How do I get a rare colored pokemon?

  1. what I want to know is how to get the rare colored pokemon

    User Info: suleiman89

    suleiman89 - 8 years ago

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  1. The odds of getting a shiny pokemon is very slim, about 1/8192.
    An easy way of getting shiny pokemon is to chain them by using the PokeRadar which is given to you by Prof. Rowan after seeing all pokemon in Sinnoh.
    Happy Chaining!


    User Info: ChuAdrille

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  1. U only have 1/1897 chance of encountering a different coloured pokemon i know this is true because i have different coloured onix.

    PS. they r called "SHINY" pokemon.

    User Info: Bluefire_97

    Bluefire_97 - 8 years ago 1 4
  2. Yeah it's calle SHINY Pokemon not "rare colored pokemon" !
    It's all about luck kido. Just keep looking in the wild and you will probably find a shiny pokemon.

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  3. lol some people... as all of the others said, there is a 1/1892 chance of catching a rare pokemon so it is all up to luck, you have much greater chances using the pokeradar though. Also, the pokemon caught with pokeradar are shiny pokemon, I'm not sure if the diamond/pearl/platinum games give colored pokemon since I don't have one but I would not bet theat they don't, I know for sure that you can transfer rare pokemon from the game boy advance pokemon and they will retain their unique colors :) I did that with my gold poochyana :)

    User Info: Sammy_dude10

    Sammy_dude10 - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. lol u will think i'm lying but i went to catch Palkia and it was shiny.
    ps i never hacked at all.

    User Info: dillo9000

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  5. And i did catch it

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  6. Shiny Pokemon appear only rarely--I've heard odds of 1 to nearly 2000, but also 1 to over 8000. Regardless, they are rare.

    Using the Pokeradar, if you can chain 40 or more of the same Pokemon, the chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon is supposed to improve to 1/500 or something similar. Still, it will be difficult.

    I've been fortunate in encountering 3 in Platinum: Magikarp, Ponyta, and Bidoof. The truth is, though, that they turned up when I was actually NOT looking for shiny Pokemon, but for other Pokemon. I was fishing for a low-level Goldeen when I got the Magikarp, searching for a female Scyther when I encountered Ponyta, and was trying for a swarming Growlithe when Bidoof turned up.

    Just off-hand, I suggest that the best way to encounter shiny Pokemon is to not even look for them. Be watchful, of course, in case they do turn up, but just go about your business. If you focus on one thing--say, leveling up or searching for a specific Pokemon--you may get lucky and encounter one when you weren't even looking.

    User Info: starknight75

    starknight75 (Expert) - 8 years ago 4 0
  7. Use pokeradar to more no rare. See grass with shiny and faster, is 6/4000 .to find shiny must have pokeradar. I no have shiny pokemon.

    is very rare!

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    andibad - 8 years ago 0 2
  8. Well I guess the pokeradar is true but i dont have the radar... But I still found a shiny pokemon its a shiny chingling

    User Info: SoulSilver16

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