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"Best Starforce game out there"

Ah yes the MegaMan Starforce series Capcoms latest RPG MegaMan. Before I begin this review let's review the history of RPG megaman games. Battle Network 1 was released in 2001, a year later BN 2 was released, then a year later BN 3, a year later then the terrible BN4, then a year later BN5 and in 2006 BN6. Just when we thought the series was over a year later we got MegaMan Starforce which takes place 200 years after BN, then SF2 and now SF3. With that being said how much gameplay has changed since BN1?

Gameplay 9/10: This is where Starforce shines the epic battle scenes, hordes of viruses you must delete, hundreds of different battle cards and noise forms. First let's explain how you fight, you have 3 panels you can walk on left to right, press B to fire your trusty Mega Buster, and Y to use your shield. You pick battle cards that are in the same row but white cards can be chosen with any card just like the * code from Battle Network.Cards are picked from the custom screen as the battle progresses the gauge will fill up and you can open the custom screen to pick more cards. Press down on the keypad to use your "Mega attack" basically Megaman locks onto his enemy then teleports right where the enemy is and attacks, for swords you will be using the mega attack quite alot. Now for the noise forms, each noise form has a unique ability, Gemini noise adds a paralyzing affect when you use swords, Wolf noise Auto-locks when wood based chips are chosen etc. Another new feature is the Noise gauge, if the noise gauge is 50% or higher MegaMan will enter vibrant noise form, during this time each noise forms ability will kick in, once the noise level reaches 200% and over Mega Man can finalize into the ultimate form of either Black Ace or Red Joker depending on which version you have. Overall the gameplay is outstanding.

Story 7/10: The story is that a meteor is heading towards earth emmiting corrupt EM waves called "Noise" causing electronic appliances to malfunction, and Wizards (Which are an artificial program sort of like NetNavis, or robots if you prefer) to go crazy and cause harm. In all the chaos an evil organization called Dealer collects solidified noise called "Crimson" and trys to wipe out MegaMan through the process. It is up to MegaMan to defeat Dealer and stop the meteor from coming to earth. The story isn't that complex but gets more interesting as you progress through the game.

Sound 8/10: The music in this isn't outstanding but it fits in with it very well, the techno, and 8-bit feel gives it that classic feel of BN and the original MegaMan. Some tunes will get you humming are will be stuck in your head.

Graphics 9/10: For a DS game these graphics are excellent, the sprites are very well drawn, everything looks crisp and clear, when your walking around it's 2-D but once you enter battle everything becomes 3-D.

Replay value 9/10: Once your done the game there are tones of stuff to do like collecting all the battle cards, fight people all over the world through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, and a secret scenario.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/21/10

Game Release: Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace (US, 06/30/09)

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