What pokemon is master ball for?

  1. I know that i can use it on anyone pokemon but what pokemon can i only catch with the masterball?

    User Info: FlameDealer

    FlameDealer - 8 years ago

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  1. Do NOT use the Masterball on Giratina. It is not worth it and plus you have 2, I say 2 chances to catch it. One is in the Torn World and the other is at Turnback Cave that you can get too after you get into the Hall of Fame.

    Reasons why I say don't use the Masterball:
    1) for you people who say leave it for Palkia or Dialga is stupid. they don't run away after you encounter them.
    2) for those of you who said use it on Cressilia or Mesprit good pick but you are forgetting about Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres that become available after you get into the Hall of Fame.
    3) the choice to use the Masterball is up to you considering there are 5 Pokemon to use it on.

    FYI-->you may also use the move Mean Look on the Pokemon that run away. I suggest that you use a Pokemon with high speed (Crobat).

    User Info: MKWAN0

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  1. Every pokemon in the Game can be captured with any pokeball, even a Giratina you can catch using a pokeball, the master ball is just a easy way to catch a pokemon without effort.

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  2. The Master Ball has a 100% catch rate for any Pokemon. There's no specific Pokemon that it's dedicated for, although many people prefer to use it against Legendaries like Giratina and Dialga, or save it for more elusive Pokemon that can flee battles, such as Cresselia.

    User Info: Alkalineazel

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  3. A pokemon who runs away (Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Cresselia, Mespirit)

    Who exactly between those two is your choice.

    Just remember, you can get more masterballs by winning the PKMN lottery (Match all 5 Numbers)

    User Info: Lance_Casey

    Lance_Casey - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. well yea the ball is for no specific Pokemon, I'd recommend keeping it as a back up for when al else fails, but that's me. And MKWAN0 did you actually cut and paste your answer lmao.

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  5. Keep it for Giratina do not use it on any other Pokemon seriously!

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  6. Well, I recommend to use Pokemon that run away all over Sinnoh, such as Mesprit and Cressellia

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  7. Never use ur master on pokemon who can't flee from battle such as giratina, dialga and so on only use it on pokemons who can flee from battle such as cressilia. unless if u can have somebody trade u masterball or u can import them from gba pokemon games.

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  8. Master Ball

    I would mainly use the master balls on legendarys. But don't use on dialga and palika and legendarys that dont flee. This is want i think would be good but everyone has there own opinions.

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  9. For runaway things use something fast with meanlook. I would just suggest masterball for something that will kill it self with takedown if its shiny or explode. Or if a legend had a recoil move. Dont use a masterball on dialga or palkia I threw one ultraball at teach without weakening and caught them both.

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  10. I have caught all the legendaries in the game except Regigigas and I have yet to use my Master ball (I was making a point to my friends that I did not require such a broken item just to catch things with only a 3% catch rate). The Master ball just gives you a 100% gaurantee at capturing a wild pokemon (I've actually had people come to me and claim the master ball would not work on a trainers, I got mad at them when they even bothered trying to capture a trainers pokemon), even legendaries. Don't waste it on Giratina though as he does not possess a 3% catch rate. Really I can't give you a recommendation on who to use it on though since every pokemon is catchable without it given the right strategy. If you look at the question about the 3 legendary birds I have given a full-proof strategy I developed to catch them that makes it easy and not as time consumable as it would usually be.

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  11. you should use it one zapidos because he is a pain in the ass its zapidos or keep the masterball i cought all of them on my first try with a quick BALL

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  12. are yoU mean zapdos???

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  13. Giratina has an extremely low catch rate, while dialga and palkia have much higher catch rates.
    however, the latter two are also much stronger to fight.

    ultimately, any pokemon can be caught in any ball.
    but i assume your question is who benefits most from eliminating the hassle.

    my choice goes to Giratina in the Distortion world for your first playthrough.
    its hard to catch at that point, and it will be useful that point on.

    the runners are the other viable choices, though ultimately, catching four runners instead of five wouldn't be much easier, because you'd already developed a strategy for dealing with them.

    i honestly used my master ball on Regigas for kicks. haha.

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    ok guys trust me on my word: save it for a shiny!!
    you are just wandering around in some pieces of grass, just playing or ev training, and suddenly a shiny XXX appears!!!!!
    Heh you want it for sure. but most of the time all your PKMN are outleveled (let's say it's a lvl 25 ponyta and all u got are lvl 70 pokemons).

    use the masterball. you don't want to see that shiny pkmn die ... believe me.

    ;) save it for a shiny

    User Info: rastarasta1298

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