Where do i go after i beat the gum leader in Canalave City?

  1. i went to Iron Island and i went to Lake Valor and beat everybody there (including that commander lady in the cave). what do i do now because i can't go to Snowpoint City because there are 2 Team Galactic Grunts in the way. what do i do because i want to beat the gym leader in Snowpoint already. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Accepted Answer

  1. Saturn mentioned that his comrades...yes, I said *his* (he's the only non-Gym Leader, non-E4 trainer with a star Pokemon that has the opposite gender as its trainer)...are taking care of things at the other 2 lakes. Head to Lake Verity, fight more Galactic Grunts, and witness Rowan's assistant losing to the next Galactic Commander to fight: Commander Mars. Help out and head to Celestic Town.

    At Celestic Town, take Pokemon that know Strength, Surf, Rock Smash, and Defog (and Fly in case of emergency). Head west to Mt. Coronet and go north once inside, following the rather linear path to Route 216.

    Snowfall conditions here mean constant Hail damage. Head along the linear path to Route 217. When you're on Route 217, there is an important HM to pick up: Rock Climb. It is northeast of a house on the southwest side. Show it to the man in the house for a free item.

    Also, find a Female Skier named Lexie on Route 217. She is the only Trainer with a Glaceon if you already evolved the free Eevee you got from Bebe (and it was a Male). Continue north to Acuity Lakefront.

    You'll see your Rival on a cliff and he'll inform you that you'll need the Icicle Badge from Snowpoint Gym to get to Lake Acuity. Follow the path east to reach Snowpoint.

    Fun Facts:
    On the way through Routes 216 and 217 you'll meet the Veilstone Gym Leader, Maylene, heading to see her friend Candice, the Snowpoint Gym Leader. She'll be in the Snowpoint Pokemon Center trying to warm herself up until you defeat Candice (constant training keeps her warm, my ass, try dressing in warmer clothes next time, Maylene).

    When you get the Villa in the Resort Area, sometimes Maylene and Candice will both be visiting, chatting about other Gym Leaders (you can hear fun tidbits like how Gardenia is afraid of Ghost Pokemon yet respects Fantina for training them).

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Other Answers

  1. Start travling to snowpoint beat the gym leader go to your rival then go to veilstone galatic hq then go to mount cornent.
    hope thet helps

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