A good wall pokemon?

  1. I need a good wall pokemon for my team but need help. please include movesets, abilitys and natures and held items.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Aside from those 1-sided walls, here's a few other choices:
    Umbreon - Impish - Leftovers/Shoal Salt - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Sp.Def, 6 to HP/Attack
    Payback, Facade, Iron Tail, Wish (Egg)
    --Wish for Recovery, Payback for STAB and low Speed, Iron Tail for 30% chance of Defense drops, Facade pairs well with your Synchronize Ability.

    Bronzong - Quiet, Heatproof Ability - Leftovers/Shoal Salt - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Sp.Def, 6 to HP
    Imprison, Earthquake, Hidden Power (Steel Type), Psychic
    --Imprison prevents your main Weakness problems (Earthquake, Hidden Power (Ground)) once they figure out you have Heatproof Ability, Psychic and Hidden Power for STAB.

    Milotic - Bold - Flame Orb - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Sp.Def, 6 to HP/Sp.Atk
    Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Protect
    --Protect to activate Flame Orb (boosting Defense via Marvel Scale + Burn), Recover is obvious.

    Cradily - Impish/Bold/Relaxed - Leftovers/Shoal Salt - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Sp.Def, 6 to HP/Attack/Sp.Atk
    Seed Bomb/Energy Ball/Giga Drain, Rock Slide/Ancientpower, Stockpile, Recover (Egg)
    --Stockpile to boost both defenses, Recover for health.

    Muk - Impish - Black Sludge - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Attack, 6 to HP/Sp.Def
    Gunk Shot, Shadow Sneak (Egg), Curse (Egg), Pain Split (HeartGold/SoulSilver Battle Frontier Tutors)
    --Shuppet, Duskull, and Spiritomb learn both Shadow Sneak and Curse via Level Up, Curse + Shadow Sneak for a Priority Move with boosted Attack and to bolster Muk's low Defense.

    Weezing - Sassy - Black Sludge - focus 252 EVs on Sp.Def, 129 to Attack and Sp.Atk
    Gyro Ball, Sludge Bomb, Curse (Egg), Pain Split (Egg)
    --Duskull has Pain Split as an Egg Move, Curse does double duty for Gyro Ball's Power (lowers Speed, raises Attack), Pain Split for recovery.

    Dusknoir - Adamant - Shell Bell - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Sp.Def, 6 to Attack, try for a ***LOW*** HP IV
    Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Pain Split (Egg)
    --Misdreavus has Pain Split via Level Up, low HP + Pain Split rips a huge hole in Snorlax and Blissey, Ice Punch and Thunderpunch are basically a Physical version of Thunderbolt+Ice Beam, Shadow Sneak for Priority STAB.

    Torkoal - Sassy - Leftovers/Shoal Salt - focus 252 EVs each on HP and Sp.Def, 6 to Attack
    Flamethrower, Gyro Ball, Amnesia, Rest
    --Amnesia to bolster Sp.Def, Flamethrower for STAB, Gyro Ball is huge with Torkoal's low Base Speed (20) and a Speed lowering Nature, Rest + switch to a Pokemon with Aromatherapy/Heal Bell for recovery.

    Forretress - Careful - Life Orb/Occa Berry - focus 252 EVs each on Attack and Sp.Def, 6 to HP
    Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Rapid Spin, Explosion
    --Rapid Spin away any entry traps, trap with Toxic Spikes (get 2 layers ASAP) and a Stealth Rock, then *goofy laugh, dopey voice*...go boom...*normal voice* in the face of a potential Spiker or Spinner. Life Orb + Explosion will rip into Rock Types and Steel Types and do respectable damage to Rock/Steel Dual Types, but make sure you eliminate any Ghost Types the opponent has first.

    Bastiodon - Careful - Shell Bell/Focus Sash - focus 252 EVs each on Defense and Sp.Def, 6 to HP/Attack/Speed
    Rock Polish, Metal Burst/Rest, Rock Slide, Body Slam (Egg)
    --Boost Speed with a Rock Polish or two then Paralyze as many opponents as possible via Body Slam then Flinching them with Rock Slide, Focus Sash+Metal Burst wrecks anyone who tries to 1-KO you with a Ground or Fighting Move (there are a small few who can, like No Guard Adamant Machamp with Dynamicpunch or Adamant Garchomp/Rhyperior/Groudon with a Choice Band/Life Orb boosted Earthquake) or Shell Bell+Rest for recovery.

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Other Answers

  1. Best Special wall (no event moves): Blissey
    Calm - Leftovers - Natural Cure
    ~ Aromatherapy
    ~ Softboiled
    ~ Seismic Toss / Flamethrower
    ~ Thunder Wave / Toxic

    Best Physical wall (no event moves): Skarmory
    Impish - Leftovers - Keen eye
    ~ Brave Bird
    ~ Roost
    ~ Spikes / Stealth Rock
    ~ Whirlwind

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