How do I catch Spiritomb?

  1. I know you have to talk 32 people in the Underground. My question is does it have to be 32 different people?

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Accepted Answer

  1. What may be the hardest way to catch a non-legendary Pokemon, Spiritomb is a
    side-quest Pokemon that requires at least two people to do the quest itself.
    Before you can do anything else, you will need a certain item to start the

    To begin the quest, you must find a Odd Keystone. There are two ways to find

    * A Blackbelt near the end of Route 208 will give you one when you talk to him
    (He his hidden near the trees to the south, near the end of the route and
    near the gate to Hearthome)

    * A very rare chance of digging one out of the underground.

    * A user by the name of Toton has this to say about a third location for the
    Odd Keystone: "There's another way to find an Odd Keystone that I didn't see
    mentioned in your FAQ. Besides getting one from the Black Belt dude and
    digging on up Underground, you can also find one in Twinleaf Town. In the
    pond south of your house you can find one using the Dowsing Machine. It'll
    be on one of the trees surrounding the pond.

    After you have the Odd Keystone, you will have to take it to the stone tower
    on Route 209 (Its the one that looks like a well, and is near the bend to the
    west part of the route). Press A to place the keystone in the tower.

    The second part of the quest is the hardest. To complete it, you will have to
    talk to 32 people in the underground over wi-fi (and no, you can not talk to
    the Hikers that give items). Obviously, you will need another player to do
    this. You can either find one in real life, or buy another DS, a second copy
    of Diamond or Pearl, and get up to at least Eterna City and get the equipment
    to go underground.

    However, you can talk to the same person over and over to do this, so the best
    thing to do is talk to them, leave, and go back. It might be a good idea to
    keep a piece of paper and pen (or the point counter APP you get for your
    Poketech at the Veilstone Department Store) to count how many times you talk
    to that person. Once you do talk to that person 32 times, however, you will be
    able to catch Spiritomb. Go back to Route 210 and to the tower you placed the
    Odd Keystone in and save before you fight him.

    **NOTE: A reader named Cesar was kind enough to point out that there is a
    counter on the Underground's menu that you can use to keep track of
    how many people you talked to.

    Spiritomb is at level 25 when you fight him, and is a dual Ghost/Dark type,
    meaning it has no weakness. However, it has a high capture rate, so you may
    only have to use a few Ultra Balls to get it. Its best that you bring a
    Pokemon with non-normal or psychic moves to deal with it that is around level
    26-30. So, is Spiritomb even that great? He has fairy decent Defense and
    Special Defense, but sucky speed and HP (although he does have a average
    attack and Special Attack).

    However, there is a even easier way to get a Spiritomb if you do not have
    someone you can do this side-quest with and you have wireless Internet. Wait
    until you fight Cynthia in the Elite Four and she will have a Spiritomb. Once
    you do fight it, you will be able to trade for it on the GTS. Even then,
    Spiritomb is a great Pokemon to breed for others on the Global Trade Center.
    You might even get some rare Pokemon yourself!

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