How does the noise change work?

  1. I dont get it ... like i like ophicuca noise and i dont wanna change it .. the pamphlet with the game says theres over 100 transformations but how does that work ... theres the noise form(49 and below) and vibrant noise form (50-199) ... when u get asked if u wanna change does that only change the vibrant noise form or also the regular form 2 ... wats the diff between all regular forms... r there any?

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  1. Good question this is some what hard to explain in a means
    there in theory is 3 forms of noise in my opinion 1) Pure Noise or as calling regular form 2) Multi Noise this is formed when you have a brother with a different noise than you have and 3) Finalized Noise which is the final evolution with in noise forms
    1) Pure Noise are noise that can be obtained by battles noise change happens randomly within a battle with a virus of basically anything. there are 11 Pure Noises Libra Noise, Corvus Noise, Cancer Noise,Gemini Noise, Ophiucus Noise, Cygnus Noise, Ox Noise, Virgo Noise, Crown Noise, Wolf Noise, Burai/Rogue Noise.

    2) Multi Noise as said above can be formed when you have a brother with a different noise than you have. when in battle and you brother card is shown there should be an choice to to use Multi Noise or use your brothers card. Multi Noise is somewhat hard to understand it not like the last game where your powers fuses together. for example like you said you have Ophiucus Noise with has the powers of Wood elemental, weak to Fire type attacks.
    +20 damage to Wood type cards. Non-elemental cards will inflict "Confuse" on the enemy. (Reversed movement in battle), Immune to "Confuse" and "Blindness". (Blindess = Can't see enemy),Charged shot changes to 'Wood Shoot'. (Wood elemental, lays down grass panels in a 3x3 area), NFBB is Elemental Cyclone. (Wood/Wind) but if you Multi Noise with lets say Cygnus Noise you will gain all the powers of Cygnus Noise meaning you will gain Non-elemental, weak to Sword type attacks. +10 damage to Non-elemental cards, +30 damage to Wind type cards.
    Air Shoes and Float Shoes. (Walk on broken panels and not affected by panel type), Charged Shot becomes 'Feather Vulcan'. (Wind elemental, hits panel behind the target.) NFBB is Meteorite Barrage. you will have all of Cygnus Noise powers and none of Ophiucus Noise but this only last of that battle so in you next battle you will start out with Ophiucus Noise.

    3) Finalized Noise is the final evolution with in noise forms which are Black Ace and Red Joker. when you change to either Black Ace or Red Joker you get the powers of Uses a special folder when transformed. x2 to War-rock's attack Battle Cards. Buster Level MAX. No Charged Shots. Finalized Noise could Stay only for 3 turns (then the Noise % would go down to 0%). Auto Lock. Quick Guage. Air Shoes. Float Shoes. NFBB is Black End Galaxy for Black Ace and Uses a special folder when transformed. x2 to War-rock's attack Battle Cards. Buster Level MAX.
    No Charged Shots. Finalized Noise could Stay only for 3 turns (then the Noise % would go down to 0%). Super Armor (won't cause to flinch back). Status Gaurd (immune to all negative status: freezing, paralyze, blind, bubbling, and confusion). for Red Joker.
    So really PURE NOISES have different powers but not all Multi Noise have different powers
    if you do the math its 11Pure Noises( note im not sure about the Burai/Rogue Noise because i havent tested it out and in not sure you are able to Multi Noise with him) and 11 times 11 (because 11 different noises forms and each noise form and be combied with 10 different noises so its 11) equals 121 noises forms and if you add the Finalized Noise you get a total of 122 noises forms for each game
    hopefully i got you question answered if you have any questions just message me

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  1. so in order for one to get another noise form, do you turn off the Aceprogram normally or do you keep it equiped?

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  2. I think it depends on the type of wave cards you use or what area you walk into

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  3. If he's asking what I think he's asking, he's asking how to change noises. It is rather simple. Depending on how you fight I.E. the cards you use and how you use them, play a little bit of a role in noise changing. To actually noise change however, you have to fight a giant virus I.E. the "WARNING!" sign comes up (not a boss although the same sign comes up for that too). To tell whether or not you got into a boss battle before the screen comes up is to note how the screen fades. If it spins, it's a boss, if it just zooms, its a giant virus. At this point it is just like a normal virus battle except the viruses are bigger, have more health, hurt more and in some cases attack different. It's mainly luck whether or not you have the option to change noises but I've found the higher the noise at the end, the higher the chance of a noise change.

    The multi-noise is quite a nifty feature. You can add another noise's power to your own. Basically, you become the noise of the brother/opponent noise you used while still keeping your own. Let's say I was the Gemini noise and crossed with the wolf noise. Not only would my non-dimming electric attacks be given +30, tag cards, and have paralyze effect to my swords but I would also have every aspect of the wolf noise as well. Although, the weakness changes to the one you noise changed into I.E. I would no longer be vulnerable to wood, it would be fire instead. Now although Libra and Cygnus have no elemental body, the are weak to break and sword type moves respectively. Using a different brother/opponent noise while multi noising will overwrite the noise you were previously fused to (using Ox multi noise would cancel the fuse with wolf).

    Finalization is possible when you have 200% or more noise. A little option will come up on the custom screen called "Meteor Server Access". This links you to the Meteor G and allows you to become Black Ace/Red Joker depending on your version. Black Ace has Airshoes, Floatshoes, Quick gauge, Auto lock, and lock on attacks deal double damage. Red Joker has Super armor, Status guard (immune to flash, paralyze, gravity, etc.), and lock-on attacks deal double damage. Each version gets access to different cards while fused with the Meteor G and the higher the level (grows by one for every 50% above 200%) the better that cards you have access to. Both also have different NFBB (Black End Galaxy/Red Gaia Laser). They do not draw power from the noise change as they are absorbing all the noise to become the ultimate noise. After 3 turns you will revert to normal having your old noise change back but the gauge will be at zero I.E. your noise is not vibrant.

    These are all the possible things that I can think of that would answer that question. There are other guides to raising your noise level and what each noise does. Also, each noise unlocks genuine ability waves after a certain number of battles that are unobtainable otherwise (unless you use hacks which many look down on). They are the best in the game because they use less link power and is worth the trouble in many cases.

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  4. How do i get rogue noise

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  5. 10 noise forms x 10 multi noise forms = 100 different and unique noise with different yet similiar ablities.
    Add in Opponent Noises and Finalized Forms and you get 100+ forms.

    If your noise is below 50%, only the apperance is a teeny bit different. Nothing Else.
    @ 50% and above , you go into Vibrant Form, which is then where you noise change matters.
    ETC, <50% noise, a Taurus has no SuperArmour. 50% noise > Super Armour Activates

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