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    Storyline Walkthrough by Goldhorizon

    Version: 1.74 | Updated: 09/05/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * Avalon Code * Avalon Code * Avalon Code for DS * Avalon Code * Avalon Code  *
    Avalon Code (US)
    Storyline Walkthrough and Tips Faqs
    - Note: This is NOT the main guide
    Written by Goldhorizon
    Version 1.74 (Starting version plus 74 updates)
       - As heavily requested, here is a ton of information on Avalon Code!
         - For those who keep asking who I chose for a boyfriend
           - I definitely chose Ur!(Mwhahaha, Total heart flutter)
           - Anwar was also intriguing ;)
    This is a Storyline Walkthrough with Tips and has been separated
    from the massive main guide to assist you in finding specific
    information quickly. This storyline walkthrough references the main guide
    but can also be used independently.
    The main guide includes EVERYTHING in one zip file (can easily be unzipped).
    It has tons of extra info and tips and is located here:
    OR an unzipped file is located here:
    Nintendo DS 
    DS stylus plus button control options
    1 save slot
    Rated E10+ (Everyone 10+)
    Fantasy Violence
    Mild Language
    Licensed by Nintendo DS/Nintendo, Inc
    Licensed to Marvelous Entertainment USA, Inc 2009
    Developed by Matrix Software, JKS
    Published by Marvelous Entertainment USA, Inc 2009
              and XSEED Games
              and MobiClip VideoCodec
    Released 01 Nov 2008 (JP)
    Released 10 Mar 2009 (US)
    Genre (RPG, Adventure, Dungeon Crawler, Strategy, and more)
    From the makers of the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series
    - This game is way good and should get a sequel! 
    - I highly recommend to Marvelous Entertainment, XSEED, Matrix, and
      MobiClip that they definitely make an Avalon Code 2!!! 
      - And keep Ur in it! 
      - And I hope, expand his interaction with the player
    This Faqs/Tutorial/Walkthrough/Tips Guide is NOT spoiler-free.
    Any and all spoilers are included.
          Info Searching:
          There is an enormous amount of information available in this guide.
          It will be much faster and easier if you search on the topic you wish
          to know about (press ctrl-F and type in your topic). Keep pressing
          "find next" until your topic is not found anymore. There is tons of 
          information on a ton of topics in several sections throughout the whole
          guide. You can also use the Table of Contents to help you in searching.
          Everything in this guide has been tested and verified in-game to
          be accurate for the US version of this game. 
          This was a challenging guide to write because everything in the game
          is so variant but that is one of the main reasons I love this game!
          E10+ RATING:
          - This game is rated E10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Language)
          - However, this is not a child’s game
          - There are complex aspects in this game above child level
          - The rating does not suggest an age level but merely an 
            appropriateness level pertaining to certain game material
          - This game does say the D word in pockets throughout the
            game (Example: Rempo the fire spirit says it several times in the
            beginning storyline – can be muted – words still on the screen).
            Most of the game has minimal swearing. 
          - Plus, one mini-game is excessive (Romaioni - gambling simulation
            - just wooden boxes and you guess who is behind boxes) which can
            be muted as it is played. You can get enough money in the game
            without even playing the gambling simulation so I suggest you
            skip this entirely.
          - Thankfully, there is no blood in the game. 
          - There are some stereotypes portrayed that are offensive (Example:
            Character with an afro is called Fro, dwarf dressed up as a Native
            American is called stinky, overweight character is called fatty, etc). 
            Too bad they felt they had to include this dialog instead of just 
            including the characters. I do like that there are a lot of diverse
            characters because it makes the game more real. 
          - I do highly recommend this game with the above exceptions. 
            -----------------To Those That Created Ur----------------------
                               You've Got A Winner
    - Ahhhha, Confession Scene again with Ur
      - He's just so gorgeous!
      - It's like someone reached right into my mind and emotions and created
        my perfect elf man, everything that I would design, and smoothered it
        with light and goodness. Even down to his clothes that are white/blue/
        gold and intricate, I love his innocence but boldness, his perfect
        mouth and eyes, his delicate elf features, his wisdom and calmness,
        his intelligence ... I've never had a character fit me so well before.
      - I like his confession face a lot. It is a less angry looking Ur which
        fits elves more. When you live hundreds or thousands of years then you
        become more stable. You realize that anger will burn you up fast but
        a steady deep emotion stream will make you more stable and help you
        survive in the long run. There are times to get angry, but it is rare.
        You can be stable and stern and still be comical and romantic. It's a
        rare rounding of a character and elfs have refined it over time. And
        now I have my Vanyar Light Elf. Thank you to those who made Ur!
    - And you can ask anyone that has known me for a long time. I don't fall
      for the whole virtual characters love-wise. But this one came out of
      left field and hit me hard. So again ... Thank you, and I hope to see
      many sequels with Ur!
             - Ur is a Light Elf (Ljósálfar)/(Vanyar/Vanir)
             - Vanyar elves have blond hair and very fair ivory skin
             - Vanyar are the fairest and most noble of the High Elves
             - Ur is a spirit which also puts him higher up into the
               original ancient pure Light Elf category.
             - Ancient Light Elves hail from Álfheim in heaven and connect
               with the gods (a place just under the gods in heaven/nearest
               to the gods in heaven)(Alfheim/Elphame/Elfenland/Eldamar)
             - Light Elves are one of the most ancient records of elves
             - They are "fairer to look upon than the sun" as written by
               the 12th century eddic prose Gylfaginning by Snorri Sturluson
             - They are known for being pure, moral, and committed which
               differentiates them from elves who live on Earth
             - Light Elves are immortal and don't sleep
             - Light Elves can manifest a physical form of themselves
               when needed and will do so mostly to gain knowledge (Astyrhim)
             - They are also known to be highly intelligent and spiritual and
               have the ablility of future sight. This is Ur's ability and
               why he has shackles on his eyes. 
             - His eyes are two different colors signifying the ancient
               mark of a truly pure and unique spirit.
             - Ur is also associated with the mythology of Zeus and Thor
               which is where his lightning abilities come from.
             - The original ancient Light Elves are my most favorite!
             - Thank you for making Ur! I am estastic!
    Table of Contents
    - This is a huge Faqs/Tutorial/Tips Guide
    - Make your life easier and search using any topic below (ctrl-f)
      or search using any topic you wish related to this game
    - To skip right to the Walkthrough search on: Storyline Walkthrough
         Introduction & Overview
            Opening Song
                 Kana Yazumi
                 Jandy Chu
            Opening Scene
                 Opening Storyline Intro
                 Meeting Fire Spirit Rempo
            Game Description
                 Genre and Details
                 Game Attributes
            General Game Review & Overview
                 Personal Review
                 More Game Details
            Game Testing Assessment
                 Things to Change
                 Spelling and Grammer
                 Missing or Wrong Game Info
         Game Controls
            Basic Controls
            Advanced Controls
            Sound Options
            Display Options
            Opening/Closing Book of Prophecy
         Menu Overview
            Menu Corners & Special Tabs
            Page Numbers
         Tips & Helpful Advice
            Beginning Tips
                 MP, HP, & Eating
                 Dungeon Gold Scores
                 Giving Gifts
                 Don't Lose Codes
                 Be Prepared For 1st Battle
            Control Mechanics
                 Turning Code Pieces
                 Turning Multiple Pages
                 Using the Hurricane Move
                 Code Scanning
                 Getting All Four Pictures
                 Searching Maps
            Miss-able Items
                 Witch Olly Pictures
                 Throwing Star
            Mini-Games & Mystic Jewels
                 When Over-flowing is Not Desirable
                 Zeno-9 Card Mystery
            Dungeons & Spirit Magic
                 Dungeons the First Time Through
                 Keeping Score & Extra Items
                 Using Spirit Magic
                 Spirit Magic Points
            Triggering All Game Dialog
                 Sidequests Trump General Dialogs
                 Hearing All Hero/Heroine Affection Dialogs
                 Actions During the Tournament Days
                 Player Choices Affect Dialogs/History
            Future Visions (News Flashes)
                 Timing Future Visions
                 Order of Walkthroughs & Future Visions
            Sidequests & Affections & Gifts
                 Affection - To Do or Not To Do
                 Giving More Gifts Per Chapter
                 Calculating Loss of Affection Points
                 Changing Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
                 Dating a Spirit Equals Extra Power
                 Unshackling the Spirits
            Judgment Link Battle & Judgment Link Move
                 Judgment Link Battle
                    Challenge Any Individual
                    Challenge Arena Cups
                 Judgment Link Move
                    Judgment Link Move General Info
                    To Bounce a Monster
                    Total Red Number Count & Blue Bar
                    To Bounce a Monster Higher
         Storyline Walkthrough
            A Thought Process on Chapters
            How To Use The Walkthrough
            Additional Reference Locations
            General Areas of the World Map
               Prelude:   Sunny Hill - The Awakening Dream
               Section 1: Grana Plains - Fire Spirit Lessons
               Section 2: Rhoan Town - More Than Meets The Eye
               Section 3: Granatum - A Journey Into The Forest
               Section 4: Wargliss Fortress - Of War and Ice
               Section 5: Samiad - Lost In An Endless Desert
               Section 6: Masters - A Tournament Proceeds Chaos
               Section 7: Returning Lands - Of Spirits and Dragons
               Section 8: Frannelle Castle - Saving the World
               Post-game: A World of Change OR The Codes of Life
         Legal & Copyrights
    -End of Table of Contents-
       Introduction & Overview
    Opening Song
    - This is for all of you who have heavily requested info
      on the opening song, with an extra English version treat
    Title: Deep Forest
    - Sung by Kana Yazumi
    - All rights reserved
    - Copyrighted
    - Kana Yazumi singing song with Avalon Code
      - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8tjohB5l90
      - All rights reserved
    Translation of Song in English:
    - Opening song of Avalon Code game is only half of
      the Deep Forest song
    - So, here is the half of the song in the game's opening:
      - That place I visit so often in my dreams
      - Tracing a map of memories, Should I keep swimming?
      - Softly, you take my hand and draw it
      - An unseeable whirlpool of power,
      - Softly softly, we sink into destiny
      - Not looking back, deeper, deeper, 
      - Under the stagnant sky
      - In one light, let's bloom
      - Before we die
      - Spread your wings
      - Fly away... Fly away ...
    Video of opening song with English words:
    - Fandubbed by Aziral
      - http://www.youtube.com/user/StoopidMuffinMan
      - Actual dubbed video
    - English words sung by Jandy-Chu
      - http://www.youtube.com/user/TurkeyHamAndCheese
      - Singer's website
      - Absolutely angelic voice and very excellently sung
      - Talent artists should check her out
    Lyrics by StoopidMuffinMan and edited by TurkeyHamAndCheese. (Thank youuuu)
    In the place that I see inside of my dreams, is a place that I so often see.
    Do I keep on swimming or should I stop to trace a map of my lost memories?
    Softly, you take out my hand and then you bring me with you
    An unnoticed whirlpool of power
    So Gently, so kindly, we slowly sink into destiny
    Dont look back, no, just keep keep on moving forward
    Underneath the sky move on ahead
    Together, with the moon's simple light, we shall bloom
    And before it comes to an end,
    Well spread out our wings and then...
    Fly away... 
    Opening Scene
    - A blood-red sky ... a world choked by flames of destruction. The same
      dream has plaqued you for many nights. But is it only a dream? Or could
      it be something else entirely?
    - A strange voice calls out from within your thoughts.
    - "A new world shall arise from the ashes of the fires of destruction. Now
      reach out your arms and receive me. Know what is righteous, for it shall
      fill the coming world ..."
    - You awake lazily from your midday nap. Atop the grassy knoll, you look
      up at the familiar stone monolith looming over you. 
    - With a shiver, you realize it's the same one that's been appearing in
      your dreams.
    - Just as you reach a shaky hand towards the tablet, a sudden blinding
      light beams from it's stony face. You shield your eyes from its
      brilliance, but when you look again, you find a book resting in your
    - This book is the same Book of Prophecy from your dreams.
    - Now, guided by the spirits from the Book of Prophecy, you shall
      embark on a journey. A journey to fill the pages of the book with
      things of value, to bring them over to the new world ...
                 -- opening screen --
          The end of life as we know it is here.
            For Man has strayed from the path.
          I shall incinerate them with the earth...
       and from their ashes, a new world will be born
            Let us bind a deal between us...
         for you shall attain my heart's desire.
         Now reach out your arms and receive me.
             Know the truth and record it.
           For it shall fill the coming world.
             As long as corruption exists...
           the flame of destruction will come.
           Until we attain true enlightenment.
      - Copyright Marvelous Entertainment/XSEED 2009
     ... now the fun begins, and your first battle! Meet the first spirit
         of the Book of Prophecy, a fire spirit named Rempo ...
    Book of Prophecy - Prophecies:
    - Corruption increases
    Chapter 1
    - "When the fire angel comes from the earth,
       the gates of Hell in the North
       shall open and unlease its hordes.
       The people shall take up the sword."
    - Wars, Rumors of wars
    Chapter 2
    - "When the forest angel comes forth
       from the green forest,
       the starved hordes
       shall rape the land.
       A vast war shall devour the people."
    - Famines, Plagues, More wars
    Chapter 3
    - "The ice angel from the depths
       shall unlock a wicked descendant
       The Book's wielder
       shall be praised."
    - Evil spreads, Evil seeks more power
    Chapter 4
    - "The Lightning Angel from black ruins
       shall free the forbidden spear.
       Death and despair
       shall run rampant."
    - Technological warfare unleashed,
      Weapons of mass destruction
    Chapter 5
    - "The Book will be lost to the Ancient.
       The land will grow angry and shake.
       Kingdoms shall crumble to the ground.
       The four cursed dragons shall
       awaken in their lairs."
    - Earthquakes,
      The unsettling of Earth's 4 elements 
    Chapter 6
    - "Upon the call of something valuable,
       the lost power shall be resurrected."
    - Good strengthens to fight evil
    Chapter 7
    - "When lightning strikes the tower,
       so shall the Angel appear once more."
    - Chaos Lightning Storms, Floods
    Chapter 8
    - "When ice blankets the North,
       so shall the Angel appear once more."
    - Ice Plague, Snow in diverse places
    Chapter 9
    - When forests blossom across the land,
      so shall the Angel appear once more.
    - Insect Plague, Decay
    Chapter 10
    - "When fire throbs in the mountain,
       and the earth swells,
       so shall the Angel once more appear."
    - Earthquakes, Volcanoes Erupting
    Chapter 11
    - A fire of destruction shall spread
      and come at daybreak, glistening star
      shall fall upon the Earth
      splitting the Heavens and boiling the land.
    - Meteors (Stars fall from the Heavens), Massive Fires
    - Good conquers evil
    Game Description
    - This guide covers the US version of this game
    - Genre (RPG, Adventure, Dungeon Crawler, Strategy, and more)
    - From the makers of the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series
    - No Wi-Fi but there are a few mini games to play
    - Play as girl &/or boy characters
    - Girl default name is Tia & boy default name is Yumil
    - You can choose any name for your character (girl/boy)
    - RPG Dungeon Crawler game with Intriguing Story-line
    - Unexpected twists and surprises
    - DS stylus and button controls - incorporated well
    - Game is integrated well in many aspects
    - Graphics quality is realistic and appealing
    - Great sound quality and music fits themes well
    - Great customizations, and sidequests
    - Lots of things to collect and find
    - A lot of content, post-game, and then endless free-play
    - Huge world to explore with tons of maps
    - 10 large dungeons with tons of rooms to conquer
    - Great selection of characters and monsters
    - Great re-play value due to storyline variations
    - Create and customise your new world
    - Manipulate and customise codes to change outcomes
    - Customized monsters change colors and attributes
    - Tweak easiness or strength of monsters and bosses
    - Make your own weapons, items, & accessories with codes
    - Weapons and accessories show on character
    - Obtain a boyfriend/girlfriend
    - 5 hero characters to choose from & 2 spirits
    - 5 heroine characters to choose from & 2 spirits
    - Total of 10 hero/heroine characters & 4 spirits
      ... and more
    General Game Overview & Review
    - Excellent game!!! One of the best games I have played!!! (9 of 10)
    - I highly recommend to Marvelous Entertainment, XSEED, Matrix, and
      MobiClip that they definitely make an Avalon Code 2!!! 
      - And keep Ur in it! (And I hope, expand his interaction with the player)
    - Avalon Code is a RPG dungeon crawler game with side quests and
      storylines (lots of content – huge content and also post-game
      and then endless free-play) with the ability to change many variables
      of the gameplay world
    - The world is ending and you must code scan everything you want to keep
      for your new world in the Book of Prophecy you are given ... but there
      are others after the Book of Prophecy as well! 
    - Every object in the world has codes (like DNA) that can be scanned and
      manipulated to make your new world. You gain these codes by slamming the
      Book of Prophecy over the objects whether they be characters, monsters,
      items, or flowers. 
    - You can also use the codes you scan to unlock other codes of many
      characters by doing sidequests and thereby raising the character’s
      affection points for you
    - You are accompanied by 4 spirits that you must unlock (you can switch
      between them during the game)
    - You decide your world. You can make it pink and cute or all the way to
      dark and devious (even the monsters, characters, accessories you wear,
      etc). There are many options in making and/or changing your world and
      future world. 
    - Realistic graphics (not cartoon-type), lots of content with lots of maps
      and areas (world is quite big!), and dungeons can get hard (helps to come
      back to conquer some post game), game mechanics flow well
    - Can play as girl or boy (each has 5 opposite gender characters and 2
      opposite gender spirits to choose as boyfriend/girlfriend) with high
      replay value
    - This game is set up to play through the game/storyline (lots of content)
      and then a few new things in post-game. In fact, many things can’t be
      started until near the end of the game, and then there is endless play
      after the post-game. Basically, the game allows you to go through
      the main storyline and obtain all your items, skills, and scan characters
      and monsters. Then the post-game and after are used to free-play the game
    - There is a learning curve at the beginning of the game so don’t get
      frustrated if you don’t understand things or don’t have the tools or
      skills you need to complete dungeons or other gameplay. Be patient and
      all will be explained and given. 
    - This game does have many interesting twists and surprises throughout
      the gameplay
    - Even though there are set storylines for the game, there is still
      some free-play as to what you want to do or how fast you want to do it.
      Customizations achieved with various codes are done brilliantly!
    Game Testing Assessment
    - Things to Change
      This is a great game! There isn't much I would change in the game
      but there is a few things:
      - Drop the swearing (or make it optional). Even if it is optional
        then more people will buy and recommend your game.
      - Drop the brief sterotypes (but keep the diverse characters)
      - Give more time before the spirit rushes you to hurry up while you
        have the spirit called with the book open (maybe dismiss the
        spirit if you want to relax and read/look at the book/think about
      - Show the actual item picture on the metalize tablet recipe page
        (weapon, accessory, etc) instead of just the base item it was made
        from (belt, wings, etc)
        - You are showing a picture anyway. Make it the actual picture and
          it would enhance the game and the player's understanding of what
          items they want to make!
      - Organize the chapters better so they are more balanced (not one
        long and one very short) and use un-repeated chapter title names.
      - I have had a lot of people complain that they don't know where
        to go, what to do, or how things work during the start of the game.
        - Beef up the reference/tutorial section ... unless it means less
          game content (if so, nevermind because there will always be a
          programmer like me who writes a detailed guide, lol)
      - I need more Light codes! lol
      - And a larger code holder/transferer
        - Perhaps more Bases
          - Example: 2 sword bases
            - One to make and keep to use (ex: Holy Excalibur)
            - One to make the newest recipe without tearing apart
              the first base
        - Or, increase the holder/transferer to be able to temporarily
          hold a 4x4 grid
          - Then you could take off the Holy Excalibur, hold all its
            codes in the holder/transferer, make the new item, give a
            required gift, then put back on the Holy Excalibur on base
      - And more sub-menus for the Tablets sections would be a lot better
        - Takes a long time to flip through looking for a recipe
      - And an older main character, lol
      - I would love to wear Elf ears :)
      - Add varied descriptions to all the map locations.
        - The great swamp that lies beyond Granatum Plateau.
          Sunlight rarely reaches it, so it's dark, musty, and
          eerie inside.
        - This is repeated for every map in Relneia Marshes.
        - A lot of maps also have repeat descriptions. It would be nice to
          have each one unique because they are different maps.
        - Yes, we do value the time you take to make map descriptions and
          we do read them :)
    - Spelling and Grammer
      - Excellent work! 
      - I haven't seen one spelling error or grammer inconsistancy
      Sorry, spoke too soon:
       - Some textbox pop-ups are not complete sentences
       - Missing word in textbox pop-up (exploration): Grana Plains 1
          - Center bottom-right, large black rock (face up on bottom of rock)
            - This normal stone is actually composed of several []. 
       - Missing word in textbox pop-up (exploration): Western Desert 10
         - Description
           - This phantom flower blooms only once a year in the
             desert. Only one man has seen it [in] the last 100 years.
       - Missing word in textbox pop-up (exploration): Ravine of Vulgazzo 3
         - Description
         - The canyon is often blanketed in fog, making it impossible to see
           in front of you at the worst []. Stories speak of soldiers who
           tried to cross in the fog, never to return.
       - Missing word in textbox pop-up (exploration): Lake Avernus 4
         - Description
         - A constant breeze blows through the entire cave.
           In the hot summers, many creatures come [to] find
           relief from the heat.
       - Missing word/incomplete sentence: Nanai's House 1F
         - Apology/finally free dialog cutscene
           - And thank [goodness?] for my grandmother.
       - Double word in textbox pop-up (exploration): Frannelle Castle
         Corridor (right)
         - Bottom center, bottom edge of carpet (face left on carpet)
           - Golden thread was used for for the carpet borders.
       - Double word in textbox pop-up (exploration): Eastern Big Tree
         - Top left, house ramp landing (face right at ramp standing on grass)
         - It'll take more than a little push to knock down these down.
       - Double letter spelling error: Training Hall
         - Description
         - The word flooring is split and contains a double r
       - Extra letter spelling error: Vis' House (outside)
         - Textbox pop-up
         - Upper left, boxes/edge of house (face up under boxes)
           - A Rhoan custom is to leave wooden boxes outsides one's
             home as a charm (outsides should be outside)
       - Missing letter spelling error: Beast's Cemetery
         - Description
         - passerby, should be passerbys.
       - Incorrect symbol/letter: Francesca
         - Character description - Least Favorite Flower
           - Na<ve Charm - should read - Naive Charm
      - Incorrect Spelling of Character Name: Witch Olly
        - Olly charater page/description
        - Ollie should be Olly
      - Uncapitalized Aspiration Title: Royal Soldier
        - "Kingly Royal soldier" - should be - "Kingly Royal Soldier"
      --- not completed yet
      - I am still very impressed with the attention paid to spelling and
        grammer. Great work!
    - Glitches: Nothing game breaking
      - Rhoan/Nanai/2nd floor - one screen that allows your character to roll
        using the left or right shoulder button and fall down into the
        curtains next to the stairs and lamp (character loses 1 HP - no ill
        effects) --- reported, can't repeat bug
      - Early Access to Location - charge hammer and fly through gate
        - Hidden Meia 5 through gate to Hidden Meia 6
        - Reported, still testing
      - lol, my screen just minor glitched. There is land where there
        should be water just to the right of Duran's House. There is
        still flowing water just above Duran's House. I moved my
        character around the screen but it is still the same. Guess
        it needs a screen refresh. Should be good once I leave and
        come back. Nope ... I'll ... check on it later ...
        - Actually lost all the water now in Rhoan Town and Granatum
          Forest 14
        - Water has not reappeared in Rhoan Town or GF 14
        - Water reappeared in Post-game, lookin' beautiful again
      - Boss Tuoni's Page: Disappears from the Book of Prophecy
        - You can only access this page if you are fighting the
          Boss in Beast's Cemetery/Hunter's Trail
      - Sometimes the graphics will go blochy while looking at a
        character page in the Book of Prophecy
        - Fixed by slamming the Book of Prophecy back over the head
          of the character essentially refreshing the graphics/pixels
      - Site of Cyril 7/Dungeon - character can just run and step on
        green switch and get gold score, score tally screen completes, but
        at least 4 spiders still spawn afterwards (character can fight all
        the dusk spiders or just exit the dungeon room - no ill effects)
      - Depths of Ice Cavern 15 - Repeat Item Given for Gold Score
        - I already had the Muramusa recipe you get with Gold Score/DOIC 15
          (Shadow x2, Iron x4, Fate x4, Illness x2)
          (tan metalize tablet/slider but don't have to resolve)
      - Kalcazoth Cave 17/Dungeon 17 - character can not attain getting
        30+ mystic jewel goal if character already has 9999 mystic jewels.
        The jewel amount will not increase even if the character is earning
        jewels. All jewels over 9999 that are earned are lost and not
        counted towards the goal. (Character can lose A TON of times at
        the Zeno-9 card mini-game and buy more Zeno-9 cards, but this
        takes a lot of time and problem re-occurs throughout the game
        and affects any similar jewel goal requirements - yes, ill effect)
        Affected Dungeons:
        - Kalcazoth Cave 10
        - Kalcazoth Cave 14
        - Site of Cyril 21
        - Site of Cyril 22
        - Great Spear of Mastema 8
        - Great Spear of Mastema 11
        - Great Spear of Mastema 17
        - ... and more
        To Fix: Programming code needs to be set to count jewels earned
                instead of counting jewel increases per jewel storage
                &/or allow player to throw jewels in trash can located
                on the character page (or off the Sun Shelf, lol)
    - Missing or wrong game info
      - Mislabeled Map: Frannelle Castle - Future Vision/Zeno-9 Update
        - Refers to Zeno-9 Hall/Frannelle Castle but actual map's official
          name is simply called Entrance instead of Zeno-9 Hall
      - Mislabeled Map: Vis' House - two different maps named Vis' House 
        - The first Vis' House map is actually the outside of Vis' House
          referred to as "Playboy Gramps Road" (maybe glad not titled this)
        - The second Vis' House map is named correctly because it is the
          map of the inside of his house
      - Mislabeled Map: Corridor - three different maps named Corridor
        - The first Corridor is the Left Corridor (vertical)
        - The second Corridor is the Middle Corridor (horizontal)
        - The third Corridor is the Right Corridor (vertical)
      - Mislabeled Map: Nomad's Tent - two different maps named Nomad's Tent
        - The first Nomad's Tent is the Left Nomad's Tent (gold gun)
        - The second Nomad's Tent is the Right Nomad's Tent (crossed runners)
      - Incorrect Listed Bonus Action: Underground Training Hall Space 5
        - Side map info lists additional goal as completed if use a
          combo attack, when in-game bonus is given for a charged attack
      - Incorrect Listed Bonus Action: Depths of the Ice Cavern 14
        - Side map info lists additional goal as completed if use a
          combo attack, when in-game bonus is given for a charged attack
      - Incorrect Metalize Code Listing: 
        - Aegis Shield - missing one IRON x1
      - Incorrect Aspiration Code Listing:
        - Dorothea - displays FIRE codes but should be LIGHT codes
      - Incorrect exploration textbox count: Western Desert 21
        - In-game, states "There's nothing to explore here.", but
          there are actually 3 textbox pop-ups
      - Incorrect Unlock Title Instructions: Nanai's House 1F
        - Nanai takes Burning (Fire x5, Silver x2) not Passionate
        - Sylphy is correct for Passionate (Fire x4, Stone x3)
      - 3 Future Vision (news flashes) Trigger Too Early - Diamond Cup Begins, 
        Millennium Cup Begins, Northern Seal Down Monster Raid
        Testing Notes:
        - Two judgment link arena cups (Diamond & Millennium) plus the
          Northern Seal Down Monster Raid news flashes triggered early
          in my game at 579,269 book points when I reached chapter 4.
          My plan was to stop fighting dungeons, make the Throwing Star,
          go back and show it to witch Olly, and then go conquer the
          Diamond & Millennium arena cups plus the Northern Seal Down.
          However, I fought a few dungeon rooms and I made the Throwing
          Star and my book leveled up to 591,357 book points. This made
          the same Diamond Cup Begins news flash play as before.
          It also then erased the Millennium Cup Begins and the Northern
          Seal Down Monster Raid from the Future Vision list. This left
          only the Diamond Cup Begins on my Future Visions list instead
          of all 3!
          So, I do believe that if you meet the 1500+ judgment link level
          and have the right level of book points before chapter 4 (and
          don’t level up the book) then you would be able to do the
          Diamond Cup Begins and the Millennium Cup Begins
          and the Northern Seal Down Monster Raid news flashes.
          (You may have to time it so you are not trapped in Samiad.)
          But if the book levels up before you actually do the three
          mentioned news flashes then they will be erased and not
          do-able until they retrigger again later. They will re-trigger
          later, so you won't lose the ability to complete them.
          Fix: Programming code needs to be meshed properly to avoid
               these 3 news flashes from triggering too early and later
               erasing 2 of them
          Note: Gold Cup Begins news flash retriggered AGAIN at 591,361
                when I entered another screen (book closed/news flash
                icon flashed on screen/Gold Cup Begins played)) (This
                separate instance occurred directly after the instance
                finished above – only thing I did was to walk into a new
                Aparently, if you do not complete a news flash cup
                arena (even though it appears on your Future Vision list)
                it can then glitch and replay depending on the actions
                in your game -- this needs to get fixed.
         - I suggest players should do any cup arenas immediately upon
           seeing the news flashes for them. Some players may experience
           these news flash glitches and some may not depending on the
           player's actions in the game. 
         - Also, there is no lasting ill effects as what is triggered and
           lost then later appears again for the player to complete. But
           it does confuse the player a great deal during the interm.
         - After the credits roll and you are in the post-game then you
           can just scan any character or monster to get the flashing
           Future Book icon in the upper right screen corner
      --- not completed yet
       Game Controls
    Basic Controls:
    - Y: left weapon or fist/hit/bounce monster
    - X: right weapon or fist/hit/bounce monster
    - B: slam book/quit spin or fly
    - A: Interact/start Judgment Link/textbox pop-up & cancel
    - L & R Shoulder: evasion move/roll 
    - D-pad: move character direction pushed
    Advanced Controls:
    - Start button:  Data Screen (Save/Load Game)
    - Select button: Display MP bar & HP bar (while not moving)
    - Hold Y and release: left weapon spin/Hurricane Attack
    - Hold X and release: right weapon spin/Hurricane Attack
    - Tap/push lightly: Character scoots a small step
    - Hold down D-pad:  Character runs a large step
    - Shield Guard: 
      - You must push button that shield is equipped on
      - Your shield does not automatically guard you 
    - Book of Prophecy (open)
    - Tap Index, Other, then:
     - Sound Options
       - BGM Volume Slider (5 squares)
         - Music Number Changer (0-38 different music choices)
         - Default is 0
       - SE Voice Slider (5 squares)
         - Sound Effect Number Changer (0-1203)
         - Default is 0
     - Display Options
       - Textbox Background Color
         - Black
         - Blue
         - Yellow/Gold
         - Purple
         - Red
         - Green
         - Burgundy/Rose
         - Gray
         - Default is black
       - MP/HP Display
         - On
         - Off
         - Default is off
    Opening & Closing the Book of Prophecy:
    - To Open the Book of Prophecy
      - Tap on the front cover or back cover of the book when it
        is closed
    - To close the Book of Prophecy
      - Tap on the last page (Data Tab) of the book when it is open
        to see the back of the book
      - This also shows you the total point value of the book
        and the next book point value to reach
      - Tap on the bottom left page corner of the first page (Index)
      - This shows you the front of the book
       Menu Overview
    - Book of Prophecy (open)
    Menu Corners & Special Tabs:
    - Displayed from left to right on top of screen when book is open
    - Bookmark Tabs can be moved to bookmark any page
      - Question Mark (corner)
        - Tap to have current spirit tell you current general goal
        - This also slightly increases Spirit's page points
      - Index Tab
        - Tap to see Table of Contents of the Book of Prophecy
      - Fire Bookmark Tab
        - Tap to call fire spirit (Rempo)
      - Forest Bookmark Tab
        - Tap to call forest spirit (Mieli)
      - Ice Bookmark Tab
        - Tap to call ice spirit (Neaki)
      - Lightning Bookmark Tab
        - Tap to call lightning spirit (Ur)  :)
      - Player Tab
        - Tap to see the main character's info & stats
      - Data Tab
        - Tap to Save or Load your current game
      - Map (corner)
        - Tap to see your current location map
    Page Numbers:
    - Page numbers are displayed on bottom left and right pages
      - Tap on either side to flip page in each direction
      - Hold down on either side to flip multiple page
       Tips & Helpful Advice
    Beginning Tips
    MP, HP, & Eating:
    - You will get the ability to gain MP and HP after you learn the judgment
      link in chapter 2. You will also be able to eat bread, cookies, and other
      edibles shortly after chapter 2. You will gain tools and skills as you
      progress through the storyline. Much later in the storyline you will gain
      the ability to warp to places (maps). When you first start out, you can
      use your cabin in Rhoan Town to rest and replenish your MP and HP.
    Dungeon Gold Scores:
    - Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get gold (gold score) on all dungeon
      rooms or access some dungeon rooms as you go through the game because you
      won’t have the required tools, HP amount, & MP amount to do them. Just pass
      the levels with the best scores you can and then come back to finish them
      when you get the proper tools, etc. You will be weak at first with little
      HP & MP. Just go through the game and you will get what you need and the
      game will become easier to understand (but the dungeons will continue to
      get harder, lol).
    Giving Gifts:
    - Whenever you can spare the MP to give gifts, do so. You can use the heal
      pot in Rhoan Town (end of dungeons in Training Hall Road) to refill your
      HP and MP in the beginning. Most people require about 2-3 gifts to start
      their sidequests/affection events. Every new chapter, give 2-3 more gifts
      to people to keep advancing their sidequests/affection events. Do all
      sidequest/affection events for both genders and all characters all
      through the game. (To give a gift: Talk to the person you wish to give
      a gift to, choose gift option in their menu which opens your book, tap
      on a category (weapon, item, flower, etc), tap on the picture of the
      thing you want to give. The gift will be given if you have enough MP.)
    Don't Lose Codes:
    - If you need more codes, then remember that you may have codes on your
      keys, items, and even in the New World Questions. You can always take
      a code from somewhere to temporarily unlock another code and then put
      the code back where it was.
    Be Prepared For 1st Battle:
    - Gustav will be your first boss battle. It will take place at the
      end of the Training Hall Dungeon. Some make it ok and others say
      he is really hard and they can't beat him.
    - Make sure your weapons are the highest you can make them. Make
      sure you are full HP and MP. Avoid his Hurricane Spin and then
      hit him by alternating y and x buttons. Have weapons in each
      hands. If it is the same weapon in each hand then you will have
      added combination attack (like two of the same sword).
    - Once you beat him with any score, then he will teach you his
      Hurricane Spin. Use the Hurricane Spin on him to get a gold score.
    Control Mechanics
    Turning Code Pieces:
    - You can turn a code piece by tapping on a mental map (code grid), 
      then tap on the code piece in the 4 slot holder, then tap on the
      tiny arrow that appears above the tapped code piece. Now you can
      fit it where you want in the mental map big grid square.
    Turning Multiple Pages:
    - You can turn multiple pages at once in the Book of Prophecy by
      using the stylus to push and hold on the page numbers. One tap
      will just turn one page at a time.
    Using the Hurricane Move:
    - Once you learn the hurricane move from Gustav in chapter 1 then
      you can use it to spin and hit enemies in fast succession. If
      you equip your hammer, then you can spin and fly quickly across
      gaps. Press and hold whichever button you equipped your hammer on.
      Press B button to stop flying with your hammer (or quit any
      other weapons special spinning/hurricane move).
    Code Scanning:
    - Make sure to remember to code scan (press b button – slams book on object)
      everything as soon as you encounter it (people, monsters, flowers,
      sparkling items, etc) and scan each character and monster enough times to
      get all four pictures on each one!!! Don’t forget even after cutscenes
      and when monsters appear to fight you anywhere!
    Getting All Four Pictures:
    - To get all four pictures of characters and monsters:  slam book on all four
      sides of the character/monster, give characters gifts or do quests for them
      to raise their overall points (some pictures won’t trigger until page points
      are high enough), knock down monsters without killing them and slam the book
      on them before they pop back up. Make sure you keep code scanning each
      character/monster as soon as possible and continually as their points raise
      until you have all of their four pictures. Items like flowers or tablets
      only have one picture.
    Searching Maps:
    - After learning Judgment Link move in chapter 2, your character will now
      swing arms/weapons when pressing the A button and make sounds while you
      search maps. This is annoying and there is no way to prevent it from
      happening. You will still be able to explore the maps and find the hidden
      areas (text box pops up) but it will be much slower. You may want to kill
      all the enemies on the map and then search for the hidden spots. You can
      turn down the sound if your character’s constant sounds annoy you too much.
      If you are not able to find all the hidden spots on the map, try finding
      the first one or two spots and then leave the map and come right back into
      it again. This usually triggers the last spot or two. Some map’s hidden
      spots require a certain chapter to be finished before the spot is revealed
      when you explore it. Some require that you find them in order. The majority
      of hidden spots can be revealed without requirements but are hard to find.
      Just keep searching over and over from each direction until you find them.
      Any spot that requires a certain metalize to be found will not register as
      “found and conquered” until you have found that metalize at a separate
      location. Once you have found the metalize then you can come back to the
      hidden spot you found earlier and it will register as found and completed.
      If there is a tablet located in an area then it generally won't appear
      until you fully explore an area/map.
    Mental Maps:
    - Each person, character, and item has a mental map. It is a grid on the
      right-side page. This grid will expand as you progress the storyline
      and gain more Book of Prophecy points.
      - You start with a 3X3 mental map/code grid
      - To get the 1st upgrade/3x4 mental map:
        - Do Future Vision called Mystery Shadow in Lake (2nd)
        - See Future Vision section
      - To get the 2nd upgrade/4x4 mental map:
        - Get approx 1,026,255 Book of Prophecy points
        - Around Chapter 6
    Miss-able Items
    Witch Olly Pictures & Throwing Star:
    - Get all of Olly’s (witch/chapter 4) sidequest/affection done before the end
      of Mt. Elious or you will miss it (and code scan all her 4 pictures asap or
      they can be missed). Make sure to talk to her directly after you battle her
      so that she tells you about a special item in the desert. If you don’t talk
      to her then you will miss getting this item. After talking with her, you can
      then go through the desert to Central Desert 12. Beat the Golem and code
      scan the metalize tablet (Throwing Star) that appears after you win the
      fight. Make the Throwing Star and give it to her. She will acknowledge that
      you have made/found it and then "give" it to you.
      - Now give her more gifts 
      - Accessories:
        - You should have enough codes to make/show/give her the following gifts:
          Hair Decoration, Ribbon, Forrest Flower Decoration, Cat Ears. Remember
          that these take the same base (Hair Decoration) to make all of them.
      - Projectiles:
        - You can also make/show/give her the following projectile gifts:
          Flying Dagger, Throwing Star, and Hidden Throwing Star. Remember that
         these take the same base (Flying Dagger) to make all of them.
      - Shadow Fang: 
        - Now befriend Nanai and find all 3 hidden spots in Western Desert 5 to
          get the Shadow Fang metalize tablet to appear in Western Desert 5.
          Make Shadow Fang and show/give it to her. You can now take the Shadow
          Fang and go back to Nanai's house to the hidden spot (Nanai's House
          floor 2) to get the Invisible Shadow Fang metalize tablet recipe but
          you can't make it yet because you need a bigger mental map
          (code grid squares). Western Desert 5 is accessible in chapter 5.
      - Desert Flower:
        - You can also show her the Desert Flower but it will not be available
          until after Mt. Elious after you have had Kamuli identify every other
          flower in the game. :O - she will be gone before then ...
        - Repeat the Site of Cyril Dungeon (Witch of Desire/Witch Olly's 2nd
          boss battle) to see her again after she is gone.
          - You can also scan her for her last pictures this way if you forgot
            to get them
      - How to Make an Item:
        - To make the items use the base needed (Hair Decoration/Flying Dagger)
          and then use the correct tablet metalize recipe (tap Index, Tablets)
          for the item you want to make. Place the codes in the mental map or
          code square grid of the base item. You need to have the metalize
          tablet recipe listed in your Tablets section to have it work.
        - Example: Make Ribbon: 
          - Tap Index, then Accessories, then Hair Decoration 
          - Tap the lare grid square over on the right page to make a 4 slot
            code holder pop up. Use this to swap codes onto and off of the
            large grid square (mental map). 
          - Gather needed codes from other places - characters, monsters,
            etc - and put them in the Hair Decoration large grid square
          - The codes you need for Ribbon are: LIGHT x4 and FATE x4
          - They don't have to each be a block of 4. You can use combinations
            to make 4 of each (like: 3 light and 1 light)  
        - Borrow codes from other characters, monsters, weapons, key, etc to make
          items and show each to her before making the next one. Then you can put
          any codes back where they were before and re-make/re-equip any items
          you want to wear. You can repeat this each new chapter until
          she leaves or you get all 4 pictures and you are satified with her
          points (page value points/CP = code points). 
      - Just show her each above item ONE TIME per chapter. You will lose gift
        points instead of gaining them if you show the same item more than once
        each chapter.
      - If you need more MP for gift-giving then just head back into the desert
        and bounce some monsters (judgment link) or break a heal pot
      - Make sure you have her 4 pictures by now because she will leave shortly
        (if you advance the storyline - seal) and you will not be able to complete
        her 4 pictures because she will not return 
        - Edit: You can later warp to Site of Cyril 1 and repeat her 2nd Boss
          Battle. Before fighting her, you can scan her for her pictures.
      - You may also want to fight her in some one-on-one judgment link battles
        (talk to her/choose battle)
    Mini-games & Mystic Jewels
    When Over-flowing is Not Desirable:
    - Never fill up your mystic jewels amount to 9999. Keep room in your jewel
      area for mystic jewels that you will get from judgment linking monsters,
      future vision mystic jewel rewards, and mystic jewels that characters give
      you as a reward. Mystic jewels top off at 9999 and any you gain after that
      will be lost (including future vision mystic jewels that can’t be
      retriggered). Also, you can’t complete any dungeon room goal (like Kalcazoth
      Cave/room 17) that requires you to gain 30+ (or any number) of mystic jewels
      to beat the dungeon room because you will be full and the game will think
      you haven’t gained any mystic jewels even though you have. Your mystic jewel
      amount is viewable when you tap the player bookmark tab at the top right of
      the screen (inside book). To reduce your mystic jewel amount you can play
      the Zeno-9 game and lose a lot. After you lose a lot then go buy more Zeno-9
      cards to reduce the mystic jewel amount. Try to keep about 8000 in your
      mystic jewel amount area and you should be fine. If your mystic jewel area
      fills up again then repeat the same process.
    Zeno-9 Card Mystery:
    - Chances are that you will be able to buy Zeno-9 Cards from Romaioni before
      you are able to unlock and play the Zeno-9 Card mini-game. Don’t go crazy
      trying to figure out where they went or how to use them until you trigger
      the future vision/news flash called Maids on Strike which will unlock the
      card mini-game. This will usually occur shortly after you can buy the cards
      depending on how much you have upped the value of pages in the Book of
      Prophecy. Once the card mini-game is unlocked then go to Frannelle Castle
      Entrance Room (1st room you enter in Frannelle Castle) to play the game.
      The actual map is called Entrance (under Frannelle) and there is a knight
      guard on the left side of the room and a maid on the right side of the
      room. Talk to the maid to start the game. The game is based on sheer luck
      and the goal is to get 3 of the same picture in three tries
      (3 tries = one Zeno-9 card). You get one prize each for matching
      each of the 3 characters (so, one for King match, one for Dorthea match,
      one for Guri Guri match). Later you will get a second future vision called
      Zeno-9 Items Added. The card pictures stay the same but you can match each
      character one more time each for three more prizes. Total prizes you can
      win from the Zeno-9 Card mini-game is a total of 6 prizes. They are all
      metalize tablet recipes but you will just be given them by the maid and
      there will not be an actual tablet to scan. You can see how many Zeno-9
      cards you have by opening the book, tapping on the player bookmark tab,
      and looking down at the bottom of the left page. You can hold 99 cards
      and you can also be given them by any character who likes you a lot for
      free (speak to them). You will be awarded 100 mystic jewels if you win
      a match in which you already got a metalize reward.
    Dungeons & Spirit Magic
    Dungeons the First Time Through:
    - The first time through all chapters, the dungeons are set up to be passed
      with any score but not necessarily conquered with a gold score. They are
      also to be used to code scan new monsters and to teach you new skills and
      how to use your skills. 4000 points is the most you can get in any dungeon
      room even if you scored higher. If you want an extra challenge and want to
      try to get a gold score at the first run-through of the chapters then you
      can repeat any dungeon room by bringing up the map and tapping on it (while
      in the same map area you are displaying). You can usually achieve a gold
      score on all (or all but 1 or 2) for each dungeon but it will take several
      tries. This will net you more metalize tablets earlier on. Or, you just
      pass each dungeon with a passing score and come back later when you are
      stronger and have more items and MP. Your highest score will always be
      kept no matter how many times you re-do any dungeon room or boss.
    Keeping Score & Extra Items:
    - When you enter any dungeon or fighting area for the first time then a
      Point scoring menu will pop up showing you briefly what the goals, time,
      and points are for that particular room/map area. Most times you don’t
      have to accomplish every point goal listed to get a gold score but it is
      recommended and easier to help you get a gold score (unless you are able
      to annihilate the enemy quickly with a super high score). Not all dungeon
      rooms will reveal extra items when you achieve gold scores but keep your
      eye out for any items that appear in the dungeon room or extra side
      dungeon rooms that may open and be accessible with gold scores.
    Using Spirit Magic:
    - Use spirit magic (tap on screen, then tap on any spirit bookmark on top
      of page) to help you kill off nearby enemies, trigger torches, and to give
      you extra time. In many cases especially at the beginning, just a split
      second can be the difference between silver and gold scores. The more
      points your spirit that you are using has then the more power they can
      hit with. You can have one spirit equipped and use a different spirit by
      tapping on their bookmark tabs. If you use the same spirit you have
      equipped then that spirit will gain a small amount of extra points per
      use. Each spirit has a different type of spirit magic: Rempo/fire,
      Mieli/forest, Neaki/ice, Ur/lightning. 
      - Rempo: Go! Ali up flame!
      - Mieli: Adjusting prisms!
      - Neaki: You'll come splash! Breathe in wind!
      - Ur:    Lightning! Super lightning!
      (... just a guess except for Ur, lol)
      - Each spirit gets new Spirit Magic dialog when unshackled
        --- recorded in Working Section, take this and other and
            move into each spirit's character pages
    - Spirit Magic Points:
      - Get 2 extra points each time call spirit when they are equipped
      - Do not get extra points if call spirit when any other spirit
        is equipped
      - Get 14 points when use spirit magic (up to about 2,000 points)
      - Get 4 points when use spirit magic  (past about 2,000 points)
        - Get 2 extra points if use Spirit Magic of spirit equipped
      - Get 2 points when switch from one spirit to another spirit
      - The higher the spirit points then the more power the spirit uses
      - The higher the spirit points then the more MP the spirit uses
        - It seems to increment each additional 500 points
          - 3/4th MP bar & 2500 points equals 5 spirit uses per MP bar
          - 3/4th MP bar & 3000 points equals 4 spirit uses per MP bar
          - 3/4th MP bar & 3500 points equals 3 spirit uses per MP bar
      - The more power the spirit has then the faster the spell
        animations will be shown when the spirit magic is cast
      - You can raise spirit points to 3,700 before chapter 7
      - You can raise spirit points to 5,000 after chapter 7
      - You can raise spirit points to 6,000 if boyfriend/girlfriend spirit
        - The 5000-6000 range is hidden and will show as 5000/5000 on each
          spirit. It will be going up and down but you won't see it.
          - You will see 6000/5000 if spirit is your boyfriend/girlfriend
      - You can unshackle a spirit after 3,800 points AND chapter 11
      - You can unshackle all 4 spirits, their shackles won't return
      - To get a boyfriend/girlfriend confession, you need 3,800 points
        and all their requirements met before you unshackle them and
        you have to be in Chapter 11 or Post-game.
    Triggering All Game Dialogs
    Sidequests Trump General Dialogs:
    - If you want to hear every line of dialog of each character then you may
      want to not give gifts or do sidequests/affection events of the characters
      until after chapter 11 or post-game. Do not wait for witch Olly’s
      sidequests/affection events though or you will miss them. Personally,
      I would suggest doing all character sidequests/affection events as soon
      as possible so you don’t miss any of them. You will miss general dialog
      on individuals who have a sidequest in progress until you complete that
      part of their sidequest but you can catch this dialog by re-playing the
      game later or by giving your gifts at certain times. The general dialog
      is done well but is minor to miss compared to the sidequests. It is up
      to your preference.
    Hearing All Hero/Heroine Affection Dialogs:
    - Since you can play as a girl or boy then there will be different
      affection cutscenes for each for the hero's and heroine's eligible
      boyfriends/girlfriends. So if you are bent on experiencing all dialog
      in the game then you will also have to play the game through as each
      gender (at least two gameplays). The rest of the game is the same
      for both girl or boy. But this game is variable per gameplay and
      will change based on your player's individual actions and choices.
    - There is an affection cutscene related to the tournament (chapter 5)
      that will change based on who you chose for your boyfriend/girlfriend.
      - You can only experience the Tournament Fountain Scenes with one
        eligible per game, so you would also have to replay the game
        once per eligible if you want to trigger all those dialogs
      - See each eligible's Character pages for more details
    - In chapter 5, depending on who does or does not have strong enough
      affections with the heroine/hero, then they may or may not be pulled
      into a tornado. This, of course, will have effects on dialogs  :0 
    Actions During the Tournament Days:
    - In chapter 5, there is a tournament. Rex will steal the Book of
      Prophecy. You will get different dialog based on whether Rex is
      your boyfriend or not.
    - You will also get different dialogs/scenes depending on whether or not
      you met your boyfriend/girlfriend at the fountain if/when you get their
      invitation letter.
    Player Choices Affect Dialogs/History:
    - If you are paying attention to the character page information, then you
      will notice that the history told of the character will change depending
      on what choices you make in the game. So even what happens to the people
      is dependent on what you do in the game and the time period of the story.
    - You will get a variety of statements that make up the story of a person.
      You will have an original statement when you meet the person, and then
      various other statements tied to what choice you made for that person.
      You can change part of even the original story/history of a person.
      You literally decide the fate of characters in the story.
      - Ex: See Fana's character page, and many other character pages
    Future Visions (News Flash)
    Timing Future Visions:
    - News Flashes (Future Visions) won’t go away if you don’t do them
      immediately. You may want to do them soon after because they may not
      be available during certain chapters. Some may have to wait until after
      chapter 11 if you wait too long (do before chapter 6 and/or after chapter
      11). Rhoan Town will be unavailable during chapter 2. It is better to do
      any arena cup challenge news flashes very shortly after they appear
      because they can disappear from your future vision list unless you have
      completed them. If they disappear from the list, then they will repeat
      but at a later time. If you lose one then try scanning a character or
      a monster to see if it will retrigger.
    Order of Walkthroughs & Future Visions
    - Remember that the order of any walkthroughs and future visions will vary
      because of the fluent nature of this game. The fact that there are many
      variations that change the timing and aspects of this game is one of the
      reasons why I like this game. So, the basic information will be the
      same but it may not always appear in the same order as someone else's
      game depending on what order you do things in your game.
    Sidequests & Affections & Gifts
    Affection - To Do or Not To Do
    - You will need to do all the sidequests/affection events if you want to
      complete the whole game. It is possible to complete the game without
      doing all the sidequests/affection events but you will miss a lot of
      depth to the story. In my opinion, it is better to let the affections
      go up and down and do all the sidequests/affection events. Then, you
      can re-raise the affection of the person you want in the end. For the
      5 eligible characters, you can give gifts. For the 2 eligible spirits,
      you can use a heal pot and use their spirit magic repeatedly (or
      repeatedly spam in the book – tap hint corner, Index tab, spirit tab
      – rinse and repeat). 
    Giving More Gifts Per Chapter:
    - You can give the same gifts again each new chapter unless the character
      you want to give the gift to is unavailable. Gifts will be easier to give
      as you are able to scan more items as the game advances and also get more
      MP. If you make a new item then you can give it immediately even if you
      already showed/gave an item of that same type within the same chapter
      (Example: Make a Battle Sword, give it to someone that likes swords,
      then make a Gladius, give it, then make a Kaliela Sword, give it, and
      so on). This can be done with any gift from swords to food. Don’t forget
      that you can also give the characters their favorite flowers if you have
    Calculating Loss of Affection Points:
    - Loss of affection points can be calculated 
      - Regular gifts reduce highest opposite gender affection by 20 points
      - Love scenes/Basic triggered reduce affection by 20-100 points
      - Love confessions and Love Scenes/Boyfriend reduce affection by
        sometimes up to 1000 points, but usually less than that
      - But as with most things in this game the points may vary
    Changing Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend:
    - Don’t worry if one of the opposite genders become your boyfriend/girlfriend
      (no marriage) if you wanted someone else to be. Just raise the affection
      (give gifts & do sidequests/affection events) for the one you wanted. The
      opposite gender (of the 5 eligible characters) that has the highest
      affection for you will be your boyfriend/girlfriend if you say yes when
      they show up for their boyfriend/girlfriend Love Scene/Boyfriend (extra
      Additional Love Scene has to be included or it is just a Love Scene/Basic.
    - The opposite gender (of the 2 eligible spirits) can only be boyfriend/
      girlfriend with you after chapter 11.
    - Affections will go up (or down) with each gift that you give to someone
      of your opposite gender (eligible 5 characters or 2 spirits) whether or
      not they are your current boyfriend/girlfriend.
      - See Is It Love? and the Working Section
    Dating a Spirit Equals Extra Power:
    - Dating (boyfriend/girlfriend) a spirit will allow that spirit to top off
      their page points an extra 1000 points (makes them more powerful than if
      you didn't date them). You can only date one hero/heroine or spirit at
      a time even if you are getting multiple confessions.
      - If you are confused about who your boyfriend or girlfriend is, then
        go get Love Advice from Vis and he will tell you
      - Basically, it is whoever you saw the last special Love Scene/Boyfriend
        with (has to have an Additional Love Scene/Answer his feelings, to be
        a Boyfriend Love Scene)
      - Don't worry if you are confused. After a while you will get the hang
        of it.
      - See Is it Love? section
    Unshackling the Spirits:
    - Spirits will gain even more power after you unshackle them which can be
      done after chapter 11 and post-game. Spirit points will not raise past
      3700 until after chapter 7. You need 3800 or above to unshackle a spirit.
      Remember that calling a spirit (or using spirit magic) uses up your MP.
      To replenish your MP you can just do judgment links on monsters. Time
      freezes during judgment links. You can also use heal pots to restore
      your MP. Each calling of a spirit will raise their affection 14 points
      until they like you and then it will only raise 4 points each time (or
      6 points total if using the Spirit Magic of the equipped spirit).
      - See also Spirit Magic Points
    Judgment Link Battle & Judgment Link Move
    - There are two kinds of “judgment links”
      - One is the Judgment Link Battle
      - The other is the Judgment Link move 
      - People often confuse them in the beginning because they are similar
      - You will use the Judgment Link move in the Judgment Link Battle
        but you can also use it on its own to just bounce/kill monsters
    - Judgment Link Battle:
      - A mini-game where 2-4 characters battle with each other using the
        Judgment Link move (press y(L) or x(R) to serve or hit the mul/ball)
    - As you complete Judgment Link Cup Battle/Tournaments, make sure you
      occasionally go talk to Georg (Rhoan Town mayor/lives left of Frannelle
      Castle). He will occasionally give you extra gifts you’ve earned like
      the Foxtail Metalize Recipe you will need later for Guri Guri (cat).
    - Everyone you play with in a judgment link battle (individual or group)
      will show up individually in your judgment battle score list. So, if
      you battled one-on-one then that individual would gain stats in the
      score list. If you battle a cup tournament then the other 3 people
      you battled with will gain individual scores in your score list. All
      scores keep being adding and re-calculated any time you play against
      them in either a one-on-one battle or a cup battle.
      - Challenge any individual: One-on-One Judgment Link Battles
        - Available after first arena cup tournament
        - Talk to any character to challenge them
      - Scores are kept in the Book of Prophecy 
        - Tap on Index, then Mini-games, then Judgment Battle
      - You battle against one other character in a 2X2 square
      - And/Or, Challenge Arena Cups: Arena Cup Tournament Battles
        - Held in the Rhoan Arena
        - See a Future Vision related to cup tournaments
        - See Future Vision section for list of cup tournaments
        - Walk into the Rhoan Arena square to trigger event
        - You battle 3 other characters
          - 4 characters total (you are one) challenge each other in a 2X2
            square to see who can get 3 points first
        - Pay attention to highlighted Left (L) and Right (R) buttons on
          the screen and bounce the mul (ball) with the highlighted button
          when the ball is hit to you
        - Anytime a character fails to bounce the mul in time and with the
          correct y(L) or x(R) button, then a point is given to the last
          character who successfully bounced the mul (first one to earn
          3 points wins)
        - If you can charge up your weapon then the mul will turn into another
          object when it comes down to the next player 
          - Hammer charged – meteor ball falls to earth
          - Sword charged - leaf floats to earth
          - Projectile charged - rain falls to earth
          - Bomb charged - big explosion and fire ball to earth
          - Shield or fists charged - zig zags to earth
          - You can still hit these but they are very hard to hit
        - Charging your weapon this way is risky because you have to have enough
          time to change it into an object without the mul being hit to you
          without you having enough time to respond to hit it in time
        - Your name also gets highlighted if the mul is coming to you next. It
          messes me up though to try to watch both the top of the screen for
          your highlighted name and also the bottom of the screen for the
          highlighted (L) or (R). There is that saying though: “Practice makes
        - Tournament Cup Challenges get more difficult with each new one
    - Judgment Link Move:
      - Ability to bounce monsters up to the stratosphere to gain MP, HP, 
        and mystic jewels
      - The Judgment Link move is more complicated to explain than the Judgment
        Link Battle but I will try to explain it clearly
      - Just remember, Judgment Link move = bouncing monsters
    Judgment Link Move General Info:
      - The Judgment Link move is learned in the beginning of Chapter 2
      - Points are added to the value of the page of each monster depending on
        how high you have judgment linked that monster (as well as how many
        killed, pictures taken, code combinations put on, etc)
      - Time freezes when using Judgment Link so it can help you save time in
        dungeon rooms to get higher scores
      - Other monsters that are already coming after you will keep coming
        after you while you bounce a monster so start bouncing when you
        don't have any other monster's attention or just kill the on-coming
        monster and then bounce the other one and the rest will freeze
      - Judgment Link move does not work on characters – only monsters
      - Receive mystic jewels even if not bounced per red number count shown
      - Yellow or 10 mystic jewels if bounced continually under red number shown
      - Pink or 30 mystic jewels if bounced continuallly in-between ylw & prpl
      - Purple or 50 Mystic Jewels if bounce continually for 22-24+ bounces
      - Receive some MP (Mystic Points/swirl bar) if you bounce continually under
        or over red number shown
        - Amount received depends on how high you bounce the monster 
          (higher bounce amount = more mystic jewels)
      - If you bounce a monster to a new height then points are added to that
        monster's page and its page value goes up
      - Higher gauge amounts also help you to unlock Future Vision/News Flash
        Rhoan Arena Tournament Cup matches 
      - In my game a height of 1500+ unlocked all Judgment Link cup tournaments
        by the beginning of chapter 4 (but some later erased - see notes under
        the Book of Prophecy - Future Vision section)
     To Bounce a monster:
      - Press A button behind or to the side of any monster to start to bounce
        the monster up in the air
      - Press X or Y button (repeatedly, not alternately) to keep bouncing the
        monster higher into the air
     Total Red Number Count & Blue Bar (with white number count):
      - Number is half yellow/half red = I call it red
      - Once you start bouncing a monster then several gauges will appear on the
        bottom right side of your screen
      - There is a height gauge, a red number count display, and a blue bar gauge
        with a white number count
      - When you start bouncing the monster, the blue bar will be full
      - The blue bar will start to decrease and you will see a white number count
        begin to count up above the blue bar (this is not the red number count 
        - this is just the white number count connected to the blue bar)
      - When the blue bar goes away and has been used up then this means the
        monster is now dead
      - You can still keep bouncing the monster but if you drop the monster now
        then the monster will explode on the ground and you will get MP (swirl
        bar) and one yellow mystic jewel (10 mystic jewels) but no HP (leaf bar)
      - If you drop the monster before the blue bar is gone then the monster
        will land on the ground still alive and begin attacking you again
      - You can avoid the attack by running away from the monster, or you can
        fight the monster, or you can run around the side or back of the monster
        and press A button to re-bounce the monster again
      - If you re-bounce the monster then it will take less to kill it because
        you have already bounced the monster but not killed it
      - If you keep bouncing the monster then the amount from the white number
        count will continue to keep counting up
      - On the far right by the counting up white number is a red number
      - When there is any amount left of the blue bar, you will see a double dash
        (-- Hit) instead of the red number count (located under height bar)
      - The red number count will never appear when there is any blue in the
        blue bar
      - The red number is the total points needed to "firework" burst a monster
        into the sky or stratosphere
      - This means you need to keep bouncing the monster until the white number
        matches the count of the red number to get the burst
      - Receive one HP (Hit Points/leaf bar) if you bounce continually for the
        entire count (red number shown) until there is a "fireworks" burst
        - Amount received equals one HP if bounce monster the total red number
          shown without dropping the monster early
        - You will also receive MP (swirl bar) and one colored mystic jewel
          (10-50 mystic jewels) if you bounce the monster until it "firework"
          bursts in the sky or stratosphere for the entire red number shown
        - If you drop the monster early after the blue bar is gone then you
          will not receive any HP but you still will receive MP and one yellow
          mystic jewel
     To Bounce a Monster Higher:
      - You can somewhat adjust how many bounces (toughness) the monster takes to
        kill by several ways 
      - One way is to add more tough codes to the monster like lots of ores or
        other strong material codes. Another way is to unequip all weapons and use
        just your fists (or plana) ability
      - You can also put illness codes on your weapon you are using to bounce the
        monster which makes your weapon weaker
      - Another way is to equip the weapons that increase your judgment link
        limit (it will say so on the weapon metalize tablet recipe description)
    Storyline Walkthrough
    A Thought Process on Chapters:
    - Check to see what starts and stops a chapter
      - There are actual chapters but the chapters
        are not balanced well.
      - Many of the chapters even have the same names:
        -  Chapter 1  - Fire Spirit
        -  Chapter 2  - Forest Spirit
        -  Chapter 3  - Ice Spirit
        -  Chapter 4  - Lightning Spirit
        -  Chapter 5  - Tournament
        -  Chapter 6  - Departure
        -  Chapter 7  - Lightning Spirit
        -  Chapter 8  - Ice Spirit
        -  Chapter 9  - Forest Spirit
        -  Chapter 10 - Fire Spirit
        -  Chapter 11 - Demon Lord
        - Some of the chapters are very long and some
          are extremely short. It's a mess.
        - There is also game content before the
          chapters begin and more game content after
          the chapters end. It is like there are
          prelude and post-game sections that are
          not labeled or recognized except in gameplay.
        - Also, the Quiz mini-game asks you about
          chapters in the Book of Prophecy (Ex: Do
          you remember what chapter 3 of the book
          talks about? Weapons). These are totally
          different than storyline chapters and are
          actual chapters in the Book of Prophecy
          only. This also makes the whole "Chapters"
          issue more confusing.
      - OK, so what to do about writing up a 
        balanced walkthrough. 
        - The chapters do need to be listed where
          they fall in the game for reference. But,
          since they are placed at random places with
          the same names then they can be referenced
          where they fall in-game and a re-organized
          balanced walkthrough can be made by using
          section titles.
      - The walkthrough has been balanced by using the
        following sections with the chapters referenced
        where they fall within the sections listed below:
        - Prelude:   Sunny Hill - The Awakening Dream
        - Section 1: Grana Plains - Fire Spirit Lessons
        - Section 2: Rhoan Town - More Than Meets The Eye
        - Section 3: Granatum - A Journey Into The Forest
        - Section 4: Wargliss Fortress - Of War and Ice
        - Section 5: Samiad - Lost In An Endless Desert
        - Section 6: Masters - A Tournament Proceeds Chaos
        - Section 7: Returning Lands - Of Spirits and Dragons
        - Section 8: Frannelle Castle - Saving the World
        - Post-game: A World of Change OR The Codes of Life
        - You can now reference material by section or
          chapter thus producing a balanced walkthrough.
    - How to Use This Walkthrough
      - This walkthrough references to pages in the
        "beefed-up" Book of Prophecy (this guide).
      - This guide is ordered based on the in-game
        Book of Prophecy but I have added tons of
        tested in-game extra information. I have put
        this extra information in the appropriate
        sections of the Book of Prophecy within this
      - Depending on what order you completed your
        game in then that will be your order of
        your in-game Book of Prophecy. The main menus
        will always stay in the same order but the
        sub-menus/items may not. That is why I 
        reference the location or map more than
        the page number. However, there is a section
        in this guide that lists everything by page.
        I also include page numbers whenever present.
      - Remember that you can use ctrl-f to search
        page titles quicker than searching a massive
        guide. Plus, you may find a lot of helpful
        information that way as well.
      - Realize you may miss some things like flowers
        and other items if you just fly through the
        walkthrough without looking at the referenced
        map pages and doing the optional parts of the
        walkthrough. So explore all locations fully
        or fly through if that is your style and
        enjoy this great game!
      - This Walkthrough:
        - Tells you what to reference and where it is
        - Tells you filler information which directs
          you through progressing the storyline
        - Tells you what is optional apart from the
        - The areas and pages it references you to will
          have the "meat" of the details for that area
          and in-depth instructions and information for
          that area map or location
      - This Allows for:
        - Individuals who want to know where to go but
          don't want all the spoilers can now follow the 
          walkthrough to go to locations and progress
          the storyline without all the spoilers. There
          are some major spoilers just not every spoiler.
        - Individuals who want every spoiler and every
          detail given to them can go to each map or
          page referenced and see in-depth information
          down to what monsters are there, what cutscenes
          are there, what items are there, what extras
          happen there, where the exploration textbox
          pop-ups are located, how to beat bosses, etc.
        - All individuals can progress the storyline and
          do optional actions as they want to which
          provides a varied and fluid gameplay experience.
     - Additional Reference Locations:
       - Menus, Button Controls, Word Definitions (tap: Other/Reference)
       - Area Maps (in each Area Map summary sections)
       - Dungeon Walkthroughs (in Maps section under each dungeon)
       - Map Search Textbox Locations (in Maps section under each location)
       - Side Quests & Affection Events (in Character section under individual)
       - New World Customizations (in New World section under questions)
     - General Areas of the World Map
       - Rhoan
         - Sunny Hill, Grana Plains, and Three-way Road Ruins
         - Rhoan Town
           - Entire Rhoan Town
           - Traning Hall dungeon and Witch's Hidden dungeon
           - Crossroads of the World and Rhoan Town Entrance/Home
       - Frannelle Castle
         - Entire Frannelle Castle
         - Prison
         - Fro's routes
         - Castle dungeon
         - Hidden Meia dungeon
         - Great Spear of Mastema dungeon
       - Wargliss Fortress
         - Wargliss Fortress
         - Northern Battlefield
         - Waisen Empire Camp
         - Tornaq Ice Cavern dungeon
         - Depths of the Ice Cavern dungeon
       - Mt. Elious
         - Mt. Elious 1-20
         - Melting Pot
       - Granatum
         - Granatum Forest
         - Kalcazoth Cave dungeon
         - Underground Lake Avernus
         - Sun Shelf, Elevation, and Rudrud's House
         - Deep Forest
         - Western Big Tree and Beast's Lair 
         - Granatum Plateau, Light Falls, and Bridge
         - Eastern Big Tree and Lauca Meia's House
         - Hunter's Trail and Beast's Cemetery
       - Samiad
         - Desert Town and Witch's Palace
           - Nomad's Tents, Prison, and Prison Escape Route
         - Central Desert
         - Site of Cyril dungeon
         - Western Desert
         - Eastern Desert
       - Other (connection routes)
         - Weld River
         - Ravine of Vulgazzo
         - Shark Jaw
    - Note: 
      - If Shark Jaw 1-3 maps and Three-way Road Ruins map won't
        show up in the in-game maps then you must visit Grana
        Plains 14 map and then they should show up (Grana
        Plains 14 map is available after Samiad/Western Desert)
    Prelude: Sunny Hill - The Awakening Dream
    Sunny Hill:
      - This is where you start the game
      - Chose Heroine/Hero
      - Wake from your dream
      - Get the Book of Prophecy
      - Meet your first enemy (Imperial Knight)
      - Met Fire Spirit Rempo
      - Fight your first battle
      - Genesis sword turns into rusted Battle Sword
      - General Heath arrives with back-up
      - Chose any answer/you & Rempo flee
      - You must re-enter Sunny Hill after
        cutscene/fight/cutscene/flee to be
        able to explore the hill fully
    Section 1: Grana Plains - Fire Spirit Lessons
    * Chapter 1 - Fire Spirit *
    Grana Plains 1:
      - You flee here and begin Chapter 1 - Fire Spirit/Tutorial
      - Rempo teaches you about scanning flowers (scan Blazera flower)
      - Start scanning all flowers that can be scanned
      - Rempo says to go South (Grana Plains 2)
    Grana Plains 2:
      - Rempo teaches you about scanning metalize tablets
      - Scan the metalize tablet he shows you (Gladius)
      - Rempo teaches you very briefly on how to change
        codes on weapons
      - Start scanning all metalize tablets from now on
      - Rempo says to go west (Grana Plains 4)
    Grana Plains 4:
      - Rempo teaches you about scanning monsters/enemies
      - Rempo teaches you very briefly on how to change codes on monsters
      - Scan the enemy, change the codes, fight the enemies if you want
      - Start scanning everything (characters, monsters, items, etc)
      - Remember to scan to get all 4 pictures of each
      - Rempo says to go West again (Rhoan Town - Crossroads of the World)
    Crossroads of the World:
      - Rempo's tutorial continues (Chapter 1)
      - Rempo teaches you that you can scan characters
      - Scan the Royal Soldier and now start scanning any characters you can
    Entrance of Town (Rhoan Town)
      - Walk towards the house on the right
      - Cutscenes play and you discover this is your home
      - Rest in your home
    Optional: (Do now or later)
      - Explore/scan the rest of Sunny Hill and Grana Plains
        - See Grana Plains section (for in-depth directions)
        - See Grana Plains Map (for navigation)
      - Explore/scan Crossroads of the World
        - See Crossroads of the World section
        - See Rhoan Town Map
      - Explore/scan Entrance of Town
        - See Entrance of Town section
        - See Rhoan Town Map
    Section 2: Rhoan Town - More Than Meets the Eye
    Explore Rhoan Town
      - Scan EVERYTHING possible
      - Talk to everyone except Kamui, Helen, and Fana.
        Also, do not talk to Gustav in the Training Hall
      - Explore all map areas in Rhoan Town
        - See Rhoan Town Map (for navigation)
        - See Rhoan Town Area Summary
          for all items that can be found in Rhoan Town
        - See each location map (for all details)
          These do not have to be done in order:
          - Center of Town
          - Central Park
          - Road to Castle
          - Fortune-Teller Alley
          - Training Hall Road
          - Arena
          - Cemetery
          - Back Alleys
          - Outside Abandoned House
          - Mayor's House
          - Vis' House (outside)
          - Vis' House (inside)
          - Rex's House
          - Nanai's House 1F
          - Nanai's House 2F
          - Duran's House 1F
          - Duran's House 2F
          - Haochy's House
          - Abandoned House
          - Romaioni's House 1F
          - Romaioni's House 2F
          - Mayor's House 1F
          - Mayor's House 2F (not available yet)
       - Now talk to Kamui, Helen, and Fana to continue
         the storyline
          - Kamui's House
            - Meet Kamui standing outside his house
            - Show him flowers you scanned to be identified
            - See Kamui's page under Characters/Hero to
              find how many flowers to receive what items
          - Fana's House 1F
            - Cutscene, Meet Helen
            - Get Bread if house fully explored
            - Now you can EAT to regain HP (uses MP)
          - Fana's House 2F
            - Meet Fana
       - Exit Fana's House to get cutscene
         - Fana is dying ... maybe you can save her
       - Now talk to Gustav in the Training Hall
         - Training Hall 
       - Begin the battle, get Hurricane Spin move if win
         - Welcome to your 1st dungeon!
         - Underground Training Space 1
         - Underground Training Space 2
         - Underground Training Space 3
         - Underground Training Space 4
         - Underground Training Space 5
         - Underground Training Space 6
         - Underground Training Space 7
         - Underground Training Space 8
         - Underground Training Space 9
         - Underground Training Space 10
         - Swordsman's Domain
           - Boss Battle: Twin Blade Gustav
    - There is also a big key door in the Training Hall
      that you can't go through until much later
    Optional: (Do now or later)
      - After visiting Vis' House and talking with him you can
        now give gifts to people (if listed in their menu when
        you talk to them)
      - Give 2-3 gifts each to anyone you can
        - See How to Give Gifts (tips section) 
      - Giving gifts to people at this point is optional and
        it may start some affection-related sidequests
      - This is ok because Rhoan Town will be unavailable
        shortly and it would be good to get the sidequests
        started earlier than later
      - See Sidequests/Affection Levels section
      - You can use the heal pot at Underground Training Space
        10 to replenish all your HP & MP or you can repeatedly
        rest at your home (heal pot is probably better but
        it is just a matter of preference)
      - You can also finish fully exploring each area in town
      - You can re-battle the Underground Training rooms
        to get gold on most of them (a few you won't be
        able to get gold on yet)
      - You can start any affection sidequests that were
        started due to gift-giving
      - You can go back to fight monsters in Grana Plains
        but I suggest you wait on this because you will
        get lots of future oportunity to do this later
    Rest in your Home and do anything you want to do in 
      Rhoan Town because you will not be able to come
      back to Rhoan Town for a while
    Walk up to the Castle Gates in Rhoan Town to get a
      - Castle Gates
        - Boss Battle: Orbobas
    Cure Guri Guri
      - Scan the Maid (Light Code)
      - Use Light and Hope codes to turn Guri Guri's
        title into Vitality Guri Guri (cures cat)
      - Curing the cat triggers another cutscene
      - Welcome to your 2nd dungeon!
        - Witch's Hidden Room 1
        - Witch's Hidden Room 2
        - Witch's Hidden Room 3
        - Witch's Hidden Room 4
        - Witch's Hidden Room 5
        - Witch's Hidden Room 6
        - Witch's Hidden Room 7
    Step on yellow air step square to exit Witch's
      Hidden Room 7
      - This triggers another cutscene
        - Prison (Frannelle)
    Explore the prison fully to find an escape hole
        - Fro's Hiding Place
        - Escape Route 1
        - Escape Route 2
        - Escape Route 5
    After finding the King's Crown by exploring
      Escape Route 5 fully, go back and talk to Fro
        - Escape Route 2
        - Escape Route 3
        - Escape Route 4
        - Escape Route 6
    Go up the ladder in Escape Route 6 to end up in
      the cemetery
        - Cemetery
    Examine every single grave, then the center tree,
      and then see a sparkling Small Key on the bottom
      left grave(2nd over from left), scan it, you
      can't leave the cemetery so go back into Fro's
      grave site
        - Escape Route 6
    Use the Small Key to open the door on the right
      and you will discover you are in Sunny Hills
      - This door will now be unlocked on both sides
    Section 3 - Granatum - A Journey Into The Forest
    * Chapter 2 - Forest Spirit *
    You have escaped Rhoan Town but you can't go
        back because you will be captured, so go
        on to find Forest Spirit Mieli, it will
        be a journey
        (go down, right, right, right, and up)
        - Sunny Hill
        - Grana Plains 1
        - Grana Plains 5
        - Grana Plains 9
    Walk into Grana Plains 8 to trigger a cutscene
      where you will learn Judgment Link. Now you 
      can bounce monsters to gain HP, MP, and Mystic
      Jewels. You also meet Duran.
        - Grana Plains 8
    Now head into Granatum Forest and avoid the
      flashing Hobgoblin, you don't have enough
      Light codes to do anything with it yet
        - Granatum Forest 1
        - Granatum Forest 2
        - Granatum Forest 10
        - Granatum Forest 11
        - Granatum Forest 3
        - Granatum Forest 4
    Next is Kalcazoth Cave Dungeon
      - You can complete all but Rooms 16 & 17
      - Come back to do those when you get Bomb weapon
      - If you got the Avernus Lake news flashes then
        you can do those on the way too
      - Shortest route to boss
        - 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 13
      - Welcome to your 3rd dungeon!
        - Kalcazoth Cave 1
        - Kalcazoth Cave 2
        - Kalcazoth Cave 3
        - Kalcazoth Cave 4
        - Kalcazoth Cave 5
        - Kalcazoth Cave 6
        - Kalcazoth Cave 7
        - Kalcazoth Cave 8
        - Kalcazoth Cave 9
        - Kalcazoth Cave 10
        - Kalcazoth Cave 11
        - Kalcazoth Cave 12
        - Kalcazoth Cave 13
        - Kalcazoth Cave 14
        - Kalcazoth Cave 15
        - Kalcazoth Cave 16
        - Kalcazoth Cave 17
    Now go up from Kalcazoth Cave 13 for a
      boss battle and to get the Hammer weapon
        - Sun Shelf
          - Boss Battle: Rudrud
    After the battle go visit Rudrud's place to 
    the right
        - Elevation
        - Rudrud's House (scan Gim)
    Go into Deep Forest, work your way East and
    don't fall, lol (go straight down just before the
    exit of Deep Forest 5 for a heal pot - don't step
    on the air steps unless facing up)
         - Deep Forest 1
         - Deep Forest 2
         - Deep Forest 3
         - Deep Forest 4
         - Deep Forest 5
    As soon as you exit Deep Forest then you will
    be greeted with a boss battle, after you beat
    the boss then you will get a New World question
    - See New World section
         - Western Big Tree
           - Mutated Chimera (Boss Battle)
    Now go into the huge Western Big Tree and get
    a cutscene where you obtain Forest Spirit Mieli,
    you can switch between Rempo and Mieli if you want,
    you can also use fire and forest spirit magic now
         - Beast's Lair
    * Chapter 3 - Ice Spirit *
    A huge swarm of bugs are heading towards town,
    things are out of balance, go right to get the
    Bridge map which also gives you 1000 book points
    (also known as CP or Code Points or Page Value points)
         - Bridge
    Journey back to town by chosing the downward path
    from Western Big Tree map, jump down the waterfall
    when you are done with this area (one way drop)
    and you will discover a familiar area, then head
    all the way back to Rhoan Town 
    - See Granatum Area map and Grana Plains Area map
         - Granatum Plateau
         - Light Falls
    On the way back to town you will also get a
    very brief cutscene from Duran telling you 
    there are 4 weapon schools. You don't need
    to do anything so continue on to Rhoan Town.
         - Grana Plains 1
    Optional: (Do Now or Later)
      - Explore/scan Granatum Forest fully
        - See Granatum area map (navigation)
        - See Granatum Area Summary
        - See Granatum Forest maps (for details)
      - Explore/scan Kalcazoth Cave fully
        - See Granatum area map
        - See Kalcazoth Cave individual maps
      - Explore/scan Rudrud's place and home
        - See Granatum Area map
        - See Elevation & Rudrud's House maps
      - Explore/scan Deep Forest fully
        - See Granatum Area map
        - See Deep Forest individual maps
      - Do/finish any Future Vision/news flashes
        available (like Lake Avernus)
        - See Future Vision section
        - See Granatum Area map 
        - See Underground Lake Avernus maps
      - Talk and give gifts to Rudrud and Gim
        - Start Rudrud's affection sidequest
      - Scan Gim to get his Light codes 
        - Go to Granatum Forest 1 
        - Unlock Hobgoblin's invincibility
          code with Light codes
      - Come back after Western Desert to
        explore Grana Plains 13 & 14
    Section 4 - Wargliss Fortess - Of War and Ice
    Go visit your house to get a cutscene from Rex
    telling you that they are now at war and the
    castle is recruiting
         - Entrance (Rhoan Town)
    Now you can talk to all the town people to hear
    different dialog about the war, you can also
    meet any new people in town and trigger others
    to appear so go into every area
        - Crossroads of the World
        - Center of Town         - Romaioni arrives
        - Central Park           - Sylphy arrives
        - Road to Castle
        - Fortune-Teller Alley
        - Training Hall Road
        - Arena                  - Tournament if got Future Vision
        - Cemetery               - Meet Fro (grave)
        - Back Alleys
        - Outside Abandoned House
        - Mayor's House          - Sylphy will go here after arrival
        - Vis' House (outside)
        - Rex's House
        - Nanai's House 1F       - Nanai there now
        - Nanai's House 2F
        - Duran's House 1F
        - Duran's House 2F
        - Haochy's House         - Available after Tornaq Ice Cavern
        - Abandoned House
        - Fana's House 1F
        - Fana's House 2F
        - Kamui's House
        - Romaioni's House 1F    - Francesca outside with
        - Romaioni's House 2F      Romaioni now - Center of Town
        - Mayor's House 1F
        - Vis' House (inside)
        - Training Hall          - Tells you to get a shield
                                   (after talk to guard)
    You can now also visit some places in Frannelle Castle
        - Castle Gates           - Guard has moved inside
          - Get cutscene
          - Guard says you are too weak to fight
          - Rempo tells you to go see Gustav
            - See Gustav after exploring castle
        - Inner Garden
        - Entrance (Frannelle)    - Zeno-9 Card game maid (Maids on Strike)
        - Hall
        - Corridor (Left/vertical)
        - Corridor (Middle/horizontal)
        - Corridor (Right/vertical
        - Council Room
        - Dining Hall
        - Path to Dungeon 1
        - Path to Dungeon 2
        - Audience Chamber        - Meet King Xenonbart
        - Princess' Quarters      - Princess Dorothea and Guri Guri
        - King's Quarters         - Available when Mayor House 2F unblocked
        - Prison (Frannelle)      - Leads to Fro's Hiding Place & Routes
        - Dungeon Entrance
        - Dungeon 1
        - Dungeon 2
        - Dungeon 3
    You can talk to Rex again after cutscene with the guard:
        - Rex
          - Rex's House
          - Who says girls can't fight? If he only knew my power ...
          - I'll be nice and slay a dragon in front of him instead,
          - And then I will invite him to join me on quests, lol
          - Then we can slay two dragons at once :D
    If you haven't already, go talk to Gustav and then trigger Sylphy's
    cutscene to get a Shield
        - Training Hall
        - Central Park
    Go back and talk to the Frannelle Castle guard for some 
    disappointing news, but you don't let this stop you
        - Castle Gates
    Go home and rest to get a cutscene that now allows you to head
    off towards Wargliss Fortress
        - Crossroads of the World (guard moved/head left)
        - Weld River 1
        - Weld River 2
        - Weld River 3
        - Ravine of Vulgazzo 1
        - Ravine of Vulgazzo 2
        - Ravine of Vulgazzo 3
        - Wargliss Fortress 1
    Be prepared for a fight and then a cutscene which introduces
    you to Haochy ... crazy dude, explore Wargliss Fortress
    before going down the hole, don't forget the battlefield
    and camp over the wooden bridge going North
        - Wargliss Fortress 2
        - Wargliss Fortress 3
        - Wargliss Fortress 4
        - Wargliss Fortress 5
        - Wargliss Fortress 6
        - Wargliss Fortress 7
        - Northern Battlefield
        - Waisen Empire Camp
    Now go down the hole Haochy made for you :) and complete
    the Tornaq Ice Cavern Dungeon and end boss, you should be
    arranging codes and making/equipping the best weapons and
    accessories you can as you go - otherwise, results may be
    fatal -- much like blowing yourself up with the Bomb
    weapon you acquire
      - Short Route to Boss
      - Welcome to your 4th Dungeon!
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 1
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 2
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 3
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 4
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 5
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 6
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 7
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 8
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 9
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 10
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 11
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 12
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 13
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 14
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 15
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 16
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 17
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 18
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 19
    Get a cutscene and get the third spirit of the
    Book of Prophecy, Ice Spirit Neaki
        - Sealed Domain
          - Sword Demon Amorphes (Boss Battle)
    Beat Amorphes, get a cutscene where you see Kullvero
    who is bringing about the end of the world too early ...
    What devious plan is he up to?!
    War is won ... claps and applause - but don't let it
    go to your head, you will see many silver bars ...
    * Chapter 4 - Lightning Spirit *
    After the cutscenes you will be in Franelle Castle,
    talk to the king, then go and talk to Princess
        - Audience Chamber
        - Princess' Quarters
    Dorothea needs the knowledge from Valdo's book and
    wants you to find someone that can interpret the
    language in the book, so go find Sylphy, cutscene
    plays, princess gives you Cake recipe (Yay!)
        - Mayor's House 1F   (go here)
        - Princess' Quarters (end up here)
    While traveling through town you will trigger Vis'
    assessment of who has the most affection for you
    of the opposite eligible gender. This is a clue
    for you to start working on raising Hero/Heroine
    love affections - but you are probably way ahead
    of him, lol
        - Road to Castle
    Do any exploring or extra things you want to do
    and then go rest at your house
        - Home
    Optional: (Do Now or Later)
      - Explore/scan new people and items in town
        - See Rhoan Town maps
        - See Character maps
      - Talk to Mayor Georg (gifts) to get Locusts quest
        - Be sure to keep checking back and talking to
          the mayor to get occassional quests, rewards,
          and when the Quiz game is available
          (which also unblocks his 2nd floor)
      - Talk to King Xenonbart and give him gifts and
        start his affection sidequests
        - Do the same with any new people in town
      - Buy from Ramaioni's store 
        (You can play Francesca's game to get money)
        - He will have a total of 3 different shipments
          to buy with 2 required money donations in-between
          each shipment
        - You can buy them all now or whenever you want
        - Shipment items are various metalize tablet recipes
          from weapons to accessories
          - See mini-game section
        - You can buy the Zeno-9 cards and they will be
          stored in/on your Player page but you can't
          play the Zeno-9 card game until you get the
          Future Vision called Maids on Strike
          - See Future Vision section
      - WARNING: 9999 Mystic Jewels
        Use Francesca's game to buy up everything you want
        MYSTIC JEWEL STORAGE after you are through buying
        items. If your mystic Jewel storage is 9999 then
        you will not be able to complete some upcoming
        dungeon rooms! You really don't need any extra
        money once you have bought up Romionai's store.
        You will always be able to get more money/mystic
        jewels by bouncing monsters which you can also
        do in the dungeons or anywhere monsters appear
        so leave a lot of room open in your mystic jewel
        - See When Overflowing is not Desirable section
        - See Mini-games section
      - Explore/scan Wargliss Fortess and area fully
        - See Wargliss Fortress Area Summary
        - See Wargliss Fortress individual maps
      - Explore/scan Tornaq Ice Cavern Dungeon fully
        - See Wargliss Fortress Area Summary
        - See Tornaq Ice Cavern Dungeon
      - Go back and complete Kalcazoth Cave Dungeon
        Rooms 16 and 17 - after getting the Bomb
        weapon from the entrance to Tornaq Ice Cavern
      - Do any Future Vision events that have triggered
        - See Future Vision section
        - Including doing any Judgment Link Cup tournaments
          (continue until you win or the prize will only
          be available to buy at the end of the game)
      - Continue any Affection/Sidequests events
        - See individual Character pages
        Fana's Sidequest: (spoiler but a choice-changer)
        - You can do all of Fana's affection sidequest
          at this point (letters/father/gravesite, etc)
          thereby saving her and Kamui confesses nothing
        - You can chose not do her affection sidequest and
          when you show Kamui the flowers to identify then
          he will confess his love for Fana
          ... must resist telling spoilers ...
    Section 5 - Samiad - Lost In The Endless Desert
    - Ok, this is for the fan-girls of Ur (with the
      understanding that you can't have him because
      he is mine, lol)
      Alternate Titles for this section:
      - Lost In the Desert of Love
      - Love ... My Jolting Experience
      - Abducted to My Love
      - Rescuing My Jolted Love
      - Of Lightning and Sand
      - Who Needs A Demon Lord when
        Light Lords are More Powerful?
      - To Rule the World with Lightning
      - A Shocking Love Journey
      - An Electrifying Touch In The Desert
      - Yeah, now we are getting personal so we
        will move on, lol ...
    After you have rested in your house then a cutscene
    will play ... dang, that hurt!
        - Entrance (Rhoan Town)
    Go up and talk to the witch to get a cutscene, Agree
    to help her and gain Knife/Dagger weapon 
    - You can't go into the doorway to the upper left yet
      and ... you don't want to ...
        - Desert Witch's Palace
          - Desert Witch Olly (Boss Battle)
    Make sure you talk to the witch again after the battle
    or you will miss a metalize tablet weapon recipe called
    Throwing Star. Also, be sure to keep scanning her and
    giving her gifts and scanning her again to get all her
    pictures. So now go get the Throwing Star in Central
    Desert 12. (You can also gain the Gun weapon on the
    table in the Nomad's Tent/right)
    - (right, right, right, right, up to CD 12)
        - Desert Town
          - See Anwar (without his thugs)
          - Talk to him (exit screen once and re-enter)
          - Keep talking to him repeatedly (give gifts)
          - Ahhh, he is sorry, I forgive him ... maybe
        - Central Desert 1
        - Central Desert 4
        - Central Desert 8
        - Central Desert 9
        - Central Desert 12
          - Golem/metalize tablet
    Make the Throwing Star and give it to Witch Olly even
    though she doesn't seem interested (progresses storyline),
        - Central Desert 12
        - Central Desert 9
        - Central Desert 8
        - Central Desert 4
        - Central Desert 1
        - Desert Town
        - Witch's Desert Palace
    Now the destination is Site of Cyril Dungeon, travel back
    through Central Desert
        - Desert Town
        - Central Desert 1
        - Central Desert 4
        - Central Desert 8
        - Central Desert 9
        - Central Desert 12
    Enter the Demon Ruins mouth to get a cutscene and Wings!
    - You can't go left into Eastern Desert yet because of
      the guard there but it is fun to try, lol
    - So is Anwar a leader thug but an angel in disquise ...
      and is it possible to be both?
    - You can complete all but Room 25 for now
    - Shortest route to the boss
      - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, up to boss
    - Welcome to your 5th dungeon!
        - Central Desert 15
        - Site of Cyril 1
        - Site of Cyril 2
        - Site of Cyril 3
        - Site of Cyril 4
        - Site of Cyril 5
        - Site of Cyril 6
        - Site of Cyril 7
        - Site of Cyril 8
        - Site of Cyril 9
        - Site of Cyril 10
        - Site of Cyril 11
        - Site of Cyril 12
        - Site of Cyril 13
        - Site of Cyril 14
        - Site of Cyril 15
        - Site of Cyril 16
        - Site of Cyril 17
        - Site of Cyril 18
        - Site of Cyril 19
        - Site of Cyril 20
        - Site of Cyril 21
        - Site of Cyril 22
        - Site of Cyril 23
        - Site of Cyril 24
    Yay! Get Ur! Whoops! He was guarding an ultimate weapon which now
    triggered an alarm and ... your next boss battle!
        - Guardian's Domain
          - Torsol (Boss Battle)
    After you beat Torsol, Witch Olly comes in with backup, grabs the
    weapon and throws you in ... you guessed it ... prison. Here you
    meet Witch Ellie who helps you escape. Anwar will fight you if
    your affection with him is low (how could you hurt Anwar!) OR he
    will let you go if you are at least friend (2000+) affection with
    him. Note the Shaman Pendant that Witch Ellie gave you but don't
    make it unless you want to.
         - Prison (Desert Witch's Palace)
         - Prison Escape Route
    * Chapter 5 - Tournament *
    Now that you have escaped, you will lanquish in the desert yet again
    - Your destination is to get back to Rhoan Town
    - This time it is the Western Desert with two routes into Rhoan Town
      - Grana Plains Route: WD 21, WD 17, WD 12, WD 11, WD 10, WD 9, then
        GP 14, GP 13, GP 9, GP 10, GP 7, GP 3, GP 2, GP 4, Crossroads of
        the World
        - Longest Route and 1st time to access GP 13 & GP 14  
      - Shark Jaw Route: WD 21, WD 17, WD 12, WD 7, WD 3, WD 1, 
        then SJ 3, SJ 2, SJ 1, Crossroads of the World
        - Shortest Route and 1st time to access SJ 1, SJ 2, & SJ 3
      - Combined Route:
        - You may want to use one route but briefly go into the other route
          just to explore the new area/maps
        - Note: Shark Jaw 1-3 will not appear in your in-game maps until
          you visit Grana Plains 14, then the maps will appear for both
        Grana Plains route:
        - Western Desert 21
        - Western Desert 17
        - Western Desert 12
        - Western Desert 11
        - Western Desert 10
        - Western Desert 9
        - Grana Plains 14
        - Grana Plains 13
        - Grana Plains 9
        - Grana Plains 10
        - Grana Plains 7
        - Grana Plains 3
        - Grana Plains 2
        - Grana Plains 4
        Shark Jaw route:
        - Western Desert 21
        - Western Desert 17
        - Western Desert 12
        - Western Desert 7
        - Western Desert 3
        - Western Desert 1
        - Shark Jaw 3
        - Shark Jaw 2
        - Shark Jaw 1
        Combined Route:       (to access all newly available maps)
        - Western Desert 21
        - Western Desert 17
        - Western Desert 12
        - Western Desert 11
        - Western Desert 10
        - Western Desert 9
        - Grana Plains 14
        - Grana Plains 13
        - Grana Plains 14
        - Western Desert 9
        - Western Desert 4
        - Western Desert 5
        - Western Desert 6
        - Western Desert 1
        - Shark Jaw 3
        - Shark Jaw 2
        - Shark Jaw 1 
    Whew! This Western Desert is making me loopy!
    OK, we are back to Rhoan Town. You get a cutscene
    when you walk into Crossroads of the World. You see
    Nanai, give her the Shaman Pendant (a menu will pop up
    to give it to her but you don't have to make it to give
    it to her, just choose it in the menu)
        - Crossroads of the World
    Go to Road to Castle to see a cutscene of Vis telling
    you that a tournament is being held in 6 days (4 days have
    already passed with challengers already preparing for it.
    The Tournament is only held every 10 years and challengers
    come from around the world to compete, so you better get
    prepared! Oh, and Vis just happens to mention that if you
    give gifts you could have a boyfriend for the tournament,
    lol ... which is your clue to ramp it up if you haven't yet.
    Do not rest/sleep in your house for now. It will pass days
    and you should not pass any days until you start the next
    section (section 6: Rhoan Town - A Tournament of Masters).
        - Road to Castle
    Go into the Back Alleys to see a cutscene of Anwar moving
    into town ... and why is he yelling your name?, should I be
    wary or should I run up and hug him?, lol
        - Back Alleys
    Go into Fortune-Teller Alley to see a cutscene with Nanai
    ... hmm, that was a surprize, not so bad after all
        - Fortune-Teller Alley
    Ok, very important. Remember that any time you rest
    in your home for this little while will count as
    one more day gone leading up to the tournament.
    You only have 5-6 times/days that you can rest before the
    tournament so don't waste them if you are wanting to
    finish everything before the tournament. Use heal pots
    and bounce monsters for stat restores. If you are finished
    and ready to move on then don't worry about it and continue
    with the storyline. See the next section because there are
    some things you want to do during the next 6 days to 
    progress the storyline. (Remember that some sidequests
    can't even be begun until the credits roll, so don't 
    beat yourself up if some things won't complete yet)
    - WARNING: Last chance to wrap things up for a while
      - Now a VERY pivotal point is about to occur in the next
        section. You won't be able to do most explorations, 
        affection sidequests, future visions, and most everything
        else that you have encountered up to this point in the game
        for a very long time (until the end of the Mount Elious
      - You will be able to continue and finish most if not all
        of what you started once this very long period (up to 
        completing the Mount Elious Dungeon) is over. But, it is
        going to be a whirlwind so chose now to finish what you
        can or you can wait for a long while to finish it.
      - You should complete anything related to Witch Olly
        - Includes getting her 3 pictures (4th/2nd battle later)
        - Includes getting the Throwing Star (if haven't already)
        - Includes challenging her to individual Judgment Link
          Battles (talk to her, choose battle in menu)
      - Make sure that your jewel storage is not 9999. In fact,
        make sure you reduce it greatly (lose tons at Zeno-9 Card
        game and buy more Zeno-9 cards to get it down). That tells
        you what your odds of winning are, lol. Anyway, you would
        hate to be stuck not being able to complete gold scores
        on dungeons just because you have too many mystic jewels.
        I really hope the next sequel will let you throw your
        money away. I could go up to the Sun Shelf and just let
        it fly, lol. Maybe it would restore some of the bridges
        below so Gim could get to town :)
        - Also, if you can, go see if Romaioni will give/sell
          you the Custom Booster for 5,000 - that will be a
          great help to reducing mystic jewels and later Gim
          can get to town when you give it to him. Wait! Why
          hasn't Rudrud taught his son how to hammer fly
          across gaps?!
          - Make Custom Booster later around Chapter 6 when
            your mental map upgrades to a 4x4 grid
    Optional: (Do Now or MUCH Later)
      - Explore/scan new people, monsters, items,
        and areas
        - See Samiad Area Summary
        - See Samiad Area map
        - See Samiad individual Character pages
      - Give gifts to new characters and start any
        of their affection sidequests
      - Explore/scan Desert Settlement fully
        - See Desert Settlement maps
      - Explore/scan Central Desert fully
        - See Central Desert maps
      - Explore/scan Western Desert fully
        - See Western Desert maps
     - And, as Ur says ... No getting lost.
      - Explore/scan Site of Cyril Dungeon fully
        - See Site of Cyril Dungeon maps
        - You can also repeat dungeon for gold scores
      - Explore/scan Grana Plains 13 and 14
        - See Rhoan Area Summary
        - See Grana Plains individual maps
      - Explore/scan Shark Jaw 1-3
        - See Other (connection routes) Area Summary
        - see Shark's Jaw individual maps
      - Check out more details on Witch Olly
        - See Miss-able Items section
        - See Samiad/Character/Olly page
      - Come back to do Site of Cyril 25 and
        explore Prison Escape Route map later
        - Because cutscenes whisks you away
      - Talk to everyone and finish up any lose ends
        (exploration, gifts, sidequests, future visions,
        complete all dungeon rooms, etc)
        - By now these should be popping up all over
          the place, lol
        - You can also give the ant feelers to 
          Francesca ... and of course she wants
          something else now
      - Mayor Georg's Quiz/Test of Wits 2 should be
        available and he should also let you into his
        upstairs floor (go explore it) - if you haven't
    Section 6: Masters - A Tournament Proceeds Chaos
      Alright, lets go conquer the Masters in
           Rhoan Town and the World!
    ------  First up, Tournament!  --------
    Time to prepare ... 6 days and counting
    - If you get a letter from a hero/heroine then make sure
      that you meet them by the fountain ... or you can face
      the consequences, lol
        - Got letter and went: Cutscene at fountain with Anwar
        - You may get different cutscenes and reactions from
          different boyfriends/girlfriends
    - You can do any things you forgot to do or that pop up
      during these 6 days but be sure to do the following:
    - Two goals to this 6 day period
      - One: Raise boyfriend/girlfriend levels/to get letter
      - Two: Be prepared for Tournament itself/to be battle-ready
    Day 6:  -- I did everything in this day (but could do many days)
               (Slept repeatedly, doing odds & ends in between)
           --- No other Tournament related events until I got
               got the letter from Anwar the night before the
           --- Message announcement (day/Tomorrow is Tournament)
           --- Letter on doorstep (day/message to meet at fountain)
           --- Met at fountain (that night)
           --- Auto whisked to Tournament (next morning)
           --- At fountain again that night (closing scenes)
           --- When I went up to my home that night after the
               fountain cutscene then another cutscene where
               the Book of Prophecy is ...
    - Go to the Arena where you get a cutscene. The mayor
      will tell you to go talk over your decision with
      others, go to Rex's House for another cutscene, you
      can talk to others as well if you wish (before or
      after you talk with Rex)
     - Mayor stands in middle of Arena. You can by-pass
       him or talk to him. If you talk to him then you
       trigger the tournament countdown. (If you have any
       Judgment Link Cup future visions that have triggered
       but you have left them undone then they will trigger
       first until there are no more tournament cups left to do)
     - Greetings. The tournament is in 6 days. Will you be
       joining us? Go talk it over with your friends.
        - Arena
        - All over town talking to others (everyone comments)
        - Rex's House                     (advances storyline)
    Return to the Arena:
    - Go to the Arena, go talk to all hero/heroine opposite
      gender eligible individuals
        - Arena
        - Duran's House      (Duran)
        - Rex's House        (Rex)
        - Back Alleys        (Anwar)
        - You met General Heath at the beginning of the game but
          he is not officially on the scene yet
        - Arena
        - Fana's House       (Fana)
        - Mayor's House      (Sylphy)
        - Princess' Quarters (Princess Dorothea)
        - Nanai's House      (Nanai)
    Return again to the Arena:
    - Go to the Arena, surprize! All the head of the different
      weapon schools are here and they want you to chose a 
      weapon school (sword/Gustav, Hammer/Rudrud, Bombs/Haochy,
      Projectiles/Witch Olly)
      Ugh! I can't chose ... so many beautiful, useful weapons!
      I will let you decide for yourself (or you can check out
      the Weapons section, lol) Either way, it is still
      a hard choice. You can still fight and use any weapon even
      if you don't choose it but you will get a lot of extra
      potential strength for the weapon-type that you chose.
      - Swords include swords, katanas, Rapiers, Broadswords,
        etc and it is the largest group 
      - Projectiles includes knives (including Throwing Stars
        and daggers), bowguns (crossbows), and guns
      - Hammers include hammers, axes, and maces
      - Bombs include bombs and barrel bombs (several varieties)
      - Fists are powerful as well and Shields give extra power
      - See Weapons section for the complete indivial listings
      Go home and rest
        - Arena
        - Home (Rhoan Town)
    Day 5 to Day 3:
    - Go to the Arena, no one here ... but just in case, lol
        - Arena
        - Home (Rhoan Town)
        ... repeat each day/do odds and ends
    - You may get an affection cutscene the night of Day 3
        - Home (Rhoan Town)
    Day 2:
    - You will get an announcement saying that the "Tournament
      is Tomorrow!" in the morning when you wake up.
    - You will get a letter cutscene during morning if affection
      is high enough with eligible opposite gender in the morning
      when you wake up. (usually right after announcement)
    - Read the letter which tells you to meet at the fountain.
      When you go there it will trigger an affection cutscene and
      it will be night. (Don't forget to run around and see the
      different atmosphere in town at night time/crickets/etc)
         - Home (Rhoan Town)
         - Central Park
    - After the cutscene then it will be day and you will be whisked
      away to the Tournament.
    Day 1:
    - Tournament Day!!!
      - Fight the following Masters:
        - Wannabe Hero Duran
        - Town Witch Nanai
        - Iron Hammer Rudrud
        - Holy King Lord Xenonbart
        - Battlefield Inventor Haochy
    - Use your best skills to beat them but they aren't too bad
      - You can take off or put on codes (them, your weapons, etc)
      - You can use the Hurricane Spin move against them
      - Or you can equip two weapons in each hand and alternately
        hit them
      - You can't Judgment Link bounce them though, lol
      - You can eat and use Spirit Magic
    - If you win the tournament then you will receive a metalize
      tablet recipe (Belt) and get a follow-up cutscene with the
      eligible opposite gender individual that has the most
      affection for you at the fountain again ... sweet
      - Must also have seen their Affection Statements
        - Arena
        - Central Park
    Tournament and fountain cutscene is now over so head home
        - Entrance (Rhoan Town)
    Get a shocking cutscene, AHHHHH!! Rex how could you!! 
    - Ok, compose myself and try not to give too many spoilers
      away, cry
    - Short version: Rex stole the Book of Prophecy!
    - Chase him all over town
    - Mean General Heath is now on the scene but things are
      not good! Rex is hurt, spirits are gone, Olly and Werman
      met! Tornado, someone got sucked away?! (won't say who, AHHH!),
      and Olly ran off with the Book of Prophecy!
      My ... book .....! Ur ..... ! ...
      (Great! The one time I fall for a virtual man and Poof! He
      gets sent to who knows where! ... I will get him back!)
    - Ok, pick yourself up off the ground, literally, lol
    - Now that we have recovered then let's see if we can 
      recover the spirits and the book ... in one piece
       --------  Second up, Time to get Tough!  ---------
    On with the storyline:
    - Yeah ... ! What a "Benevolent" King!
      - Yes, we are back in ... you guessed it ... prison!
      - And, what a line-up!
        - Audience Chamber
        - Prison (Cage/Hidden Meia)
    * Chapter 6 - Departure *
    More cutscenes
    - Yay! Thank you Earthquake, and Heath, and Fro!
      Escaped again!
        - Hidden Meia
        - Fro's Hiding Place
    - Lights out! (Prophecy cutscene)
        - Grana Plains 1
    - Wake up to see ... cat woman?! Oh, landy!
      Ok, she's actually kind of cool (Lauca Meia) and
      is here with General Heath. She helps you recover
      and you get visits from a friend (if affection high enough)
      - Will be eligible with highest points
      - Or Heath
      - Not Anwar if he is gone
    - Lauca Meia finds Rex outside who apologizes for stealing
      the book and asks for forgiveness 
      (Grumble! Only if you give back Ur! and yes, I forgive you!)
    - Ok, he's changed for the better and gives back a character page
      of the sucked away person ... thank goodness!
      - I could say more but ...
        - Lauca Meia's House
    Heath now teaches you how to fight with your fists
    (since you have no book then you have no weapons, lol)
      - Your fists project something called Plana, which is good,
        but you have to learn to use it right
        - Eastern Big Tree
          - Martial Arts Master Heath (Boss Battle)
          - After beating Heath you get Fist-Fighting Special Move
    Talk to Heath and he tells you his past connection
    with Prince Valdo ...
        - Lauca Meia's House
    Lauca Meia is all excited because a monster is getting the forest
    animals, so off to the Beast's Cemetery in Hunter's Trail, you
    can pick up the Axe weapon in Lauca Meia's House ... after you
    get your book back, lol
        - Lauca Meia's House (Axe weapon/scan later)
        - Go -> 4 down, 1 right, 1 up
        - Hunter's Trail 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, up to boss
        - Hunter's Trail 5 (Heal Pot)
        - Beast's Cemetery
          - Spirit User Tuoni (Boss Battle)
          - Fight with fists
          - Get Aegis (shield) if Gold Score
    - Rex, Lauca, and Heath walk up to you and praise you
      beating Tuoni. Discussion, and then Heath goes to
      look into Prince Valdo, Rex goes to get lost pages
      of Rhoan Town, you go to fight Witch Olly, and
      Lauca goes back to her home.
        - Beast's Cemetery
        - Eastern Big Tree
    So off to go fight Witch Olly to get the book back:
    - Do NOT go to Desert Witch's Palace (checked, she will not be
      there). She will instead be at Site of Cyril 1 (CD 15 to SC 1).
    - Travel through Hunter's Trail, then Eastern Desert, then one map
      of Central Desert 15, then into Site of Cyril 1.
      - Shortest Route: HT 1, HT 2, HT 3, HT 4, HT 9, ED 9, ED 8, ED 5,
        ED 2, ED 7, ED 12, ED 18, ED 6, ED 1, CD 15, Site of Cyril 1 
        - Hunter Trail 1
        - Hunter Trail 2
        - Hunter Trail 3
        - Hunter Trail 4
        - Hunter Trail 5
        - Hunter Trail 6
        - Hunter Trail 7
        - Hunter Trail 8
        - Hunter Trail 9
        - Hunter Trail 10
        - Eastern Desert 1
        - Eastern Desert 2
        - Eastern Desert 3
        - Eastern Desert 4
        - Eastern Desert 5
        - Eastern Desert 6
        - Eastern Desert 7    
        - Eastern Desert 8
        - Eastern Desert 9
        - Eastern Desert 10
        - Eastern Desert 11
        - Eastern Desert 12
        - Eastern Desert 13
        - Eastern Desert 14
        - Eastern Desert 15
        - Eastern Desert 16
        - Eastern Desert 17
        - Eastern Desert 18
        - Central Desert 15
        - Site of Cyril 1
          - Witch of Desire Ohriemed Aof (Boss Battle)
            - Make sure to get her 4th picture
            - You can now use Map Warp!
    * Chapter 7 - Lightning Spirit *
    Cutscene after you beat Witch Olly (Boss Battle):
    - You meet Witch Ellie who tells you that you must
      find the spirits again (Yay!), but each spirit
      has one dragon you must fight
    - Ok, this is what I get for making the Rex and I/slay
      two dragons at the same time comment (which I meant by
      the way, lol)
    - You have the Book of Prophecy back! ... but you are on
      a journey to find the missing pages (a lot of them,
      which means most of your maps and all spirits are
      gone, etc. You can eat, scan, and equip weapons now!
    - The Eastern Desert can now be accessed from the 
      Central Desert side and vice versa
    - Still seeking Ur ... 
    - You can now Map Warp! (uses MP)
      - This allows you to just tap on a map anywhere
        and go there
    - Make sure to go back into Site of Cyril 1 after
      cutscene to scan the gold HP increaser metalize
        - Site of Cyril 1
    - Optional: (Do Now or Later)
      - Build up your fists (Plana)
        - Judgment Linking monsters helps a lot
      - Talk to and give gifts to Lauca Meia
        - See individual Character pages
      - Scan/explore Hunter's Trail fully
        - See Hunter's Trail individual maps
      - Scan/explore Eastern Desert fully
        - See Eastern Desert individual maps
      - Do any extra pop-up events
        - If you can without pages, lol
        - Future Visions if triggered
          - Beast's Cemetery/Grasshopper King Raid
          - Eastern Desert 10/Mystic Jewels Found
      - Hard to say where to go when I don't have maps
      - You will have an easier time of it then my first
        time through because you can go to my guide maps, lol
      - I will edit in actual map names later
    Section 7: Returning Lands - Of Spirits and Dragons
    OK, we are off to get the four spirits by conquering
    the four dragons
      - Don't forget to scan the dragons for pictures!
        - You can come back and fight them again later
        - Gives you codes for manipulation now
      - It is beneficial but optional to speak and give
        gifts to all people each chapter/dungeon
    First spirit/dragon (Frannelle Castle)
    - Lightning Spirit Ur/Lightning Dragon Perkele
      - Yay! Now to save Ur, lol
    - To get to the castle's tower, we have to go to Frannelle
      Castle's Corridor (Left) - the one with the guard that is
      guarding the upper door
    - Follow the maps listed below to get to Frannelle Castle
      (I edited in map names since the Book of Prophecy maps
      are not all there yet, lol)
    - Now that you can Map Warp, just open up the index/maps and
      tap on the map you want to go to (if it is in the book, lol)
      - Otherwise, just go to the location listed below
      - From here on out, if a map is listed then you have to
        travel though it because you don't own it to warp to yet
        - Western Desert 9 (warp/tap on map)
        - Grana Plains 14
        - Grana Plains 13
        - Grana Plains 10
        - Grana Plains 7
        - Grana Plains 3
        - Grana Plains 2
        - Grana Plains 1 (Cutscene with Duran/go through door)
        - Escape Route 6 (Climb up ladder)
    - Now you can continue one of 2 different ways. Basically,
      go are just getting into the castle to Corridor (Left)
      but you can talk to Fro, the King, and Princess with
      the first one listed:
        - Escape Routes
        - Fro's Hiding Place
        - Prison (Frannelle Castle)
        - Dungeon
        - Path to Dungeon 1 & 2
        - Corridor (Right)
        - Hall
        - Audience Chamber
        - OR -
        - Cemetery
        - Arena          (complete Judgment Link Cup, if any new pop up)
        - Center of Town (Rhoan Town)
        - Central Park
        - Road to Castle
    - Optional but beneficial: Go into Rhoan Town (you will notice
      changes ... speak to all the town people, when you are ready
      then head into Frannelle Castle
        - Castle Gates
        - Inner Garden
        - Entrance (Frannelle)
        - Hall (Frannelle)
    - Go to Corridor (Left), notice the guard is not there now
      go through the door into the next room
      - Scan the Jewel on ground, go up and step on yellow air step
        - You can put codes on the Jewel (like a key)
        - Corridor (Left)
        - Kaleila Frannelle Castle Great Gate
    - Next is the Great Spear of Mastema Dungeon
      - Shortest Route to boss:
        - GSM 1, GSM 2, GSM 4, GSM 6, GSM 8, GSM 9, GSM 11, GSM 13,
          GSM 15, GSM 17, GSM 18, GSM 20, GSM 21, up to boss
      - Welcome to your 6th dungeon!
        - Great Spear of Mastema 1
        - Great Spear of Mastema 2
        - Great Spear of Mastema 3
        - Great Spear of Mastema 4
        - Great Spear of Mastema 5
        - Great Spear of Mastema 6
        - Great Spear of Mastema 7
        - Great Spear of Mastema 8
        - Great Spear of Mastema 9
        - Great Spear of Mastema 10
        - Great Spear of Mastema 11
        - Great Spear of Mastema 12
        - Great Spear of Mastema 13
        - Great Spear of Mastema 14
        - Great Spear of Mastema 15
        - Great Spear of Mastema 16
        - Great Spear of Mastema 17
        - Great Spear of Mastema 18
        - Great Spear of Mastema 19
        - Great Spear of Mastema 20
        - Great Spear of Mastema 21
        - Paradise at Cloud's End
        - Lightning Dragon Perkele (Boss Battle)
          - Ur is free! I have missed you! Bad Dragon!
          - And we get pages! 
    * Chapter 8 - Ice Spirit *
    Second spirit/dragon (Wargliss Fortress)
    - Ice Spirit Neaki/Ice Dragon Malcahatu
    - Ur directs you to go to Wargliss Fortess
      - Destination is Depths of the Ice Cavern 9/up
      - Warp to Wargliss Fortress 1
      - Cutscene at Wargliss Fortress 2
        - Ur feels Neaki's chill Northwest
        - You have TIC maps so just warp
        - Wargliss Fortress 1         (Warp here)
        - Wargliss Fortress 2         (Cutscene)
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 15        (Warp, Heal Pot)
        - Tornaq Ice Cavern 19        (Warp, go in door up)
    - Next is the Depths of the Ice Cavern Dungeon
      - You do not have these maps yet, so no warp
      - Shortest Route to Boss
        - 1, 2, 10, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, up to boss
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 1
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 2
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 3
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 4
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 5
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 6
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 7
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 8
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 9
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 10
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 11
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 12
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 13
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 14
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 15
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 16
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 17
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 18
        - Depths of the Ice Cavern 19
        - Absolute Zero
        - Ice Dragon Malcahatu (Boss Battle)
          - Neaki is free! We get more pages!
          - Cutscene, world is dying
    * Chapter 9 - Forest Spirit *
    Third spirit/dragon (Relneia Marshes)
    - Forest Spirit Mieli/Forest Dragon Antelobibnen
    - Destination is Relneia Marshes 5/up
        - Wargliss Fortress 1
        - Eastern Big Tree
    - No dungeon this time, dragon is hidden in the marshes
      - Shortest Route to Boss
        - Relneia Marshes 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, up to boss
        - Relneia Marshes 1
        - Relneia Marshes 2
        - Relneia Marshes 3
        - Relneia Marshes 4
        - Relneia Marshes 5
        - Relneia Marshes 6
        - Relneia Marshes 7
        - Relneia Marshes 8
        - Relneia Marshes 9
        - Relneia Marshes 10
        - Relneia Marshes 11
        - Relneia Marshes 12
        - Relneia Marshes 13
        - Eddy of Decay
        - Forest Dragon Antelobibnen (Boss Battle)
          - Mieli is free! We get more pages!
          - Cutscene, spirits say to go to Mt. Elious
    * Chapter 10 - Fire Spirit *
    Fourth spirit/dragon (Mt. Elious)
    - Fire Spirit Rempo/Fire Dragon Untamo
    - Destination is Mt. Elious 9/up
    - Last chance to reduce your jewel storage
      for while! Go play the Zeno-9 Card Mini-game
      to make sure your Mystic Jewels are below 7500!
    - Go to Sunny Hill, press A at the monolith,
      look at the Lost Pages section, and you can
      restore the person that got blown away
      - Yay! Anwar's back, lol
    - Next is Mt. Elious Dungeon
      - Shortest Route to Boss
        - Mt. Elious 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 13, 14, 8, 9, up to boss
      - Welcome to your 7th dungeon!
        - Mt. Elious 1    (Warp here/can't walk there)
        - Mt. Elious 2
        - Mt. Elious 3
        - Mt. Elious 4
        - Mt. Elious 5
        - Mt. Elious 6
        - Mt. Elious 7
        - Mt. Elious 8
        - Mt. Elious 9
        - Mt. Elious 10
        - Mt. Elious 11
        - Mt. Elious 12
        - Mt. Elious 13
        - Mt. Elious 14
        - Mt. Elious 15
        - Mt. Elious 16
        - Mt. Elious 17
        - Mt. Elious 18
        - Mt. Elious 19
        - Mt. Elious 20
        - Melting Pot
        - Fire Dragon Untamo (Boss Battle)
          - Rempo is free!
          - Cutscene, meteors/Frannelle Castle
            and spirits say to conquer Kullervo
    * Chapter 11 - Demon Lord *
    All Spirits are Saved
      - Back in Rhoan Town and time to save people
        - Rex gives you Rhoan Town map pages (Yay!)
        - Now you get to choose which people to save
          - Humanity with all its frailties is worth
            saving ... So I did, lol
      - Monsters appear!
        - A group of Knightmares show up
        - Kill them all to save the day
        - Heath/Rex scene
        - Town cheers you on and then praises you and ...
          - Glances around for prison bars, lol
        - Former Chosen One is revealed :o
    Optional: (Do Now or Later)
      - Explore/scan new monsters, items, and areas fully
        - See Area Summary maps
        - See Area maps
        - See Great Spear of Mastema individual maps
        - See Depths of the Ice Cavern individual maps
        - See Relneia Marshes individual maps
        - See Mt. Elious individual maps
      - Talk to everyone and finish up any lose ends
        (exploration, gifts, sidequests, future visions,
        complete all dungeon rooms for gold scores,
        get all metalizes that required items, etc)
        - Now you can get back to work on sidequests
          that were unavailable between the time
          just before the Tournament until you beat
          the Mt. Elious Dungeon
        - You can do some of the sidequest items
          but not all of them until after Mt. Elious
      - Mayor Georg's Quiz/Test of Wits 3 should be
        - Sure hope you have been paying attention
          so you can answer all the questions, lol
          - See Mini-games/Quiz section
      - Unshackle the spirits/beginning of Chapter 11
        - See Unshackling the Spirits section
        - Ooo, la la, I get to unshackle Ur! (finally)
          - Ok, get your mind out of the gutter
          - It is just his eyes, lol
          - Cool, totally love his different colored eyes
          - A mark of a true rare spirit  ;)
      - Go Home and rest because you deserve it!
    Section 8: Frannelle Castle - Saving The World
    Life is full of little victories and a heroine's/hero's
    work is never done! The town is saved but not the world
    ... so on we go!
      - Kullervo is still not conquered
      - Prince Valdo is still not saved
      - Werman is still not conquered
    Cutscene, Go into Frannelle Castle through the cemetery
    and the escape routes, then on into the castle dungeon
        - Cemetery
        - Prison Escape Route
        - Escape Route 2
        - Path to Dungeon 1
        - Path to Dungeon 2
    You will be going in and out of Frannelle Castle Dungeon
    (Dungeon 1, 2, 3, etc) and the Hidden Meia Dungeon
    (Hidden Meia 1, 2, 3, etc) so don't confuse the maps
    because they are inter-twinded with each other
    Basically, the Frannelle Castle Dungeon is in the middle
    and the Hidden Meia Dungeon is all around the edges, but
    you will be going in and out of them inter-twinded
    - Your destination is Hidden Meia 16/up
    - Remember to scan the bosses for their pictures
    - Welcome to your 8th and 9th dungeons!
      - Shortest Route to Bosses
        - D 1, D 3, D 6, D 7, HM 4, HM 6, HM 7, HM 5, HM 10,
          HM 11, HM 15, HM 16, up to bosses
        - Dungeon 1
        - Dungeon 2
        - Dungeon 3
        - Dungeon 4
        - Dungeon 5
        - Dungeon 6
        - Dungeon 7
        - Dungeon 8
        - Hidden Meia 1
        - Hidden Meia 2
        - Hidden Meia 3
        - Hidden Meia 4
        - Hidden Meia 5
        - Hidden Meia 6
        - Hidden Meia 7
        - Hidden Meia 8
        - Hidden Meia 9
        - Hidden Meia 10
        - Hidden Meia 11
        - Hidden Meia 12
        - Hidden Meia 13
        - Hidden Meia 14
        - Hidden Meia 15
        - Hidden Meia 16
        - Eternal Abyss
        - Imperial Prime Minister Werman (Boss Battle)
        - Prince of Darkness Valdo (Boss Battle)
        - Demon Lord Kullervo (Boss Battle)
          - Evil is conquered! Get the Genesis Sword!
          - This is the sword that rusted at the beginning
    After you beat the three bosses, then there will be
    cutscenes and the credits will roll
    ... but you are not done yet! ... on to the post-game!
    Optional: (Do Now or Later)
      - Explore/scan new monsters, items, and areas fully
        - See Area Summary maps
        - See Area maps
        - See Frannelle Castle Dungeon individual maps
        - See Hidden Meia individual maps
      - Talk to everyone and finish up any lose ends
        (exploration, gifts, sidequests, future visions,
        complete all dungeon rooms for gold scores,
        get all metalizes that required items, etc)
        - You may want to cure everyone you can before
          the credits roll (unlock their locked codes)
    Post-game: A Changing World OR The Codes of Life
    * Post-Game *
    - Prince Valdo still needs to be healed
    - Heath still needs to be healed
    - A plague still threatens the end of the world
    - New World needs to be created
      - Activate Creation Door
      - Simple interactive scene inside
    - Tons of optional/continuing things to do
    - And ... have you gotten the Book of Prophecy 
      points to 9,999,999 yet?
    Restoring a Prince
    Go talk to Prince Valdo first, he is at the Waisen Empire Camp,
    Keep talking to him until he wants to meet King Xenonbart
        - Waisen Empire Camp
    Go see King Xenonbart and talk to him for a cutscene that will
    give you the metalize tablet (Waiselgand)
        - Audience Chamber
    Now go talk to Princess Dorothea to get another cutscene
        - Princess' Quarters
    Take all the codes from the cutscenes/items and use them to cure
    Prince Valdo (change his title to say Restored), he now will
    appear in the Audience Chamber
        - Audience Chamber
    Keep talking to Prince Valdo and give him gifts and he will
    tell you to go to the Melting Pot, there you will find a
    metalize tablet (Laevateinn)
        - Melting Pot
          - Fire Dragon Untamo
    Healing a General
    Go talk to Heath in Rhoan Town, give him 2-3 gifts
        - Road to Castle
    Go talk to Gustav and he will talk about his past with Heath, give
    him gifts if need be
        - Training Hall
    Go back and talk with Heath again to get a cutscene, talk to Heath
    again and he will want an Elixir (see your recipes/bottle) to give
    to Prince Valdo, make the Elixir and give it to him and he will
    give you a recipe (General Sword)
        - Road to Castle
    Change Heath's codes to make his title say Brutish to cure him
        - Road to Castle
    Stopping the Plague
    Now we need to stop the prophecied plague
    - Do the Future Vision called Northern Seal Down, Monster Raid
    - This advances the storyline onto the Creation Door
    Creating A New World
    Now go to the Creation Door in your Book of Prophecy and
    tap on the keyhole
    - This creates a New World and completes the storyline
    - Play around with it
    - Change codes for different reactions in the New World
    - Anything you change in the New World/Creation Door
      will not affect your outside game world
    An Endless World
    Now you can play around with your game endlessly and
    play around with all the items you have acquired. 
    You can even discover some new things!
    - See Optional below
    Optional: (Do Now, lol)
      - Explore/scan any monsters, items, and areas fully
        - See all area maps and summaries
        - See all individual maps and summaries
      - Talk to everyone, give gifts, raise affections, and
        complete affection sidequests
        - Gim: Custom Booster
        - Rudrud: Power Headdress
        - Werman: Dungeon 5/interact/give gifts
      - Finish any exploration of maps and scanning items
      - Finish scanning characters and monsters
        - Four pictures each
        - See Character pages
        - See Monster pages
      - Get all flowers scanned and have Kamui identify
        them to get new flower (Desert Flower)
        - Metalize recipe
      - Complete all Future Visions
        - Four new ones will appear post-game
          - Millennium Cup Begins
          - Sword Demon Returns
          - Mystic Jewels Found in Dungeon
          - Northern Seal Down, Monster Raid
            - Save the world from the plague
            - This is part of the storyline
      - Complete all dungeon rooms for gold scores
        - Get gold score on Kullervo boss battle (2nd) and
          get metalize (Creation Genesis)
      - Go back to all houses and maps that required other
        metalizes to get new metalizes
        - See Come Back Metalizes list
      - Mayor Georg's Quiz 4 is now available
        - See Quiz section
      - View the New World through the Monolith at Sunny Hills
        - Play with the New World by changing the codes to the
          New World questions
      - Change codes on characters and monsters to see the
        affects and color changes
        - Example: Put ice on a monster and see the frost
          come off the monster
      - Make and play around with every recipe in the game
        - See Tablets section
      - See if you can get every item in the game
        - See Alphabetized Item Summary List
             Legal & Copyrights 
    Thanks to www.ign.com & www.gamefaqs.com for posting this.
    Thanks to Nintendo/Nintendo DS, Marvelous Entertainment USA, 
    XSEED, Matrix, and MobiClip VideoCodec for creating, developing,
    licensing, publishing, and further enhancing such a great game!
    - All copyrights reserved
    And, Thank you! to whoever or whichever team(s) made the complete
    package of the character Ur! You made my day!!!
    Opening Song: Title: Deep Forest
    - Sung by Kana Yazumi
    - All rights reserved
    - Copyrighted
    - Kana Yazumi singing song with Avalon Code
      - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8tjohB5l90
      - All rights reserved
    Video of opening song with English words:
    - Fandubbed by Aziral
      - http://www.youtube.com/user/StoopidMuffinMan
      - Actual dubbed video
    - English words sung by Jandy-Chu
      - http://www.youtube.com/user/TurkeyHamAndCheese
      - Singer's website
      - Absolutely angelic voice and very excellently sung
      - Talent artists should check her out
    This info was created solely by me in-game and with copyrights
    as noted above and below with credit given.
    Special thanks to RPT - my bud forever ;)
    - Yes, still my bud
    Big thanks to Nauni for doing Ur rejection scenes
    - I owe you one, lol
    This info was written to help others to enjoy this game more fully.
    I did not write this to gain any fame or fortune but I do mind if others
    use my tested useful information to then create their own copyrighted
    versions and thereby restrict the information I created to benefit all
    fans of gaming.
    Guides/Walkthroughs/Faqs/Lists take enormous amounts of time and effort.
    This can be shared without penalty as long as this source is credited.
    (You can share any of this information on any gaming board as long
    as it is credited to Goldhorizon who is the creator of this guide).
    Do not use this on paid sites or for monetary gain. This is to be free
    referal access only. 
    Do not use this to create your own copyrighted version or mini-versions
    of guides, walkthroughs, Faqs, lists, or to create any other copyrighted
                    Enjoy! - Goldhorizon AKA Goldie
    Copyright 2010 Goldhorizon
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