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    Boss FAQ by BlackSpyro_33

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Megaman Star Force 3 Boss FAQ, by BlackSpyro_33.
    Version History:
    v1.3: Corrected a few spelling mistakes and the like. Added some
    more insight to Taurus Fire, Acid Ace, Dread Joker, Apollo Flame
    and Sirius. Also added a small few notes at the Boss V3 locations
    and Acid Ace BB/Dread Joker RR's triggering method. Till next time!
    V1.2: Added Acid Ace BB/Dread Joker RR's triggering method! Fully
    V1.1: Fixed a few gimmicks and added Locations of Omega Bosses under
    their explanation.
    V1.0.: Just started. First version has every Boss' Ability and Ability
    listed, as well as their different versions' HP and Attack values.
    Added Locations and started the FAQ.
    Table of Contents.
    1) Bosses.
    1 Spade Magnes [Bo01]
    2 Taurus Fire [Bo02]
    3 Diamond Ice [Bo03]
    4 Club Strong [Bo04]
    5 Dark Phantom [Bo05]
    6 Queen Virgo [Bo06]
    7 Acid Ace [Bo07]
    8 Rogue [Bo08]
    9 Jack Corvus [Bo09]
    10 Dread Joker [Bo10]
    11 Crimson Dragon [Bo11]
    12 Wolf Woods [Bo12]
    13 Cygnus Wing [Bo13]
    14 Moon Destroyer [Bo14]
    15 Apollo Flame [Bo15]
    16 Sirius [Bo16]
    2) Boss Locations.
    1 Boss Versions 2. [BV2]
    2 Boss Versions 3. [BV3]
    3 Boss Versions R. [BVR]
    4 Boss Versions Special. [BVSP]
    3) FAQ.
    4) Contact Info & Closing Statements.
    Note: The format this guide presents is as follows:
    Boss Nš. Boss Name. (Silly Quote) [Search Header] 
    HP: Amount of hit points for V1/V2/V3/R/Omega/BB/RR/Sigma.
    Abilities: Particular abilities the boss has, including
    brief descriptions if Ability is not common.
    Attacks: All the attacks the Boss has. Type of damage dealt by attack,
    Amount of damage dealt by V1/V2/V3/R/Omega/BB/RR/Sigma.
    Strategy: My strategy to fight the boss.
    With that in mind, hit Ctrl + F and input the Search 
    Header of the Boss you want to read about.
    Example: Hit Ctrl + F and input [Bo07], then hit Enter
    to jump to Acid Ace.
    Note that for any boss that presents a dash (-) means that either
    it doesn't exist, or I have yet to encounter them behaving that way.
    Rogue for example has never used Rogue Break against me as V1.
    Additionally, since Acid Ace does not have a formal V2 you can
    'choose' to fight, I'm replacing it with Acid Illegal or 
    A.K.A. Acid Ace B, and thus his annotations will have a B next
    to them.
    BB: For Acid Ace BB.
    RR: For Dread Joker RR.
    S: For Sigma.
    Z: For Rogue Z.
    ZZ: For Rogue ZZ.
    SP: For Crimson Dragon SP.
    Section 1: Bosses.
    1. Spade Magnes. (YUP!) [Bo01]
    HP: 400/800/1400/2000/2800
    Abilities: Elec Body, Float Shoes, Air Shoes. Immune 'cept to Break
    when he's in Rocket form.
    - Side Rockets: As Spade Magnes warps around, twin rockets appear from
    the enemy side on the column he's not on and travel down to MegaMan.
    Black Missiles leave a small Gravity Field which inflicts Gravity if 
    you step on it. White ones deal Elec Damage, Black ones deal Elec 
    damage with Gravity effect. 10/30/120/150/300
    How to Avoid: Shield, Dodge or Destroy.
    - Rocket Launch: Spade Magnes goes Transformer and turns into a big 
    rocket, propelling himself down the column he transformed on all the
    way down. Deals Elec and Break damage. 25/60/200/250/400
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Rocket Launch 2: After executing Rocket Launch, the panel where
    MegaMan is standing will flash red, and few moments afterwards Spade
    Magnes' rocket form will shoot through, cracking the panel if it hits.
    If not, the panel will become a hole. Deals Elec and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Magnetic Slash: Spade Magnes warps in front of MegaMan and creates a 
    strong magnetic field which inflicts Gravity on you. Shortly afterwards 
    he slashes twice with his huge swords. It is possible to get hit only
    once if you're standing on either side if Magnes is in the middle.
    Deals Elec and Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge (If possible) or Shield.
    Strategy: This is one of the easiest bosses you will ever encounter in 
    the game. Why? He's almost painfully easy to counter. Simply dodge his 
    Missiles for a while (Guarding takes up your time to move), after warping
    twice, he'll use Rocket Charge, and as he's transforming into a rocket you 
    can score a sweet Counter, stun him and get a sweet battle card to add to
    the round. Repeat this all along until he's down, and make sure you guard
    when he uses Magnetic Slash.
    Additionally, his Rockets can be destroyed, but if your Wizard Equiment's 
    Attack statistic sucks, I suggest you stick to dodging.
    2. Taurus Fire. (Mmmrrrgh!) [Bo02]
    HP: 600/1000/2500/3200/3800
    Abilities: Fire Body, Super Armor.
    - Fire Breath: Taurus Fire stands a couple panels away from MegaMan and
    covers the field in flames. Deals Fire damage.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    - Ground Pummel: Taurus Fire stands in front of MegaMan, charges his punch 
    up and slams his fist onto the floor. Deals Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Taurus Tackle: Taurus Fire prepares to charge from a few panels away and 
    then slams himself down the column he's standing on. Deals Fire and Break 
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Anger Eruption: Taurus Fire flashes red and goes into a Ground Pummel 
    frenzy, slamming at everywhere in the field randomly, one panel per warp
    and creating a pillar of fire to shoot up where he hits.
    This lasts for a while so be careful and keep on the move constantly. 
    Deals Fire and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Stun him.
    Strategy: Another easy boss until he gains Anger Eruption.
    He can easily be countered in the midst of any of his attacks
    except for the desperado one. Just stay on the offencive,
    and make burgers out of him. Additionally,
    using a Divide Line completely cuts off
    Taurus Fire's arsenal. Fire Breath drops into the holes,
    Ground Pummel hits nothing, Taurus Tackle stops at the edges
    and Anger Eruption suffers from the same as Ground Pummel.
    Also... Wide Waves are your friends!
    3. Diamond Ice. (With this body... *Flash*) [Bo03]
    HP: 700/1100/1800/2500/3000
    Abilities: Water Body. Moving Diamond Shields.
    - Diamond Rush: Two large ice blocks that constantly hover around
    the field are at Diamond Ice's command, and she will send them
    down the columns to hit MegaMan. They also provide cover for her,
    and will only shatter if you use a Break-attributed Card.
    Deals Water damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Diamond Swipe: Same as Diamond Rush, but the ice blocks swipe
    horizontally. Deals Water damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Destroy.
    - Diamond Dust: Diamond Ice copycats Shiva and summons a snowstorm that
    covers an area of aproximately this shape:
    It turns all of the affected panels into Ice Panels.
    Deals Water damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Ice Hammer: Diamond Ice appears one panel away from MegaMan
    (Always if MegaMan becomes frozen) and swings down an enormous
    hammer that deals high damage. Deals Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    Strategy: Careful when Mega-Attacking her, since the annoying dancing
    ice blocks tend to get on your way and thus hit you before you can strike,
    not to mention they can stop ranged attacks as they also get in the way.
    A good strategy is to bring in Plasma Guns or Elec Swords (If you have them)
    to paralyze and deal double damage to her at the same time. Tip: As she begins
    to dance to execute Diamond Rush/Swipe, she's completely open to
    Counter attacks. Make use of those chances, but don't forget to shield
    to avoid the ice-blocks from hitting you!
    Also, remember that after Diamond Dust, any water attack,
    including the aforementioned ones, will freeze you if you're stepping on the
    ice panels, and that means she'll rush to smash you with her hammer!
    Just keep on the offencive, as always, and kick her frosty butt.
    4. Club Strong. (He's a Strong Wizard!) [Bo04]
    HP: 1000/1400/2400/3000/3600
    Abilities: Wood Body (Recovers HP when stepping on Grass Panels), Super Armor.
    Grass Panel format with movement. (Wood Tower)
    - Wood Tower: If you loved WoodMan from the BN series, you'll absolutely
    love this one, or maybe hate him. As Club Strong jumps around, thick wood
    spikes will surge from the ground and go down the columns
    (They don't turn to MegaMan's direction) where Club Strong landed.
    Additionally, if the grass panels around Club Strong were burned or anything,
    there's a chance that upon landing, more grass panels 
    will appear under him. Deals Grass damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Club Smash: That's right. Club Strong raises his enormous club like
    a caveman and proceeds to smash in front of MegaMan. This can happen
    in front or a panel away from MegaMan. Deals Grass and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Strong Swing: Club Strong warps in front of MegaMan and begins a
    flurry of Club Smashes in front of him. The pattern is a simple
    [1][2][3] and [3][2][1], so you can easily predict how to avoid it.
    Deals Grass and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Swing Storm: Club Strong rears back and then swings his club, creating
    three tornados that travel down on each column. If they are created on
    Grass panels they are twice the size of the white tornados and they are
    green colored. White Tornados deal Wind damage. 40/60/180/250/350
    Green Tornados deal Wind and Grass damage. 70/90/250/350/450
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Leeching Seeds: Club Storm stands on the middle panel all the way back to
    his area and begins spitting bouncing seeds towards you. You can destroy them,
    but be careful if they touch you, as vines will come out of them and start 
    absorbing HP for Club Strong. Deals 4 Grass damage hits.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Destroy.
    Strategy: His pattern is to Wood Tower -> Rest -> Wood Tower -> Rest -> 
    Club Smash. When he Club Smashes, he's perfectly open for a sweet counter. 
    There isn't any science in fighting this big guy, just bring quick-hitting 
    cards like BuzzSaws or Bushidos and you'll hand this guy's butt on a plate 
    in no time! Fire Slash will make short work of him if you have it, too.
    5. Dark Phantom. (Why won't you follow my script?!) [Bo05]
    HP: 900/1400/1700/2100/2700
    Abilities: Vanish (While warping, he slowly dematerializes), Float Shoes,
    Air Shoes.
    - Ground Claw: Independant from Dark Phantom, a purple hole will sometimes
    appear on the ground in front of MegaMan and try to take a swipe at him.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Shadow Stick: Dark Phantom warps in front of MegaMan and smashes
    downwards with his lame stick.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Phantom Claw: Dark Phantom floats a few panels away from MegaMan and
    releases a huge dark claw that comes out from his mid-section all the way
    down the column. Pierces Invisible.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Black Tempest: Dark Phantom warps in the middle panel just in front of
    MegaMan's area and begins spinning, deals 5 hits.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    Strategy: Dark Phantom's a pushover. Nearly all of his attacks are easily 
    predictable much like his previous version in Star Force 2.
    All you gotta do is to wait until he attempts to Shadow Stick you or
    Black Tempest, and a well-placed Mega Attack will stun him good.
    Careful when trying to Invis here, because Phantom Claw can eliminate it.
    6. Queen Virgo. (Kyahahaha!) [Bo06]
    HP: 1200/1600/2000/2900/3400
    Abilities: Water Body.
    - Sticky Rain: Unfairly as it seems, Queen Virgo gets to use one of the 
    most useful cards made for SF. She lifts her rod a bit and makes it rain 
    on random locations at the field. Deals Water damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Counter Force: Queen Virgo erects a field of blue energy while you attack
    (usually against long-range attacks like the buster) and if anything hits
    the barrier, a blue Grand Wave is launched at you in retaliation. Deals
    Water damage (I think).
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Hydro Dragon: Queen Virgo stands at one of her corners and spins her rod
    fast, before slamming it on the floor, from where a dragon made of water
    comes out and starts to zig-zag across the battlefield. Note that you 
    cannot dodge nor guard from this attack, but some buster shots at the 
    dragon's head will make it dissipate. Deals 4 Water damage hits and 
    inflicts Bubble.
    How to Avoid: Destroy.
    - Holy Light: Queen Virgo descends in front of MegaMan's middle panel
    while some shiny objects start spinning around her, this attack may 
    Blind you, but I'm not sure. Deals four hits total.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    - Summon Jack: Queen Virgo disappears and Jack Corvus employs Corvus
    Dive, dealing Break and Fire damage.
    Version damage corresponds to version damage of Corvus Dive.
    Strategy: Just before she uses Sticky Rain, the panels will begin to flash
    red. Cue for moving? NO! Cue for counter-attack! Get your FlashStrikes
    and Elec Slashes ready, because her d'erriere's gonna hurt tonight! Just 
    make sure that each time she slams the rod on the floor, you'll have to
    move quick to hit Hydro Dragon's head to stop it, or else you'll be damaged
    AND bubbled. Pace yourself if you're going for ranged attacks, for she can
    counter with Counter Force and annoy the heck out of you. Play it nice 
    though, with the current setup, she'll go down in no time!
    7. Acid Ace (...That's what Heroes say, right?) [Bo07]
    HP: 800/B1200/2000/2400/BB3500
    Abilities: Be extremely fast and annoying.
    - Battle Card Use: Acid Ace will charge up his 'buster' and then randomly
    shoot one of these attacks:
    -- Buzzsaw: Uses Buzzsaw battle card from a corner. Deals Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Shield or Hit.
    -- Grand Wave: Uses Grand Wave battle card which can turn once.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    -- Dancing Fire: Uses Dancing Fire battle card in front of MegaMan. Deals
    Fire damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield. 
    -- Wide Wave: Uses Wide Wave battle card from far middle panel. Deals
    Water damage.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    -- Squall: Uses Squall battle card from one panel away of MegaMan. Deals
    Wood and Wind multi-hit damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    -- Stealth Lazer: Shoots stealth lasers from pistol. Deals 3 Elec 
    invis-pierce damage hits.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Lock-On Sword: Red Lock-On appears on MegaMan and Acid Ace warps in front
    of him, slashing once or twice with his sword and breaking the panel it's 
    used on. Deals Sword and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Wing Blade: Acid Ace appears far back in the same column as MegaMan and
    spreads his wings, before charging down. Acid Ace hits panels adjacent to
    his trajectory, and if you're on his way, you can't Shield him. Deals Break 
    damage if body-contact is made.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield while standing on an adjacent path.
    - Crimson Laser: Acid Ace's chest shoot out two humongous red lasers that 
    engulf the entire battlefield, dealing multi-hit damage. Pierces Invis.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    Strategy: He moves fast, and he acts out like some super-hero, but you can
    take on him, especially if you can status ail him. Stun is your friend, and 
    countering can be a hassle, but so far the easiest cues I've gotten from him
    are when he's about to employ Wing Blade and just as the Red Lock-On appears
    on you, slash with a sword! You'll get a Counter in just fine! He can be 
    really annoying with Battle Card Use, since he can knock any noise out
    of its Vibrant Noise form, but keep perseverating and you'll get 'im!
    I find him extremely easy to card-barrage him if you're able to score with
    Double Eater + Diagonal Lock combo while using Mega Boost. Most bosses
    are susceptible to this strategy, but still, Acid Ace can sometimes
    stop most of your attacks when you're about to Mega-Attack him.
    8. Rogue. (Shut up, Laplace.) [Bo08]
    HP: 1000/1400/1800/Z2500/ZZ4000
    Abilities: Mu-Rejection (Each time he moves to a different location, a 1HP
    invisible barrier covers him, take care of it with buster), Null-Lock
    (Crushes Lock-On if fixated on him for more than half a second).
    Version 1 does not have Mu-Rejection nor Null-Lock.
    - Punch & Kick: Rogue charges up a punch in front of MegaMan and combos
    three punches, finishing with a backflip kick. Deals 3 hits Break damage
    with the kick.
    How to Avoid: Shield first three blows and then Dodge, or Dodge directly.
    - Mu Fist: Rogue charges up a cell away from MegaMan and his fist glows
    purple, when he punches, purple fists start raining down on every column.
    If it hits, you enter Panic status.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Multi-Slash: Rogue slashes a panel away of MegaMan in Axe range, if it
    hits, it deals six hits of Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    - Multi-Wave: Rogue uppercuts the air and jets purple groundwaves down
    the columns.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Rogue Break: Rogue will momentarily disappear from the screen and two
    panels in front of MegaMan will flash red. A second or so later Rogue
    will come down and smash Laplace on the ground, causing a geyser of 
    energy to erupt, which cracks the affected panels.
    Deals Break and Sword damage.
    - Indie Rage: Rogue disappears and uses Spin Blade twice from both
    sides, then MegaMan's area plus the area in front of him flash red
    finishing with Rogue executing a brutal Rogue Break on the targeted
    panels. Deals Sword damage with Spin Blade and Break and Sword damage
    with Rogue Break. Rogue Break part deals the same as Rogue Break.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    Strategy: Rogue is a fast warper, and his Mu Rejection activates each new
    turn, so you should make sure to fire at least a buster round before
    starting your Card barrage. Rogue is fairly easy to counter, especially 
    just before he's about to Multi-Slash or Rogue Break. Also, never use
    Auto-Lock on him, as your Lock On will blow up if it fixates on him for
    more than half a second idle. The trick I use to counter him on Rogue Break
    is to wait until the panels flash red, breathe in quickly, set lock on and
    the moment you see Rogue's legs, press A to unleash your card attack. It
    never fails for me, and the more you counter Rogue, the better for you!
    9. Jack Corvus. (Hey, Little-Mega!) [Bo09]
    HP: 1400/1800/2200/3100/3600
    Abilities: Fire Body, Gravity Body (Not sure on this one), Float Shoes,
    Air Shoes.
    - Fire Spirits: Jack Corvus swats one of his wings up and summons projectiles
    in the form of purple wisps that turn into crow claws that fly down on columns.
    Deals Fire damage. 50/80/150/200/300
    How to Avoid: Dodge, Shield or Destroy.
    - Claw Attack: Jack Corvus turns his wings into semi-scythes and charges up
    before each swipe he takes at you. Deals Fire damage and inflicts HP Bug.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Corvus Dive: Jack Corvus disappears from the screen momentarily, and then
    sweeps down on a range similar to Diamond Dust. Deals Fire and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Wicked Flame: Jack Corvus hovers in the middle of the field and starts
    hurling fireballs over to your area of movement, each time creating a small
    pillar of flames that lasts a little while, walking on the pillar damages
    the same as if you receive the hit directly. Deals Fire damage.
    - Summon Queen Tia: Jack Corvus disappears and Queen Virgo employs Hydro
    Dragon from a corner, dealing Water damage and inflicting Bubble.
    Version damage corresponds to version damage of Hydro Dragon.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    Strategy: Jack will keep flying up to avoid your attacks, but that
    doesn't mean he'll Corvus Dive all the time, however, if you time it
    right and you stand at the center panel when all the panels flash red
    and slash with a sword at the very moment he appears on the screen,
    you'll counter him effective. Just make sure to stun him, and his
    annoyance level will drop a great deal! A nice strategy is to use
    ChainBubble followed by an Elec Card (Elec Sword cue here),
    which will reduce his HPs fast. Also, don't waste time trying to
    destroy the Fire Spirits, they fly faster than most projectiles you
    know of and your buster won't be able to keep up,
    therefore it's best to evade.
    10. Dread Joker (Jokey.) [Bo10]
    HP: 1600/2000/2300/2800/RR4000
    Abilities: Be serious.
    - Giganto Punch: Dread Joker slams the floor with his fist, causing two of his 
    trademark Giganto Buildings appear around the field, with at least one of
    those always surfacing on your side. Deals Break damage. If you get hit
    by Dread Joker's punch, you'll take the same damage amount and type
    of damage as if a Giganto Building hit you.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Dread Swing: Dread Joker appears in front of MegaMan and swings at him
    with his oversized arm and spins around, before dealing a crushing
    blow to the floor. Deals two hits. Inflicts Panic.
    How to Avoid: Shield and/or Dodge.
    - Milli Kick: Dread Joker charges up and then warps in front of MegaMan, 
    executing the Milli Kick attack. Deals multi-damage.
    How to Avoid: Shield and/or Dodge.
    - Destroy Missile: Dread Joker sports a buster-gun and starts to send
    off a barrage of small rockets that deal little damage, but it makes
    for it as it doesn't make you flinch and their quantities are
    Note that if you dodge, the Missiles will still rain down the column
    where MegaMan is currenlty standing at.
    Quantity and fire-rate depend on version.
    How to Avoid: Shield and/or Dodge, or Destroy.
    - Break Time Bomb: Dread Joker charges up and summons a Break
    Time Bomb. Deals Break damage.
    - Dread Lazer: Dread Joker charges up and fires a gigantic red beam
    that covers the entire field, cracking panels and piercing invisible.
    Deals multi-hit damage and inflicts HP Bug.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    Strategy: He's easy. Don't make his stature fool you, he's a joke, in
    every sense of the word. Each time he's about to Giganto Punch, he's wide
    open for a sword counter. If you've a fast-hitting Wizard Equip,
    you can easily take care of Destroy Missile without even having to move.
    The Giganto Buildings can be taken care of with Break type cards, and remember.
    Each time he's about to make an attack, he briefly charges, that's cue for your
    quick-hitting cards or multi-hitting (Vulcan and AirSpread come to mind) cards
    to abuse his slow movement.
    Having trouble with Destroy Missile? Okay. Let me explain the various ways of
    getting around him.
    1) Invisible. Really, doesn't get any easier than this.
    2) Abuse the fact his Giganto Buildings will absorb a few of the rockets before
    disappearing, or else, use Dread Joker, any version, and hide behind the
    Giganto Building he sports. That will protect you since your Giganto Buildings
    can only be destroyed by your own attacks. Any obstacle will help, though.
    3) Super Armor. You aren't Taurus or you haven't enough LP to equip it? Farm for
    Warrior Soul. The HP Bug is meaningless.
    4) This is the toughest method when you're not planning to do any of the above,
    but it works for me: First move to a corner, left or right. Shield for a second
    as the barrage is coming down on your column, then move to the opposite corner
    and shield for a second again. Repeat until the barrage stops.
    This is the toughest method to avoid Dread Joker's missiles because you need
    a very good reflex time.
    11. Crimson Dragon. (Rawr.) [Bo11]
    HP: 2500/SP4500/S6000
    Abilities: Super Armor, Head Regenerate (Even when both heads are gone,
    the single one will re-appear after some time).
    Attacks when One-Headed:
    - Noise Rockets: Rockets randomly appear in front of Crimson Dragon and then
    travel down the column. Be careful, big rockets deal Break damage and
    ocassionally elemental damage. You can tell them apart via colors.
    How to Avoid: Shield, Dodge or Destroy.
    - Dragon Maw: Crimson Dragon's long neck stretches forwards and he takes
    a bite across the middle column. Deals Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Head Blast: Crimson Dragon roars and his head disappear, before both
    black and red begin showering everywhere on the field, randomly sporting
    fire towers. Deals Fire damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Dragon Claws: Crimson Dragon's claws begin swiping at MegaMan's area, the
    first three blows are dealt with one claw, thus covering only one panel,
    but then he does three more blows with both claws. Deals Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Noise Storm: Crimson Dragon's head vanishes and his wings flap hard,
    sending off a powerful wave of Noise that deals five hits.
    How to Avoid: Shield.
    - Crimson Meteor: Crimson Dragon breathes high density Crimson
    all over the field. Not sure, but I think it pierces Invisible.
    Take note that the waves can be stopped from advancing if you shoot
    at them constantly.
    How to avoid: Shield or Hit.
    Attacks when Two-Headed:
    - Noise Rockets: Same as before.
    How to Avoid: Same as before.
    - Twin Dragon Maw: Same as Dragon Maw,
    but instead of attacking the middle column, the heads chomp down the sides.
    Deals Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Stay on center panel.
    - Head Blast: Same as before.
    How to Avoid: Same as before.
    - Dragon Claws: Same as before.
    How to Avoid: Same as before.
    - Twin Noise Storm: Same as Noise Storm, but one head first covers its
    column and the middle, and then the other one does the same, thus
    always leaving one column unaffected.
    How to Avoid: Same as before.
    - Twin Crimson Meteor: Same as Crimson Meteor, but if one of the
    heads is gone, then only half of the field will be covered.
    How to Avoid: Same as before.
    Strategy: Okay, big bad boss. It looks so cool. It roars so loud.
    I'd like to have him as a pet, but not with King inside, so let's
    beat him out of the draggy! Be prepared to fight the annoyance of
    the Noise Rockets constantly filling the battle field and stopping
    your attacks. Our goal is to hit Crimson Dragon's head so it splits
    in two and reveals his golden core inside, where he takes damage if you
    attack him.
    Your main purpose when he's got two heads is to ravage his core
    and build Noise Level so that you 1) Are able to Finalize
    so your elemental weakness disappears and 2) Can hit him despite
    flinching. I recommend taking some time to gather Sword Fighter Cards or
    Bushidos, they work expectacularly. Something to note here is that you
    may destroy the twin heads after they separate from the original one,
    thus denting Crimson Dragon's aresenal of attacks for a moment,
    so equip that K. Knuckle you got at the Meteor Server, and don't waste
    your precious card attacks to divide the head!
    My prime suggestion is that you build a folder with lots of high-hitting,
    easy-to-manage, neutral, non-dimming cards and that you give
    MegaMan lots of HP, Undershirt and if possible (And affordable), Super Armor. 
    Invisible in this battle, despite a few attacks that get rid of it, is
    your friend so don't be afraid of bringing one or two along.
    Once Crimson Dragon is defeated, you'll see a custscene, and refight
    Crimson Dragon as your Finalized Form, plus Crimson Dragon will begin
    the fight with a whoopin' 8000 HP. Don't worry though, you need to stall
    and buy time for three rounds, and as scripted, at the third round you'll
    receive your respective Noise Force Big Bang for your Finalized form. 
    Note how it doesn't display damage. Just use it :3
    Congrats on beating the game if you did! Sit back and enjoy the ending.
    Now let's go over the 'optional' bosses of the game!
    12. Wolf Woods. (My blood's boilin') [Bo12]
    HP: 1200/1600/2000/2600/3200
    Abilities: Wood Body (Recovers HP on Grass Panels).
    - Wolf Slash: Wolf Woods appears in front of MegaMan and takes a horizontal
    swipe at him with a WideSword range. Deals Wood and Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Wolf Hack: Wolf Woods appears in front of MegaMan and claws
    an upward Hack. Deals Wood and Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    Note: Wolf Woods can jump in front of you and perform Slash and Hack
    in succession. 
    - Shock Claw: Wolf Woods slashes at a random location on the field,
    sending a sonic-boom with wide-sword range down the column he
    fired it. Deals Wood and Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Howlin' Hounds: Wolf Woods howls, attracting a pack of cyber
    wolves that bounce across the battlefield. They cannot be blocked,
    and deal Wood damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Destroy.
    Strategy: He's a cute furball. All you gotta do is counter
    him like mad. Bringing in wide-ranged hitters is perfect for
    taking the chances to counter him. If you bring in a few
    Fire Swords, he's done for. Gemini and Crown Vibrant/Multi Noises
    should be extra careful, as all of his attacks are fast and can
    knock you out of the forms and boom all your collected Noise Level
    if you don't block the slashes accordingly.
    He's coat if you make a Fire/Stun folder, nothing to it!
    13 Cygnus Wing  (Well they don't call you MegaMan for nothing.) [Bo13]
    HP: 700/1000/1900/2300/2900
    Abilities: Float Shoes and Air Shoes.
    - Feather Vulcan: Cygnus Wing flaps his wings and hurls two
    pointy feathers at MegaMan. Hits twice.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Swan Dance: Cygnus Wing dances around the field in different
    patterns depending on his version and HP left. Inflicts Wind
    and Break damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Wild Duck Army: Cygnus Wing summons a bunch of white and black
    ducks to charge to your side. Some of them are unbeatable and will
    deal Break damage if they touch you, while some will fly up upon
    contact, not dealing any damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Destroy.
    - Wild Duck Launch: Cygnus Wing will cover one column with a 
    line of Wild Ducks.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    Strategy: The trick with this guy is to not let him move at all.
    He's cake, and your best bet is to stun him with a counter each
    time he'll prepare a Feather Vulcan. Don't bother bringing
    Barriers or Auras, he'll most likely dispell them anyway.
    The pro is that unless you're a Vibrant/Multi Noised Libra,
    none of his attacks will hit you with any weakness. Just sword
    his feathery romp and show him a swan!
    14. Moon Destroyer. (YO! YO! You!) [Bo14]
    HP: 1000/1500/2000/2500/S3500
    Abilities: Jump (If he jumps too high when he moves, some attacks won't
    connect), Float Shoes.
    - Moon Cutter: After bouncing for a while, Moon Destroyer will spin across
    a row, sending down Moon Cutters down every column once. They inflict Panic
    on you if they hit.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Comet Pitcher: Moon Destroyer jumps up and holds up a comet in his hand
    before pitching it over to where MegaMan's standing. Deals Break damage
    and cracks affected panel.
    How to Avoid: Dodge.
    - Kick Combo: MegaMan's area flashes red, and Moon Disaster rushes from
    the either row, spinning all the way to the opposite side while swinging
    his leg around. After that, MegaMan's panel flashes red,
    and Moon Destroyer delivers an Axe Kick that cracks the affected panel.
    Axe Kick deals Break damage. Version 1 does not Axe Kick.
    How to Avoid: Shield Spinning Kick, Dodge Axe Kick.
    - Crescent Flurry: Moon Destroyer hovers in the middle panel and lots of
    small crescents start spinning around him, before one by one, all eight
    of these small moons home towards MegaMan and are able to deal multi-hit
    damage. It seems he only uses this attack when he's low on health.
    How to Avoid: Dodge (Scarce) or Shield (Convenient).
    Strategy: His attacks are lame. His attack amounts are lame. His dialogues
    are lame. Conclussion? He's cool! But only because of the Yo part. 
    Now seriously. Don't bother countering him, you can easily finish him
    with a flurry of fast paced attacks. He's easy to dodge and block, but if
    you seriously wanna fight this with counters, use the moment he jumps up
    to Comet Pitch to counter him, or the moment he disappears and your area
    flashes red to deliver a sword counter.
    15. Apollo Flame. (...Bring it!) [Bo15]
    HP: 2500/3000/3500/S4000
    Abilities: Fire Body, Fire Worm Constancy (Doesn't need to summon them),
    Flame Rings (A 50HP barrier which grows smaller until nothing is left
    as you hit it. Is dissipated if hit with Water attacks.
    Restores itself with time)
    - Fire Worms: Three fire worms erupt from random places and arc over to
    a panel away from where they surfaced. Deals Fire damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Red Twisters: Apollo Flame summons three gigantic tornados on each
    column and one of them rushes down, while the other two stick closely
    behind. Deals Fire and Wind damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Extinction Meteor: Apollo Flame summons fire meteors to rain down
    on your area. The higher the version, the more meteors that fall down
    They deal Fire and Break damage. Quantities vary depending on Version.
    How to Avoid: Dodge. (Or Stun Apollo Flame)
    - Solar Flare: Apollo Flame copycats Frieza but with an entire hand.
    A 3x3 area will be affected with fire pillars when the Solar Flare hits
    the floor. Deals Fire damage. If Solar Flare hits you head on, it deals
    Break damage too.
    How to Avoid: Dodge and/or Shield.
    Strategy: Water. Lots of it. That's all doctors say you need, and they
    aren't kiddin'! Too bad we don't have Sticky Rain this time around, but
    you can make up with BubbleChain and Wide Waves. He's done for if you
    Finalize and you start getting WideWaveXs, but don't get too
    cheesy, especially if you're a Wolf or an Ophicus. Super Armor is your
    friend, and if you're stingy in LP, but you've Warrior's Soul, go
    ahead and use it. The HP Bug is meaningless. Always take out his
    annoying flame rings with your buster, it's not worth it to waste
    your cards on 'em.
    Your best bet against this guy's latter versions are to bring 
    a few Invisibles. If not, you can destroy his area (Dread Lazer and Sirius
    come to mind) so his Fire Worms can only come out from the sides,
    enabling you to easily predict when to guard.
    A very cheap strategy if you've stunned him is to use Earth Thunders
    after your Sirius has owned the stage. The paralizing effect is useful
    plus you can keep owning him with your buster as he flinches and you
    watch him suffer. The backfire of this plan is that your Mega-Attacks
    are screwed unless you've Air Shoes or Panel Format. (Or Area Eaterx3)
    16. Sirius. (Why so him?) [Bo16]
    HP: 3000/3500/4000/S4500
    Abilities: Status Guard, Super Armor, Float Shoes, Air Shoes.
    - Idle Beam: If you stand in Sirius' way when he finishes
    flying around, he'll cover the column with a bright laser that
    deals Break damage, pierces invisible and removes Grass, Ice,
    Null Guard, Poison and Holy panels in the way.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    - Satellite Drones: Sirius hovers in the middle of his area and
    makes drones to spawn from the left and the right and charge down
    the columns. Deals Break and Sword damage.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Destroy.
    - Satellite Lasers: Sirius hovers in the middle of his area and
    makes four drones to fire a colored laser from different
    directions. Each drone has one of the four main elements, Red
    Laser deals Fire damage, Yellow Laser deals Elec damage,
    Blue Laser deals Water damage and Green Laser deals Wood
    damage. The drones can be simply destroyed with Break type attacks.
    How to Avoid: Dodge, Shield or Destroy.
    - Satellite Blazer: Sirius fuses all of his drones into his hands,
    creating a satellite cannon that covers the entire battle field
    with a beam from the front of his area and your left,
    all the way down before turning to the middle and going back
    to the front of Sirius' area and doing a turn when reaching
    MegaMan's area to cover the middle column one last time.
    Hits one time on the side columns and twice on the middle column.
    Cracks every panel unless they are Grass, Poison, Ice, Null-Guard.
    Having Air Shoes makes Satellite Blazer a child's game to avoid.
    How to Avoid: Dodge or Shield.
    Strategy: Sirius can be frightening, if you're not prepared.
    No matter how much you wanna show off, if he catches you off guard,
    your HP will drop hellishly fast. This fight is about staying on the
    defencive, believe it or not. Why? Sirius has Status Guard. Only
    way to stun him is to counter him, and you'll most likely be hit
    if you counter him. You should always have an Invis in case he uses
    Satellite Drones, because it's nigh to impossible to annihilate them
    all as they charge, plus you the way they appear and the column they
    choose to tackle is completely random. Sirius has no trick. You just
    gotta maintain the defensive and try to build enough Noise to Finalize
    and hand his failed astronaut's behind to him. Oh, another thing:
    NEVER waste cards on the barriers he sets up in front of his area, just
    buster them down. Good luck!
    Chipoltle's advice:
    A cheap, but very useful strategy to make Sirius (And any other version
    of him) ridiculously easy to defeat, is to FULLY eat the battlefield.
    "Why? Isn't it dangerous? To fight up close him?!" You might ask. The
    answer is, no. First, his barriers won't appear. Second, the only
    pattern he follows then is to float around his three-panel area, and
    the only attack he'll use is Idle Beam, if you stand in front of
    his column each time he stops.
    Ownagecopter time.
    Section 2: Locations.
    1 Boss Versions 2. [BV2]
    - Spade Magnes V2 is on Echo Ridge's Wave Road. Found at North-Western
    - Taurus Fire V2 can be fought by talking to Bud after some time in the
    - Diamond Ice V2 is on WBG Studio's Wave Road. Found at South-Eastern
    - Club Strong V2 is in Alohaha Castle's Wave Road. Found at one of the
    - Dark Phantom V2 is in National Astro Wave 2. Take the transporter
    to the left and make a turn across the yellow road until you hit a
    dead end.
    - Queen Virgo V2 is on WAZA's Command Center Wave Road. Just turn
    to the first dead end you see when coming in.
    - Acid Ace V2 does not exist.
    - Rogue V2 can be fought by talking to Solo after beating his V1
    on a 'friendly' Wave Battle.
    - Jack Corvus V2 is at the school's Roof's Wave Road, in a dead end.
    - Dread Joker V2 can be found at Crimson Factory's Wave Road, at
    a dead-end just before dropping to the Wave Station to King's
    - Wolf Woods V2 can be fought by speaking to Damian Wolfe at the
    School Roof after some time upon beating his V1 on a 'friendly'
    Wave Battle.
    - Cygnus Wing V2 can be fought by speaking to Tom Dubius at WAZA's
    building after some time upon beating his V1 on a 'friendly'
    Wave Battle.
    - Moon Destroyer V2 can be fought by speaking to him at National
    Astro Wave 2 after some time upon beating his V1 on a 'friendly'
    Wave Battle.
    - Apollo Flame V2 can be found at a dead end in Noise Wave 6, just
    to the left of the exit towards FM Planet's Astro Wave 1.
    - Sirius V2 can be fought by stepping onto a small square in
    Black Hole Server 2 after defeating his V1.
    2 Boss Versions 3. [BV3]
    Note: These are estimates. I'm not listing all the locations
    for each boss.
    Note for Note: Don't send E-mails telling me about the
    locations you've found. I appreciate the sentiment of
    wanting to help, but there are way too many locations
    for me to verify. That, and I'm a lazyass.
    Note 2: To fight these bosses you MUST wait until a Warning
    pop up appears on the Wizard screen. Keep in mind that
    depending on your luck and area, you might not get the Boss
    you're seeking, or you may even run into Giant Viruses.
    Tip: If you're farming Bosses, buy lots of Cloakers and
    Search Eyes. Use a Cloaker to avoid weak viruses, and
    wait until a Warning pop up appears as you run around. If
    the boss you want appeared, beat him and immediately use
    a Search Eye, then SAVE. Keep fighting the boss, and if
    nothing you wanted was given to you, simply reload your
    game and keep farming.
    - Spade Magnes V3 can be found around Echo Ridge Wave Road,
    Roof Wave Road and National Astro Wave 1.
    - Taurus Fire V3 can be found around WBG Studio's Wave Road,
    and Roof wave Road.
    - Diamond Ice V3 can be found around WBG Studio's Wave Road,
    National Astro Wave 1 and 2.
    - Club Strong V3 can be found around Alohaha Castle's Wave
    Road, Alohaha's Wave Road, Beach's Wave Road and National
    Astro Wave 2.
    - Dark Phantom V3 can be found on National Astro Wave 1 and 2,
    WAZA's Wave Road, Command Center's Wave Road and many other
    - Queen Virgo V3 can be found on National Astro Wave 2, 
    WAZA's Wave Road and Orbital Base's Wave Road.
    - Acid Ace V3 can be found on Outer Astro Wave 1 and 2 and
    Planet FM's Astro Wave 2 and 3.
    - Rogue V3 can be found at Noise Wave 6 and Planet FM's
    Astro Wave 3.
    - Jack Corvus V3 can be found around Roof's Wave Road and
    Orbital Base's Wave Road.
    - Dread Joker V3's best spawn place is Noise Wave 4. (Bonus
    Dungeon after-game). He also appears at Crimson Factory's
    Wave Road and Planet FM's Astro Wave 3.
    - Wolf Woods V3 can be found around Secret Shelter's
    Wave Road, Roof Wave Road and Orbital Base's Wave Road.
    - Cygnus Wing V3 can be found in National Astro Wave 1,
    and around the Spica Mall Wave Road area.
    - Moon Destroyer V3 can be found at Outer Astro Wave 2,
    FM Planet's Astro Wave 1, 2 and 3.
    - Apollo Flame V3 can be found around Black Hole Server 1
    and 2.
    - Sirius V3 can be found around Black Hole server 1 and 2.
    3 Boss Versions R. [BVR]
    - Spade Magnes R is found at WAZA's Satellite Dish CC.
    - Club Strong R is found at Luna's Apartment's CC (Acess
    from the outside)
    - Diamond Ice R is found at Dragon Statue's CC in the Beach.
    - Dark Phantom R is found at Air Vent's CC in Secret Shelter.
    - Wolf Woods R is found at the Studio Set's CC in WBG Studios.
    - Cygnus Wing R is found at Dentist's CC in Spica Mall.
    - Moon Destroyer R is found at the Real Wave Tree's CC in
    the School's Roof.
    - Taurus Fire R is found at Analysis Unit CC at Dealer's Base.
    - Jack Corvus R is found at Main Computer's CC at WAZA's
    Command Center.
    - Queen Virgo R is found at Spimo the Cat's CC at Spica Mall.
    - Acid Ace R and Dread Joker R are found at Black Hole Server 1.
    4 Boss Versions Special. [BVSP]
    - Omega Versions are more powerful versions than the R(evival)
    versions, and they are randomly found on places where their V3s
    can be found. The chances to run into them are slim and rare, but
    you'll know you're about to run into one in the next Warning battle
    if the background music has changed from what it commonly is to a more
    ominous one. The Bosses who do NOT have Omega versions are: Rogue, Moon
    Destroyer, Acid Ace, Dread Joker, Apollo Flame, Sirius and
    Crimson Dragon. Additionally, defeating an Omega Boss for the first
    time grants you an Omega Piece. Collect these rare items!
    And remember, you can only get ONE per different type of Boss!
    -- Spade Magnes Omega, Diamond Ice Omega and Club Strong Omega have been
    found in National Astro Wave 1.
    -- Dark Phantom Omega has been found in National Astro Wave 2 and WAZA's
    Wave Road.
    -- Cygnus Wing Omega has been found in Spica Mall's Wave Road.
    -- Jack Corvus Omega and Queen Virgo Omega have been found in FM Planet's
    Astro Wave 3.
    -- Taurus Fire Omega has been found at School's First Floor's Wave Road.
    -- Wolf Woods Omega has been found at Secret Shelter's Wave Road.
    - Rogue Z is found at FM Planet's Astro Wave 3, just before you advance
    into the Black Hole Server.
    - Rogue ZZ is a Bonus Boss that used to appear in the JP version if you
    joined your Real Brothers' team at the end of Meteor G's Control CC.
    To trigger his appearance in the US version, you must go to the Title
    Screen and hold down the L button while you tap the golden stars
    with your Stylus in this order in particular:
    G, M, M, SS, G, S, BA/RJ. If done correctly, you'll hear a sound,
    and you'll be able to fight Rogue ZZ in that file.
    Defeating him will award you with the Mu Completion Silver Star.
    - Crimson Dragon SP can be fought once you have the Game Complete,
    Standard, Mega,Giga and Secret Scenario Complete stars.
    Just go fight Crimson Dragon and you'll fight his more powerful form.
    Beating Crimson Dragon SP grants you with an alternate Wall Paper for
    your Hunter VG.
    - There are four Sigma bosses you can fight upon receiving all five
    golden stars. To do so, you must go to the Title Screen and hold down the
    L button while you tap the golden stars with your Stylus in this order
    in particular:
    S, G, S, M, SS, SS, BA/RJ. If done correctly, you'll hear a sound,
    and you'll be able to fight Sigma Bosses in that file.
    Note: Just by saving upon entering the code, you won't have to enter
    it again if you decide to switch the game of. If you input the code
    but don't save before switching off though, you'll have to re-input it.
    Note 2: These aren't Warning encounters.
    Note 3: Defeating Moon Destroyer Sigma, Apollo Flame Sigma and
    Sirius Sigma awards you with the Sigma Complete Silver Star.
    -- Moon Destroyer Sigma is found as a random encounter at Noise Wave 3.
    (Noise Wave just before entering Meteor Server)
    -- Apollo Flame Sigma is found as a random encounter at Black Hole Server 2.
    -- Sirius Sigma is found as a random encounter at Orbital Base's Wave Road.
    -- Crimson Dragon Sigma is found as a random encounter at Outer Space's Astro
    Wave 1 and 2, AFTER you gain the Sigma Star.
    - Acid Ace BB/Dread Joker RR fight you as opponents in Wi-Fi when you've
    fought at least 20 head-on battles. Their game avatars appear when you
    search for a pairing in random Wi Fi.
    It has been tested by me and my friend, and both of us killed our respective
    bosses, and here's the best method we've encountered so far:
    1) Have a friend with DS and be on a Wi-Fi spot.
    2) Randomly search (No Battle Mate or Brother battles) in Wi Fi for your
    buddy's Handle, and since you both know you won't (hopefully) disconnect
    from each other, you can fight 20 (Or 21 just to be safe) battles.
    3) When 2 is done, just press B and select "Opponent List" and then
    search for "Any". Your Boss should be the next thing to appear.
    4) Black Ace players get to fight Acid Ace BB and Red Joker players get
    to fight Dread Joker RR. This, howerver, does not mean that they are
    version-restricted, and anybody can fight either of them at any given
    time. However, with this method, my buddy and I fought them like that.
    This was fully tested as of July 16th 4:30 PM (GMT-3) and we've confirmed
    it works.
    Additional Notes: These bosses appear in ONE session. What does this mean?
    If either of you start racking up battles to get to 20 (Or more) and one
    of them gets disconnected from Nintendo Wi Fi, you'll have to start all over!
    Remember Brother and Battle Mate battles do NOT count.
    Defeating EITHER of them (Meaning you don't have to beat both) will award you
    with the AJ Silver Star.
    Note 2: Don't be a dummy like my friend, who disconnected after beating
    Dread Joker RR, didn't save his game and switched the power off after cheering.
    Three minutes later his jaw dropped seeing I had the AJ and he didn't, lol.
    3) FAQ.
    Note: These are question's I've seen wandering around the GFAQs boards.
    But you're free to make your questions via e-mail. What I won't answer
    is stuff I've already included in this document.
    Q: Where do I find Kaiser Knuckle, and is there any other better weapon?
    A: You find Kaiser Knuckle in a Blue Mystery Wave at Meteor Server 3.
    A weapon with 5/3/4 called Cosmic Rave is located post-game behind a door
    at Black Hole Server 2 that requires you to re-fight and defeat all R
    Bosses under 12 seconds.
    Q: How do I go Vibrant/Multi Noise or Finalize?
    A: When fighting a Boss, you've several options to manage your MegaMan's form.
    A) Vibrant Noise is when your armor gains color and extra abilities but also
    an elemental weakness. To access this you must score 50% Noise at your meter.
    B) Multi Noise is when you merge your Noise with one of your Real Brother's.
    You can't merge Noises that are the same, but you gain both Vibrant Noise's
    abilities if you perform a Multi Noise by accessing a Brother Card in battle.
    C) Finalizing means to become Black Ace or Red Joker (Depending on the version).
    To do this you must score 200% or more Noise at your meter.
    Q: How do I 'score' more Noise?
    A: Use non-screen-dimming (Like Megas for example), non-elemental
    (Means they can't be Fire, Water, Wood or Elec) Cards that hit the Boss.
    Half of its damage will be added to your Noise Meter/Counter as %.
    Say you hit Spade Magnes with a Cannon (40damage) that will add 20% to
    your Counter. Additionally, if your counter reaches 100% or more,
    your attacks will start piercing flinching/invisible status.
    Q: Where do I find this boss...?
    A: Check the locations' guide.
    Q: Oh! I found a V3 that's not where you said they were!
    A: That can happen. V3s appear at many places,
    and sometimes more than one appear at the same place.
    Note: Don't e-mail me the locations you guys have found. I
    don't have the patience to try them all out so I've listed
    places where I am sure I've ran into them.
    A: He doesn't exist.
    Q: Where do I find this Card...?
    A: As much as I'd like to help you with that, I don't have memory of
    them all. Ask around the boards or annoy some people into writing a
    Card Location FAQ.
    Q: Where do I find the rest of the HP Memories...?
    A: My memory's scarce about them. (Pun) Check the boards.
    4) Contact Info & Closing Statements.
    My Windows Live ID/Hotmail: spyromv@hotmail.com
    Very Special thanks to:
    - The people around the SF3 Boards for being so awesome.
    - megarock.exe for pointing me to Moon Destroyer's missing attack.
    - Josh brennan for pointing out Sirius' Sattellite Drone had Sword properties.
    - chipoltle for sharing his strategy for Sirius.
    - Myself for allowying myself to buy a DS and a Router to play this great game
    and for writing this guide.
    - Capcom for making this game.
    - GameFAQs for hopefully posting this.
    - You, for reading this.
    End of Document.

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