. Detective 
    Gumshoe shows up and apologizes for letting Edgeworth out 
    of his sight, as well as getting Interpol involved in the 
    case. Speaking of which...
    99 Interpol agents are here, along with their leader, 
    Shi-Long Lang and his assistant, Shih-Na. Shi-Long Lang 
    has the most successful arrest record in Interpol, and 
    he's working with Franziska von Karma to stop the 
    smuggling ring we learned about in Case #2.
    He's also the person we called on Edgeworth's cell phone 
    not too long ago. Agent Lang exchanges cards with 
    Edgeworth as a sign of friendship, but he doesn't like 
    prosecutors, so he orders Edgeworth off the case. He even 
    goes so far as to mock America's court system! The nerve!
    Well, since there's no official investigation going on 
    now, it's a good time to chat with Detective Gumshoe. 
    Gumshoe talks about how Agent Lang basically showed up 
    out of nowhere to assume control over the police in this 
    kidnapping situation, and Gumshoe talks about Kay 
    Faraday. Poor Gumshoe is upset that Kay has stolen his 
    role as Edgeworth's sidekick, but then again, Kay IS a 
    thief, so that's to be expected.
    Talk to Kay about everything. She talks more about the 
    Yatagarasu, and what to do next.
    Ernest Amano arrives on the scene. He's the father of the 
    man who was kidnapped. He has huge earlobes and extensive 
    international connections. He is also upset to learn that 
    the kidnappers took the money, but failed to return his 
    Talk Ernest to learn more about the case. His son, Lance, 
    is 21 and popular with women. His best friend, Oliver 
    Deacon, the Amano family butler, disappeared around the 
    time Lance was kidnapped. Mysterious!
    Edgeworth resolves to solve this case, and since Gumshoe 
    is taken away, it looks like Kay is our assistant right 
    Head to the right, where we have a witness. It's the Blue 
    Badger! Talk to him to learn that he is really Mike 
    Meekins, inept police officer! Talk to him about 
    everything to learn that he has been patrolling the park 
    all day, and he has specifically been in this area for 
    the past hour. He has not, however, seen anyone 
    suspicious besides a second Blue Badger.
    Wait...a second Blue Badger? That contradicts some of our 
    evidence! Namely, it contradicts the Badger Photo Rally, 
    which says there's only ONE of each badger in the park 
    right now. Present the Badger Photo Rally when prompted 
    to prove this, and get some Logic about a second Blue 
    Head left, where Edgeworth finds a series of footprints 
    in the dirt, thanks to the light rain. They might belong 
    to the kidnapper, but what shoes did the kidnapper wear?
    LOGIC TIME! Connect "costumes" with "a second Blue 
    Badger". Obviously, the kidnapper escaped from the 
    costume room disguised as the Blue Badger.
    And since we know THIS, we know what kind of shoes the 
    kidnapper wore. While still in Logic, connect "costumed 
    escape" with "What kind of shoes?" Clearly, the 
    kidnapper's shoes were badger feet. Examine the 
    footprints again, and Kay follows the badger footprints.
    The footprints lead right to...Officer Meekins???
    No, wait, they lead to the garage behind him. Right. 
    Examine the garage door, and Meekins will open it for 
    you. Inside is the Blue Badger's car and...the dead body 
    of Oliver Deacon?
    Oh no! Mr. Amano's butler was killed! And recently, it 
    seems. Let's examine the scene of the murder. Check out 
    the blood wound to notice two things. One, there are two 
    wounds, made by one bullet. Two, there is no blood here 
    in the garage, even though it is a bloody murder. 
    Clearly, the murder took place elsewhere.
    Examine the necklace that Mr. Deacon is wearing. It looks 
    rather fancy, but the name engraved on it is not Mr. 
    Deacon's. That's a contradiction, so deduce at the 
    necklace and present the preliminary findings as 
    contradictory to the necklace.
    Whose necklace is it? What happened to the kidnapper that 
    was in the garage? Where was Mr. Deacon killed? The 
    investigation will have to continue...or not. 
    Investigation complete!
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Gumshoe about everything.
    Talk to Kay about everything.
    Talk to Ernest Amano about everything.
    Talk to the Blue Badger about everything.
    Present the Badger Photo Rally.
    Examine the footprints on the left.
    Using Logic, connect "Costumes" with "A 2nd Blue Badger".
    Using Logic, connect "Costumed escape" with "What kind of 
    Examine the footprints.
    Examine the garage door.
    Examine the blood.
    Examine the necklace.
    Deduce, using the necklace
    Present the preliminary findings.
    Lauren Paups appears on the scene. She is the girlfriend 
    of Lance, the man who was kidnapped. She also has no 
    sense of inner monologue, and it is apparent that she is 
    romantically challenged. She'll become more important 
    later on in this case; for now, all you need to do is 
    know who she is.
    Agent Lang reappears with his assistant, Shih-na. He 
    heard about the dead body, and he's here to investigate. 
    The first thing he does is arrest Officer Meekins.
    Edgeworth interrupts, because he doesn't want to see 
    Meekins get arrested without good reason. Besides, 
    Meekins is clearly not a murderer or a kidnapper. He may 
    be incompetent, but he is definitely good-natured.
    Agent Lang finds Edgeworth's outburst amusing, and he 
    agrees to give testimony as to why Meekins is guilty.
    Cross-Examination: Shi-Long Lang's Logic
    Agent Lang can tell the victim was shot with a gun, and 
    it's pretty hard to get a gun...unless you're a police 
    officer like Mike Meekins.
    Agent Lang talks about the philosophy of detainment, 
    which originated in his home country of Zheng Fa about a 
    thousand years ago. It was founded by Lang Zi, Agent 
    Lang's honorable ancestor.
    Press the last statement of the testimony, the one about 
    Officer Meekins being a member of law enforcement. 
    Edgeworth reminds Agent Lang that Officer Meekins' gun 
    hasn't even been looked at yet. Lang asks to see Meekins' 
    gun, and Officer Meekins admits that he lost it. Uh oh!
    This causes Lang to put a new statement into his 
    testimony. He says that Officer Meekins waited for the 
    victim to arrive at this spot before killing him. Well, 
    we know that the garage is NOT the scene of the murder, 
    so present the preliminary findings at this statement to 
    disprove it.
    Lang laughs at Edgeworth's logic and agrees that he is 
    right. Something is odd, though; why is Mike Meekins here 
    at all? After all, he wasn't assigned to the Wild Wild 
    West as part of his police duties. Meekins is required to 
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "Not unless you're a member of law 
    enforcement like Officer Meekins, isn't that right?"
    Present the preliminary findings at the statement 
    "Officer Meekins ambushed the victim in this garage and 
    killed him here with his gun!"
    Cross-Examination: Meekins's Testimony
    Meekins was supposed to guard the front gate, but he got 
    so caught up in the role of entertaining children that he 
    lost track of what he was doing. Eventually, he ended up 
    here at the Wild, Wild West by means of the Blue 
    Present the Blue Badgermobile at the statement about 
    looking for kidnappers in the Blue Badgermobile. There's 
    a slight contradiction here. Meekins is claiming that he 
    was out with the Blue Badgermobile until recently. 
    But...the Blue Badgermobile is here in the garage. What's 
    up with that?
    Meekins says the Blue Badgermobile was stolen recently. 
    Lang doubts this. He thinks it's more likely that the 
    Blue Badgermobile was used by Meekins to transport the 
    dead body. Lang then arrests Meekins and orders Edgeworth 
    and Kay out of the area.
    5b. The Stadium
    Our heroes reconvene at the front gate, where they 
    reaffirm that they are dead-set on solving the murder 
    mystery. Detective Gumshoe shows up to tell Edgeworth 
    that they found a witness in the stadium, then Gumshoe is 
    taken away.
    Edgeworth and Kay rush to the stadium, where they 
    meet...Ema Skye, scientific investigator! She likes 
    Edgeworth, and she was a witness in the fifth case of the 
    first Phoenix Wright game, the case where the Blue Badger 
    character was introduced.
    Unfortunately, Ema's role in this game is very small. 
    Talk to her about everything now, because, well, you 
    won't talk to her that much later. You see, as it turns 
    out, Ema is NOT the witness we're looking for. Darn.
    Examine the pink badgermobile to have the witness appear. 
    It's the Pink Badger herself. Talk to her to learn that 
    she's...Wendy Oldbag! Edgeworth's elderly stalker! The 
    one who makes up all sorts of crazy lies as an excuse to 
    get close to Edgeworth! Uh oh!
    Talk to Wendy Oldbag to learn that she is the witness 
    Edgeworth has been looking for. Great. The witness ends 
    up being one of the least reliable person in the park.
    Wendy Oldbag gives a testimony, which is probably full of 
    lies. Edgeworth hasn't really started his investigation 
    here yet, so he can't disprove the lies in the testimony. 
    Instead, you just have to press every statement of the 
    testimony, and Edgeworth decides he'd better investigate.
    Kay then pulls out the Little Thief, a holograph 
    projector, in order to help recreate the crime scene. 
    That's useful!
    So, to summarize this part of the game... 
    Talk to Ema Skye about everything.
    Examine the Pink Badgermobile.
    Talk to the Pink Badger.
    Talk to Wendy Oldbag about everything.
    Press the statement about the two men.
    Press the statement about a gunshot. 
    The investigation begins, but the crime scene recreation 
    isn't complete yet! Examine the blue body to find a 
    contradiction right off the bat. Kay doesn't see the 
    contradiction, so present the murder notes to her. It was 
    a very bloody murder, but there was no blood at the crime 
    The question of the missing blood is added to Logic. 
    Sounds like it's LOGIC TIME! Open up Logic and connect 
    the two things there: the lack of blood at the crime 
    scene, and the possibility that the victim was wearing a 
    blue badger character costume.
    Edgeworth concludes the victim WAS dressed in a costume, 
    which is why there's no blood here. He needs to prove 
    this theory, however, so talk to Ema Skye. She works her 
    scientific investigation magic to prove that there are 
    Blue Badger footprints in this area.
    Investigation complete.
    So, to sum up this bit of investigation....
    Examine the blue body.
    Present the murder notes.
    Using Logic, connect "Why is there no blood?" with 
    "Victim was kidnapper?"
    Talk to Ema about footprint analysis.
    Now, Edgeworth has enough information to find the problem 
    with Wendy Oldbag's testimony. She said the murderer and 
    the victim were both average Joes and completely 
    uninteresting. Did she NOT notice that one of the two 
    people was wearing a Blue Badger costume?
    At the statement that says she saw the two men, present 
    the victim's costume. Confronted with this information, 
    Oldbag admits that she saw the murder...from a seat in 
    the second tier balcony, which is too far away to see 
    anything, especially if your eyesight is weak like 
    It's not a complete loss, however! Oldbag gives Edgeworth 
    a new piece of logic: the fact that the two men were in 
    the shadow of the stage. 
    Examine the stage on the left. The stage has been broken 
    down, so it is not all there anymore. This is added to 
    Edgeworth has two pieces of logic about the stage, 
    so...it's LOGIC TIME! Using Logic, connect the two pieces 
    of information, and Edgeworth deduces that the stage was 
    still set up during the time of the murder. Kay resets 
    the hologram display to account for this.
    There is an obvious error in Kay's recreation: the 
    murdering red person is standing in the stage. Examine 
    it, and Kay resets the parameters of her device so the 
    killer is standing on top of the stage.
    Investigation complete.
    To summarize this bit of investigation:
    Present the victim's costume at the statement about two 
    men facing each other.
    Examine the stage.
    Using Logic, connect "In the shadow of the stage" with 
    "The stage was packed up".
    Examine the red body.
    Agent Lang shows up with Shih-Na at this point, and as 
    you might have guessed, he's still an antagonist. He 
    gives back-handed thanks to Edgeworth and Kay for their 
    hard work in recreating the scene of the crime, then 
    proceeds to explain how Mike Meekins is still the killer. 
    Cross-Examination: Agent Lang's Logic
    The stadium is the real scene of the crime. Officer 
    Meekins stood on the stage, waiting for the victim to 
    appear. He shot Mr. Deacon from on high!
    Agent Lang's testimony is accurate, according to Kay's 
    recreation. However, the recreation is not complete. If 
    you check the murder notes one more time, you'll notice 
    that the victim was shot from below, not from above. 
    Clearly, there's been a slight mistake made here.
    Present the murder notes at the statement about the 
    victim being shot from on high. Agent Lang demands 
    clarification, so say that the problem is with "the 
    killer's and victim's locations". Somehow, the two were 
    The recreation is then updated again. Now, the killer is 
    standing below the stage, while the victim is standing on 
    top of the stage. Since footprints don't lie, and the 
    only footprints in this area belong to a Blue Badger 
    character, that means the killer was in costume, just 
    like the victim was.
    So...both the killer and the victim were wearing Badger 
    costumes. Presumably, both of them were in disguise, 
    because they were both working as part of the kidnapping 
    plot. Agent Lang agrees, but he does not think it 
    exonerates Officer Meekins.
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the murder notes at the statement about the 
    victim being shot from on high.
    Select "the killer's and the victim's locations".
    Cross-Examination: Another Bit of Proof
    Agent Lang says that there are tire marks left on the 
    ground here, tires from a Blue Badgermobile. Clearly, 
    Officer Meekins performed the murder here, then 
    transported the body to the Wild, Wild West afterwards.
    Agent Lang's theory _does_ make sense, in that it 
    explains how the body was transported from the stadium to 
    the Wild, Wild West. However, Officer Meekins' car could 
    not have been the one to do this; as the picture of the 
    car in the garage shows, its tires are clean. Therefore, 
    it is not the car that left muddy tire marks.
    So, present the Blue Badgermobile at the statement "Then, 
    he used the car to move the body to the garage in the 
    Wild, Wild West Area." Then, select the clean tires. 
    Edgeworth will explain his theory.
    Well, if the car that transported the body wasn't Officer 
    Meekins', whose was it? Was it the second car, belonging 
    to Ms. Oldbag? She says no. By elimination, it must have 
    been the third car, belonging to whoever was wearing the 
    Proto Badger suit.
    A stranger then appears. It's...Lance Amano! He escaped 
    from the kidnappers! How fortunate! Mr. Amano collapses 
    on the ground.
    Agent Lang then kicks Edgeworth and Kay out of the area 
    (again). Ema and Ms. Oldbag are taken by the police to 
    give statements about what they witnessed, so we won't 
    see them again in this case. Bye, Ema and Ms. Oldbag!
    To summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the Blue Badgermobile at the statement "Then, he 
    used the car to move the body to the garage in the Wild, 
    Wild West Area."
    Select the car's tire
    5c. The Kidnappers' Hideout
    Edgeworth and Kay return to the Wild, Wild West. It's now 
    open for them to investigate! They can also exit through 
    the right-hand side of the screen to reach the park 
    entrance, where you can see a cameo appearance by Phoenix 
    Wright, Maya Fey and Pearl Fey. Poor Phoenix! Demoted to 
    a non-speaking cameo. How the mighty have fallen.
    The important thing to do now, however, is to talk to the 
    characters here. Both Mr. Amano and Lauren are here. 
    Needless to say, they are quite happy that Lance is now 
    safe and sound.
    Mr. Amano thanks Edgeworth for all his help, and he gives 
    Edgeworth one of Lance's love letters. Um...Mr. Amano, 
    that's not a love letter! It's a collections check from a 
    loan company! I guess Lance owes money to the Tender 
    Lender Company...
    When you talk to Lauren, she confirms the fact that she 
    is romantically-challenged; for example, she believes 
    that Lance loves her, because he gave her a piece of 
    Lauren talks a bit about her father, an Amano employee 
    who used to travel around the world on Pegasus, an 
    airplane. He disappeared ten years ago, and she worked 
    for the Amanos ever since.
    Lauren was not told about the kidnapping, but she says 
    she knows about it due to her women's intuition. I think 
    she's lying about that...
    Kay asks Edgeworth where he wants to go next. Choose 
    "Kidnapper's Hideout". If the killer is a kidnapper, 
    there could be a clue in the hideout. The hideout is 
    right over here, behind the officer who is standing 
    Talk to the officer in blue. He lets Edgeworth into the 
    hideout, per the request of Detective Gumshoe. He also 
    gives Edgeworth a dossier on Colin Devorae, a criminal 
    who escaped from jail. This is the true identity of the 
    murder victim in this case.
    Apparently, "Oliver Deacon" isn't a real person; it's 
    just an alias Colin Devorae came up with. Does his death 
    have anything to do with his incarceration ten years ago, 
    or is this just a coincidence?
    The officer further tells Edgeworth that the door to the 
    hideout was locked somehow; it took ten officers to break 
    the door down.
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Ernest Amano about everything.
    Talk to Lauren Paups about everything.
    Select "Kidnapper's Hideout"
    Talk to the police officer.
    Our heroes enter the hideout, hoping to find some clues 
    that will help them identify the kidnappers.
    First, we'll need information for Logic! Examine the 
    dumpster at the bottom of the screen for a piece of Logic 
    about the costumes. Examine the item on the floor, near 
    the door, to have a piece of Logic about the broken prop 
    sword. Finally, examine the door, and specifically look 
    at the doorknob, for a piece of Logic about the door 
    being unlocked.
    Good, good, now for information about the kidnappers. 
    Check out the eating area in the upper left. Look at the 
    three chairs, then the three cups. That's enough Logic 
    for now!
    Connect the three chairs to the three cups. Edgeworth 
    concludes that there are three kidnappers.
    Connect the broken prop sword to the unlocked door. 
    Clearly, the sword was used to keep the door in place, 
    not the door's lock.
    The Proto Badger then shows up to check on the costumes. 
    He finds that a Bad Badger costume is missing! Dramatic 
    music plays, so this must be important to the plot.
    Edgeworth asks for more information. Both Bad Badger 
    costumes should be in the costume storage room, because 
    the Bad Badger costume is rarely used. In fact, it's only 
    used during a stage show.
    Kay wonders if there is a fourth kidnapper, because four 
    costumes were stolen by the kidnappers. Edgeworth thinks 
    this is unlikely. Select the Pink Badger costume in the 
    lower/right to show this is the case. The kidnappers 
    decided to steal a Proto Badger, a Blue Badger and two 
    Bad Badgers. If there were four kidnappers, wouldn't they 
    have completed the set by taking the fourth, Pink Badger, 
    Edgeworth adds the information about the Bad Badger to 
    Logic, which means that, once again...it's LOGIC TIME!
    There are only two things in Logic right now, making this 
    an easy connection. Connect the Bad Badger costumes to 
    the dumpster of old costumes. Edgeworth looks inside the 
    dumpster, and he finds the missing Bad Badger costume. 
    Both the head and gun are missing from the costume, 
    Deduce at the hand which is missing a gun, then present 
    the Blue Badger Bible. Edgeworth then takes note of the 
    missing gun. Of course, the gun is loaded only with 
    The investigation ends here, and Edgeworth and Kay leave 
    the area. Detective Gumshoe shows up, saying a Blue 
    Badger costume was just found at the park entrance. Our 
    heroes run there to see what's going on.
    To sum up this bit of investigation...
    Examine the dumpster for old costumes.
    Examine the prop sword on the floor, near the floor.
    Examine the doorknob.
    Examine the three chairs.
    Examine the three cups.
    Using Logic, connect the three chairs to the three cups.
    Using Logic, connect the broken prop sword to the door.
    Talk with the Proto Badger.
    Choose the Pink Badger costume.
    Using Logic, connect the Bad Badger to Costume Pieces.
    Deduce at the right hand, and present the Blue Badger 
    5d. Confronting the Killer
    Edgeworth, Kay and Gumshoe head to the park entrance. The 
    costume is a Blue Badger costume, and it was recently 
    discovered. It's very easy to see what part of the 
    costume needs examining.
    Examine the neck hole. This gives you a pendant, which is 
    very similar to the one found on Mr. Deacon's corpse.
    Agent Lang then appears with Shih-na, Lauren and Lance. 
    Lang takes one look at the pendant, and he finds Lauren's 
    name on it. Does that mean...Lauren is a kidnapper?
    Lauren admits to being one of the kidnappers. Lang 
    decides that means she is also the killer, because the 
    killer was a kidnapper, and he decides to end the 
    investigation. (Officer Meekins was cleared of all 
    crimes, offscreen.)
    Lauren confesses to the murder, but Edgeworth finds this 
    to be a little too convenient. He demands that she give 
    testimony about the murder. 
    To get through this part of the game...
    Examine the neck hole.
    Cross-Examination: Ms. Paups' Confession
    Mr. Deacon made up the kidnapping plan, but as soon as 
    they got the money, he turned on Lauren and tried to kill 
    Woah! Mr. Deacon tried to kill her? That's very 
    interesting, but that series of events doesn't really 
    follow from the evidence because, as you may have figured 
    out, Lauren is really Mr. Deacon's daughter. She has an 
    unknown father, he has an unknown daughter, and they have 
    matching pendants, after all.
    Go to the statement about Mr. Deacon trying to kill her. 
    Press it, then raise an objection. Present Mr. Deacon's 
    pendant and then Lauren's pendant. The two of them fit 
    together to form Pegasus, the name of the plane her 
    father used to ride.
    Present the dossier on Colin Devorae, and highlight the 
    word "daughter".
    Clearly, Mr. Devorae pretended to be Mr. Deacon, in order 
    to get close to his daughter. He couldn't reveal his 
    identity to her, though, because he was a criminal on the 
    run from the law.
    Lang begins to laugh at this point, and he offers another 
    interpretation of events.
    To get through this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "...Mr. Deacon turned on me, and 
    tried to kill me!"
    Select "Raise an objection".
    Present Mr. Deacon's Pendant.
    Present Ms. Paups's Pendant.
    Present Colin Devorae Dossier.
    Select the word "daughter".
    Cross-Examination: Another Possibility
    What if Lauren and the victim are related, but they both 
    knew it? They were working together, as family members, 
    to commit the kidnapping.
    Lang's theory is wrong, in that his information is not 
    up-to-date. He still thinks there are two kidnappers. The 
    recent investigation in the kidnappers' hideout shows 
    that there were really THREE kidnappers.
    So, go to the statement about "the two of them", and 
    present the stolen costumes (which shows there are three 
    kidnappers, not two). Edgeworth thinks the third 
    kidnapper is the real mastermind behind the kidnapping, 
    and he knew that Lauren and the victim were related.
    Who is this third kidnapper? Lance Amano. Present his 
    picture at this juncture. That's right, Lance faked his 
    own kidnapping. Lance denies this, so Edgeworth requests 
    some testimony about his overly convenient escape from 
    the kidnappers.
    To sum up this cross-examination...
    Present the stolen costumes at the statement "And the two 
    of them made good use of their meetings to plan this 
    little kidnapping."
    Present Lance Amano.
    Cross-Examination: Lance's Testimony
    Lance was kidnapped and held hostage. He was blindfolded 
    the whole time, but when it started raining, the 
    kidnappers left. This allowed him to make his escape.
    Press the statement about Lance escaping. He gives more 
    information about how he escaped, and he says he used the 
    underground passageway, because the door was locked.
    From our earlier investigation, we know the door was not 
    locked. The kidnappers just put a sword in the handle, to 
    make it impossible to open from the outside. Someone from 
    the inside could have easily removed the sword.
    Present the prop sword at the statement about the locked 
    door. Edgeworth explains that Lance only made it seem 
    like the door was locked, because it was a fake 
    Lang interrupts and asks for a motive. Why would Lance 
    fake his own kidnapping? Present the love letter, which 
    shows that Lance has massive debts. He needed the ransom 
    money to pay off Tender Loan.
    Lance confesses that he is the third kidnapper. But of 
    course, he doesn't admit to the murder. Instead, he 
    follows what Lauren said earlier, and he claims that the 
    victim tried to kill Lauren, at which point, she killed 
    him in self-defense.
    Lauren interrupts. She is upset because, according to 
    this series of events, she killed her father.
    To sum up this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "I made my escape and ran away from 
    that room as fast as I could."
    Present the broken prop sword at the statement "The door 
    leading outside was locked tight, so I had to use the 
    underground passageway."
    Present the love letter.
    Cross-Examination: Chain of Events
    The Bad Badger was at the stadium, with a gun and the 
    ransom money. The badger aimed his gun at her, and she 
    shot him with the gun she got from Lance.
    Press the statement about the badger aiming the gun at 
    her. She will clarify with a new statement, which says 
    the gun was in the victim's left hand.
    Present the Dossier at this statement. The victim was 
    right-handed, not left-handed! Agent Lang interrupts, 
    saying that the Bad Badger HAD to have the gun in his 
    left hand. The costume comes with a fake gun (only 
    capable of firing blanks) tied to the right hand. 
    Therefore, the only hand that the victim could hold the 
    gun in was the left hand.
    However, the victim was pulling a suitcase, while holding 
    the gun. So...one hand had the real gun, one hand had the 
    fake gun, and one hand had the suitcase? That's just 
    plain confusing. Clearly, there's a mistake here.
    Edgeworth comes up with a solution: the person was not 
    wearing a Bad Badger costume. He was wearing a Blue 
    Badger costume, with the Bad Badger head on top. After 
    all, we found a Bad Badger head, all by itself.
    Select "both are correct", then present the Bad Badger 
    head. Select the Proto Badger, and Edgeworth explains his 
    theory in more detail. Lance told Lauren that Oliver 
    Deacon had gone rogue, and he gave her a gun to protect 
    herself. Later, he disguised himself as Oliver Deacon, 
    using the Bad Badger's head. He went to Lauren, scared 
    her, and she shot him in self-defense. It was all a set-
    up to make her think that she was the killer!
    Supporting this theory is the fact that Lance is the only 
    left-handed kidnapper.
    Lang brings up a possible problem. If Lance was shot by 
    Lauren, why is he completely unharmed? Present the model 
    gun at this point. Lance didn't give her a REAL gun; he 
    gave her the fake gun that only shoots blanks.
    Lauren interrupts at this point. She knows for a fact 
    that the victim went rogue. After all, she saw him tied 
    up at one point. 
    To sum up this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "But that Badger pointed his gun at 
    me, aiming to shoot me dead!"
    Present Colin Devorae Dossier at the statement "But that 
    Badger pointed the gun in his left hand at me, aiming to 
    shoot me dead!"
    Select "Both are correct".
    Present the Bad Badger's Head.
    Select the Proto Badger.
    Present the missing model gun.
    Cross-Examination: What Ms. Paups Saw
    By the time Lauren returned to the hideout, Lance had 
    already subdued Mr. Deacon and tied him up, in the other 
    room. She saw him.
    Press the statement about Mr. Deacon being tied up in the 
    other room. That's the room Edgeworth was held hostage 
    in, if you don't remember. She didn't get a close look, 
    but she knows it's Mr. Deacon because he was wearing a 
    Bad Badger head. This is added to her testimony.
    Press the new statement about the Bad Badger head. Select 
    "raise an objection", the present the Bad Badger head. 
    Lance fooled her into thinking someone else was Mr. 
    Deacon, twice, by using the Bad Badger head.
    But who was the person who was tied up? That was Miles 
    Edgeworth. Select Edgeworth at this opportunity, and he 
    explains. Edgeworth was tied up in that room, at the 
    time. It was a simple matter for Lance to put a Bad 
    Badger head on Edgeworth's unconscious body.
    Why did Lance go through all the trouble of tricking 
    Lauren? He wanted her (and everyone else) to think the 
    murder took place at the stadium, long after the murder 
    really took place elsewhere. That way, everyone would 
    think she is the murderer, not him.
    To sum up this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "He had tied Mr. Deacon securely to 
    the beam in the room next door."
    Press the statement "The captive had a Bad Badger's head 
    on, so I'm absolutely sure it was Mr. Deacon".
    Select "Raise an objection".
    Present the Bad Badger's Head.
    Select "Miles Edgeworth".
    Ernest Amano shows up, with new evidence: the murder 
    weapon and the victim's costume. Conveniently, this 
    evidence makes his son look innocent of all charges.
    Edgeworth decides to examine this evidence. Look at three 
    things: the gun, the bullet hole, and the neck hole.
    The bullet hole proves the shooting took place at close 
    range. The neck hole has a lot of mirror fragments 
    inside. The gun is, well...a gun. It gets added to 
    Lance testifies about the new evidence.
    To sum up this bit of the game...
    Examine the bullet hole.
    Examine the gun.
    Examine the neck hole.
    Cross-Examination: Decisive Evidence
    There are fingerprints on the gun, which prove that 
    Lauren is the killer. But it's not really her fault; she 
    shot him in self-defense.
    Press the first statement. Edgeworth will object to the 
    fact that Lauren's fingerprints are on the murder weapon. 
    After all, she was wearing a Blue Badger costume at the 
    time of the alleged shooting. Present the stolen costumes 
    to prove this.
    Lauren talks about the only time she touched the gun with 
    her bare hands, which was at a completely unrelated time. 
    So the fact that her fingerprints are on the gun is just 
    a coincidence.
    Edgeworth then explains that the scene at the stadium was 
    just a set-up. Edgeworth suspected this for a while, but 
    the bullet hole in the costume proves this, because it 
    shows the murder was at point blank range.
    Present the victim's costume, then the bullet hole.
    Edgeworth is challenged to locate the real crime scene. 
    It took place at the Haunted House. Select the haunted 
    house, then present the mirror fragments from the 
    victim's costume to support this idea.
    We have to go to the Haunted House to investigate, but 
    unfortunately for us, Ernest Amano has just purchased the 
    Haunted House. He refuses to let us investigate there, as 
    it is now his private property. Oh no!
    To sum up this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "Make no mistake. There are 
    fingerprints on that murderous gun."
    Select "Raise an objection".
    Present the stolen costumes.
    Present the victim's costume.
    Select the bullet hole.
    Select the haunted house.
    Present the mirror fragments. 
    5e. The Haunted House
    Edgeworth can't investigate the haunted house, the real 
    scene of the crime. However, Kay Faraday still has the 
    Little Thief. She uses it to recreate the crime scene.
    Edgeworth recaps the situation. A Blue Badger mannequin 
    is at the end of the hallway. Edgeworth entered a room, 
    dropped off the money, then returned to the hallway. At 
    this point, he was attacked by the Blue Badger.
    Select the green dot that represents the Blue Badger 
    character. The most likely explanation is that the 
    mannequin wasn't a mannequin at all, but a kidnapper in 
    disguise. Lance says it was a Bad Badger character, 
    because he wants everyone to think Mr. Deacon is the one 
    who knocked Edgeworth unconscious. 
    Look at the Bad Badger. Kay has a blank weapon, because 
    she doesn't know what the real weapon is. Well, Edgeworth 
    was hit on the right side of the head, and there's a 
    plausible weapon in the hallway: the sword.
    Present the broken prop sword here. Select "test with 
    Luminol" as the means for proving the sword is the weapon 
    used to attack Edgeworth. The test is performed, and the 
    blood is on the left-hand side of the sword. Therefore, 
    the attacker hit Edgeworth on the right side of his head 
    with the left side of the sword.
    Wait...does that make sense? After all, the attacker held 
    the sword in his left hand. It's kind of difficult to hit 
    someone with the left side of a sword, if you're holding 
    it in your left hand. Did the attacker use a backhanded 
    attack or something?
    Deduce at the left hand of the attacker, and then present 
    the sword. Kay figures that the way to clear up this 
    problem is by switching the weapon from the left hand to 
    the right, but that doesn't work, either. Why? Present 
    the Blue Badger Bible to show that the Bad Badger has a 
    gun in his right hand.
    So there's a contradiction, no matter which hand held the 
    sword. Lance then speaks up and admits that he is the one 
    who attacked Edgeworth, not Mr. Deacon. Lance used his 
    right hand to attack, in an attempt to frame Mr. Deacon.
    The hologram is updated, to show that the Proto Badger 
    was the one who attacked Edgeworth.
    Agent Lang interrupts, telling our heroes about a trick 
    to the Haunted House. It has a disappearing badger trick, 
    where a Blue Badger mannequin disappears. The mannequin 
    at the end of this hallway is just that: a mannequin, not 
    an attacker in disguise.
    Kay updates the hologram again. Now, we have the problem 
    of trying to figure out where the attacker was hiding, in 
    this hallway.
    Look at the Blue Badger mannequin. Wait a second...the 
    belt is backwards! Deduce at the belt and present the 
    Blue Badger Bible. The fact that the belt is in reverse 
    is added to Logic.
    Look at the mirror on the wall, near the Blue Badger. We 
    get Logic about the mirror shards. They don't match the 
    mirror shards found in the victim's costume, oddly 
    Now that we have two pieces of Logic...
    Using Logic, connect the two pieces of Logic. Clearly, 
    the mannequin is in reverse, because it's a mirror image. 
    The hallway has a rotating mirror wall!
    Present the Gatewater Land Pamphlet to explain why it has 
    a rotating mirror wall. It's so they can do the 
    Disappearing Badger trick. Simply rotate the wall, the 
    badger "magically" disappears. Select "move the mirror-
    wall" to explain this.
    The mirror-wall trick might seem irrelevant, but it's 
    not. It shows the hiding place of the attacker. The 
    attacker was hiding behind the rotating wall!
    All right, so that's just about everything. There is only 
    one more thing to point out: where the victim's body was. 
    It was in the far left, in the area that was hidden by 
    the rotating mirror wall.
    Kay then turns off the hologram.
    What is the badger that Edgeworth saw, shortly before he 
    was attacked? It was the victim's costume, so present the 
    victim's costume at this juncture.
    Edgeworth will now put all his conclusions together to 
    make Lance Amano look guilty. Lance eventually confesses. 
    Lance is arrested on the charge of murder, and Ernest 
    Amano is also arrested, on the charge of tampering with 
    Agent Lang then takes this opportunity to grill Ernest 
    Amano about his connection to the smuggling ring. But 
    then Prosecutor Portsman shows up and takes control of 
    the case. He leaves with Amanos and Buddy Faith.
    Lang then tries to insult Edgeworth, to no avail. Lang 
    knows there is a corrupt prosecutor in this town, one who 
    works for the smuggling ring and Ernest Amano. Well, it's 
    not Edgeworth, so stop giving Edgeworth a hard time, 
    Agent Lang!
    After discussions with Shih-na and Lauren Paups, everyone 
    leaves, except for Gumshoe, Kay and Edgeworth. Kay 
    reminds Edgeworth of the first time she met Edgeworth and 
    Gumshoe, seven years ago, in the second KG-8 Incident...
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Select the green dot.
    Examine the Bad Badger.
    Present the broken prop sword.
    Select "Test with Luminol"
    Deduce at the left hand.
    Present the broken prop sword.
    Present the Blue Badger Bible.
    Examine the Blue Badger.
    Deduce at the belt.
    Present the Blue Badger Bible.
    Examine the mirror on the wall, near the Blue Badger.
    Using Logic, connect "Blue Badger in reverse" with 
    "Mirror shards".
    Present the Gatewater Land Pamphlet.
    Select "Move the mirror-wall".
    Select the grayed-out area on the left, behind the 
    Select the same area again, the area on the far left.
    Present the victim's costume.
    6. Turnabout Reminiscence 
    Edgeworth remembers an episode seven years ago, when he 
    first met Kay Faraday and Detective Gumshoe. Edgeworth 
    was scheduled to be the prosecutor at his very first 
    trial that day...
    And what a trial it was! Byrne Faraday, the prosecutor, 
    was going up against Calisto Yew, the defense attorney, 
    in the trial of Mack Rell. Mack was caught performing the 
    murder on tape, but Mack says he's not responsible for 
    the crime. He was ordered to the kill the victim...by 
    Byrne Faraday!
    6a. A Double Murder
    The case begins with Edgeworth in the courthouse. He has 
    been selected to take control of the trial, away from 
    Byrne Faraday.
    Manfred von Karma steps into the room and talks with 
    Edgeworth. Talk with him about everything to get an 
    overview of the case.
    The defendant, Mack Rell, was accused of murdering 
    someone named Deid Mann in an embassy. The murder was 
    caught on camera. Rell's defense is that he was ordered 
    to commit the murder. Who ordered him to do it? The 
    Yatagarasu, Byrne Faraday!
    Here's where things get more complicated. People call 
    this trial "The second KG-8 Incident". Three years ago, 
    there was a case called the KG-8 Incident. This was back 
    when Colin Devorae was arrested on smuggling charges. A 
    woman named Cece Yew was going to testify against him, 
    but she was killed shortly before she was supposed to 
    appear in court.
    The suspect in Yew's murder was Manny Coachen, who works 
    at the embassy. Coachen was found innocent of all 
    charges, because the evidence against him disappeared 
    shortly before the trial.
    You can see how Edgeworth's current trial and the KG-8 
    incident are related. They both had Byrne Faraday as the 
    leading prosecutor, and they both involve someone getting 
    killed shortly before he or she appeared in court to 
    testify against the smuggling ring.
    The difference between the two cases is that the 
    Yatagarasu is somehow mixed up in the current trial. The 
    Yatagarasu visited the embassy, which is the scene of the 
    murder, on the very day the murder occurred. That's most 
    likely not a coincidence.
    Young Kay Faraday shows up and trades Edgeworth a lot of 
    coins for a dollar bill. Then, the trial begins!
    Edgeworth and Manfred appear in court, but the defense 
    lawyer doesn't. Byrne Faraday also fails to appear, even 
    though he's scheduled to give the videotape of the murder 
    to Edgeworth, so it can be used as evidence in the trial.
    Detective Gumshoe runs in, saying that both Byrne Faraday 
    and Mack Rell have been killed in Defendant Lobby #2.
    Edgeworth goes the hallway that leads to the defendant 
    lobby. He meets the defense attorney, the lead detective 
    on the case, and Detective Gumshoe. Talk to all three of 
    the characters about everything.
    Gumshoe says that he was recently made a detective. He 
    was assigned to guard the hallway, during the time of the 
    murder. Gumshoe swears he didn't hear anything the whole 
    time, until the murderous gunshot.
    The woman in blue is Calisto Yew, the defense attorney. 
    She has a bad habit of laughing uncontrollably, 
    especially at Edgeworth's uppity manners. She doesn't 
    have much to say.
    Talk to Detective Badd, who is the main detective on the 
    case. He is Detective Gumshoe's boss, and he was going to 
    be a witness in the trial, due to his knowledge of the 
    Badd tells Edgeworth about the double murder. Faraday was 
    stabbed to death, and he was found with a gun in his 
    hand. The other victim, Mack Rell, was shot and killed, 
    and he was found with a bloody knife in his hand.
    Apparently, Faraday shot Mack Rell around the same time 
    that Mack Rell stabbed Faraday.
    Manny Coachen, the suspect from the first KG-8 Incident, 
    then appears to talk with Calisto Yew. The two of them 
    leave to talk.
    Manfred von Karma appears. He puts Edgeworth and his 
    daughter Franziska in charge of the investigation. 
    Detective Badd is not happy to have two children in 
    charge of the investigation, but he lets them in. 
    Franziska, of course, thinks she is better than 
    Edgeworth, so she expects to solve the murder mystery 
    before he does.
    To get through this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Manfred von Karma about everything.
    Talk to Detective Gumshoe about everything.
    Talk to Calisto Yew about everything.
    Talk to Detective Badd about everything.
    The investigation begins after some discussion. Badd 
    tells Edgeworth about the murder weapons, which came from 
    Faraday's bag of evidence. No one is sure where the knife 
    came from, because he didn't declare the knife as a piece 
    of evidence.
    The current theory is that Faraday attacked Rell first.
    You might as well begin the investigation by looking at 
    everything you can, then looking at the corpses. The 
    three things you need to look at are the television, the 
    window near the television, and the table at the bottom 
    of the screen.
    When you look at the window, Edgeworth notes that it is 
    open. There are also bars on the window. He adds this to 
    When you look at the table at the bottom of the screen, 
    Edgeworth notes that it is very clean and tidy. That's 
    pretty odd, considering that the plastic bags on the 
    table were scattered on the floor during Faraday and 
    Rell's struggle. The suspiciously clean table is added to 
    When you examine the television, you learn that the 
    volume on it has been turned up all the way.
    Examine the corpses, so you can see them in more detail. 
    There are four things you need to examine here: the gun, 
    the knife, the plastic bag with blood on it, and 
    Faraday's ink-stained hand.
    When you examine the knife, Edgeworth adds it to 
    evidence. When you examine the gun, Edgeworth adds it to 
    When you examine the bloody bag, it gets added to Logic. 
    Why are there empty evidence bags strewn around the 
    ground, and why is one covered in blood? Does it show 
    that the two victims were fighting?
    When you examine Faraday's ink-stained hand, you learn 
    that the ink stain is, well, made from ink. This is added 
    to Logic.
    Once you examine the four things--the gun, the knife, the 
    bloody bag and Faraday's ink-stained hand--the two bodies 
    get turned over. Now, you can look at three new things: 
    Faraday's pocket and the two fatal wounds.
    When you look at Mr. Rell's chest wound, Edgeworth notes 
    that there are no burn marks on his clothes. Ergo, he was 
    shot from a distance of a yard or two.
    When you look at Faraday's wound, Edgeworth sends someone 
    to check that the knife in Rell's hand is the murder 
    When you examine Faraday's pocket, you find a fountain 
    pen inside. This is added to Logic.
    LOGIC TIME! Connect the ink stain with the pen, and 
    Edgeworth deduces that the pen made the ink stain on 
    Faraday's hand. Well, if the stain is on his left hand, 
    he must be left-handed.
    Also in logic, connect the neat and tidy table with the 
    plastic bags. Edgeworth makes special note of the bloody 
    bag. The lab guy investigates it, and it turns out the 
    blood is Mr. Faraday's. The bag is added to evidence.
    Edgeworth figures out a contradiction in the scene. 
    Deduce at Faraday's right hand, the one with the gun in 
    it. Then, present the fountain pen. If he's left-handed, 
    why did he fire a gun with his right hand?
    Investigation complete. The autopsy report comes in. 
    Then, Franziska speaks up, saying she's solved the entire 
    case. Edgeworth decides to cross-examine her explanation.
    To summarize this bit of examination...
    Examine the window.
    Examine the television.
    Examine the table.
    Examine the dead bodies.
    Examine the gun.
    Examine the knife.
    Examine the plastic bag with blood on it.
    Examine Faraday's ink-stained hand.
    Examine Faraday's wound.
    Examine Rell's wound.
    Examine Faraday's pocket.
    Using Logic, connect "Ink stain" with "Fountain pen in 
    Using Logic, connect "Neat and tidy table" with "Plastic 
    bags strewn about".
    Deduce at Faraday's hand, which is holding the gun.
    Cross-Examination: What Happened
    Faraday died instantly. Rell survived for a few seconds, 
    during which he stole the knife from Faraday and stabbed 
    the man.
    Press the third statement to get a new piece of 
    testimony, about the violent struggle between the two 
    men. At this statement, present Gumshoe's testimony, 
    which says he heard nothing at all. Why didn't their 
    struggle make any noise?
    An alternate course of events is offered. What if there 
    was no struggle? Maybe Rell instigated the incident by 
    taking the knife from Faraday's bag. Is that likely?
    Select "Yes, something is off." The new scenario is 
    unlikely, because Faraday had to have attacked first. 
    Prove this by presenting the crime scene notes. These 
    show that Faraday died instantly, so he couldn't have 
    counterattacked Rell.
    Franziska reinforces her original theory. Rell was 
    attacked first. He counterattacked, and killed Faraday 
    instantly. He died shortly afterwards.
    There's still something wrong with this scenario. Select 
    "the order the bodies fell". Rell clearly died before 
    Faraday, as his body is under Faraday's.
    Franziska bounces back quickly, though, and she comes up 
    with a new explanation.
    To summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "And Mr. Rell, while on the brink of 
    death, stole Mr. Faraday's knife and stabbed him."
    Present Detective Gumshoe's Testimony at the statement 
    "They struggled, and Mr. Rell used the last of his 
    strength to counterattack Mr. Faraday."
    Select "Yes, something is off."
    Present the crime scene notes.
    Select "The order the bodies fell".
    Cross-Examination: What Happened, Pt. 2
    The order the bodies fell in was complete chance. They 
    attacked each other near-simultaneously, after all. Which 
    body ended up on the bottom doesn't matter.
    Well, that's a short testimony. Press the statement that 
    says they attacked each other at the same time to get a 
    new piece of testimony. The new testimony says they were 
    at close range when they attacked each other.
    Present the handgun at this statement. The gun shows that 
    Rell was a yard or two away from Faraday, when Rell was 
    shot. Alternately, present the crime scene notes at this 
    Edgeworth is then challenged to say who attacked first. 
    Select "neither man". We've got contradictions, no matter 
    who attacked first. Therefore, it seems likely that a 
    third person killed both men, and that person fabricated 
    the crime scene to make it look like they attacked each 
    Edgeworth needs evidence to back this up, though. Present 
    either the handgun or the plastic bag. The bags indicate 
    someone else was here, because they were scattered on the 
    ground to make it look like there was a struggle. The gun 
    indicates someone else was here, because it was fired 
    from a distance, yet both men could not have been very 
    far from each other when they died.
    To summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "...which indicates that they 
    attacked each other at the same time."
    Present the handgun or the crime scene notes at the 
    statement "That fact indicates that they attacked each 
    other at the same time from close range."
    Select "Neither man".
    Present the plastic bag or the handgun.
    Calisto Yew appears with the Judge. She has a new 
    suspect: Detective Gumshoe. He must be the third person, 
    who committed the murder! To back up her theory, she has 
    the testimony of the Judge, who looked down the hallway 
    during the recess, but he did not see Detective Gumshoe.
    Edgeworth asks Gumshoe a question. Ask about his motive. 
    He claims he had none, but Yew disagrees. She gives 
    testimony about this.
    To get through this piece of investigation...
    Select "Motive for the murders".
    Cross-Examination: Gumshoe's Motive
    About a week ago, there was a public scene between 
    Gumshoe and Faraday. Faraday yelled at Gumshoe and cut 
    his salary.
    The contradiction in this testimony is the fact that it 
    ignores the motive for killing Mr. Rell. Go to the 
    statement about the explanation being perfect, then raise 
    an objection. Select "motive for killing Mr. Rell".
    Yew admits she doesn't know this motive, nor does she 
    know anyone with a motive to kill both men. She gives 
    more testimony.
    To get through this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "Well? How's that for the 'perfect 
    Select "Raise an objection".
    Select "Motive for killing Mr. Rell".
    Cross-Examination: Motive to Kill the Men
    The murderer wanted to kill one of the men. He or she 
    then killed the other man, because he was a witness. No 
    one wanted to kill both men.
    Go to the statement which says no one has a motive to 
    kill both men. Present the KG-8 Incident overview, which 
    shows Manny Coachen, for one, has a reason to kill both 
    men. Coachen would have killed Rell in revenge for Rell 
    killing Coachen's co-worker. Coachen would have killed 
    Faraday, in revenge for prosecuting Coachen three years 
    Coachen has an alibi for the time of the murder, though, 
    so he is instantly cleared. It looks like Gumshoe is 
    still the lead suspect, so he is taken for interrogation. 
    Everyone leaves, except Edgeworth and Calisto Yew.
    Talk to her about the KG-8 Incident. She pretends to know 
    nothing about it. Present the KG-8 Incident overview, 
    then select "through the victim". The victim is Cece Yew, 
    and Calisto is Calisto Yew? Coincidence?
    Calisto admits that Cece is her sister. Yew is still 
    upset about how the KG-8 trial happened. She agreed to be 
    Mr. Rell's lawyer, in hopes of learning new information 
    about her sister's death, but she hasn't had any luck.
    Edgeworth can also talk to Calisto about Manny Coachen. 
    Coachen definitely killed her sister in the original 
    incident, but he was found innocent because the smuggling 
    ring stole the evidence right before the trial.
    When Coachen talked to Calisto earlier, he taunted her 
    inability to prove anything. She slapped him when he did 
    this. The conversation between the two lawyers ends 
    shortly after.
    To get through this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the KG-8 Incident Overview at the statement 
    "There's no one out there with a motive to kill both Mr. 
    Faraday and Mr. Rell."
    Talk to Yew about the KG-8 Incident.
    Present the KG-8 Incident overview.
    Select "through the victim".
    Talk to Yew about everything.
    6b. Gumshoe in the Hallway
    The case picks up again with Franziska and Edgeworth 
    talking to Manfred von Karma. Manfred wants to go home, 
    because the trial is never going to happen, due to the 
    death of the defendant. It looks like Edgeworth will have 
    to wait a bit before his first trial.
    Franziska convinces her father to let Edgeworth and her 
    keep investigating. Manfred then leaves.
    The first order of business is to talk to the characters 
    related to the case. Gumshoe is busy right now, so talk 
    to Calisto Yew. There are four conversation topics, and 
    you must go through them all.
    When you talk about Detective Badd, Calisto reveals that 
    he was the detective on the original KG-8 Incident. Badd 
    was the one who was guarding Cece Yew at the time of 
    Yew's death. Calisto is still kind of bitter about Badd's 
    When you talk about the time of the murder, Calisto says 
    that she was with Badd in the other Defendant Lobby at 
    the time. She was planning on talking with Mack Rell, but 
    a furious Faraday grabbed Rell and dragged him into the 
    other room.
    When you talk about Mack Rell, Calisto reveals that she 
    knew he was the real murderer, and that he was not the 
    Yatagarasu. Edgeworth and Franziska are disgusted that 
    Yew would knowingly defend a guilty man. Yew claims she 
    only did it to get more information about KG-8 and her 
    sister's death. Yew makes a point of saying that she was 
    NOT intending on getting Rell an innocent verdict.
    When you talk about the Yatagarasu, Calisto says that a 
    lot of companies hire her to protect them from the 
    Once you talk to Calisto about all four things, you can 
    talk to Detective Gumshoe. You can talk to him about 
    three things: his motive, what happened during the 
    recess, and the next step.
    The motive, if you remember, is that Faraday yelled at 
    Gumshoe. Gumshoe reveals that he went to the wrong office 
    on his first day as a detective, which is why Faraday 
    yelled at him.
    When you talk about the recess, Gumshoe claims that he 
    was guarding the hallway the whole time. He did this, 
    because Detective Badd ordered him to.
    When you talk to Gumshoe about the next step, Franziska 
    finds Gumshoe's annual bonus envelope. Gumshoe's bonus 
    was five dollars, and he cashed it today.
    The guards come to take Gumshoe away for questioning, but 
    Edgeworth has one last thing to talk to Gumshoe about: 
    his testimony. Present Gumshoe's testimony to Gumshoe. 
    Gumshoe confirms that he heard no sound at all from his 
    guard post in the hallway, and that no one entered the 
    hallway at all.
    Kay Faraday shows up and kicks Edgeworth. As she runs 
    away, she drops a Swiss roll.
    Go through the exit on the left to reach the hallway that 
    Gumshoe was guarding.
    To get through this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Yew about everything.
    Talk to Gumshoe about everything.
    Present Detective Gumshoe's testimony to Gumshoe.
    Edgeworth is going to investigate the hallway where 
    Gumshoe was standing guard. The door on the left leads to 
    the scene of the murder, and the door on the right leads 
    to the room where Calisto Yew was speaking with Detective 
    Badd. We won't enter any of these rooms during the 
    hallway investigation.
    The Judge is here. Talk to him about the time of the 
    murder. He says that he went to the men's restroom during 
    the recess. You can see the men's restroom through the 
    window at the end of the hallway.
    When the Judge entered the restroom, he looked through 
    the window and saw Gumshoe in the hallway, buying 
    something from a vending machine. When the Judge left the 
    restroom, he looked through the window...but Gumshoe 
    wasn't anywhere in sight!
    The Judge didn't think anything of this at the time, 
    until he heard about the murders. The fact that Gumshoe 
    disappeared at one point when he was on guard duty seems 
    quite relevant to the case, especially if Gumshoe is the 
    main suspect.
    Talk to Detective Badd about everything. When you talk to 
    him about Gumshoe, he talks about how he told Gumshoe to 
    stand guard. Badd confirms that he was talking with Yew 
    at the time of the murder.
    When you talk to Badd about the gunshot, he says that he 
    and Yew clearly heard the gunshot. They ran into the 
    hallway, he grabbed Gumshoe, and they went into the 
    Defendant Lobby where the two bodies were. This happened 
    in less than a minute.
    Edgeworth wonders if there is anything else to talk 
    about. Select "time he heard the gunshot" to get official 
    testimony from Badd. It happened shortly before the trial 
    was set to resume.
    Examine the orange vending machine to get some Logic 
    about the vending machines. The Logic basically says that 
    the vending machines are in the hallway.
    Then, go the window that the Judge looked through, the 
    window on the left side of the hallway. In the window, 
    you must look at the plant, the pink scrap, the handprint 
    on the bench and the pile of dirt on the floor.
    Look at the plant to determine that it is a cactus with 
    sharp needles. This is added to Logic.
    Look at the pink thing to determine it is made of rubber. 
    This is added to Logic. Edgeworth thinks the pink thing 
    is somehow...familiar.
    Using Logic, connect the cactus to the pink thing. The 
    pink this is actually the balloon that Kay Faraday had. 
    It was popped by the cactus.
    Look at the pile of dirt to learn that the ants here are 
    eating the leftover remains of a Swiss roll. This is 
    added to Logic.
    Look at the handprint on the bench to learn that it 
    belongs to Detective Gumshoe. He made this handprint when 
    he sat down on the bench to eat a Swiss roll. This is 
    added to evidence.
    Using Logic, connect the remains of the Swiss roll to the 
    vending machine. Edgeworth concludes that the Swiss roll 
    came from the vending machine, so let's take a closer 
    look at the vending machine in question.
    Go to the orange vending machine. Do you see a 
    contradiction here? Edgeworth does. Deduce at the price 
    of the Swiss rolls, then present Gumshoe's bonus check. 
    The Swiss rolls are six dollars, and Gumshoe only had 
    five dollars that day. How did he afford a Swiss roll?
    Investigation complete. Edgeworth now knows what happened 
    in the hallway, and it doesn't agree with what the Judge 
    said earlier. Edgeworth and Franziska then go to see the 
    Judge, in order to correct His Honor's testimony.
    To sum up this bit of investigation...
    Talk to the Judge about the time of the murder.
    Talk to Badd about Detective Gumshoe.
    Talk to Badd about the gunshot.
    Select "Time he heard the gunshot".
    Examine the orange vending machine.
    Go to the window on the far left.
      Look at the plant.
      Look at the pink scrap.
      Look at the handprint on the bench.
      Look at the pile of dirt on the ground.
    Using Logic, connect "Pink piece of trash" with 
    "Windowsill cactus".
    Using Logic, connect "Swiss roll crumbs" with "Vending 
    Examine the orange vending machine.
      Deduce at the price of the Swiss rolls.
      Present Gumshoe's annual bonus.
    Cross-Examination: What I Saw at Recess
    The Judge went to the restroom, where he could see the 
    hallway. The first time he looked in the hallway, Gumshoe 
    bought something from a vending machine. The second time 
    he looked, Gumshoe was gone. It's pretty suspicious that 
    Gumshoe disappeared when he was supposed to be on duty.
    Edgeworth's goal here is to show how Gumshoe 
    "disappeared". Gumshoe didn't really leave the hallway; 
    he just sat down on the bench under the window to eat his 
    newly-purchased Swiss roll. The Judge didn't see Gumshoe, 
    because Gumshoe was seated.
    To prove this, present Gumshoe's fingerprints at the 
    statement about Gumshoe disappearing. The bench is a 
    blind spot from the Judge's viewpoint, so pretty much 
    anyone sitting on the bench would have been out of view.
    The Judge demands that he be allowed to testify again.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Present Detective Gumshoe's Fingerprints at the statement 
    "But when I was about to exit the restroom, he had 
    completely disappeared!"
    Cross-Examination: What I Saw, Pt. 2
    Someone can sit on the bench and disappear from view. 
    This doesn't mean Gumshoe was on the bench at the time in 
    question! In any case, the most important thing here is 
    that Judge heard the gunshot around the time he looked 
    out the window.
    Woah, the Judge heard a gunshot? He should have mentioned 
    this much earlier! In any case, the problem with this 
    testimony is when it happened.
    Press the second statement, which says Gumshoe was not 
    necessarily sitting down at the time the Judge looked 
    through the window. The Judge will clarify when this 
    occurred. It was about twenty minutes before the trial 
    was set to resume, and this is added to the testimony.
    Detective Badd said that the gunshot was immediately 
    before the trial resumed. Present Badd's testimony at the 
    Judge's statement about when the gunshot occurred.
    The Judge is shocked, but he insists that he heard a loud 
    bang. Edgeworth can explain that. It was the popping of 
    Kay Faraday's balloon. Present the balloon scrap to prove 
    The Judge is sad that his testimony has been disproven, 
    and he regrets that he falsely accused Gumshoe. However, 
    Gumshoe isn't cleared of all charges yet. We still have a 
    question or two to ask him, such as, "How did he afford a 
    $6 Swiss roll with only $5?"
    Gumshoe is brought in to testify.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "However, that doesn't mean that the 
    Detective was sitting there when I looked!"
    Present Detective Badd's testimony at the statement 
    "Let's see...I looked into that hallway about 20 minutes 
    before we were to reconvene."
    Present the balloon piece.
    Cross-Examination: While I Was on Duty
    Gumshoe was summoned to the courthouse by Detective Badd. 
    He was told to guard the hallway, and specifically, he 
    was told to guard the door to the room where the murder 
    took place. Gumshoe was in the hallway the whole time, up 
    until the gunshot.
    Press the third statement, the one about Gumshoe being in 
    the hall the whole time. Gumshoe clarifies his statement 
    and says he did not move away from the door to Lobby 
    Number Two.
    This is easy to disprove. Present the fingerprints at the 
    new statement. Gumshoe moved away from the door when he 
    bought a Swiss roll and when he sat down to eat it!
    Gumshoe confesses that he bought a Swiss roll. He just 
    didn't want to say it, because he thought he'd be in 
    trouble for eating on the job.
    Edgeworth brings up the fact that the Swiss rolls are too 
    expensive for Gumshoe to buy on his own. Someone else was 
    in the hallway, and that person helped him buy a Swiss 
    Present the Swiss roll that Kay Faraday dropped in order 
    to prove this.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "From that time on, until I heard the 
    gunshot, I was in that hallway the whole time!"
    Present Detective Gumshoe's Fingerprints or the Swiss 
    roll at the statement "And until I heard the gunshot, I 
    didn't take a single step away from the Lobby No. 2 
    Present the Swiss roll.
    Kay Faraday then appears. She is mad because Edgeworth 
    has been mean to Gumshoe. Calm her down by giving her a 
    Swiss roll. Kay is happy to get the Swiss roll, but she 
    is upset that her father was killed. She blows her nose 
    on Edgeworth's cravat.
    Talk to Kay about her father. She says that she has a 
    promise notebook, made of promises to her father that she 
    always keeps.
    Talk to Kay about Detective Gumshoe and the Swiss rolls 
    to confirm what we've figured out. She and Gumshoe bought 
    a pack of Swiss rolls together.
    Gumshoe lied about the hallway, in order to protect Kay. 
    Why would he go through such trouble to protect a little 
    girl? Present the promise notebook. One of the promises 
    is "never take things from a stranger", which Kay did 
    when she accepted a Swiss roll from Gumshoe.
    So...Gumshoe was lying, at the expense of his job, to 
    keep his promise to a little girl. 
    Calisto Yew appears with an objection. In her eyes, 
    Edgeworth has proven that the only two people who were in 
    the hallway during the recess were Gumshoe and Kay. 
    Therefore, Gumshoe is still the most likely murder 
    Edgeworth and Franziska decide to investigate the only 
    place that hasn't been investigated, the other defendant 
    lobby that the hallway connects to.
    To sum up this bit of investigation...
    Present the Swiss roll to Kay.
    Talk to Kay about everything.
    Present the promise notebook. 
    6c. Figuring Things Out
    Edgeworth and Franziska go to the only place they haven't 
    been yet:  Defendant Lobby #1.
    As soon as Edgeworth walks in, he notices the 
    overpowering smell in the room. He also listens to Kay 
    Faraday talking to Detective Badd. Badd is much nicer to 
    her than he is to Edgeworth and Franziska.
    Our heroes are not actually going to investigate this 
    room. Instead, all they're going to do is talk with 
    Detective Badd.
    Talk to Detective Badd about everything. He says that the 
    overpowering smell in the room is the perfume that 
    Calisto Yew wears. She spilled a bottle of it when she 
    was in here earlier, talking with Badd. He opened the 
    window, but it didn't help.
    When you ask Detective Badd about the recess, he confirms 
    what he said earlier. He made the call to the station to 
    get Detective Gumshoe to the courthouse, then ordered 
    Gumshoe to guard the hallway. Immediately after this, 
    Calisto Yew pulled Badd into Lobby Number One, and they 
    talked until they heard the gunshot.
    Edgeworth concludes the conversation by goading Detective 
    Badd into talking about the KG-8 Incident, which becomes 
    a new conversation topic.
    When you talk about the KG-8 Incident, Badd says that he 
    and Faraday were working together to bring down the 
    smuggling ring. Their efforts were going to come to 
    fruition at the trial of Ernest Amano's secretary, Colin 
    Colin made a fake confession about being part of the 
    smuggling ring, even though he was innocent. Badd is 
    pretty sure that Ernest was behind the fake confession. 
    Faraday and Badd were going to use this opportunity to 
    bring in Cece Yew, to have her testify about the REAL 
    smuggling ring.
    But then she was killed by Manny Coachen. He was found 
    innocent at his trial, which happened later, because the 
    main piece of evidence was stolen. In the aftermath of 
    that trial, he met Calisto Yew.
    Talk to Bad about his relation to Yew. Badd and Faraday 
    met her on the day that Coachen was declared innocent due 
    to lack of evidence. Calisto was understandably upset 
    with them.
    Calisto is also going after the smuggling ring, to avenge 
    her sister's death. She's run into Badd and Faraday a few 
    times, on the trail of the smuggling ring. However, 
    nobody has yet been able to catch the leader of the ring.
    Talk to Badd about his relation to Faraday. They are a 
    prosecutor and detective team, sort of like Edgeworth and 
    Gumshoe. Their biggest case is the Yatagarasu case, even 
    though the Yatagarasu hasn't been caught yet. Badd was 
    supposed to testify in court today about the Yatagarasu.
    Talk to Badd about the Yatagarasu. Edgeworth thinks that 
    Yatagarasu might be involved, because both of the murder 
    victims in this case were, at one time or another, 
    accused to being the Yatagarasu.
    Badd explains why the Yatagarasu is never caught. First, 
    he always knows the location of the target object. 
    Second, he knows how to get past the security. Third, he 
    never leaves evidence behind.
    In this case, the Yatagarasu sent some evidence to the 
    police. The evidence is the Yatagarasu's Key, and they 
    know it's from the real Yatagarasu, because it came with 
    the thief's special calling card.
    Edgeworth and Franziska are summoned to the courtroom, to 
    examine the evidence that Faraday was going to use in the 
    trial. Go to the Prosecutor's bench, which is the one on 
    the left, and examine the evidence.
    There are four pieces of evidence: a gun, a knife, an 
    organizer and a folder. Examine all four of them.
    The envelope contains documents about the trial that was 
    supposed to take place. Edgeworth recaps the case for 
    Franziska, and he specifically brings up the best piece 
    of evidence: a videotape of Rell committing the murder. 
    This video was shown in court, and the sound of the 
    gunshot was crystal clear.
    The gun is a definitive piece of evidence, because it was 
    the murder weapon, and Rell had the gun when he was 
    The organizer contains Faraday's plans for winning the 
    trial. He planned on using the videotape, as well as the 
    gun. Faraday also had some evidence called the 
    Yatagarasu's Key, which proves that Rell is not the real 
    A picture of the Yatagarasu's Key is inside the 
    organizer. Edgeworth figures this is important. After 
    all, the Yatagarasu mailed it to the police.
    Examine the organizer before examining the knife, and 
    Edgeworth will note that the knife was not mentioned in 
    the organizer. In the same way, we have a piece of 
    evidence that was mentioned in the organizer which is NOT 
    here: The Yatagarasu's Key.
    Present the Yatagarasu's Key. The knife and the key have 
    the same handle. Edgeworth suggests that the knife and 
    the key are one and the same. He examines the knife in 
    more detail.
    Press the button on the bottom of the knife handle. It 
    turns into a key. Press the button again, and it turns 
    into a knife. The key can turn into a knife! That's odd.
    It's starting to look like the Yatagarasu is the 
    murderer, because nobody besides the Yatagarasu knew that 
    the key could be turned into a knife.
    Edgeworth notes that some evidence is missing, namely, 
    the videotape that was shown in court, the one with the 
    loud gunshot recorded on it. The Judge has no idea where 
    it is. Maybe it's still in the TV in Defendant Lobby 
    Number Two?
    Edgeworth returns to the scene of the crime, where he 
    sees Detective Badd talking with Shi-Long Lang. As usual, 
    Agent Lang is a jerk to Edgeworth.
    Lang leaves almost immediately, and our heroes talk to 
    Detective Badd for a bit.
    Talk to Detective Badd about the time of the murder. He 
    refuses to help. Show him the Yatagarasu's Key by 
    presenting it to him. He is shocked by the fact that the 
    key can turn into a knife. Badd confirms that nobody knew 
    about this trick, and he confirms that he has been 
    looking for the key.
    You can talk to Badd about the time of the murder again. 
    Do so, and he will give you testimony.
    To get through this piece of investigation...
    Talk to Badd about everything.
    Examine the evidence on the bench on the left.
    Examine the folder.
    Examine the gun.
    Examine the organizer.
    Examine the knife.
    Present the Yatagarasu's Key.
    Examine the bottom of the knife handle.
    Talk to Detective Badd about the time of the murder.
    Present the Yatagarasu's Key to Badd.
    Talk to Badd about the time of the murder.
    Cross-Examination: Det. Badd's Movements
    He was with Yew in the other defendant lobby. They spoke 
    about trivial things. The gunshot sounded right before 
    the trial, and Yew and Badd ran to the hallway. They 
    grabbed Gumshoe and went to the room where the bodies 
    were found.
    Press the third statement, the one about the gunshot. 
    Badd confirms that he didn't hear any other sounds during 
    the recess. This is added to the testimony.
    At the statement which says Badd didn't hear anything, 
    present the balloon piece. Why didn't he hear the balloon 
    pop? After all, the Judge heard it, and he was in the 
    next building.
    Badd is completely unfazed at the flaw in his testimony. 
    He explains that the defendant lobbies are soundproof, 
    which is why he didn't hear the balloon pop.
    Well, jeez! Why didn't anyone mention this before? The 
    fact that the rooms are soundproof casts a whole new 
    light upon Gumshoe's Testimony, which says he didn't hear 
    a struggle in the room. Are we going to have to revise 
    the deductions we made, based off that testimony?
    Edgeworth notes an interesting contradiction. If the 
    rooms are soundproof, how did Badd hear the gunshot? It 
    looks like we'll have to investigate again, but first, 
    it's LOGIC TIME!
    We have four pieces of Logic. First, the window at the 
    crime scene is open. Second, the window at the room next 
    door was opened, to get rid of the smell of Yew's 
    perfume. Third, the TV is very loud. Fourth, the 
    videotape that was used in the trial, the tape with a 
    very loud gunshot on it, is nowhere to be found.
    Connect the two pieces of logic about the windows. 
    Edgeworth concludes that only non-physical things, like 
    sounds and smells, can get through the iron bars on the 
    windows. This is added to Logic.
    Connect the open windows to the loud TV. We know that 
    non-physical things, like sounds, can be heard through 
    the windows. The windows in this room were open, as well 
    as the windows in the room next door. The open windows is 
    what allowed the sound of the gunshot to be heard.
    Connect the missing evidence to the gunshot. We know that 
    the tape used in court has a loud gunshot on it. Could it 
    be that the loud gunshot on the loud TV is the gunshot 
    that everyone heard?
    To get through this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "...I heard the gunshot...right 
    before the trial was about to reconvene."
    Present the balloon piece at the statement "...I didn't 
    hear any other strange sounds...until that gunshot..."
    Using Logic, connect "Lobby No. 2 window" with 
    "Dissipating the smell".
    Using Logic, connect "Open windows" with "Very loud 
    Using Logic, connect "Missing evidence" with "Gunshot 
    could be heard".
    A short investigation begins. Look at the videotape 
    player (under the TV) to confirm that, yes, the missing 
    videotape is in here. The tape played all the way to the 
    end, then stopped. The gunshot is about thirty minutes 
    into the tape.
    Edgeworth then is challenged to explain the gunshot, 
    specifically, what the gunshot was and what it was heard 
    through. It was heard through the window so deduce at the 
    window. The gunshot that was heard was the one on the 
    tape, so present the surveillance videotape.
    Edgeworth explains his conclusion that the gunshot 
    everyone heard was the one on the tape, and not the 
    gunshot from the actual murder. Why did the killer do 
    Select "when the crime took place". Through this trick, 
    the killer made sure that everyone heard the gunshot, 
    about thirty minutes after the time of the crime. This 
    allowed the killer ample time to create an alibi.
    The investigation ends, and a police officer comes in. He 
    says that Calisto Yew has figured out who the real killer 
    is, and she wants some clarification from Edgeworth. Our 
    heroes go to the courtroom to meet her.
    To get through this investigation...
    Examine the VCR.
    Deduce at the window.
    Present the surveillance video.
    Select "when the crime took place".
    6d. Confronting the Killer
    Our heroes all go to the courtroom, where Calisto Yew is 
    ready to explain who the killer is. She has received 
    statements from everyone, and she is now completely sure 
    the Gumshoe is the killer, because everyone else has an 
    alibi for the time of the crime.
    Ah, but we just found out that the crime really took 
    place thirty minutes earlier! Calisto doesn't know that, 
    yet. This is Edgeworth's trump card.
    Calisto and Edgeworth decide to have a mini-trial, seeing 
    as they're in court. Detective Badd will act as Judge, 
    and Franziska will be the peanut gallery...er, the co-
    Cross-Examination: Ms. Yew's Argument
    Everyone has an alibi for when the gun went off, except 
    Gumshoe. All the locations were investigated, and Yew 
    made sure there is no way to enter the crime scene except 
    through the hallway. The conclusion is that Gumshoe is 
    Calisto's testimony is rock solid, with no flaws 
    anywhere. Press every statement to end the cross-
    Edgeworth then reveals his trump card, the fact that the 
    murder really took place thirty minutes before the trial 
    was set to reconvene. Calisto Yew did not collect 
    people's alibis during that moment in time.
    Present the surveillance video, to show where the gunshot 
    sound came from. Select "the window was open" as to how 
    the sound was heard, even though the rooms are 
    It's time to decide who the killer is. The killer is the 
    person who opened the windows, to make sure the gunshots 
    were heard. That person is Calisto Yew, so select her.
    Edgeworth formally indicts Calisto of being the killer. 
    Of course, Calisto has a response to this accusation.
    To get through this bit of cross-examination...
    Press every statement.
    Present the surveillance video.
    Select "the window was open".
    Select Calisto Yew.
    Cross-Examination: Ms. Yew's Rebuttal
    The window was open, but how can you prove that Calisto 
    opened it? Further, can you prove the tape was used? 
    Accusing people without proof, on the basis of faulty 
    logic, is quite shocking.
    Calisto wants proof, and we have it. At the statement 
    about the open window, the first statement, present the 
    bottle of perfume. She "accidentally" spilled the smelly 
    perfume, in order to ensure that Detective Badd would 
    open the window, so he could hear the gunshot.
    Yew is surprised that she is being accused of murder, 
    just because she spilled perfume. She then gives her 
    final testimony. 
    To get through this bit of cross-examination...
    Present Ms. Yew's perfume at the statement "You argue 
    that the window was opened, however, do you have proof it 
    was I who did that?".
    Cross-Examination: Why It Couldn't Be Me 
    Accusing someone of murder because she spilled perfume is 
    a bit over the top. Calisto couldn't have been the 
    killer, because she doesn't know anything about the knife 
    or where it came from.
    Press the third statement, the one about the knife. 
    Edgeworth says the knife came from the evidence bag 
    belonging to Mr. Faraday. Yew disagrees, because there 
    was no knife in the bag. There was only a key.
    This statement is added to evidence. Present the 
    Yatagarasu's Key at the statement about the key, and 
    Edgeworth shows Calisto that the key turns into a knife. 
    She feigns surprise and ignorance.
    Edgeworth says that there is only one person who knew 
    about the knife to key trick ahead of time, and that 
    person is the real murderer. This person would be the one 
    who sent the key to the police ahead of time, the 
    Select the Yatagarasu. Edgeworth formally accuses Calisto 
    Yew of being the Yatagarasu, as well as the killer.
    Calisto Yew then confesses. She admits that she is the 
    Yatagarasu and the killer. She also says that Calisto Yew 
    is not her real name. She fills in a few holes in our 
    story by describing why and how she killed Faraday and 
    Rell, in some detail.
    She further admits that she's a member of the smuggling 
    ring, and she ordered Mack Rell to commit murder, in 
    order to protect the ring.
    Calisto then pulls out a gun and fires it at Edgeworth, 
    before escaping. Fortunately, no one is hurt by the gun, 
    but Calisto gets away, nonetheless.
    The case wraps up on a happy note, as Gumshoe is 
    officially declared innocent. Detective Badd hopes that 
    Gumshoe will become a real detective someday. The Judge 
    apologizes to Gumshoe, and Gumshoe thanks Edgeworth for 
    proving his innocence.
    Make Gumshoe happy by presenting the Swiss roll to him. 
    He eats it with great joy and salutes Edgeworth. Thus 
    begins the somewhat troublesome relationship between 
    Gumshoe and Edgeworth.
    The game skips ahead seven years, to the end of Case 
    Three, with Kay Faraday, Detective Gumshoe and Miles 
    Edgeworth at Gatewater Land. Kay has come back because 
    she found some evidence which proves that her father was 
    the real Yatagarasu, namely, the Little Thief device.
    Kay also returned, because the embassy received a calling 
    card from the Yatagarasu. Kay figures this came from 
    Calisto Yew, the fake Yatagarasu, who has never been 
    Edgeworth agrees he will help Kay capture Calisto Yew, in 
    the embassy. The story then continues in the next case.
    To get through this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "After all, I don't even know where 
    the knife that was used to kill him came from."
    Present Yatagarasu's Key at the statement "There was a 
    key in his evidence bag, but you can't kill anyone with a 
    simple key!"
    Select the Yatagarasu.
    Present the Swiss roll. 
    7. Turnabout Aflame 
    The case a short, dramatic introduction as Edgeworth 
    talks about two countries, and a building goes up in 
    flame. Somehow, Kay Faraday and the Yatagarasu are 
    involved. Uh oh!
    7a. Fire in Babahl
    Edgeworth is having a nice cup of tea, and he is thinking 
    about the past four cases, when Kay Faraday shows up. Kay 
    is eager to find Calisto Yew, the fake Yatagarasu.
    The fake Yatagarasu sent a calling card to an embassy, 
    saying he or she will be there that night. The card is 
    the wrong color, but this is the best lead we have right 
    now, so Edgeworth decides to go to the embassy with Kay.
    At the embassy, Edgeworth and Kay go to see a play, 
    starring the Steel Samurai. Fun! The play is being 
    sponsored by Allebahst, while Babahl is sponsoring a 
    Jammin' Ninja play.
    Kay is a little confused at this point, so Edgeworth 
    explains. There once was a country called Cohdopia. The 
    country split in half, forming two countries: Allebahst 
    and Babahl. Allebahst owns the left side of the embassy, 
    and Babahl owns the right side. In the middle, between 
    the two countries, is the neutral territory, called the 
    Theatrum Neutralis. This is where our heroes are right 
    You can now explore the Theatrum Neutralis. There are a 
    lot of characters here, but you don't need to talk to any 
    of them. Instead, what you need to do is look at the 
    table on the left, next to the man in green.
    This table has some pamphlets about the embassy. 
    Edgeworth picks on up and adds it to evidence.
    Suddenly, the Steel Samurai appears. Oh, cool! Of course, 
    Edgeworth wants to get an autograph, so go to the Steel 
    Samurai and talk to him.
    Something about this Steel Samurai rubs Edgeworth the 
    wrong way, but he gives Edgeworth an autograph, anyway. 
    The Steel Samurai then leaves to go to Allebahst.
    Edgeworth and Kay go see the Jammin' Ninja play. Once 
    they get out, Edgeworth decides they should go home, 
    because the Yatagarasu isn't at the embassy.
    Just then, guards run up, talking about the Yatagarasu 
    being sighted in Allebahst. Kay tries to get into 
    Allebahst, but she isn't allowed past the guard. Instead, 
    she goes to Babahl.
    Edgeworth chases after Kay. By the time he reaches 
    Babahl, he sees a large fire. And by the time he catches 
    up with Kay, she is being arrested by Agent Shih-na on 
    suspicion of murder.
    It appears someone was killed in the room where the fire 
    took place. Kay says she chased someone into this room, 
    where she found the dead body. Detective Gumshoe wants 
    Edgeworth to investigate and prove Kay's innocence, but 
    sadly, Edgeworth cannot.
    That's because they are in the Babahlese Embassy, which 
    is considered a territory of the country of Babahl. 
    Edgeworth has jurisdiction to investigate in the United 
    States of America, but he doesn't have jurisdiction to 
    investigate in Babahl. Only Shih-na has jurisdiction like 
    that, because she is an international agent.
    Before Kay gets arrested, another international agent 
    appears: Franziska von Karma. Franziska has the Babahlese 
    ambassador with her. Edgeworth asks the ambassador for 
    permission to investigate the crime scene, as Franziska's 
    assistant. The ambassador agrees.
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the table.
    Talk to the Steel Samurai.
    The investigation begins. You've got quite a few things 
    you can investigate, and you can do them in pretty much 
    any order, with a few exceptions. I prefer to talk to 
    Franziska first, because you can finish with her part of 
    the investigation right off the bat.
    When you first talk to Franziska, you get some logic 
    about her being back here in the United States. Talk to 
    her about the murder to learn more about what she has 
    been doing at the embassy. It seems that she was with 
    Agent Lang in Allebahst before she came here to Babahl.
    Talk to her about the Yatagarasu to start a conversation 
    about Kay Faraday. Gumshoe inadvertently gives Edgeworth 
    some new information: the Yatagarasu's calling card said 
    he would steal the embassy's dirtiest secret. Edgeworth 
    adds this to logic.
    We got two pieces of logic from talking to Franziska: one 
    that says she is here on top secret business, and one 
    that says the Yatagarasu wants to steal top secret 
    information. Are the two related? Yes! Connect the two 
    ideas in Logic to get a new conversation with Franziska.
    Talk to Franziska about smuggling. She came here with 
    Interpol, in pursuit of the smuggling ring, thanks to an 
    accounting document they found. It seems that the 
    smuggling ring's leader was in Babahl or Allebahst.
    Franziska is looking for the rest of the document on the 
    smuggling ring. We'll come back to that at the end of the 
    Once Franziska is done, I like to look at the various 
    things in the room. Examine the golden statue, the 
    Primidux Statue, to make sure that it exists. It will 
    become important later on in this case.
    Examine the butterfly that is painted on the wall. 
    Butterflies are the national symbol of Babahl, and 
    flowers are the national symbol of Allebahst. This is 
    useful information, so it's added to logic.
    Finally, examine the knife rack behind the Primidux 
    statue. It's a special set of knives. Three are in 
    Allebahst, and three are in Babahl. You can tell which 
    knives belong to which country, because each knife has 
    the national symbol on it. One of the knives is missing 
    right now, and Edgeworth notes that the knives have 
    removable handles.
    Now it's time to examine the corpse. It appears that 
    Manny Coachen was stabbed with a knife. A knife, huh? 
    Let's take a closer look.
    When you examine the knife, Gumshoe notices the butterfly 
    handle. This is added to logic. Now which country is the 
    one that has a butterfly as its national symbol again?
    Open up logic, and connect the butterfly national symbol 
    to the butterfly handle. Edgeworth concludes that the 
    knife came from Babahl. That makes perfect sense, seeing 
    as there's a knife missing from Babahl's display case. 
    There's just one tiny problem: why isn't there any blood 
    on the knife handle? After all, there's a lot of blood on 
    the knife.
    We'll get back to that later. For now, return to 
    examining the victim's body. In his pocket is the 
    Yatagarasu's key, from Case Four. What is THAT doing 
    here? Didn't Calisto Yew steal that seven years ago?
    Press the button at the handle of the key, to show 
    Gumshoe how the key/knife works. Edgeworth takes a closer 
    look at the knife, and he notes its fancy design. Since 
    the key was stolen from Cohdopia seven years ago, odds 
    are that it is a Cohdopian design.
    Franziska recommends that Edgeworth talk to Ambassador 
    Palaeno about Cohdopia. This starts a new conversation 
    sequence; you can't talk to Palaeno about Cohdopia unless 
    you examine the Yatagarasu's key first.
    Talk to Ambassador Palaeno now. He doesn't really have 
    much to say at this point. Talk to him about Cohdopia, 
    and he looks at the Yatagarasu's key. He thinks the key 
    was probably used back when Allebahst and Cohdopia were 
    both one country. However, he wasn't an ambassador then, 
    so he doesn't know for certain.
    The fact that the Yatagarasu's Key was used seven years 
    ago gets added to Logic.
    Examine the safe to find that it's locked. This is also 
    added to logic.
    Using logic, connect the locked safe to the key. 
    Edgeworth uses the key on the safe, and the safe opens. 
    Nothing is inside the safe except some papers. Look at 
    them and the way they're placed. Edgeworth figures that 
    the safe has a second compartment somewhere, but where?
    Edgeworth is challenged to find the keyhole to the second 
    compartment. Deduce at the keyhole on the left side of 
    the safe, and present the only key-like evidence you 
    have: the Yatagarasu's Key.
    Franziska is skeptical that the Yatagarasu's key opens 
    the second compartment. Examine the tip of the knife 
    blade, and Edgeworth angles the knife so it fits into the 
    keyhole. This opens the second compartment.
    Aha! In the second compartment, we have stolen pieces of 
    artwork. The victim was involved in illegal activities.
    Take a closer look at the pieces of paper. Do they look 
    familiar? They're the documents that Franziska was 
    looking for! Deduce at the pieces of paper, then present 
    the document made of Cohdopian paper.
    Franziska reads these pieces of paper, and she concludes 
    that the victim was the head of the smuggling ring.
    Investigation complete.
    To summarize this investigation...
    Examine the corpse.
    Examine the knife used to kill the victim.
    Examine the key in the victim's pocket.
    Examine the gold statue.
    Examine the knife rack.
    Examine the butterfly painted on the wall.
    Examine the locked safe.
    Talk to Franziska about everything.
    Talk to Ambassador Palaeno about everything.
    Using logic, connect "Franziska's return" with "Stealing 
    of secret"
    Using logic, connect "Motif of knife handle" with 
    "Butterfly of Babahl"
    Using Logic, connect "Key used at Embassy" with "Locked 
    Examine the paper.
    Pick "It has two compartments"
    Deduce at the black keyhole on the left side of the safe.
    Present the Yatagarasu's Key
    Examine the tip of the knife blade.
    Deduce at the papers.
    Present the Cohdopian Paper Document
    Shih-na is ready to arrest Kay Faraday, while Edgeworth 
    is ready to prove her innocence.
    Cross-Examination: Why Arrest Kay?
    The Yatagarasu used the fire as a distraction to sneak 
    into the embassy. Kay Faraday claims she is the 
    Yatagarasu. No one besides Kay was found in the room with 
    the body.
    Edgeworth, Kay and Shih-na discuss the Yatagarasu for a 
    moment. That's your clue to press the statement about the 
    Yatagarasu. When you do so, Shih-na connects a motive to 
    the Yatagarasu: stealing the Yatagarasu's Key and the 
    smuggling ring documents.
    But...no one stole the Yatagarasu's Key or the smuggling 
    ring documents. Therefore, stealing them was not the 
    murderer's real motive.
    At the statement about the murderer's motive, present 
    either the key or the documents. Edgeworth then makes Kay 
    look innocent by destroying the testimony about her 
    Shih-na doesn't give up, though. The motive might not 
    fit, but Kay was still found at the scene of the crime, 
    holding a knife.
    To summarize this cross-examination....
    Press the statement "Futhermore, this girl claims to be 
    the Yatagarasu."
    Present the Yatagarasu's Key or the Cohdopian paper at 
    the statement "She wanted to steal documents regarding 
    smuggling, so she killed Mr. Coachen for the key."
    Cross-Examination: Definitive Evidence
    The knife at the scene of the crime is the murder weapon. 
    The knife has a butterfly handle, and it comes from the 
    unique set in this room. 
    Kay defends herself, saying she was chasing someone in 
    black, who disappeared as soon as she entered the room. 
    That sounds REALLY unlikely, Kay.
    In any case, most of the testimony is about the knife, so 
    we'll probably present the knife as evidence. What was 
    the problem we had earlier with the knife? The fact that 
    the knife's handle has no blood on it.
    Present the knife at the statement about the handle. 
    Then, remove the knife's handle. With these actions, 
    Edgeworth proves that the knife's handle was removed 
    after the murder. But why?
    Take a closer look at the knife. Near the bottom of the 
    knife, in the area that was covered by the handle, you 
    can see a special design: a flower. AHA!
    So this knife comes from Allebahst, the country whose 
    symbol is the flower! Someone put the Babahl handle on 
    the knife, in an attempt to fool us into thinking the 
    knife came from this room.
    Present the embassy guide to Shih-na to show her the 
    information about the Allebahst symbol. She agrees that 
    the knife came from Allebahst, and since Kay has never 
    been there, Kay must be innocent.
    Shih-na is still suspicious of Kay Faraday, because Kay 
    repeatedly says that she's the Great Thief Yatagarasu. 
    Apparently, Kay doesn't know that it's not really smart 
    to expose yourself as a thief in front of police 
    In any case, it's off to Allebahst, to follow the lead 
    about the knife which is the murder weapon!
    To summarize this cross-examination...
    Present the knife at the statement "The knife with the 
    butterfly handle is the murder weapon, which the killer 
    was holding."
    Examine the knife handle.
    Examine the flower design.
    Present the embassy guide.
    7b. Murder in Allebahst
    Our heroes go to Allebahst, and in the Theatrum 
    Neutralis, they meet up with Agent Lang. Agent Lang 
    denies them access to Allebahst, due to the country's 
    strict policies.
    Ambassador Quercus Alba, from Allebahst, appears and asks 
    if there is a problem. He is reluctant to let our heroes 
    investigate, until Ambassador Colias Palaeno tells 
    Quercus about Manny Coachen's murder. Quercus then allows 
    Edgeworth and Franziska to investigate. Gumshoe and Kay 
    have to stay behind in Babahl, though.
    Edgeworth has a brief period of time where he can talk to 
    people before entering Allebahst. He wants to talk to 
    Franziska and Palaeno.
    When you talk to Palaeno, he gives you some Babahlese 
    Ink. It's a special kind of ink that doesn't get exported 
    for some reason.
    When you talk to Franziska, she explains that Babahlese 
    Ink can be used to make very good counterfeit bills. 
    Manny Coachen was smuggling this ink out of Babahl, and 
    he was in charge of all of Babahl's printing needs. That 
    makes him Suspect #1 for the head of the smuggling 
    operation, especially considering those documents found 
    hidden in his safe.
    The only problem with Franziska's investigation is that 
    she still hasn't found any counterfeit plates, bills, or 
    Babahlese ink. Since they weren't found in Babahl, she 
    hopes to find them in Allebahst.
    Our heroes then go to Allebahst, where Edgeworth meets 
    the Steel Samurai. It turns out that the Steel Samurai is 
    Edgeworth's friend, Larry Butz. Larry has a knack for 
    getting into trouble, and he's in big trouble now: he's 
    the suspect in a murder case.
    Wait, a second murder?
    Detective Badd comes in and explains that Larry was 
    missing during the official ceremony he was supposed to 
    attend. He was found trying to go through the chimney of 
    the Ambassador's Room.
    And the second murder victim was killed in the 
    Ambassador's Room, during the official ceremony. Wow. 
    Larry has the worst luck sometimes.
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Franziska.
    Talk to Palaeno.
    Talk to Detective Badd about everything.
    Edgeworth's investigation begins in earnest. It looks 
    like Edgeworth is going to have to prove Larry's 
    innocence, while still trying to find some sort of clue 
    which will solve the murder in Babahl.
    You can look at the things in the room in any order, but 
    for the sake of organizing this guide, I'll discuss all 
    the investigation work, then the conversation work.
    There are several things in the room that you need to 
    look at. First, examine the flowers in the windowsill on 
    the right. They are passionflowers. Edgeworth jots this 
    information down in his organizer, so they can help him 
    solve a puzzle much later on in the case.
    Then, check the photograph on the desk against the back 
    wall. It's a picture of Larry shaking hands with 
    Ambassador Alba. Does something about the photograph 
    strike you as odd?
    Examine the Primidux statue. It's facing a different 
    direction than it was facing in when the picture was 
    taken. Deduce at the statue, then present the photograph 
    as evidence. Edgeworth will then write down that the 
    statue was moved at the time of the crime (or at least, 
    sometime after the photograph was taken).
    Now, take a look at the knives on the knife rack. 
    Edgeworth discovers that one is missing, and the murder 
    weapon from Babahl fits perfectly into the knife handle. 
    It looks like the murder weapon from Babahl DID come 
    here, after all!
    While you're looking at the knives, take a look at the 
    Samurai Spear on the wall. Looks kind of broken, doesn't 
    it? If you examine it, Larry will talk a bit about the 
    spear. He lies and says it is perfectly fine.
    Deduce at the tip of the spear, then present the Steel 
    Samurai autograph. Edgeworth will then use this evidence 
    to prove to Larry that the spear is NOT fine. Larry 
    confesses that he accidentally broke the spear prop, and 
    the spear is added to evidence.
    Finally, you want to examine the dead body. There are 
    three things on the body that you want to examine. First, 
    examine the victim's head to learn who the victim is. 
    Then, examine the note in the victim's hand. This gives 
    us a piece of evidence which makes it look like the 
    victim was trying to steal the Primidux Statue. Finally, 
    examine the murder weapon, which is the Samurai Sword.
    So, to summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine the passionflowers in the windowsill.
    Examine the photograph on the desk against the wall.
    Deduce at the Primidux Statue and present the photograph.
    Examine the knives in the knife rack.
    Deduce at the tip of the Samurai Spear and present the 
    Examine the corpse.
    Examine the Samurai Sword.
    Examine the note in the victim's hand.
    Examine the victim's face.
    Now the investigation is over, and the interrogation can 
    begin. You'll want to talk to Larry about everything, and 
    you'll want to talk to the Pink Princess, who enters once 
    the investigation is done.
    When you talk to Larry, he explains that he became the 
    Steel Samurai, in an attempt to catch the eye of Mindy, 
    the cute girl who plays the Pink Princess. Typical 
    Larry says he was found on the chimney, because he was 
    pretending to be Santa Claus. He's lying at this point, 
    to cover up for the REAL reason why he was on the roof, 
    climbing down a chimney. Edgeworth will reveal Larry's 
    true motive for being on the roof during the first round 
    of cross-examination.
    When you talk to Larry about the murder weapon, he says 
    that he accidentally left the sword in the room when 
    posing for the photo in the photograph.
    Talk to the Pink Princess now to learn that she is...OH 
    NO! It's WENDY OLDBAG! You know, the old lady who is 
    obsessed with Edgeworth? Between her and Larry, Edgeworth 
    definitely has his hands full with this case!
    Talk to Mrs. Oldbag about her job as the Pink Princess. 
    It seems she's just a fill-in for Mindy, the girl who 
    usually has the job. (Mindy has a bad cold.) Mrs. 
    Oldbag's stand-in request gets added to evidence.
    Mrs. Oldbag isn't happy with her job as the Pink 
    Princess, because it hurt her hip, and she got a letter 
    from a stalker. The letter from a stalker gets added to 
    When you talk to Mrs. Oldbag about the time of the 
    murder, she says that she was by the fireplace, warming 
    her leg. This information about the fireplace is added to 
    Once you talk to Mrs. Oldbag about everything, a police 
    officer comes in with Missile, the police dog from the 
    first Phoenix Wright game. He's not as cool as Missile 
    from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, but he's good 
    enough! Missile uses his power of smell to find a Samurai 
    Dog and a lady's undershirt from the fireplace.
    Edgeworth doesn't want to talk about the lady's 
    undershirt, but he doesn't really have a choice. Present 
    it to Mrs. Oldbag. She will say it is hers, and that she 
    was warming it up by the fire. Talk to her about the 
    Samurai Dogs, and she gives you a box of them.
    You now have three things in Logic. Time to connect them. 
    Connect the used fireplace with smoke from the chimney. 
    Edgeworth will deduce that the fireplace in this room and 
    the fireplace in Mrs. Oldbag's room share a chimney. 
    That's why the smoke from Mrs. Oldbag's fire exited 
    through the chimney to this room.
    The shared chimney is added to Logic. Using Logic, 
    connect the shared chimney with the undershirt. The shirt 
    came from Mrs. Oldbag's fireplace, and the two fireplaces 
    share a chimney. Could it be that the two fireplaces are 
    Edgeworth and Franziska investigate. Sure enough, the two 
    fireplaces are connected. All you have to do is turn the 
    back of one fireplace to reach the other fireplace. 
    Conceivably, you can crawl through one fireplace to reach 
    the other, but that didn't happen during this murder.
    Investigation complete.
    To sum up this part of the investigation...
    Talk to Larry about everything.
    Talk to the Pink Princess about everything.
    Present the undershirt to Wendy Oldbag.
    Talk to Wendy Oldbag about Samurai Dogs.
    Using Logic, connect the fireplace and the chimney.
    Using Logic, connect the undershirt with the shared 
    The investigation is complete, and Edgeworth is ready to 
    prove Larry innocent. But first, of course, he needs to 
    clear up whatever it is that Larry is hiding. Edgeworth 
    decides the best way to do this is by cross-examining 
    Larry gives his testimony, but he pretty much admits that 
    he's lying in his testimony to cover up an embarrassing 
    secret. Oh, Larry...
    Cross-Examination: Up on the Rooftop
    Larry says that after the show, he came to the embassy 
    for a photo shoot. Then he wandered around and saw the 
    chimney. He decided he would pretend to be Santa Claus.
    The point in the testimony that is incredibly ridiculous 
    is the part about Santa Claus. Go to the statement about 
    Larry wanting to play Santa, and press it. When prompted, 
    raise an objection.
    Edgeworth brings up a good point. Santa brings presents 
    to good boys and girls. Who was Larry hoping to bring a 
    present to?
    Obviously, Larry was hoping to bring a present to Wendy 
    Oldbag. The chimney leads to her room, after all. It was 
    just unfortunate luck on Larry's part that the chimney 
    also leads to the Ambassador's room.
    Edgeworth will clarify Larry's motive. Larry was really 
    hoping to see Mindy, the girl who usually plays the Pink 
    Princess. He didn't know that Mindy was replaced by Wendy 
    Oldbag that day. Present the Stand-In Request to show 
    Lang that Mindy was unexpectedly replaced by Wendy.
    Larry, however, is getting used to being cross-examined, 
    thanks to his past experiences with Edgeworth and Phoenix 
    Wright. Larry thinks it will be amusing to test out his 
    lawyer skills with another cross-examination.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "So then, I wanted to play Santa and 
    decided to give it a try."
    Choose "Raise an objection"
    Choose Wendy Oldbag
    Present the Stand-In Request
    Cross-Examination: Larry's Assertion
    Larry admits that he dressed up like Santa, but he uses 
    the excuse that it was hard to see, what with the smoke 
    coming from the chimney. The whole thing was just a case 
    of mistaken identity. After all, why would he humiliate 
    himself like that?
    Wendy Oldbag interrupts and accuses Larry of being her 
    stalker. Larry then says he is completely innocent, and 
    Edgeworth cannot prove he wanted to meet Mrs. Oldbag.
    But, of course, Edgeworth CAN prove this. After all, he 
    has the stalker letter that Larry wrote. Go to the last 
    statement, and present the letter from a stalker. It 
    talks about "descending from above", which sounds a lot 
    like "entering the room through a chimney".
    Larry denies that he wrote the letter. Edgeworth says he 
    can prove it. What part of the letter shows that Larry 
    wanted to meet Mindy?
    Highlight the "I" in Mindy. As you can see, due to 
    Larry's incredibly bad penmanship, "Mindy" can be 
    mistaken for "Wendy".
    Larry changes his tune, and he says that the letter is a 
    fake. He thinks someone besides himself wrote it. Nice 
    try, Larry! Edgeworth has a sample of your handwriting!
    Present the Steel Samurai Autograph. The handwriting on 
    the autograph matches the handwriting in the stalker's 
    letter; therefore, they were written by the same person: 
    Larry then confesses that he wrote the letter to Mindy. 
    He wasn't allowed to go through the door, so he thought 
    he'd go through the chimney.
    These two cross-examinations have proven one thing: Larry 
    is an idiot. I mean, they prove that Larry is not the 
    murderer! He did not purposefully enter the Ambassador's 
    Room, hoping to kill someone. He accidentally entered the 
    Ambassador's Room, while hoping to meet Mindy. Larry's 
    motives have now been made clear.
    However, Agent Lang still thinks that Larry is guilty, no 
    matter what Larry's motives were. After all, the murder 
    weapon belongs to Larry, which is very strong evidence. 
    Agent Lang testifies to this.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Present Letter from a Stalker at the statement "But why 
    would I ever put myself through so much humiliation on 
    Highlight the "i" in "Mindy".
    Present the Steel Samurai's Autograph
    Cross-Examination: Why Larry?
    Lang was the first to find the body. The bloody murder 
    weapon was next to the body. The weapon was supposed to 
    be in Larry's room, but it wasn't. Also, Larry himself 
    was at the scene.
    Edgeworth is pretty confident about how to disprove the 
    fact that the murder weapon is the Samurai Sword. He 
    tries to talk about this with Lang, but Lang gets off-
    topic and accuses Edgeworth of fabricating evidence. Lang 
    apparently thinks prosecutors are just a bunch of 
    The rebuttal begins. Go to the second statement and press 
    it. Lang will clarify his statement, saying that the 
    Samurai Sword was used as a bludgeon.
    Go to the statement about the sword being used to beat 
    the victim to death. At this statement, present the 
    Samurai Spear. Earlier, we learned that the spear is a 
    hollow prop, not a real weapon. The Samurai Sword is the 
    same way. Therefore, it couldn't have been the murder 
    Edgeworth and Franziska argue a bit about the nature of a 
    prosecutor, when Lang gets them back on track. He agrees 
    that the sword is an unlikely murder weapon, but it's the 
    only thing in the room with blood on it. There IS no 
    other possible murder weapon! ...Or IS there? 
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the second statement (about the Samurai Sword).
    At the third statement (about beating the victim to 
    death), present the Samurai Spear.
    Cross-Examination: Why Larry? Pt. 2
    The sword COULD be the murder weapon. In fact, that's the 
    only logical conclusion. No other murder weapon or blood 
    was found in the room, and the inspectors looked 
    Press the statement about the inspectors searching the 
    Embassy top to bottom. This is a lie. They didn't look at 
    EVERYTHING. The one thing they forgot to look at was the 
    Primidux Statue.
    This is because only an Ambassador or the Ambassador's 
    secretariat is allowed to touch the Primidux Statue.
    So, when prompted, raise an objection and pick the 
    Primidux Statue. Edgeworth will tell Lang that the statue 
    has gone uninvestigated. Further, the picture we saw 
    earlier proves that the statue was moved tonight. Maybe 
    it was moved, when it was used as a bludgeon to commit 
    Lang requests permission to examine the statue from 
    Ambassador Alba. This request is denied, but Lang decides 
    to examine it anyway. At this point, examine the base of 
    the statue to find a pretty solid handprint.
    Edgeworth is worried that it is Larry's handprint, but it 
    actually belongs to Manny Coachen, the victim of the 
    murder in Babahl. That clears Larry of all wrongdoing, 
    which is good, but this just raises more questions. Did 
    Manny Coachen commit the murder in Allebahst? Is that why 
    he was killed in Babahl?
    At this point, Edgeworth decides to leave Allebahst to 
    return to Babahl. Hopefully, Detective Gumshoe and Kay 
    Faraday have unearthed some new clues to help solve the 
    murder mystery in Babahl.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "We searched the Embassy, top to 
    bottom, but the victim's blood is only on that weapon."
    Select "Raise an objection"
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue.
    Examine the base of the statue.
    7c. Figuring Things Out
    Edgeworth returns in Babahl, where Kay and Gumshoe have 
    found a lot of clues. Just kidding! They were goofing off 
    the whole time, and they didn't find anything.
    Talk to Gumshoe about the investigation. The only useful 
    piece of information he has, before he gets distracted 
    and argues with Kay, is that there is a special lantern 
    in Babahl. It's a silhouette lantern that projects 
    shadows on walls, and the lantern glows green, because 
    its fuel is the same material as the special Babahlese 
    Talk to Ambassador Palaeno for some information. He will 
    tell you about the speech in Allebahst, and the 
    importance of the Primidux Statue. It's a symbol of the 
    right to sovereignty, which is why both countries want to 
    claim it as their own.
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue to Ambassador 
    Palaeno. He reveals that the two statues were going to be 
    examined today, to see which one is a fake. This 
    examination was unnecessary, because Palaeno knows that 
    Babahl's statue is the fake one.
    But because the two statues were switched around the time 
    of the murder, Babahl now has the REAL statue in its 
    possession. That's a stroke of luck for them!
    Once the conversations are over, Edgeworth decides to go 
    to Allebahst, where the Yatagarasu was first sighted. Kay 
    Faraday gives him a guitar pick and Ms. Yew's perfume to 
    help him with his investigation. Hooray for random pieces 
    of evidence which won't come in handy until later!
    Now, go down to the Theatrum Neutralis, and left to 
    Allebahst. Edgeworth arrives in the Rose Garden.
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Talk to Detective Gumshoe about everything.
    Talk to Ambassador Palaeno about everything.
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue of Ambassador 
    Franziska von Karma shows up and teams up with Edgeworth. 
    Together, the two of them should be able to solve the 
    mystery of the Yatagarasu's appearance in this rose 
    garden. And believe it or not, the two of them solve the 
    mystery rather quickly.
    The rather quick investigation begins. You only have to 
    do four things here. First, look at both statues. Then, 
    examine the pool. Finally, talk to Agent Lang about the 
    Yatagarasu's appearance. That's it!
    The two statues are a pair, and they are on opposite 
    sides of the garden. One is of a queen, and the other is 
    of a king.
    When you look at the pool, Edgeworth learns that the pool 
    is not just there for decoration. It is sometimes used to 
    put out fires. When this happens, the pool automatically 
    refills until it reaches its normal level. Since there 
    was a fire in Babahl tonight, this happened sometime 
    Larry Butz then appears in the pool, saying he is on the 
    lookout for the Iron Infant (the child of Steel Samurai 
    Daddy). Larry thinks the doll prop may have fallen into 
    the pool at some point.
    When you talk to Agent Lang, he is upset because his men 
    in black haven't solved the mystery of the Yatagarasu's 
    appearance. Talk to him about the appearance to learn 
    that nobody actually SAW the Yatagarasu. They just saw a 
    silhouette/shadow that looks like the Yatagarasu. A panic 
    ensued and the lights went out.
    It sounds to Edgeworth and Franziska like the shadow was 
    just a trick of the light. Edgeworth decides to recreate 
    the trick using something in the garden. What does he 
    want to use? The two statues in the garden. Highlight 
    both statues in turn.
    The king statue looks fine, but the queen statue doesn't. 
    We need a specific shape to finish the shadow. What shape 
    is that? The left hand of the queen statue. Highlight 
    that, and Edgeworth puts the two shadows together, thus 
    recreating the shadow of the Yatagarasu.
    Okay, so it's obvious now that the Yatagarasu wasn't in 
    Allebahst. That was just a trick of the light, set up by 
    someone to cause a panic. This person is, most likely, a 
    secret accomplice of the Yatagarasu.
    The investigation ends here.
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine both statues.
    Examine the pool.
    Talk to Lang about the Yatagarasu's appearance.
    Highlight both statues.
    Highlight the left hand of the queen statue.
    Detective Badd shows up to give an odd piece of evidence 
    to Edgeworth: a photo of the Yatagarasu, flying from 
    Babahl to Allebahst. It looks rather blurry to me, but no 
    matter. It's a photo, it raises a number of questions, 
    and we'll deal with that later.
    For now, Edgeworth wants to go back to Babahl and 
    investigate there. Leave the Rose Garden, go through the 
    neutral theater lobby, and go through the open air stage 
    to reach Ambassador Palaeno's office.
    Edgeworth meets up with Kay in the office. Kay and 
    Edgeworth then detail the various things they need to do.
    1. Compare the state of the room before and after the 
    2. Find the mysterious person in black who Kay saw.
    3. Discover how the Yatagarasu's Key is related to the 
    4. Figure out the truth behind the photo of the flying 
    That's asking an awful lot from our investigators, but 
    I'm sure Edgeworth and Kay are up to the task. First of 
    all, however, our heroes will investigate Manny Coachen's 
    desk and talk with Ambassador Palaeno. Only after that do 
    they start the first goal, "compare the state of the room 
    before and after the fire".
    Go to Manny Coachen's desk, which is in the lower/left. 
    You may remember that this area was closed off by the 
    police in the earlier investigation. Now, you are free to 
    investigate it.
    There's a bottle of ink on the desk. Ambassador Palaeno 
    seems surprised by the ink. This will open up a 
    conversation with the Ambassador about the ink.
    Open the drawer of the desk. The notepad looks familiar, 
    doesn't it? Deduce at the notepad, then present the note 
    belonging to DeMasque II. Edgeworth concludes that 
    DeMasque's note came from this notepad. In other words, 
    it looks like Manny Coachen wrote the note, telling 
    DeMasque II to steal the Primidux Statue. This opens up a 
    conversation with the Ambassador about the note.
    Go to Ambassador Palaeno and talk to him about 
    everything. There are four conversations: what he did 
    this morning, what he did this afternoon, what he thinks 
    about Manny Coachen's bottle of ink, and what he thinks 
    about the note that Manny wrote.
    When you first talk to Palaeno, he talks about a second 
    fire. Apparently, there was a fire on the top two floors, 
    around the time of the Jammin' Ninja's show. That 
    happened long before the fire that Edgeworth saw, which 
    is the fire that took place in this office.
    The mysterious picture of the flying Yatagarasu was taken 
    after the first fire.
    When you ask Palaeno what he did this morning, he 
    discusses his schedule. Mostly, he made a huge mess in 
    the fireplace and forgot to clean it. This is added to 
    When you ask what he did this afternoon, he talks about 
    his preparation for a photo shoot with the Jammin' Ninja. 
    Due to the fires, this photo shoot was cancelled.
    When you ask about the bottle of ink, Palaeno says that 
    he saw the fire in this room, briefly. There were bright 
    green flames in front of the door. Only things made with 
    Babahlese Ink burn green flames, so naturally, Palaeno 
    thought the ink had caught fire. But since the ink is 
    perfectly safe, that means something ELSE made with 
    Babahlese Ink caused the green flames in this room.
    When you ask about the note that Manny wrote, Palaeno 
    recaps a little bit. Both Babahl and Allebahst have a 
    Primidux Statue. Babahl's is the fake statue. The statues 
    were going to be examined by a professional, so Manny 
    Coachen paid Mask DeMasque II to swap the statues. The 
    statues got swapped successfully, but DeMasque was killed 
    in the process. 
    Once you finish talking to Ambassador Palaeno, Detective 
    Gumshoe comes in with a lot of information about the 
    room. Kay inputs this information into her Little Thief, 
    and the room gets transformed into the way it was during 
    the fire.
    There are only two things you need to investigate in the 
    recreated crime scene: the fire and the clock. The clock 
    is on the right, and it was moved sometime. Some wire is 
    found inside the clock, so presumably, the clock was 
    moved when someone put the wire inside.
    Examine the fire. Edgeworth will make some deductions. 
    First, you want to present the silhouette lantern, which 
    makes green flames. Why does it make green flames? 
    Present the Babahlese Ink, which also makes green flames 
    when burned. Clearly, the green flames in this room were 
    made when something made of Babahlese Ink was burned.
    But what was burned? It's not the ink, because that was 
    found on the desk. It is instead the counterfeit bills, 
    circulating in Zheng Fa. Present the counterfeit bills 
    Edgeworth will conclude that Manny Coachen burned the 
    bills, presumably to cover up his tracks as a smuggler. 
    This is added to the organizer.
    Talk to Detective Gumshoe now. When you talk to him about 
    the time of the fire, he gives you more information about 
    the fire in general, and the Yatagarasu. When you talk to 
    him about what he saw, he tells you that Agent Shih-Na 
    was in the room next to this one, at the time of the 
    murder. That's how she was able to enter the room so 
    quickly, to arrest Kay.
    Once you talk to Detective Gumshoe, investigate the green 
    flames and investigate the grandfather clock, a 
    conversation with Ambassador Palaeno ensues. Edgeworth 
    asks about the construction of this room, which is oddly 
    similar to the room of Ambassador Alba.
    Palaeno explains that the two rooms are bilaterally 
    symmetrical, which means that they are pretty much 
    identical, mirror images of each other. This is added to 
    LOGIC TIME! Connect "Connected fireplaces" with 
    "Bilateral symmetry". If the two rooms are mirror images 
    of each other, it stands to logic that the fireplace in 
    this room is ALSO a revolving fireplace.
    Edgeworth goes to examine the fireplace, but before he 
    tests the revolving wall, he notices a contradiction 
    which supports his hypothesis that this fireplace has a 
    revolving way. Namely, Edgeworth notices that there is a 
    lack of ashes in this fireplace.
    Deduce at the pile of wood and present Ambassador 
    Palaeno's testimony that the fireplace was very dirty, 
    and it has not been cleaned. This is added to Logic.
    LOGIC TIME! Connect the missing ashes with the revolving 
    fireplace. The reason there are no ashes in the fireplace 
    is because someone turned the revolving wall around. Who 
    did this? Why, the mysterious person in black that Kay 
    Faraday was chasing, of course!
    MORE LOGIC! Connect the revolving fireplace with Shih-na. 
    If someone used the fireplace, they ended up next door. 
    Next door is where Shih-na was. Why didn't she see the 
    Investigation complete.
    Edgeworth gives Gumshoe a twofold mission. First, Gumshoe 
    needs to do a handwriting analysis on the note found in 
    DeMasque's hand. We need to know if Manny Coachen really 
    wrote that note. Second, Gumshoe needs to see if it's 
    possible for someone to get through the revolving 
    Gumshoe fits through the fireplace, but he gets his 
    clothes all dirty as a result. Instead of standing around 
    and waiting for Gumshoe to get the handwriting analysis 
    done, Edgeworth and Kay decide to visit the Theatrum 
    Neutralis and talk with Agent Shih-na.
    To summarize this bit of investigation...
    Examine Manny Coachen's desk.
    Open his desk drawer.
    Deduce at the notepad, and present the note for DeMasque 
    Examine Manny Coachen's desk again.
    Examine the bottle of ink.
    Talk to Ambassador Palaeno about everything.
    Examine the grandfather clock.
    Examine the green flames.
    Present the silhouette lantern.
    Present the Babahlese ink.
    Present the counterfeit bills.
    Talk to Gumshoe about everything.
    Using Logic, connect "Connected fireplaces" with 
    "Bilateral symmetry".
    Deduce at the wood in the fireplace.
    Present Ambassador Palaeno's testimony.
    Using Logic, connect "Missing ashes" with "Revolving 
    fireplace used?".
    Using Logic, connect "Shih-na's location" with "Escaped 
    through revolving fireplace".
    7d. Confronting a Culprit
    Edgeworth and Kay go to the Theatrum Neutralis, where 
    Ambassador Alba, Franziska von Karma, Agent Lang and 
    Shih-na are talking. Lang is upset that the case seems to 
    have come to an end, and everyone decides to go home.
    HOLD IT!
    Gumshoe comes in with the handwriting analysis on the 
    note. Now we know for certain that it was written by 
    Manny Coachen. Good work, Detective Gumshoe.
    Edgeworth attempts to launch an offensive attack against 
    Agent Shih-na, but of course, Agent Lang doesn't want 
    Edgeworth to attack his partner. So before Edgeworth can 
    ask Shih-na questions about the murder, it looks like 
    Edgeworth will have to deal with Lang.
    Edgeworth and Lang discuss the case in general. Edgeworth 
    gives a nice overview of the moments leading to Kay's 
    arrest, complete with a map. Kay chased the Yatagarasu 
    into the room, and she turned on the lights. The 
    Yatagarasu was gone!
    Where did the Yatagarasu go? Lang figures that that 
    Yatagarasu left through the door. That's not possible 
    because of...
    Present Agent Shih-na's picture at this point. She was in 
    the next room, and arrived on the scene in seconds. If 
    the Yatagarasu had tried to escape through the hallway, 
    Shih-na would have seen him or her.
    Not to mention, Detective Gumshoe was also in the 
    hallway, on the other side. He would have seen the 
    Yatagarasu, too. But since nobody saw the Yatagarasu in 
    the hallway, it's safe to say the Yatagarasu didn't 
    escape through the door.
    Lang laughs and predicts Edgeworth's argument: if the 
    Yatagarasu didn't escape through the door, he escaped 
    through the window. This isn't possible, either, because 
    people can't fly. Why else is it impossible?
    Present the photo of the Yatagarasu, which was taken 
    about two hours BEFORE the Yatagarasu was chased by Kay 
    Faraday. By that fact alone, we know it's not a photo of 
    the Yatagarasu escaping Kay Faraday by flying out a 
    Agent Lang gets upset now. He wants to know HOW the 
    Yatagarasu escaped the room. Edgeworth uses this 
    opportunity to ask for Agent Shih-na's testimony. She was 
    the lead investigator in the Babahl case, and she knows 
    more about it than Lang does.
    Lang is loath to let Edgeworth interrogate Shih-na, but 
    she assures Lang that it's okay. The cross-examination 
    then begins.
    To get through this discussion...
    Present Agent Shih-Na.
    Present the photo of the Yatagarasu.
    Cross-Examination: Shih-na's Movements
    She helped put out the first fire. During the second 
    fire, she was looking for the Yatagarasu. Shih-na was in 
    the next room. She didn't see the Fake Yatagarasu, and 
    indeed, she thinks Kay made up the Yatagarasu story, just 
    to cast suspicion away from her.
    That's a nice testimony from Shih-na, and we will 
    discredit it by bringing out the big piece of evidence: 
    the revolving fireplace wall. First though, Agents Lang 
    and Shih-na are forced to eat a slice of humble pie, and 
    they apologize to Edgeworth and Kay.
    Once that's over, the cross-examination begins. Go to the 
    fourth statement, the one about Shih-na being in the next 
    room. At this statement, present the revolving fireplace 
    Edgeworth then explains about the wall, and he suggests 
    that the Yatagarasu used it as an escape route. In one 
    fell swoop, he shows how the Yatagarasu escaped, and he 
    accuses Shih-na of being the Fake Yatagarasu (and the 
    Shih-na then starts laughing, just like Calisto Yew. So 
    Agent Shih-na is Calisto Yew, in disguise. That's how 
    Calisto Yew is related to this case.
    The first thing Shih-na does, in response to the 
    accusation, is ask for proof about this revolving 
    fireplace wall. Fortunately, we have this proof. Present 
    Ambassador Palaeno's testimony, which shows the fireplace 
    wall exists, and it was definitely moved today.
    Alternately, you can present the fireplace wall at this 
    Shih-na then starts laughing at this evidence, and when 
    she calms back down, she decides to finish things with a 
    final piece of testimony.
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the revolving fireplace wall at the statement 
    "Although I was in the next room, I was unable to catch a 
    glimpse of the Yatagarasu."
    Present Ambassador Palaeno's testimony.
    Cross-Examination: Shih-na's Rebuttal
    Edgeworth proved that that rotating fireplace wall was 
    used, but he didn't prove who used it. Keep in mind, her 
    people already did a perfect investigation of the room, 
    and they found nothing suspicious, so it is unlikely any 
    evidence exists.
    This cross-examination is actually really easy. She says 
    there was nothing suspicious inside the room, right? 
    Present the wire at this statement. The investigators 
    didn't find the wire inside this room, so the wire PROVES 
    that the investigation overlooked something.
    Alternately, present the counterfeit bills. These also 
    prove that the investigation overlooked something.
    Actually, the investigation overlooked something really 
    big. Select the room next door, the one Shih-na was in. 
    Nobody investigated that room! And seeing as how the Fake 
    Yatagarasu escaped to that room, I'd say it's majorly 
    Detective Gumshoe runs to the room and finds three pieces 
    of evidence: a coat, some makeup, and shoes. All three 
    things belong to Shih-na. Thanks to our experiment 
    earlier, we know it's impossible for someone to have gone 
    through the fireplace wall without getting their coat 
    covered in ashes and Babahlese Ink, so make sure to 
    inspect the coat.
    Sure enough, the coat is very dirty. Shih-na tries to 
    explain this away, by saying they come from the fire. She 
    challenges Edgeworth to show that the stains on the coat 
    are from the fireplace.
    Present the Babahlese Ink, which is what made the stain 
    on the coat. Shih-na challenges Edgeworth to prove that 
    the stain comes from Babahlese Ink.
    Select "Burn the coat". A piece of the coat is cut off 
    and burned. Sure enough, it burns green, because it's 
    made out of Babahlese Ink.
    Edgeworth then accuses Shih-na of being Calisto Yew. Once 
    again, she demands that he prove this. Select Ms. Yew's 
    Perfume. He requests a fingerprint analysis be run, 
    immediately, but there is no need. Shih-na confesses that 
    she is really Calisto Yew.
    Yew then baits Kay Faraday by bad-mouthing Byrne Faraday. 
    Kay takes the bait and runs at Yew. Yew then pulls out a 
    gun and holds her hostage.
    Kay and Yew talk for a bit about the Yatagarasu. From 
    their comments, Edgeworth is able to figure out who the 
    Yatagarasu is. Was the Yatagarasu Calisto Yew? Byrne 
    Faraday? Or neither of them?
    Select "neither person". They were BOTH part of the 
    Yatagarasu. And the third member of the Yatagarasu? That 
    would be Detective Badd, who comes into the room with a 
    gun, trained on Yew.
    Suddenly, Detective Badd fires, at the same moment Agent 
    Lang jumps in to disarm Calisto Yew. Lang is hit in the 
    leg, but Kay gets away safe, and Calisto Yew is arrested.
    They find a knife on Yew's person. Present the Babahlese 
    knife handle, and it turns out that handle matches the 
    knife perfectly, thus further confirming our earlier 
    theories about the knife and knife handles being 
    Before leaving, Calisto has two things to say to 
    1. The situation in Babahl was an elaborate plot to frame 
    Kay Faraday, so Yew could take the Little Thief.
    2. Yew didn't kill Manny Coachen.
    So it appears that the smuggling ring's leader is still 
    out there somewhere, alive and well. That person is the 
    real murderer.
    Detective Badd, who is now retired, speaks with Edgeworth 
    some more about the Yatagarasu. They formed their group 
    to take down the smuggling ring, but right when they were 
    about to figure out who rang the smuggling ring, Byrne 
    Faraday was killed.
    However, Badd has two pieces of evidence which should 
    help prove who the smuggling ring leader's is.
    First, there is a Trump Card, taken from the time Manny 
    Coachen was ordered to kill Cece Yew. Second, there is a 
    video tape from this same case. Thanks to the events of 
    the third case of this game, the videotape was finally 
    recovered, after it went missing during the trial.
    Gumshoe then has the sad duty of arresting Detective 
    Badd, and this section of the game ends.
    So, to summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the wire at the statement "...and we found not a 
    single suspicious thing in Mr. Coachen's office."
    Select the room with Shih-na inside.
    Select the coat.
    Present the Babahlese Ink.
    Select "Burn the coat".
    Present Ms. Yew's perfume.
    Select "neither person".
    Present the Babahlese knife handle.
    7e. The Head of the Smuggling Ring
    Whew! That last section had a lot of drama in it! Let's 
    calm down a bit after that, and investigate the videotape 
    that Detective Badd gave us.
    The videotape shows Manny Coachen entering Cece Yew's 
    apartment complex, knife in hand. This certainly does 
    seem like it's relevant to the Manny Coachen case from 
    ten years ago, but is it at all relevant to our current 
    It seems like irrelevant evidence, but clearly, the 
    smuggling ring leader disagrees. He or she ordered 
    Jacques Portsman to steal it from Edgeworth's office, and 
    Ernest Amano thought he could blackmail the smuggling 
    ring leader with this tape.
    Our heroes look more closely at this tape. At the point 
    where Coachen leaves, we see something very interesting. 
    What is it? The flag on the front of the car! Highlight 
    this, and Edgeworth will point out that it's the 
    Cohdopian national flag.
    Before the significance of this can be explained, 
    however, Ambassador Alba appears. The ambassador wants 
    the investigation to end now, for a number of reasons. 
    One, the investigation is suspect now, because one of the 
    investigators (Shih-na) has been arrested. Two, Allebahst 
    and Babahl are sort of in the middle of a country-
    reunification process here, and it'd help NOT to have 
    police everywhere.
    Agent Lang then returns, saying he knows who the killer 
    is. Who is it? Franziska von Karma! That's a bold 
    accusation, and it's exactly what our heroes need to get 
    permission from Ambassador Alba to continue the 
    To get through this part of the game...
    Highlight the Cohdopian flag on the front of the car.
    Cross-Examination: Border-Crossing Weapons
    The weapon in the Babahlese murder came from Allebahst. 
    The weapon in the Allebahstian murder came from Babahl. 
    Somehow, these two objects switched countries, and only 
    Franziska could have done this.
    The problem with this testimony is rather minor. It's not 
    TWO objects that switched countries; it's THREE. Two 
    statues and one knife make three things moved between the 
    two countries.
    Lang admits Edgeworth is right, but no matter how many 
    items made international journeys, the only person who 
    could have moved them was the Interpol Agent, Franziska 
    von Karma.
    Edgeworth is challenged to find another way the items 
    could have switched countries. There IS a way, which is 
    so ridiculous, Edgeworth hesitates to say it. Say it he 
    must, however.
    Present the photo of the Yatagarasu here. Edgeworth 
    suggests that the Yatagarasu took the items across the 
    borders, seeing as how the Yatagarasu visited both 
    Lang says this is ridiculous, because as we all know, 
    people can't fly. This picture is not a picture of a 
    flying person. Something about the way Lang phrases this 
    statement catches Edgeworth's attention. If it's not a 
    flying PERSON in the photo, maybe it's a flying THING.
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue. Maybe the picture is 
    of the statues being switched. This guess by Edgeworth 
    will eventually be proven correct, but he lacks the 
    evidence to prove it now.
    Edgeworth then changes topics and asks Franziska to 
    testify about the time she went to the Ambassador's room.
    To sum up this piece of cross-examination...
    Present one of the Primidux Statues at the statement 
    "Somehow, these two objects were able to penetrate the 
    two countries' impenetrable security."
    Present the photo of the Yatagarasu.
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue.
    Cross-Examination: Movements in Allebahst
    Franziska was a guard today. She led the Steel Samurai to 
    the office, then she inspected the rose garden. Then, she 
    went back to the office to meet with Ambassador Alba.
    Franziska's testimony has no lies in it, as you'd expect.
    Press the final statement, about her returning to the 
    office. She gives us more information about the 
    Ambassador, watering flowers in the windowsill. Press 
    this new statement to get clarification. She saw him with 
    watering can in hand, in front of the four flowers.
    Wait...FOUR flowers? There are only TWO flowers in that 
    box! Present the passionflowers at the statement which 
    says there are four passionflowers. 
    Franziska seems intrigued by this discrepancy, while Lang 
    thinks it's irrelevant. Edgeworth goes to inspect the 
    Here's where Edgeworth makes a tricky deduction that 
    confuses a lot of gamers. You're supposed to notice that 
    there are two holes in the dirt, and that the two hair 
    sticks from Shih-na have dirt on them. Also, the hair 
    sticks look a lot like the plant support sticks that are 
    holding up the two remaining passionflowers. Conclusion? 
    The hair sticks are really plant support sticks.
    Examine the flowers, then select "show evidence". Pick 
    the hair sticks, and Edgeworth will explain this 
    conclusion. Lang is skeptical that this is relevant to 
    the case in any way, and he asks how the hair sticks got 
    to Babahl.
    Select the crossbow. It turns out that the hair sticks, 
    which are really plant support sticks, are REALLY 
    crossbow bolts. Someone used them to move the statues 
    from one country to the other. That's what the photo of 
    the Yatagarasu is of!
    Lang then interrupts with new testimony.
    To get through this bit of testimony...
    Press the last statement.
    Press the last statement.
    Present the passionflowers at the statement about 
    Examine the flower.
    Select "show evidence".
    Present the hair sticks.
    Select the crossbow.
    Cross-Examination: Border-Crossing, Pt. 2
    Babahl's statue was shot to Allebahst. But so what? No 
    matter where they were shot from, the statues would fall 
    to the ground.
    Press the second statement, which is "Even if you fired 
    the arrows from this side, they wouldn't go far with a 
    statue tied to them!" This gives you a new piece of 
    At the new piece of testimony, "If it wasn't a statue 
    that was tied to the arrows, then what did the crossbow 
    launch...?", present the wire. Our culprit tied the wire 
    to the crossbow, and with the wire tied between the two 
    rooms, it was simple enough to switch the two statues.
    Lang wants more information on how this works. Select 
    "rotary motion" to explain how it worked. The wire formed 
    a large circle, and the two statues were moved at the 
    same time.
    Lang wants some evidence. Fortunately, we have some. 
    Select the ceiling fan. The two fans acted as pulleys, 
    and they made the rotary motion. This is how the two 
    statues were switched. 
    Lang challenges Edgeworth to name the person who shot the 
    crossbow arrows. At this point, present the crossbow 
    arrows. The person who shot them had to have been someone 
    who is familiar with both rooms, and someone who knew 
    about the passionflowers well in advance. In other words, 
    our suspect is...Ambassador Quercus Alba!
    To summarize this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "Even if you fired the arrows from 
    this side, they wouldn't go far with a statue tied to 
    Present the wire at the statement "If it wasn't a statue 
    that was tied to the arrows, then what did the crossbow 
    Select "Rotary motion"
    Present the ceiling fan.
    Present the crossbow arrows.
    Alba seems rather nonplused at being accused of being the 
    head of the smuggling ring. He just stands there and says 
    nothing as our characters discuss matters.
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue here. Isn't it 
    strange that Alba would want to trade the real statue for 
    the fake one? Edgeworth decides to examine it.
    Examine the head of the statue. Edgeworth discovers the 
    hollow compartment inside the statue. And what's this? 
    Something is inside the compartment?
    It's the counterfeit plates! Ah, so THAT'S why Alba 
    wanted to get this statue.
    After much discussion, in which Lang says that he only 
    pretended to think Franziska was guilty as an excuse to 
    continue the investigation, Alba finally speaks up, to 
    defend himself. He does so rather well, by demanding 
    proof that he's the leader of the smuggling ring.
    Edgeworth can choose whether or not to use the trump 
    card. Pick the option you want. Either way, Edgeworth 
    uses the trump card. Alba pretends he doesn't know what 
    the card is, and he pretends not to know what's on the 
    videotape. However, he still follows Edgeworth to the 
    Theatrum Neutralis, to watch the videotape.
    The video plays. Edgeworth first proves that the card is 
    from the head of the smuggling ring, and it had orders to 
    kill Cece Yew. Do this by selecting the card, which Manny 
    Coachen is holding in his right hand.
    Alba interrupts. The cards look the same, but ARE they 
    the same card? It's been ten years since that video was 
    shot, after all.
    Turn over the card and examine the blood. A simple DNA 
    test will show that the blood is Cece Yew's.
    The video skips ahead, and thanks to a zoom-in feature on 
    the VCR, we can see the moment where Manny and someone 
    else drove away, in a Cohdopian car. First, let's prove 
    that it is really Manny in the backseat of the car by 
    presenting the pocket of the man by the window.
    Who is the other man in the backseat with Manny? That's 
    the leader of the smuggling ring. Highlight the very 
    distinctive medal on his chest. This medal is the one-of-
    a-kind medal that Alba is wearing right now.
    Alba then confesses to the murder of Mask DeMasque II, 
    but he says it was in self-defense. He denies the fact 
    that he is the head of the smuggling ring, though.
    Alba then pulls rank on everyone; as the Ambassador of 
    Allebahst, he has extraterritorial rights, which prevent 
    him from being tried in any court system other than 
    Allebahst's. So, basically, there's no way Edgeworth or 
    any of our heroes can prosecute him for his crimes.
    Alba then leaves, so he can officially evict all of our 
    heroes, under his authority as Ambassador of Allebahst.
    To sum up this part of the game...
    Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue.
    Examine the head of the statue.
    Examine the counterfeit plates.
    Select either option.
    Select the card in Manny Coachen's hand.
    Examine the blood on the other side of the card.
    Select the pocket of the man sitting at the window.
    Select the medal on the pocket of the other man in the 
    7f. Moving the Body
    Curses! Alba is abusing his power as an ambassador to 
    avoid prosecution! It looks like our investigation is 
    Or is it? Our various heroes split off into groups, each 
    person going to do something else. Edgeworth is our main 
    character, so the game stays with him and his 
    investigation here in the Theatrum Neutralis.
    There is only one thing to examine in this investigation: 
    the picture on a stand. It's a picture of the two 
    ambassadors, with flowers and the Steel Samurai. What a 
    great photo!
    There's something weird about it. Examine the yellow 
    flower that Alba is holding. Deduce at this flower, then 
    present the Allebahstian knife. That's no flower! It's 
    the murder weapon! 
    Wow, sneaking a murder weapon into another country, 
    inside a bouquet of flowers? That's quite a trick. There 
    is a missing petal on the flower-handle which 
    conveniently proves that it is the handle in the boquet.
    The only other part of the investigation is LOGIC TIME! 
    Using logic, connect the counterfeiting with renovations. 
    It was unfortunate for the smuggler, Mr. Coachen, that 
    Babahl's offices were being renovated. But who would have 
    profited from the renovation?
    Select "Quercus Alba". He definitely profited from the 
    death of Manny Coachen. At least, he had a motive to kill 
    Manny. This is added to logic.
    Using Logic, connect the motive with Alba's agitation. 
    There is something about Manny's death he doesn't want us 
    to know. Could it be that he committed the murder in an 
    unknown spot?
    Select the Theatrum Neutralis. Because this place is part 
    of the United States, the US government can prosecute 
    anyone for a crime committed in the Theatrum Neutralis. 
    If Alba killed Coachen here, then Alba's extraterritorial 
    rights won't protect him!
    Franziska returns with security footage. Get used to 
    people suddenly appearing with new evidence or 
    information, because it's going to happen a lot from here 
    on out.
    Our heroes watch the tape from Allebahst's security 
    camera. No one entered the country besides Ambassador 
    Alba and Larry Butz. Select 5:23, the minute that Larry 
    went to Allebahst.
    Here, examine the cart that Larry is pushing. Did you 
    notice the suspicious bulge? What could have caused that, 
    I wonder?
    Our heroes then look at Babahl's security tape. No one 
    entered their country, not even Manny Coachen. This 
    basically proves that Manny was killed outside of Babahl, 
    and his body was transported to Babahl at a later time. 
    After all, there is no footage of Manny entering Babahl 
    while he was still alive.
    Ambassador Alba then appears and harasses our heroes. 
    Just when it looks like our heroes are stuck, Ambassador 
    Palaeno appears and uses his authority as an ambassador 
    to get Alba to testify. Specifically, Alba testifies 
    about his alibi.
    To finish this investigation...
    Examine the photo on the stand.
    Examine the yellow flower.
    Deduce at the flower, and present the Allebahstian knife.
    Using Logic, connect "Coachen's counterfeiting op." with 
    Select "Quercus Alba".
    Using Logic, connect "Agitated Alba" with "Motive to kill 
    Present the Theatrum Neutralis.
    Select 5:23.
    Examine the pushcart.
    Cross-Examination: Ambassador Alba's Alibi
    There is no reason to suspect Alba. After all, under 
    Edgeworth's scenario, Alba and Coachen are partners in 
    crime. In any case, Alba was in Allebahst the whole time. 
    Ergo, he did not commit a murder in Babahl.
    To get through this testimony, Edgeworth needs to focus 
    on the motive. Press the second statement, about him and 
    Coachen being smugglers. This causes Alba to make a new 
    piece of testimony, one which says he has no motive.
    Ah, this statement is easy to disprove. Present Mask 
    DeMasque II's note at this statement which says Alba had 
    no motive. He had a really good motive! Manny Coachen 
    ordered someone to steal the Primidux Statue. In other 
    words, Coachen betrayed him.
    Also, by killing Coachen, Alba had the very good 
    opportunity to push all the blame for the smuggling ring 
    onto Coachen.
    Alba interrupts Edgeworth. Even if Edgeworth has proven a 
    motive, this doesn't prove that Alba is a murderer. Alba 
    declares he is going to leave, when Kay Faraday jumps in 
    at the last second with new evidence.
    Kay's evidence is the Little Thief, and Byrne Faraday's 
    pocket organizer. They aren't conclusive pieces of 
    evidence, but Alba wants to get rid of them nonetheless. 
    He agrees to do another round of testimony, in exchange 
    for these pieces of evidence.
    To sum up this bit of cross-examination...
    Press the statement "Under your hypothetical scenario, 
    Mr. Coachen and I were fellow smugglers".
    Present DeMasque II's note at the statement "In that 
    case, what motive would I have had to kill my co-
    Cross-Examination: Alba's Alibi, Pt. 2
    The last time Alba saw Coachen was in the Theatrum 
    Neutralis. After that, he returned to Allebahst and 
    stayed there the whole time. Coachen did not go to 
    Allebahst during this time, so the two never met during 
    the time span in which the murder occurred.
    Alba's new piece of testimony comes with a hefty price: 
    large penalties! If you press a statement that you 
    shouldn't, or if you present the wrong piece of evidence, 
    you get a large penalty.
    It turns out you don't need to press any statements at 
    all. Simply go to the statement about the meeting in the 
    Theatrum Neutralis and present the commemorative photo, 
    the one that shows Alba holding the murder weapon.
    Alba is nervous at this point, but the fact that he 
    brought the murder weapon to the Theatrum Neutralis is no 
    proof of guilt, even with a proven motive.
    With this round of testimony over, Alba takes the 
    evidence. Before leaving, he reminds everyone that he is 
    an ambassador, which means he has extraterritoriality and 
    diplomatic immunity, so there is no way he can be 
    prosecuted for his crimes.
    Agent Lang then appears. He used the videotape from 
    Edgeworth to convince Allebahstian officials to fire 
    Alba. In other words, as of right now, Alba is no longer 
    an ambassador. All right!
    So, Alba's diplomatic immunity has been negated, and the 
    fact that the crime took place on United States soil 
    negates his extraterritoriality. In other words, we can 
    now prosecute him fully!
    ...Once we prove his guilt with evidence and testimony, 
    that is.
    To get through this bit of cross-examination...
    Present the commemorative photo at the statement "The 
    last time I met with Mr. Coachen was here at the Theatrum 
    Cross-Examination: Alba's Alibi, Pt. 3
    Alba claims he left the bouquet of flowers (and the 
    knife) in the theater, where anyone could have taken it. 
    Besides, there's no way the murder took place in the 
    Theatrum Neutralis. How did the body get moved from the 
    theater to Babahl?
    How was the body moved? It was moved with the pushcart, 
    so present the pushcart at the final statement. 
    Alternately, present the security footage which shows the 
    pushcart being moved. Edgeworth points out the mysterious 
    bulge in the pushcart.
    Select the picture of Mr. Coachen, in the form of the 
    notes on Coachen's body. The bulge in the pushcart is Mr. 
    Coachen's corpse. In other words, the body was 
    transported in the pushcart!
    Edgeworth lacks the evidence to prove this, until 
    Detective Gumshoe bursts in with the pushcart in 
    question. Examine the inside of the cart, which has a 
    blood stain. This proves the cart was used to move Manny 
    Coachen's body, once the lab technicians confirm that it 
    is Manny Coachen's blood.
    Edgeworth isn't sure how the body was moved from 
    Allebahst to Babahl, but he hopes the next testimony will 
    shed some light on the subject.
    To get through this bit of cross-examination:
    Present the pushcart or the security footage at the 
    statement "There is no way for me to have transported his 
    body from the theater to Babahl!"
    Present the notes on Coachen's Body.
    Examine the blood on the inside of the cart.
    Cross-Examination: Movements in Allebahst
    Alba had his picture taken with the Steel Samurai. He was 
    going to give his speech, when the Yatagarasu appeared. 
    Then, he ran to his office. 
    Alba's testimony leaves out a lot of things, such as his 
    meeting with Franziska, the part where he and Calisto Yew 
    swapped the two statues, his murder of Mask DeMasque II, 
    and, oh yeah, the part where he moved Manny Coachen's 
    body from Allebahst to Babahl.
    Press every statement. There are no contradictions 
    anywhere in the testimony, mainly because Alba omitted 
    the parts that are relevant to the murder of Manny 
    It's starting to look like Alba will get away with his 
    crimes, when three champions of justice appear: Steel 
    Samurai Daddy, Pink Princess Mommy and the Iron Infant.
    The Iron Infant is soaking wet, because he was found in a 
    pool in Babahl. Edgeworth pounces on this information. If 
    the Iron Infant travelled from Allebahst to Babahl, did 
    Manny Coachen's body follow the same route? This seems 
    likely, as the Iron Infant was in the pushcart along with 
    Manny Coachen's corpse.
    Select "bilateral symmetry". Edgeworth is then challenged 
    to locate where Babahl's pool of water is. Since the 
    embassy is made with bilateral symmetry in mind, it's on 
    the other side of the wall, opposite of Allebahst's pool 
    of water.
    Gumshoe runs to this area and finds the water. Aha! This 
    is surely the route the body took!
    Lang comes up with an objection to this. How did the body 
    go from the Allebahst pool to the Babahl pool? Sure, the 
    pools are connected underground, but it's not like bodies 
    can swim.
    Edgeworth explains. First, Alba put the pushcart, with 
    the dead body and the Iron Infant, into the pool on 
    Allebahst's side. Shih-na jumped into the pool on 
    Babahl's side. Then, both pools were drained.
    Select the fires in Babahl to explain why the two pools 
    were drained; they were drained to help put out the fire. 
    Once the pools were drained, it was easy for Shih-na to 
    walk to Allebahst's pool, collect the body, then take it 
    to Babahl's side.
    Select the fountain spouts to explain how the pool was 
    refilled. Shih-na and the pushcart simply floated up to 
    the top! Then, she got out of the pool and transported 
    the dead body to Manny Coachen's office.
    This is all a conjecture, however. Edgeworth lacks the 
    evidence to back up his theory. Or does he?
    Present the guitar pick. It's not a guitar pick at all! 
    It's the missing petal, from the handle of the murder 
    weapon. Present the Allebahstian knife, and Edgeworth 
    puts the petal on the knife handle. It's a perfect fit, 
    which proves the knife handle was transported through the 
    two pools of water.
    Alba refuses to admit his guilt, however. 
    To get through this piece of cross-examination...
    Press every statement.
    Select "bilateral symmetry."
    Select where the pool of water would be, on the Babahlese 
    side of the wall.
    Present the fires is Babahl.
    Present the fountain spouts.
    Present the guitar pick.
    Present the Allebahstian knife.
    7g. Case Closed!
    Edgeworth decides to change the topic. He's proven how 
    the dead body was moved, but he still doesn't know all 
    the specifics of the murder. Therefore, he asks Alba to 
    testify about the time of the murder.
    Cross-Examination: The Steel Samurai's Show
    Alba was in the back of the theater, where nobody could 
    see him. He remembers the contents of the show, and he 
    watched the whole thing.
    Press the third statement, the one about him remembering 
    the show. Alba supports this claim by saying his favorite 
    part was the end, where the Steel Samurai used the never-
    before-seen "Early Summer Rain Jab" move. Since the move 
    has never been seen before, Alba's knowledge of its 
    existence proves he attended the play.
    Or DOES it? As Edgeworth says, that is a move used with 
    the Samurai Spear, and we know that Larry broke the spear 
    in rehearsal!
    Present the Samurai Spear at the statement about the 
    Early Summer Rain Jab move. Because the spear was broken, 
    this move was NOT used in the play. The fact that Alba 
    says the move was used proves that Alba was NOT in the 
    audience during the play!
    Alba lies and says he was in the bathroom during the time 
    the move was used. Edgeworth is upset at this excuse, 
    because Edgeworth is a major Steel Samurai Fan. What kind 
    of fan leaves during the best part of the show?
    Larry comes to Alba's defense, because Larry is sure that 
    Alba is a Steel Samurai Maniac. After all, only a few 
    people knew the name "Early Summer Rain Jab", seeing as 
    the move was cancelled from the play and has never been 
    seen before. They only decided what the name of the move 
    was shortly before the play.
    Alba orders Larry to stop talking, but it's too late. The 
    name of the move wasn't formally announced? That means 
    Alba knows the name of the move because...
    Select "he saw it". Where did he see it? On the bulletin 
    board, backstage. And of course, we know that the killer 
    was backstage, when he shoved Manny Coachen's body into 
    the pushcart. So Alba was in the same place as the 
    killer, around the time the killer was there, too.
    Alba sticks to his earlier lie that he went to the 
    bathroom. He says he got lost looking for the bathroom, 
    though, which is why he was inside the dressing room for 
    a brief period of time.
    This is a lie, but there's no way to disprove it. For 
    about the fifth time in a row, it looks like our heroes 
    are stuck and Alba will get away, when someone jumps in 
    at the last second with new evidence.
    This time, Wendy Oldbag is our unlikely hero. She has a 
    box of Samurai Dogs with a red spot on it. Interesting...
    Using Logic, connect the "samurai dogs" with the "body in 
    the pushcart". Edgeworth concludes that the Samurai Dogs 
    were removed from the pushcart, to make room so the body 
    could be put inside.
    Then, connect "rising sun dogs" with "Samurai Dogs were 
    removed". What if the red spot on the box is blood? 
    Specifically, a drop of blood from the time that the 
    victim's body was being moved?
    Examine the red spot on the box, and Agent Lang decides 
    to have it analyzed. Our heroes talk for a bit, and the 
    analysis comes back. It is definitely blood.
    Everyone celebrates, but their joy is premature. As Alba 
    is quick to point out, even if the blood belongs to the 
    victim, it does not prove that Alba is the killer. Our 
    heroes immediately become disappointed.
    Their disappoint turns to confusion, as Forensics 
    confirms that the blood does NOT belong to the victim. 
    Whose blood is it, then?
    Edgeworth wonders what Phoenix Wright would do in this 
    situation. This gives Edgeworth the insight he needs to 
    perform a turnabout.
    Whose blood is it? Present Quercus Alba.
    Where did the blood come from? Present Ambassador Alba's 
    What knife made the wound? Present the Yatagarasu's Key.
    And with this, the long case finally draws to a close. 
    The blood was from the struggle between Coachen and Alba, 
    when Alba killed Coachen. The fact that Alba's blood was 
    found in the dressing room proves the struggle took place 
    Alba finally confesses, and he is arrested. Of course, 
    Edgeworth intends on being the lead prosecutor for Alba's 
    trial here in the United States. Franziska is the lead 
    prosecutor for Alba's trial in Allebahst, which went 
    through with its plans to reunite with Babahl.
    The game ends with a few scenes, where we learn what 
    happened to the various characters, after the defeat of 
    the smuggling ring. It's happily ever after for pretty 
    much everyone. Way to go, Edgeworth!
    Case Closed. 
    To get through this cross-examination...
    Press the statement "I do remember the contents of the 
    show very well, though. Is that proof enough for you?"
    Present the samurai spear at the statement "One of the 
    scenes was of his never-before-seen "Early Summer Rain 
    Jab" move."
    Select "You saw it."
    Present the pushcart.
    Using Logic, connect "Samurai Dogs" with "Body in the 
    Using Logic, connect "Rising Sun Dogs" with "Samurai Dogs 
    were removed".
    Examine the red spot.
    Present Quercus Alba.
    Present Ambassador Alba's Wound.
    Present Yatagarasu's Key.
    8. Credits
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2011.  If you 
    want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
    (instructions under general information)

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