How do you catch cresselia in the platinum version?

  1. What are the steps to catch this pokemon do you need to go to a nintendo event.

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    neslon1534 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Same method as for Diamond and Pearl versions, no event needed.

    Beat the Elite 4 and get the national dex.
    Go to Canalave and go into the house in the bottom left, next to the boat that took you to Iron Island.
    The little boy there should be in bed, sick, locked in a nightmare he is unable to awaken from. This means that Cresselia is available.
    Then talk to the sailor on the jetty, he will ask you to get the Lunar Wing from Halfmoon Island. Simply sail there, see Cresselia, who then flees, and pick up the Lunar Wing.
    Cresselia should now be roaming around Sinnoh, in the same way that Mesprit was. Use the Marking Map Poketch Application to track it and catch it, easier said than done unless you have saved your Master Ball.
    Fuller information, including catching strategies (Cresselia flees in the first round unless you catch it or prevent it) are available in the various guides and walkthroughs - the ones for Diamond and Pearl also apply. Instead of reading the whole guide, try using ctrl-F and searching for Cresselia

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