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    Secrets FAQ by magikid

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    Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    Secrets FAQ
    DS - 2D Platform RPG
    Version 1.12 by magikid
    E-mail: magikid.lost AT gmail.com
    Last Updated: 8/28/11
    --------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ---------------------------------------------------
    1. Introduction
    2. Unlockables and Extras
       A. New Game +
       B. Hard Mode
       C. Albus Mode
       D. Boss Rush
       E. Training Hall/Large Cavern
       F. Level 255
       G. Sound Mode
    3. Hidden Items
       A. Backtracking
       B. Breakable Walls
       C. Hidden Chests
       D. Worthwhile Enemy Drops
       E. Rewards and Extras
       F. Boss Medals
    4. Other
       A. Redire and Magnes
       B. Maximum Luck Setup
       C. Transformation Glyphs
    5. Credits / Legal Info
    6. Update History
    --------- 1. INTRODUCTION -----------------------------------------------------
    Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia needs a Secrets FAQ. Just like all other recent
    Castlevania titles, there are plenty of things to do after the game is
    finished. This guide is for players who want to access everything Order of
    Ecclesia has to offer.
    This is not for you. This guide is spoiler-heavy and primarily covers content
    that can only be accessed after the game is finished at least once. There are
    a variety of walkthroughs available, as well as a Quest Guide for those who are
    trying to rescue all of Wygol Village's inhabitants. This guide assumes you
    have already gotten the basics of the game down.
    There is always room for contributions in this guide. If you know about
    something good that I have missed or want to make a correction, feel free to
    notify me by e-mail. My e-mail address can be found at the beginning of the
    document. I'll take glitches, too.
    --------- 2. EXTRAS AND UNLOCKABLES -------------------------------------------
    A. New Game +
    New Game + is unlocked after completing the game once.
    After finishing the game for the first time, a bat icon will appear next to the
    completed file. Select this to begin a New Game +. When starting a new game in
    this way, the character will start at the beginning of the game while retaining
    almost all items, gold, and experience level (this last part is unique to Order
    of Ecclesia; level resets to one in other games).
    - Character level
    - All usable items
    - All equipment
    - Most glyphs (including Rapidus Fio)
    - Attribute points
    - Relics: Book of Spirits and Glyph Sleeve
    - Gold
    - HP/MP/Hearts Max Up bonuses
    - Shop inventory (though Jacob must be rescued again)
    - Map completion percentage
    - Accessible areas
    - Glyphs used for advancement: Magnes, Paries, Dextro Custos, Sinestro Custos,
      Arma Custos, Dominus Hatred, Dominus Anger, Dominus Agony, Volaticus, Redire
    - Relics: Serpent Scale and Ordinary Rock
    - Villager quests
    You can start a New Game + anytime after the first playthrough, even in the
    middle of a subsequent cycle. The game will begin using your most recent save
    Hard mode is unlocked after completing the game once.
    When selecting a new game (either on a cleared file or new), you may choose
    between Normal and Hard. During a hard mode game, enemies will not only have
    slightly enhanced statistics, their patterns and placement will be altered as
    well. For example, Medusa Heads will be encountered as early as Ruvas Forest,
    and they will all be yellow -- thus always petrifying on impact.
    When beginning a hard mode game, you must also choose a level cap of fifty or
    one. Your character will not be able to exceed this level, although you will
    still gain experience and your level may be increased when you start a normal
    game. Try a hard mode level one game on a new file for maximum challenge, if
    you wish.
    Completing hard mode on any level cap will grant you the Queen of Hearts hat.
    Completing hard mode with a maximum level of one will raise the maximum level
    to 255 on future playthroughs.
    Albus mode is unlocked after completing the game once.
    This will start a new game with Albus as the main character instead of Shanoa.
    An Albus game can only be started on a new file and must be kept separate from
    your Shanoa file(s).
    Albus differs from Shanoa in many ways. It is similar to previous Castlevania
    "alternate modes" in that Albus cannot use items, change his equipment, or even
    access the menu at all.
    NOTE: Since Albus cannot access the menu, the voice settings cannot be changed
    from English to Japanese. Changing the setting in Sound Mode will have no
    effect. Apologies to Japanese purists everywhere.
    Albus has a variety of different moves that never change and are used with
    different buttons. These are explained at the beginning of the game:
    Y: Regular Shot
    Albus fires his gun straightforward. Hold down for rapid fire.
    X: Optical Shot
    Albus fires two energy orbs, dark and light, in a spiral.
    Light- and possibly Dark-attribute (needs confirmation)
    Up+Y: Max Shot
    Exactly like the Acerbatus glyph. Large blast hits for large damage.
    Lightning- and Dark-attribute, may inflict Curse
    A: Quadruple Ignis
    A rising kick. Can be controlled and used in mid-air. Uses three hearts.
    R: Torpor
    Exactly like the Torpor glyph. Weak damage.
    L: Backdash
    Slightly different from Shanoa's backdash. It seems Albus can pass through
    some attacks as if he had the Moonwalkers equipped (thanks David Trammell).
    Up+L: High Jump
    A long vertical leap. Can be used in mid-air.
    Tap Touch Screen: Warp
    Albus will immediately warp wherever you tap the screen. Useful for dodging.
    Albus can double jump and move freely underwater from the beginning.
    An Albus mode game can begin on either Normal or Hard for the first time.
    Boss Rush is unlocked after completing the game once.
    Boss Rush is a challenge to fight through several of the game's bosses in one
    sitting, using cleared save data. Shanoa will always be at level 50 for this.
    There are two Boss Rush courses, marked A and B. Course A will pit Shanoa
    against all bosses before Dracula's Castle (except Giant Skeleton), and Course
    B contains bosses found within Dracula's Castle. You may heal yourself with an
    orb between fights, but you will use up time waiting for it to appear.
    Boss Rush is timed. The time taken to finish Boss Rush will determine the prize
    awarded at the end. Time will not advance in the menu, so feel free to change
    equipment or glyphs at your leisure.
    It looks like the prizes for both courses are as follows:
    Course A
    Sword Helm
    Rapier Helm
    Lance Helm
    Hammer Helm
    Arrow Helm
    R. Eye of Devil
    Course B
    Axe Helm
    Sickle Helm
    Knife Helm
    Shield Helm
    L. Eye of God
    A Potion at the end means you have received all of the prizes already, or you
    haven't cleared Boss Rush fast enough.
    Thanks to James Bowles for this list.
    These are two secret areas that can be accessed from within Dracula's Castle.
    After defeating Blackmore, continue along the path until you enter a room with
    a single Fleaman at the bottom. Break the floor here to access a hidden room.
    Keep moving right, breaking walls or using Paries as needed, until you exit the
    castle. At this point, both the Training Hall and Large Cavern will appear next
    to the castle at the same time.
    The Training Hall is an obstacle course of sorts. You must use general
    platforming skills (and Magnes) to make your way through fire traps and spikes
    to reach the end for a green chest with a rare item randomly selected from a
    group of four. Volaticus cannot be used in the Training Hall.
    The Large Cavern is a series of rooms containing the most difficult enemies the
    game has to offer. The door to the next room will open when all enemies have
    been cleared out. Alternatively, you can wait some length of time and the doors
    will open automatically (thanks to Shay Krainer and Ian Maier for pointing this
    out). You cannot leave the cavern or go back to previous rooms once you have
    started. An easy way to progress in some rooms is to use Volaticus and either
    attack safely in the air, or wait until the doors open themselves. This is
    especially effective for the two Weapon Masters (thanks Shay Krainer). At the
    bottom of the cavern is Jiang Shi, an extra boss. Defeating Jiang Shi will
    complete the cavern, providing a green chest and fulfilling Irina's final task.
    Each area can be re-entered any time after they are completed.
    F. LEVEL 255
    Maximum level of 255 is unlocked after a hard mode level one game is completed.
    Often referred to as "Hard Lv. 255," this raises the maximum level to 255 on
    both Normal and Hard difficulties. Since the character's level remains the same
    with each new cycle, this will allow you to fully maximize your character's
    strength over multiple playthroughs.
    Supposedly, according to GameFAQs' Cheats section, this can also be unlocked by
    connecting the game's data to Castlevania: Judgment on the Wii, but as that
    game is not yet released this cannot be confirmed for the time being.
    Sound Mode is unlocked after completing the game once.
    This is just a menu allowing you to sample the game's music and voices.
    The language setting here will determine which set of voice actors is used and
    will have no affect on the voice settings for any other part of the game (this
    means you cannot use Sound Mode to make Albus' voice Japanese in his mode).
    --------- 3. HIDDEN ITEMS -----------------------------------------------------
    This will detail when you can use new abilities and glyphs to find items or
    secrets in old areas.
    Fool Ring: Towards the left side of the map, after the series of Magnes jumps,
    return with the Ordinary Rock (double jump) to reach a chest with a Fool Ring
    in it. This can also be reached with one jump and Rapidus Fio (thanks Kenny
    Kalidus Channel
    If you return to the top path with the Serpent Scale, you'll find various HP/MP
    Max Up chests on the ocean floor.
    Minera Prison Island
    Strength Ring: During the second half of the stage, when you're caught by a
    light, a Tin Man will attack. If you can defeat this Tin Man, a chest will come
    out of the ground with a Strength Ring inside. Since this enemy is unusually
    difficult for the time, you will most likely need to backtrack to get this. Of
    course, if you can defeat it early, more power to you...
    Tymeo Mountains
    Devil Ring: With Paries acquired, get to the warp room on the very right side,
    and go as far left as possible before climbing to the top of a long vertical
    shaft. At the top, on the left side, is a door leading to a Paries gate and
    this ring.
    Moonwalkers: See Devil Ring, only instead of going directly left through the
    wall with Paries, maneuver up or down around the Devil Ring to find the
    Moonwalkers above in a separate part of the wall.
    Misty Forest Road
    Hierophant Ring and Melio Arcus: On the left side of the map, you will see a
    glowing wall along the way. Go through with Paries to find a Hierophant Ring
    as well as the strongest bow glyph.
    Mystery Manor
    Fortune Ring: All the way to the left, destroy the spikes while Arma Machina is
    activated to reveal a Fortune Ring.
    Noteworthy items found by breaking walls will be listed here.
    To see breakable walls during play, equip the Eye for Decay headwear, dropped
    by the Peeping Eye monster in Dracula's Castle.
    Red Drops: After a long hallway with two Banshees and a Bone Scimitar, there
    will be a chest on a ledge in a room that leads upwards. Hit the right end of
    this ledge for Red Drops. Because it's so early in the game, you can come here,
    save, start a new cycle and return to quickly increase your fire attribute
    Kalidus Channel
    Twinbee: After rescuing Jacob on the top path, on the next screen with water,
    hit the upper-left wall and Twinbee will pop out. This is just a novelty item.
    Minera Prison Island
    Priestess Ring: On the left side of the map, after descending a staircase past
    a Skeleton Archer, hit the left wall to open a room with a Priestess Ring in
    it. The room's location is due west of the first save point.
    Konami Man: On the right side of the map, there is a room with a Magnes point
    leading to a treasure chest. Hit the bottom of the right ledge here to make
    Konami Man appear.
    Tymeo Mountains
    Empress Ring: In a long vertical cave room with Skull Spiders, break the left
    wall (with an Amanita next to it) to open a new room with this in it.
    Misty Forest Road
    White Drops: Right after the Hierophant Ring, in the farthest wall at the end
    of the corridor (thanks Marcos Saldivar). Requires Paries to access.
    Skeleton Cave
    Black Drops: In a room with an overwhelming number of Bone Pillars, break the
    left edge of the top platform (thanks Nathan Hett).
    Somnus Reef
    Vic Viper: In the room where Serge was located, hit the corner of the upper-
    right wall to find this useless but awesome item.
    Tristis Pass
    Onyx: Find a room with an Armored Beast, near the center of the map. To the
    right of this room is a vertical shaft filled with Ectoplasms. After passing
    two platforms on the right side, break the right wall here.
    Giant's Dwelling
    Temperance Ring: In one of the first rooms, with a single Ladycat, hit the
    upper-left corner and you will be rewarded.
    Oblivion Ridge
    Diamond: In the lower-left area of the westernmost 2x2 room (thanks Sam Swift).
    Hermit Ring: At the very end, after a scene with Albus, strike the lower corner
    of the leftmost wall.
    Dracula's Castle
    Hanged Man Ring and Reflectio: In the Library, shortly after the Wallman, there
    is a large room with a Draculina at the top, and three Mad Butchers at the
    bottom. Hit the wall to the left of the Draculina to uncover a new room with
    these items in it.
    Moon Ring: In the Barracks, in a large blue room with Blade Masters and Imps.
    Break the top left wall for a new room.
    Death Ring: In the upper part of the Mechanical Tower, on your way towards
    Death, take the right path when it splits off (in a room with Magnes points and
    the Heart Cuirass) and follow it past Medusa Heads into a room with three
    Bugbears. Break the left wall in this room to find the Death Ring. Be careful
    when equipping this thing.
    World Ring: At the end of the Final Approach, to the left of the warp room, hit
    the ceiling to open up a large room with this ring and some rare materials.
    Hidden chests containing unique items will be listed here.
    To reveal a chest, duck in the right spot and it will come out of the ground.
    When the Dowsing Hat (from Daniela's final quest) is equipped, a tone will play
    whenever you are in a room with an undiscovered chest. This tone will get
    louder as you get closer to its exact location.
    Record 1: Directly across from the room where Barlowe waits, duck on the
    uppermost platform for Record 1.
    Kalidus Channel
    Magician Ring: On the lower path, there is a sunken ship towards the lower-left
    side. At the bottom of this ship, find the Specter and duck underneath it, in
    the open area.
    Tymeo Mountains
    Emperor Ring: On the right half of the map (with Marcel, can only be accessed
    with the Ordinary Stone), go to an underground area with a Fire Demon and
    Dullahans. At the end of this path, go to the top (still underground) and duck
    for this ring.
    Tristis Pass
    Lovers Ring: Right underneath the waterfall. It's hard to miss this one.
    Dracula's Castle
    Star Ring: In the Underground Labyrinth, in the room with falling boulders.
    Duck at the point where the boulders break (the lowest part of the room).
    ENEMY NAME                   ITEM                          RARITY
    ----------                   ----                          ------
    #20 Dark Octopus             Black Ink                     ****
    This item is needed for George's final quest.
    #21 Killer Fish              Raw Killer Fish               *****
    This item is needed for one of Aeon's quests.
    #29 Nightmare                Horse Hair                    ***
    This item is needed for one of George's quests.
    #35 Werebat                  Arma Chiroptera               **
    A fun glyph that allows Shanoa to become a werebat.
    #45 Lorelai                  Merman Meat                   *****
    This is needed for Abram's final quest. Oddly enough, it does not drop from
    either type of Merman.
    #61 Owl                      Fidelus Noctua                ****
    A glyph needed for one of Serge's quests. Summons an owl familiar.
    #63 Altair                   Eagle Feather                 ****
    This is needed for George's final quest.
    #64 Mandragora               Mandrake Root                 ****
    This is needed for one of Abram's quests.
    #74 Peeping Eye              Eye of Decay                  *****
    Equipping this allows you to see breakable walls.
    #77 Black Panther            Arma Felix                    ****
    This lets Shanoa transform into a Black Panther.
    #91 Hammer Shaker            Melio Macir                   *****
    The strongest glyph that does Strike-attribute damage.
    #95 Spectral Sword           Melio Secare                  *****
    The strongest standard sword glyph.
    #96 Automaton ZX27           Arma Machina                  ****
    Transforms Shanoa into a robot.
    #98 Gorgon Head              Mirror Cuirass                *****
    Armor that prevents petrification.
    #100 Great Knight            Knight Helm                   ****
    A solid defensive helm, one of the most protective.
    #100 Great Knight            Melio Ascia                   *****
    This is the strongest axe glyph, if you're into that kind of thing.
    #115 Albus                   Acerbatus                     *
    A strong dark-attribute glyph that can curse enemies. This doesn't ever drop
    from Albus and it must be absorbed when it appears during the fight.
    Boss Rush Rewards
    Completing Boss Rush in over four minutes will award one of a variety of
    helmets. These include Sword Helm, Rapier Helm, Lance Helm, Hammer Helm, Arrow
    Helm, Axe Helm, Sickle Helm, Knife Helm, and Shield Helm. These helmets allow
    you to use the corresponding weapon type's glyph union regardless of what
    glyphs you have equipped.
    If you complete Course A in under four minutes, you will win the R. Eye of
    Devil headwear. Equipping this will slow the game down by half.
    If you complete Course B in under four minutes, you will win the L. Eye of
    God headwear. When this is equipped, enemies' remaining HP will be displayed
    when you attack instead of damage.
    When all prizes have already been awarded, you will receive a Potion for
    completing either Boss Rush course.
    Queen of Hearts
    This is a hat obtained by completing a hard mode game with any level maximum.
    Besides providing overall good stat bonuses, heart usage is cut in half while
    it is equipped.
    Cubus Glyph and Justice Ring
    At the very end of the left branch of the Monastery (with the Fool Ring), there
    is a series of blocks that seem to endlessly fall. Come here with a suitable
    long-range spell glyph and break the blocks in order to reveal a glyph, Cubus.
    Though the Ignis glyph union works well for this (thanks Order of Ecclesia
    board users), the best approach is to equip Globus and alternate X and Y when
    right up against the wall. The orbs will bounce off the walls and remove all
    of the blocks within (thanks Evan Clarke and Ryengu).
    If you continue destroying the blocks until they're entirely gone, a chest will
    appear nearby containing a Justice Ring. This can be easily done using Melio
    Ascia (thanks anonymous).
    Pneuma Glyph
    On the right side of Tymeo Mountains there is a long shaft with a glyph at the
    top, protected by heavy wind. If you try to absorb this glyph normally, you
    will be blown off the edge before you can finish.
    The idea is to use the Magnes point here to launch yourself to the edge of the
    platform (not so far that you'll fall off -- charging it back about halfway
    should do) and then start holding Up as soon as possible. If done correctly,
    you'll manage to absorb the glyph before you get blown off completely.
    NOTE: Despite its description suggesting you are "less likely to be blown
    away," the Tower Ring has no effect here. This is a mistranslation; what the
    Tower Ring really does is prevent you from being stunned when you're hit.
    Morbus Glyph
    Somewhere in Dracula's Castle you may encounter a room with two machine-like
    devices on the top and bottom. If you activate both of these with Fulgur, you
    will receive a glyph for your troubles.
    Vol Fulgur will also work, but it may take some more effort to get it right
    than Fulgur would (thanks Nezbot and Jonathan Cheung).
    If you manage to defeat any boss without being hit, a treasure chest will come
    out of the ground with a medal corresponding to that boss. These medals do
    nothing on their own, and they are worthwhile only for a sense of
    accomplishment and additional item percentage.
    NOTE: To get the Dracula Medal, defeat Dracula without being hit and then load
    the save file after the credits. The chest with the medal will appear next to
    the save point.
    --------- 4. OTHER ------------------------------------------------------------
    The Redire glyph, found at the end of the Training Hall, actually acts as a
    magnet that you can attach yourself to with Magnes. You'll follow it as it
    moves, and just like a regular Magnes point, if you let go of the button you'll
    fly off in a direction.
    The proper equipment for the highest luck bonus possible is as follows:
    Headwear: Ribbon               +10      Headwear: Ribbon               +10
    Armor: Robe Decolette          +5       Armor: Robe Decolette          +5
    Boots: Any (None increase LCK)          Boots: Any (None increase LCK)
    Accessory 1: Thief Ring        +7       Accessory 1: Fortune Ring      +99*
    Accessory 2: Thief Ring        +7       Accessory 2: Fortune Ring      +99*
    Total:                         +29 LCK  Total:                         +213 LCK
    *The Fortune Ring provides +1 to LCK per hour of total game time. Thus, if your
    listed time is ninety-nine hours, you will receive +99 to LCK with each ring.
    However if you are unwilling or unable to put in that much time (and I don't
    blame you), the Thief Ring is a perfect alternative. This gives +7 to LCK and
    increases the likelihood that enemies will drop their rare item (the second one
    on the list). If a rare item is what you're after, two Thief Rings may be more
    effective than powered up Fortune Rings. The Fool Ring also provided +7 to LCK
    (at a cost to other stats) and may be useful if you are trying to get an
    enemy's common item and don't want the rare item getting in the way.
    Don't forget to activate Felicem Fio for an extra +10 to LCK.
    There are three "Arma" glyphs dropped by the Werebat, Black Panther, and
    Automaton ZX27. These are R-button type glyphs that will transform Shanoa into
    the respective creature, providing her with new abilities.
    Arma Chiroptera: From Werebat in Misty Forest Road. Shanoa's attacks are
    replaced by shooting a stream of bats, and a quick upwards kick, which hits
    multiple times and restores one HP with each hit. In this form, bats will not
    attack you.
    Arma Felix: From Black Panther in Dracula's Castle. Shanoa's new attacks become
    a very fast dash that restores one HP with each hit, and several quick cuts
    that may remind players of the Crissaegrim or Valmanway from other Castlevania
    games (though nowhere near as game-breakingly powerful). In this form, cat-type
    monsters will not attack you and will instead go after other monsters. As an
    extra bonus, you can talk to the cats in town like any other NPC while
    transformed. They tend to offer secrets about the game's various locations.
    Arma Machina: From Automaton ZX27 in Dracula's Castle. While in robotic form,
    Shanoa no longer takes HP damage, instead losing MP when hit. For this reason
    MP does not refill when transformed. The robotic form can also break spikes on
    contact, and fellow robots who see you will leave you alone.
    --------- 5. CREDITS / LEGAL INFO ---------------------------------------------
    Here's to Konami and Koji Igarashi for developing this game, proving that
    they've still got it after all these years.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ, among countless others.
    Thanks to GameFAQs' Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia board. It is a wealth of
    information that can answer any question you may have.
    - Anonymous: Pointed out an easier way to get the Justice Ring.
    - James Bowles: Cleared up the Boss Rush reward system for me.
    - Jonathan Cheung: Informed me on how to get the Morbus glyph with Vol Fulgur.
    - Evan Clarke: Pointed out that Globus is very effective to get Cubus.
    - Nathan Hett: Found a breakable wall containing Black Drops.
    - Shay Krainer: Pointed out that Large Cavern doors will open on their own and
      provided strategies.
    - Kenny Kuroiwa: Added that certain jumps can be made earlier with Rapidus Fio.
    - Loki: Found a breakable wall containing an Onyx.
    - Ian Maier: Pointed out that Large Cavern doors will open on their own.
    - Nezbot: Informed me that Vol Fulgur does indeed work to get the Morbus glpyh.
    - Ryengu: Also pointed out that Globus is a good way to get the Cubus glyph.
    - Marcos Saldivar: Located a breakable wall with White Drops.
    - Simolinic: Pointed out a backtracking location with very clear directions.
    - Sam Swift: Located a hidden Diamond in Oblivion Ridge.
    - David Trammell: Suggested a hidden trait of Albus' backdash.
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed.
    This guide is more complete thanks to your efforts.
    All copyrights and trademarks are held by their respective owners.
    This guide may only appear at www.gamefaqs.com.
    This FAQ may not be used for any profitable purposes. Do not alter this FAQ in
    any way or claim it to be your own.
    © 2008-2011 Michael Brooks
    All rights reserved.
    --------- 6. UPDATE HISTORY ---------------------------------------------------
    Version 1.12 - 8/28/11
    Added small reader contribution. Cleaned up a bit for readability.
    Version 1.11 - 7/6/09
    A few Hidden Items added in Backtracking and Breakable Walls.
    Version 1.10 - 2/25/09
    100,000 hits, thanks everyone! Added new information to the boss rush section.
    Version 1.09 - 12/26/08
    Contributors practically wrote this update for me. New information added to
    Hidden Items.
    Version 1.08 - 11/22/08
    Added minor contributed information to the Hidden Items section.
    Version 1.07 - 11/12/08
    I have removed any information that came from the GameFAQs Order of Ecclesia
    board until further notice.
    Version 1.06 - 11/11/08
    Added a few reader contributions, and slightly rearranged the maximum luck and
    transformation sections. Contributions regarded the Large Cavern, Black Drops
    in the Skeleton Cave, and Vol Fulgur in the room with the Morbus glyph.
    Version 1.02 - 11/8/08
    Made a few corrections that I became aware of right after I submitted this
    thing. Most importantly, the best headwear for LCK increase is the Ribbon, not
    the Queen of Hearts. Also updated the enemy drop list with more items and added
    some breakable wall locations.
    Version 1.0 - 11/7/08
    First edition online. There is still a lot of room for more information,
    especially regarding breakable walls and hidden chests, so I am open to
    contributions where they are needed.
    - File End -

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