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    Side Quest Guide by Lancebob852

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    Megaman StarForce 3
    All Versions
    Side Quest FAQ
    LanceBob 852
    Table of Contents
    1.1 Version History
    1.2 Introduction
    1.3 Important Notices
    2.1 Echo Ridge
    2.1a Echo Ridge Elementary
    2.2 Spica Mall
    2.3 WBG Studios
    2.4 Alohaha
    2.5 National WAZA HQ
    2.6 Geo's Friends
    3. FAQs
    4. Contact Information
    5. Credits
    6. Legal Stuff
    1.1 Version History
    Version 1.0- Original version
    Version 1.1- Gave some permission, confirmed some data, added some credits
    1.2 Introduction
    Hi, I'm Lancebob852. I wrote the side quest guide for Star Force 2, and felt
    like writing another one. This is my second guide.
    1.3 Important Notices
    I did most of the quests after I completed the main story, so I'm using the
    locations of everyone from the last scenario on.  I will put a ** next to
    any quest that seems to be giving people difficulty. As of right now, there
    are none.
    To accept a quest, a pop-up that says "HELP" will appear on the bottom
    screen.  Touch it and talk to the person to begin. Quests are completely
    optional for the main story but a few of them are required for total
    completion of the post story, and will give you a lot of Link Power.
    I know this seems kind of lazy, but occasionally, I won't look at the names
    of the viruses before a battle starts, and therefore have to make up names.
    I will try to be as accurate as possible, and will correct them in a later
    version. If I make up a name, I will note it.
    I highly recommend doing Sugar Suet's mission as soon as you can. It gives
    you the ability to take the wave liner to and from WAZA, rather than taking
    the astro wave.
    I have now confirmed (thanks to a couple of people - check the credit
    section) that this is the entirety of the side quests in the game.
    After you've completed all of the quests, if you happen to find yourself in
    noise wave six, you can open one of the gates and get a +SprdSht/160.
    If you need to find a specific quest, search either the person's name or a
    key part of the quest, like "wave liner" or "Bud Bison"
    How to read my guide:
    Name of person (self explanatory)
    Quest title (Kind of making these up)
    Location (will be kind of general)
    What it requires (traveling to other areas, matter waves, cards)
    Overview (I will be as specific as possible as to what has to be done
    Reward (what you get for completing the mission)
    2.1 Echo Ridge
    Jax Dublex
    Key issues
    Looking into the river near Zach's house
    Requires: nothing
    Jax wants to visit his brother, but can't enter the right number. Help him.
    Go to Luna's apartment (make sure you don't go inside) and enter "196."
    He forms a brotherband with you and you gain 40 LP
    Hide Seek
    Hide and Seek
    In the corner of the info kiosk area
    Requires: nothing
    Hide Seek is, surprise, surprise, a hide and seek expert.  You have to find 
    him in one minute.  He's in the pool by Luna's apartment.  Note: Hide
    actually stays in the pool for the rest of the game after this quest.
    You get an HP memory 20
    Hamer Nayl 
    Back in the day
    From the Echo Ridge Elementary gate, walk up
    Requires the ability to get to the roof of the school, Spica mall, and
    Hamer helped build the school, but is regretting some graffiti he put there
    and wants you to help "delete" it (?).  Head to the roof. Go to the side of
    the elevator that you can't see and examine it. Hamer calls you and tells
    you he left some in Spica mall as well.  Go to the unseen area near the
    dentist and examine it.  Alohaha too?  Really?  Take the ramp behind the
    castle to the elevated ledge and examine it.  Finally, go back to Hamer and
    collect your reward
    You get an HP mem20 and a brother (+40 LP)
    2.1a: Echo Ridge Elementary
    Trish Trig
    School Floor 2, between the 5-A doors
    Requires: knowledge
    It's a quiz.  If you've played any Battle Network/Star force, you know
    exactly how it works.  Enter the answers in this order:
    1. 2
    2. 5 (Even though the answer is 4)
    3. 1
    You become Brothers (+40 LP)
    Don McCard
    Sonia Trading Cards
    Room 5-A corner
    Requires the ability to travel to Spica mall
    Apparently, Sonia cards are better than battle cards.  He wants a "Little
    Devil Sonia" card, and will trade "Sonia Wink" for it. Go down to the first
    floor and talk to the person near the snack shop.  This gets "Tennis Outfit
    Sonia." Next, go to the park and talk to the little girl, who gives you
    "Sonia the Acrobat."  Go to Spica mall and talk to the guy near the ramp.
    He gives you the card you need.  Talk to Don to get your reward.
    Another Brotherband (+40 LP)
    Fany Chase
    Star Chasing
    Second Floor Hallway
    Requires the ability to travel to WBG Studios
    Fany is a Belle fan, and wants Geo to get her autograph.  So go to WBG
    studios and talk to Belle. But Belle wants Megaman's autograph. So change
    into Megaman to trigger a cutscene.  You then get to use the game's sprite
    editor to do whatever you want.  I just did a green fill, which actually
    Yay, more Link Power (40 to be exact)
    Angel Wise
    Woody's health
    Science room
    Requires the ability to go to Alohaha and wherever Woody is when you're
    doing the quest
    Angel wants Woody to try a rare Alohahan health drink.  So, go to Alohaha.
    Once there, talk to the old man in the third stall.  He'll tell you you
    need ingrediants (Luna's SF2 quest anyone?). Talk to the guy at the end of
    the pier for snake juice, the giant trees for a coconut, and the flowers
    near the trees for the Hibiscus.  Give them to the vender for the drink.
    Bring the drink to Woody, who faints after drinking it.  Return to Angel.
    You get an HP Memory 20
    Raida Briz
    Bad test
    Edge of roof
    Requires: nothing
    Raida got a bad test grade, so he threw it off the roof, but his mom found
    out about it, so now he has to show her the test.  Leave the school and
    head towards the wave station.  Pulse in and follow the wave road until you
    get on top of Big Wave.  When you get to the test, you get to choose
    whether to look at the score or not.
    You get HP Memory 10
    2.2 Spica Mall
    Kard Kolek
    Trading Time
    On one of the ramps in the event area
    Requires Flash Strike 2
    Kard wants to trade.  Give him a Flash Strike 2.
    You get HypnoEye (Mega weapon: 2,1,3)
    Gian Luigi
    Glitchy Hunter-VG
    On the other ramp
    Requires the ability to travel to wherever Mr. Boreal is (Probably WAZA)
    Gian's Hunter-VG is going haywire, possibly because of noise.  Bring it to
    Mr. Boreal, who is probably at the WAZA HQ, but possibly somewhere else.
    Mr. Boreal tells you that sometimes it's better to just run, and gives it
    back.  Go back to Gian to form a Brotherband with him.
    You get a Brother (LP+40)
    Kaz Nova
    Video Games
    Near the two consoles at the top of the ramp
    Requires 10000 Zennies, and the ability to enter Big Wave
    Kaz wants two food related games (Who wouldn't want a game called "Taco
    Fantasy?"), but can't find them. Now Geo has to find a place that sells
    games.  Examine the bin with the Hunter-VGs, and pay 5000 Zennies to get 
    "Burger Quest."  Then go to Echo Ridge and enter Big Wave. Examine the case
    behind the two kids and pay 5000 zennies for "Taco Fantasy."  Bring them to
    Kaz to get your reward.
    You get an HP Memory 10 and 13000 Zennies
    Only three?  Seems short...
    2.3 WBG Studios
    Lowe Sweet
    A simple trade
    Near the Stunt Car
    Requires: Wide Wave 1
    Lowe wants to trade.  Give him a wide wave 1 and you get:
    Onda Sette
    Beach Finder
    In the dry part of the first area.
    Requires the ability to travel to Alohaha
    Onda wants to know a good beach set (hmmm, wonder where that is...) and a
    good building set.  Go to Alohaha  For the building, talk to the old guy on
    the bridge looking at the castle and press a towards the castle.  Then go 
    to the beach and go onto that rock ledge into the water.  Talk to the girl
    and then take a picture.  Head back to WBG for your reward.
    Tired of all these brother yet? You shouldn't be.  Link Power is awesome
    Sanc Quatr
    Lunch Rush
    Near the event stage
    Requires the ability to travel to Echo Ridge Elementary
    Sanc is really busy, but the staff needs their lunch, so Geo has to pick it
    up and deliver it to them. The lunch is from Echo Ridge Elementary, so go
    to the snack shop to pick it up. Go back to WBG and talk to:
    1. The not director in the editing room
    2. The girl in the prop room
    3.The guy in the tree area
    note: all of these people are quest specific, so they don't appear until
    you start the quest
    You get HP Memory 10
    only three here too? What happened to SF2's 12 or 13 per area?
    2.4 Alohaha
    Umm, none apparently. But you can fight Solo here after beating the game...
    2.5 National WAZA HQ
    Aaron Boreal
    WAZA HQ entrance
    Requires BigDrop1
    Mr. Boreal wants to trade because designs make him giddy. Give him a
    BigDrop 1.
    You get a Heat Grenade
    Rob Sidkic
    Virus Battle
    Satella Police HQ, between two others
    Requires the ability to travel to Spica mall as well as whatever is needed
    for some virus battling.
    Viruses have been showing up in huge numbers (three) by Spica mall, so go
    there and delete them. Pulse in and go to the top of the ramp. (Is it just
    me, or is PROBLEM every time you walk by getting really annoying?). Even
    though the three viruses are all in the same area, they are seperate battles
    1. Crowbus, NuttyG, one hole
    2. MidSpinguin, Ku' iG, Bonearcher
    3. DoomCount, Kotetsu, BluesharkG (Not sure about the names)
    Report back to Rob to get an HP Memory 10
    Vidy Otaku
    Surveillance Mission
    Satella Police HQ, by the stairs
    Requires the ability to travel to Alohaha, WAZA Key
    The surveillance camera at Alohaha castle is only taking video of girls in
    bikinis. He thinks it's broken. Go to Alohaha and make your way across the 
    wave road to the dragon statue in the water. Access the CC, and find the 
    Malwizard in the corner facing outwards. Talk to him and he fights you
    1. BluesharkG x2, MalwizardG
    After you delete the Malwizard, go back to Vidy for your reward.
    You get HP Memory20
    Rob Sidkic (Again)
    Mystery Person
    Same place as last time
    Requires the ability to travel to Echo Ridge, WAZA key
    There is a mysterious person in the ERWicket CC, and Rob wants you to do
    some recon. So go to Echo Ridge and pulse in. Follow the wave road until you
    get to the bus stop. Enter it and head to the side opposite from where you
    start. There will be a Malwizard. Stay frosty! He has a bomb, which will
    apparently help with evolution. Okay, the virus "Ka-BoomG" is not an
    1. Malwizard2G, WeedpollenG, Ka-BoomG
    You get OxTackle in Red Joker, and BrkTimeBmb in Black Ace
    Sugar Suet
    Ice Cream Run
    Near the edge of the Command Center terminal
    Requires the ability to enter the candy shop in Spica mall, 50 Zennys
    Sugar is processing your request for a Wave Liner ID, but she wants ice
    cream. So go to the candy shop in Spica mall, and examine the cooler near
    the Sonia poster. Pay 50 Zennys to get the ice cream, and run back to WAZA
    in three minutes. I recommend going through Echo Ridge's astro wave, since
    it's closer to WAZA, and if you go through Alohaha, you might need to deal 
    with Moon Destroyer. When you talk to Sugar again, you win.
    You get a Wive Liner ID, and some Zennys.
    2.6 Geo's Friends
    As in the other games, Geo's friends have quests, but they cannot be done
    until after you beat the Crimson Dragon.  All four of them are in WAZA HQ.
    Each one of them gives you a rare program and 40 LP
    Luna Platt
    Moaning Myrtle meets Megaman?
    WAZA HQ entrance
    Requires the ability to go to Spica mall and any sword element card
    Apparently, if you go to Spica mall and knock on the girls' bathroom door
    three times, a ghost will show up.  Probably a Mr. Hertz, or some random
    girl who got killed by a basilisk.  First you have to find out the spell, 
    which is in Echo Ridge Elementary.  Go to the little girl in 5-A and ask
    her about it.  You get "Urban legend." Go to the bathroom. Examine it.
    Enter "letsplaytoday!". THESE ARE NOT GHOSTS YOU LIAR!!!!!!
    1. DoombomberG, Shockmummy, Grabity
    Mega makes a presumption about Earth, and then it's time to go back to Luna
    You get Anti Damage/330 and 40 LP
    Sonia Strumm
    Black Holes
    WAZA HQ entrance
    Requires: Blackhole1
    Sonia wants a Blackhole1.  Trade it to her. It is dropped by Grabitys in
    Meteor Server 1. Here's the tricky part: Grabitys are immune to everything
    but swords, and are pretty rare. I recommend making a sword your definite,
    equipping the card finder weapon, then when you find a grabity, beat it and
    if you don't get the card, use a search eye.
    You get Float Shoe/270 and 40 LP
    Bud Bison
    Where's the beef?
    WAZA HQ entrance
    Requires the ability to enter Bud's house
    Bud's ginger beef has gone missing! And it's up to Detective Stelar and
    Omega-Xis to solve the mystery! (Ha, ha, Budicus).  Wait, his ginger beef
    disappeared, yet he just gave it to me? What? Oh well. Anyway, go to Echo 
    Ridge and examine Bud's carpet. Geo will place the beef in the middle.
    Leave the house and come back in.  And the beef is gone! Examine the
    fridge. Then, examine the ground again. Choose to pile on the spices and
    leave the house. Then the culprit exclaims in agony! Interesting. The so
    called "Flame Wizard" can't take some heat in his food. And Geo tells
    Taurus to apologize to Bud. 
    You get HP+500/610 and 40 LP
    Zach Temple
    The ten round virus battle
    WAZA HQ entrance
    Requires: Anything needed for a 10 round virus battle, and the ability to 
    travel to Echo Ridge
    All of the electronics in Zach's house have ceased to work. Go to Echo
    Ridge and go into Zach's room.  Turn on your visualizer and...AAAAHHHHHHH!!
    16 Mettaurs.  Apparently they're having some sort of meeting, but then
    notice Geo standing there.  Fight time:
    1. Mettenna3 x2, RaidG
    2. Kotetsu, SmilingG, Sandshark, one hole in field
    3. Shishi, ShuriKen-2G, BaseSniper, mostly grass
    4. CrowbusG, VoltragonG
    5. MuGuard, GreenDropG, Arachni (I think I completely made these names up)
    6. Megastealth, OnyxChakram, BangG, some Holy Panels
    7. DoomBomberG, Weedpollen, Shockmummy
    8. Ku' i-gaG, Midspinguin, Rivercancro, a lot of hack panels
    9. Scorcher, NuttyG, Zappattack, some grass, some cracks
    10. GrabityG, BonearcherG, OmegaxcopyB, rock
    In case you have trouble:
    One thing I did that was very helpful was make SpinBlade3 my Definite. It
    does 180 damage, hits most of the enemies' starting positions, and is 
    non-elemental, non time freezing, so it works well for the noise forms.
    Oh, and it counts as a sword, so it can hit the Grabity.
    Zach gives you Giga Class +1/650. EPIC oh, and 40 LP
    Considering this is Version 1.0, there are no FAQs yet
    Contact Information
    On the GameFAQs forums I am LanceBob852
    If you have any question, comments, concerns about my guide, you can E-mail
    me at:
    I have been getting a lot of junk E-Mail lately so I'm going to be very
    strict about the following guidelines now:
    Please include "Side Quest" or "You missed some things" or "I'm going to
    sue you for not giving me credit!" in the subject or I will not read it
    I will get back to you as soon as possible unless:
    You want brothers, because I already have 6
    Your E-Mail has nothing to do with the Megaman Star Force 3 side quests
    You just want to talk to me
    You need help with Star Force 1
    You want to make fun of me for using AOL
    You want to make fun of my Harry Potter reference
    I actually did all of the quests on my own, and if anyone else thinks they
    deserve credit, let me know how you helped me and I'll be happy to include
    Credit goes to Starseeker923 and colhaul10@yahoo.com for confirming that I
    had finished all the sidequests, and to artemisfowl3rd@gmail.com for
    confirming the item.
    Thank you to Capcom for creating this game and to Nintendo for putting it 
    on their system
    Legal Information
    I do not own Megaman, all the names and trademarks belong to Capcom  
    I DO however, own this guide, so only sites with express permission from me
    are allowed to use this guide, PART OR WHOLE!!!!  No changes may be made at
    all, to any part, including this copyright information.  I still have the
    original, so I will be able to tell.
    The following sites have permission to host my FAQ:
    Any other sites that have used my guide previously has permission to use it,
    but I probably forgot how to upload onto your site, so just let me know if
    you want it.
    If you want to post my guide on your site, please ask, otherwise it's
    There is a very good chance I will grant you permission, but there are no
    Copyright 2009: LanceBob852

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