How do I EV train?

  1. I want to take this game way too seriously like everyone else, instead of treating it like it should be, like it was ten years ago, so yeah, how do I train the Pokemon way too seriously so I can play in serious online tournaments.

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    mermal99 - 9 years ago

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  1. EV training depends on the type of Pokemon you are training and in which stats you wish to train it. There are also many different items to help you EV train your Pokemon.

    For every 4 EV's you earn one stat point. For example, if you're training a Pokemon in speed, and you battle a Starly which gives of 1 speed EV, you will need to battle 4 Starlys to actually increase your Pokemon's speed stat by 1 point. You may not see the changes in stats right away, but they are there.

    There are the "power" items available at the Battle Tower which add an additional 4 EV's to each battle. Going back to the Starly example, if you battle one Starly and your Pokemon was holding the Power Anklet item (I do believe that is the one that increases speed EV's), you will receive the original 1 EV from battling Starly, plus an additional 4 EV's for having the Pokemon hold that item.

    If a Pokemon is holding the EXP Share item, it will receive half the EV's that are available in battles. Alternatively, a Pokemon holding the Macho Brace item will receive double the EVs in battle.

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  1. It depends on what kind of EVs you want on a pokemon. If you want a pokemon that has high attack, train on pokemon that give ATK evs. Same with speed, def, special atk, etc...

    This site will tell you about EVs.

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  2. The D/P boards and FAQs have a lot of information about EVs and competitive
    battles. I suggest playing Shoddy (a pokemon competitive battle simulator)
    before doing any training so you learn how to predict.

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  3. You can use the items at Battle Tower to get ev-boosting effects like +4 evs on hp per battle with the power weight. Those really help.

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  4. Also, in the event of you putting too many EVs towards one stat, there are certain berries that decrease the amount of EVs in each stat (one berry decreases 10 EVs).

    There's also vitamins (Calcium, Carbos, etc) that increase a Pokemon's EVs in a stat by 10.

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