How do I get through Distortion World?

  1. I've gotten to Distortion World but I cant get through it. Help!!!!

    User Info: totalgamer64

    totalgamer64 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. see:

    After you have defeated the Elite Four, you will be able to into Turnback Cave, which Cynthia was blocking your entry to. If you follow the puzzle here, where you have to get by three Pillars in randomised rooms before you hit a 30 room count, then instead of finding Giratina there like in DP, you find another entrance to the Distortion World. Go into it by interacting with it.

    If you no defead cryus:

    The Distortion World is an entirely new concept within the Pokemon games. Following the legend of Giratina living in another dimension, the game has you enter the Distortion World in order to further complete the game. Once you reach the Spear Pillar to beat Team Galactic who are trying to awaken Dialga & Palkia, you will go into the Distortion World. You can only go to the Distortion World a couple of times so relish the opportunity. Make sure to bring Pokemon with Surf & Strength with you, although you would have needed them to get this far anyway.

    User Info: andibad

    andibad - 8 years ago 1 0

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