Which is better, Pikachu or Raichu?

  1. Now I know this may sound dumb, but Im curious about this, I have a Pikachu that knows all the moves I want it to. Would it be better to keep it as a Pikachu or evolve it? and I mean stat-wise...which has better growths?

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    indianboy203308 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Hmm, what about getting Pikachu up to learning Thunder then evolving it?
    Would that be any better?

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    indianboy203308 - 8 years ago

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  1. Raichu has better stats than Pikachu, but Pikachu can learn more moves than Raichu (in fact, Raichu learns none expect by move tutors using heart scales, shards, and through TMs and HMs). The reason why Light Ball Pikachu is so coveted is because Raichu's max attack and special attack are 306 at level 100. However, in D/P/Pt. the Light Ball doubles Pikachu's Attack and Special attack. Since at level 100, Pikachu's max attack is 229 and special attack is 218, the Light ball doubles those amounts to 458 and 436, respectively (Dragonite's, Salamance's and Garchomp's max attack reach the late 390s and early 400s). Nevertheless, Pikachu is too weak with all it's other stats, so it cannot take many hits, maybe one (if you are lucky) despite its speed. This is pretty much what every has said already...............

    The problem with Thunder is its 70% accuracy. If you prefer power over accuracy, then level up Pikachu to lv. 45 and then use the Thunderstone. I personally prefer Thunderbolt (Pikachu's and Raichu's defensive stats are low either way and I would hate it to have a Thunder miss and then get OHKO by my opponent right after the miss.) Yet, Volt Tackle is the best choice in the Pikachu family because it has the power Thunder has (120) and the accuracy of Thunderbolt (100) plus the chance of paralysis, with the only downside being recoil damage.

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  1. Raichu. Evolved Pokemon grow faster and it won't forget it's moves.

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  2. The only downside to evolving Pokemon like Raichu is that they won't learn certain moves that their previous form can. Only four moves can be relearned by Raichu, but its stats will increase more than Pikachu. If you're okay with the moveset, then evolve it into Raichu.

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  3. Overall Raichu is better.
    Raichu has better stats and a better TM movelist than Pikachu.
    Although if Pikachu holds a Light Ball, its Special Attack will be double and therefore making it higher than Raichu's, even though all of its other stats will still be lower than Raichu's so if you use a Light Ball you should have Thunder Bolt, Thunder, Surf, and Substitute or something.

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  4. P.S. A Light Ball doesn't work on Raichu (or any other pokemon for that matter).

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  5. The best thing to do is get a 2 pikachu a male and a female make the female hold a light ball. breed these 2 together and a pikachu will hatch and it will know the move volt tackle. then train it up. so pikachu is really cool.

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  6. The Light Ball ends up making Pikachu have superior attacking stats.

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  7. Honestly torterra pwns both unless you have raichu use electric rise then you can pwn torterra

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  8. Pikachu is more best sp.atk if hold special item. Raichu is must use thunder stone, and raichu more hight atk and def . Sorsy i just beginer.

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  9. Use pokesav to make the perfect raichu or pikachu
    but i like pikachu i think its better

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  10. Pikachu provided it has a Light Ball attached.

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