Wil pokemon recieved from cheat codes break my game?

  1. I know that using action replay could potenially break your game but i still want to get event pokemon like darkrai. If i traded for a pokemon that was illegally gotten from a device like action replay would that pokemon break my game when i obtained it? Or does it only screw up your game if you use the cheat code yourself? - Thanks

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    rcdvgx - 8 years ago

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  1. There's several different kinds of cheating for Pokemon... if you use a code that gives you say, the Membership Card (the event item that lets you go catch Darkrai) you should have absolutely no problem, neither will you have any issues if you just cheat the game to make Darkrai appear in the wild. The problems start when you cheat a Darkrai with 'maxed out stats' as most codes call it; Pokemon with stats increased like this often break barriers for EVs and IVs set out by the game, and result in bad eggs. Just get the event item via AR and catch the Pokemon yourself, that's how I've done it, simply because I don't have the means to go to events. I've had no problems whatsoever.

    Hope I helped!

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  1. Yeah, like he said, if you're using a relatively 'safe' cheat like simply activating your own event flags, then no problem. I wouldn't advise saving with the AR or other device on, but that's standard cheating device knowhow.

    The problems start arising when you mess with the Pokemon's stats directly, as lammas17 said- once you begin trying to reprogram such things, the programming of the game often doesn't allow it and becomes glitched as a result. Most tested codes aren't made to allow that kind of thing as a result.

    Try Pokesav generated codes- they tend to be safe and effective, though they do require a certain amount of knowledge about the program.

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  2. I have a code where you can catch any Pokemon in any area where one appears. I can control what Pokemon appear in grass. Those Pokemon work perfectly, but I don't think a Swampert or Infernape found at Route 230 can be entered in an official contest. If you want a Pokemon you can enter in a contest, you need a code that creates a Pokemon that is from a trade, that way they won't know.

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  3. If you use AR, then you are messing with the program.
    You can Catch what ever you want, but don't go off limits with the stats.
    If you are using a flashcard, let's say R4, then it is all perfectly safe
    (i mean the CHEAT (Y) in the game list)

    And if you use a code that let's PKMN learn any HM/TM, it won't mess your game up.
    (If you use the code and teach your torterra FLY, there will be no problem at all, and so on with every combination between PKMN/move)

    good luck & Fair Play scores too

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    rastarasta1298 (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0

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