How do you get shiny pokemon?

  1. Also, how do i get the rotom key?

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    stallben - 8 years ago

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  1. pfff this is all noncence!! :P
    If you want a shiny PKMN, yes, you can run around for weeks and find one.
    No, this isn't smart!
    instead, use this nice device: POKE RADAR!
    when used in tall grass, some pieces of grass will shake, those got a PKMN in it.
    remember the way it shaked, only those are important from that point.
    you will start creating a chain, walking ONLY into shaking grass that shakes in excactly the same way as the one before, this way you meet only one kind of PKMN.
    if you have had around 40 of the same pkmn in a row, you have reached the HIGHEST chance of a shiny in the entire game, which is around ~1 on 500.

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  1. Either you run into one with a very very slim chance, or you can use an action replay and get them very easily.
    I don't currently know the platinum shiny pokemon cheat, but if you search around on google i'm sure you can eventually find one that works.

    As for the rotom key i have no idea. : /

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    X3Mikotsu - 8 years ago 1 9
  2. 1. Shiny Pokemon are very rare and you only have a 1-in-8,192 chance of finding one in battle. As such you'd be pretty lucky to find a shiny so try to catch one (They produce a sparkle when they appear, so don't blink!) 2. The key that unlocks the special room in Galactic HQ in Eterna City is obtained through Wi-Fi mystery gift. The Mystery Gift option can be unlocked after defeating your first Gym Leader and then going into the TV station at Jubilife. You go to the third floor and say the following sequence of words when to a man that's next to a woman: Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection. After that you can use Mystery gift to get the Key on Wi-Fi. The item itself has yet to be added to Wi-Fi Mystery Gift, so no one has it yet.

    User Info: LokkerG

    LokkerG (Expert) - 8 years ago 5 6
  3. OK 1rst the rotom key is an event buy it or get it ove wfc and you have to be really lucky to get a shiny pokemon once in like every 18752 wild pokemon battles there will be a shiny pokemon

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  4. ok, for both of those, you CAN use an A.R., BUT!
    the Wi-Fi Rotom key event will start at 20th of april ( for more information) and the shiny pokemon have NOTHING to do with math stuff... the 1 out of idk what amount is fake, ppl here it from other ppl and then spread it... There is a possibility that there could be something of truth in it, but that in the way of: (randomjunk exemple) 1-18752, but also 2-37504 and 3-56256 and so on.. so it's fake... no, the real way on getting it is luck or a code... but the pokeradar makes the possibilty of encountering a shiny higher.

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  5. Actually, everything in Pokemon has a percentage even Shiny.

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  6. There is no code on Action Replays that will get you a Shiny Pokemon. It hasn't been on D/P as well.

    The Rotom Key is still unknown but you need to connect to Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi USB stick to do it.

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  7. Shiny Pokemon are extremely hard to find as according to, they have a 1 in 8192 chance in appearing in the wild. However this is extremely hard and most people don't find any the entire game. If you use the pokeradar and a piece of grass is sparkling wildly, it will 100% be a shiny pokemon. I had enough good luck, without cheating to find a shiny Giratina which I immediately used a master ball on. The Rotom Key, you NEED to use an Action Replay cheating device to get as of now. In Japan they had an event to get the key and similarly will probably be in the U.S in some time.

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  8. rotom event will be held in toys r us stores over mystery gift from April 20th to May 12th in US.

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  9. The rotom key event is April 20th through march (14th i think dont quote me on that) for more details check as for shiny pokes the only way to get them is to be really lucky. i just randomly ran into a shiny buizel. to get shiny legendaries and starters just save before you fight them and reset until its a shiny. (that will take a very very long time either way)

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  10. You have a like 1 - to some random number to get a shiny, i also suggest an AR if you want shiny pokemon that bad

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  11. Shiny=hard to get

    then click pkmn tab

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  12. I have no idea about the event, but I am pretty sure the ratio for shiny pokemon is a 1-8192 chance. I have played all generations of pokemon for years, and the only shiny pokemon i have ever seen was a shiny Dialga in Diamond version that I accidentally fainted with a critical hit. Made me the maddest I have been in years.

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  13. Walk in grass...get lucky...find rare(most likely weak/useless) diffrenty colored pokemon

    or use pokeradar and get lucky by finding a shiny grass shaking, go into it and ull have a shiny

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  14. To dragondudea6-"woah,wat did it look like? wats the diffrence?"

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  15. For every Pokemon, if you face it 40 times in a row, the 41 should be shiny. But you can always cheat....?

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  16. To Alex431: a shiny Pokemon only is the best of the best!!! it has a different opening battle music, I'm told. and it is a TOTALLY different color, and stat growth and level growth is WICKED FAST!!! say, a Seedot appears. They are normaly brown, but a shiny is red. a Palkia is pink, but shiny is a bit red(not all shinies are red, though. Once met a blue Cleffa).

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  17. Shining Pokemon appear in shining patches when you use the poke radar and or on a rare occasion in the wild. The key is sold at toys r us starting sunday and over wi-fi starting monday.

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  18. I ahve something else to add. On D/P ther eis ashiny cheat but its not permanent meaning turn the cheat off no shiny. I went to youtube to find the cheat it does work.

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  19. To obtain a shiny, you may either walk around and hope for a randome encounter with the percentage 1/8192. OR, you may try on the poke radar. If you use the Poke Radar, I suggest you chain.
    As for Rotom, The event will be held on April 20th over Wi-Fi. To access Wi-Fi, you must have a nearby access point and have gone to the third floor of the Jubilife TV station and talked to the woman next to the man, and said Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection. Then the mystery gift option will eb available in the main menu.

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