After beating the game is there a "new game plus?"

  1. I accidently killed a boss without scanning him (I was gonna knock him over and scan him) But I had a really strong weapon that i just made and killed him, so i was wondering if there was a new game plus at the end where you restarted the game with all your data except lvl's and quest items and such.

    User Info: supermariosp

    supermariosp - 8 years ago

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  1. After you beat the game, nothing resets. You still keep everything you own and how your relationships are with everyone. Everything that gets destroyed gets repaired, the places receive different monsters, and you can view the new world. But, to redo a boss, it's really easy. you just have to be in the map area that the fight occurred in and tap on the map and choose "yes" to rechallenge them. You can do this as many times as you want for any boss. The only exceptions might be Olly, Werman, and Valdo. On another note, bosses are in the places that have timers/scores on their map screens. You can even rechallenge Rudrud and Gustav. But if they're monsters, they reappear in other areas, like the horse guy you fight at the castle gates.

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  1. Here's a similar question to answer your question

    Also from what I know, you can have a rematch with most, if not all, bosses that have the timer thing for the battle. Much like how you can redo those challenges. So, unless that boss was like an event boss, you should be able to have a rematch with it to code scan it.

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  2. Actually, you can replay every boss except for a select few, and those that you can't replay appear later in the game.

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  3. To redo a dungeon zone or boss, tap the bottom screen on that map. Are you talking about nussie?

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  4. No, you instead get a free-play mode where you get to explore the world and do as you please, completing quests, future sights, and playing with the New World.

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