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"A terrible game that seems like only a commercial venture that could have been great."

Gameplay is worth 35%
Software; graphics, sound, AI, that kind of stuff; it's worth 24%
Variety/Options; worth 31%
Factor X: worth 10%

Yes, it's not that bad if the DS wasn't capable of handling so much more!


Shoot, plant charges, shoot, minigame, shoot, etc. That's pretty much it. So then, there are three single player modes. Campaign, quick play, and challenge. Campaign and quick play are pretty much the same, and challenge is to play a campaign mission for a few minutes to accomplish ridiculous tasks.

Campaign and quick play basically move you through the story. Not only is the story terrible, because there's actually NO story, but so is the campaign. It's the same everywhere. You fight with a few allies, and most of the time the number is 2. Most times you start with 3, but one guy always gets killed, inevitably, before the battle even starts. Then these three guys come in and kill 30 japanese/german guys and plant charges, telegraph command, or whatever. It's repetitive. Sometimes you're on a tank or halftrack. But then the game is not only linear like it always is, it's extreme linear to the point where it is actually on rails. I have no problem with on rails, except you move and shoot some enemies, then stop and shoot some enemies, and then do it again and again. Instead of making it fun it makes it disgusting with cloned environments and unrealistic numbers of soldiers that pop out in separate waves. Tanks is on rails too with the differences being that you get to shoot an artillery gun, the aim is SOOO much slower, you move SOOO much slower, and you can turn about 270 degrees (that's not on-rails! That's a terrible version of on-rail!). You keep killing the same guys over and over and over. Again, it's the same with the AA gun. Just kill more and more bombers. Airstrikes, you can only attack one target, and it's the ONLY way to kill it. No protecting anything. You NEVER fail a mission without dying or disobeying orders (to digress from the linear objectives) except once(and that one objective is ridiculously hard), and there are like 100 objectives. Even if you fail the telegraph mission five times it will say "message sent by alternate team member", even though there aren't other telegraphs, and you will "beat" the objective. (Don't worry, that wasn't a spoiler, it's VERY early in the game). It feels like they made so many enemies that were absolutely worthless in combat just to extend the gameplay time.

Then there's multiplayer, and for some reason they decided to make it so that you can't jump. Well, that's a mistake, because otherwise there's less skill involved. You can start out with a weapon, but they really don't feel different. What makes the M1 more accurate than the tommygun in a normal call of duty game is that the rifle zooms in more. There is no zoom in COD5. No one uses the ADS because it's crap. So there is really no need for the M1. In fact there is only need for the gun with the most bullets, sniper, and bazooka. Oh, and by the way, gameplay is limited to 4 people, no chat, and no autobalance. If four players want axis, the first three that call it get it, and the game is 3 v 1. No contact necessarily before.

For gameplay; I think the repetitive nature of both weapons and fights give this game a half worth, 17/35. Let's be nice, and give it an extra 18/35.


Campaign, quick play, challenge, local multiplayer, and wi-fi. Sounds good at first? Campaign and quick play are copies of each other, except that you get to CHOOSE which vaguely different mission you want. As if you'd want to. Challenge is the same, except you can only play the next challenge after beating the previous mission. I beat 2 and got sick of it, because it's basically campaign except with idiotic objectives like for example the first, 20 kills in under 3 minutes.

Local multiplayer had the single DS card option removed, which was present in the prequel. So now to play against a person you need to make sure s/he has the same game. Finding someone like this is rarer than overcooked steak. But that's if you actually WANT to play. Wi-fi is random player matches. Since I got the same opponents in two consecutive searches, I concluded not many people play.

So then there's accomplishments? There are also 32 collectables, but you only get to see one picture. I won't spoil it for you though. You also get awards for, say, good things like getting a lot of sniper kills, or bad things, like dying 50 times. So to get all the awards, you have to ruin your skill as well. That's not cool.

Variety gets a mere 19/31, for making all the single player missions virtual duplicates, lame rewards, and extremely limited multiplayer.

Onto the last criteria. And that is Software

Graphics blocky and bad. Some historic landmarks looked decent, but otherwise it was kind of ugly. Textures were actually pretty good. However, models looked robotic and inorganic. Some music, some different gun sounds, and some battle chatter. Sound was decent. However, AI is terrible. That's actually more cliche for the FPS's that are out, but these AI are preset to do something. Also, there's LAAGGGG.

Why do they always aim for me? Maybe it's because the allies with me that don't die are kind of invincible. Why do they pop out at random intervals? They obviously think fighting alone is better than fighting together. Why do they all use the same guns? Well since they look the same, maybe we can assume they were clone troopers? Why no fun banzai and bayonet attacks? I dunno, maybe these japanese clones were just not into it. Why don't they fight me altogether at once? I was particularly pissed at this. I kill some enemies, then walk 3 steps and 5 more come out. On and on until I reached another location. Then there are individual soldiers present where they shouldn't be. They should have come out and fight me but instead they hid in a cave or building and NOW I fight them. Lol.

Sound was decent. Different gun sounds, but not feels. There was a share of music, but not enough. Maybe there could be more music. There are maybe 3 different dying sounds. There's also the "schluk" of the melee attack. There's also tons of voice acting. And there are different voices, but not many. Sound is maybe the best.

EVERYONE LOOKS THE SAME! And they ALL look ugly too! Blocky blocky blocky. The graphics not only suck, it supports very few sprites on screen. And it actually lags. That's how I found enemies. If I noticed lag, then there was an enemy, and I was right too. The injury screen was kind of useless. Once I noticed I couldn't take anymore hits, it was too late. environments were also very blocky. Sometimes there's stuff, other times not. The only decent things were, like I said, historic landmarks. Everything else, looks cloned and generic. Yuck

So for software, since I thought they could do SOOO much better, I'm giving it 16/24

And my own personal score? I hated this game so,

54/100. It deserves to be rounded down. 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/02/09, Updated 06/03/09

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (US, 11/10/08)

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