Need some help chosing the best pokemon?

  1. Im building a team of ingame pokemon only (no trades) and i want each pokemon to have 2 attributes(elements) each with no repeats

    wouldnt mind some help with chosing their attacks as well once they can learn them before lv.70(none like growl,leer,etc )

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    Alex431 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Skunky isnt in Platinum?

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    Alex431 - 8 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Misdreavus, Mismagius, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Stunky, Skuntank, Glameow, Purugly,
    Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss are illegible/not in platinum.

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    Alex431 - 8 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    Empoleon is my starter and absolutely no duplicate types

    and he has to be in my team(water/steel)

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    Alex431 - 8 years ago

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  1. The best ones? It just depends on who you want to use and what team you're trying to build. What do you want in a Pokemon?

    To avoid confusion, the Move Tutor I'm talking about is between Hearthome and Pastoria Shards are what he wants, and they can be gotten in the Underground or in the game. The Move Relearner is in Pastoria, and Heart Scales are what they want. Heart Scales can be obtained in Solaceon via the Newsplace (bring in the Pokemon they want to get three Pokeballs of almost any kind and a Heart Scale). This event can be exploited by saving before talking. If he wants a Pokemon you don't have, turn it off and try again.

    I would suggest Weavile. He's a very fast Pokemon that would be a compliment to your Empoleon. Attacks that it can learn are Night Slash, Ice Punch (via Move Relearner and Move Tutor respectively), and Brick Break (via TM). There is a hidden Razor Claw in Cyrus' office, so you could evolve it sooner than you think.

    Giratina is another one that I highly recommend. Even without his Origin form, he hits hard, and he defends really well. The attacks that he knows when you catch him are Shadow Force, Dragon Claw, Ominous Wind, and Ancient Power. It really depends on what you want him to learn. He can be used in a multitude of roles.

    Yet another one I would suggest is Magmortar, if you can trade a Magmar holding a Magmarizer. With a very high Special Attack, and the ability to learn Thunderbolt, he'll be worth your time. Flamethrower is a must on him, and Psychic wouldn't hurt a bit.

    Electivire is still another one I would suggest (although you can't get Electabuzz until you get past Giratina, and you would still need to trade him while he's holding an Electrizer). He's a much better alternative to Luxray and Raichu, since he has nice speed and a very high Attack stat. Attacks that I recommend are Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, and Ice Punch (Ice Punch is a Move Tutor move, while the other two can be relearned).

    Gliscor is yet another option. He's a Flying/Ground mix who is absolutely nasty with Earthquake, Aerial Ace, and Night Slash. You can get Gligar under Cycling Road, and you can get the Razor Fang in the route below Veilstone (it's hidden).

    So, here's my suggestion for a team:

    Empoleon - Water/Steel. Recommended by yourself, fits role of special tank.

    Weavile - Dark/Ice. One of the fastest in the game, fits role of physical sweeper.

    Giratina - Dragon/Ghost. Useful in all situations, can fit in any role you put it in.

    Magmortar - Fire. High Special Attack, fits role of special sweeper.

    Electivire - Electric. High Attack, fits role of physical sweeper.

    Gliscor - Flying/Ground. High Attack and Defense, fits role of physical tank.


    By the way, YaoMIng; Crobat can be evolved at any time, not just night. :)

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  1. Um, I guess Skunky is a good one. You can find it a little later on in the game like around 20 or so, but it was one of my best team mates in Diamond version. It is a Dark and Poison type. It doesn't take much damage from Poison or Dark and Psychic doesn't effect it at all. It was one of my best team mates I ever had.

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  2. You can get a skunky a really good teammate doesnt get hurt from psychic maybe ghost but very effected to ground so just watch out on ground moves

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  3. Starmie, psychic/water, is a very good choice for the battle frontier; I used it to get my first three symbols in platinum. If you go with Starmie, then another good choice is Houndoom. Finally, I recommend Garchomp, just because it is awesome. These three are good choices because they balance each other and they can all learn a diverse set of moves.

    P.S. This was the team I used to beat the battle castle.

    User Info: FE_Expert

    FE_Expert - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. What starter do you have? Because I would build your team around that one pokemon.
    I used Infernape so I will give you a possible team for that starter, but I don't know about good fire types)

    Infernape (Fire/Fighting)

    Magnezone(Electric/Steel) Make sure to give it Magnet Rise to cover for the x4 weakness to Earthquake and other ground attacks, this way you will live longer.


    Gastrodon(Water/Ground)(I know this will be a second ground type, but it is a nice cover against electric attacks from fire users)
    Giratina(Dragon/Ghost)(I also know this will put you at a second dragon type but it can't be helped, because both Garchomp and Giratina are awesome)

    I hope this is helpfull

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  5. If you dont pick Emploreon add Scizor megahorn destroys most psychic and steel works well overall, but 4x weak to fire

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  6. Togekiss is normal/flying. Empeleon water/steel. You select empoleon in this game have lot double type, any time you can get it. You need water/electric like lanturn move discharge, ice beam, surf or hydro pump or brine, ect. Other people right.

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  7. Altaria flying/dragon. Oh lanturn can't caught in platinum, you can try ice/ghost .

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  8. why not a Roserade? Pretty Beast Grass Pokemon, its Grass/Poison, i reccomend u get it if you have a starter thats not grass. it can also kill other grass types if you teach it some poison moves. And a Crobat would also be a good flying type. it is flying/poison and can learn some good poison moves like poision cross and good flying moves. So think of Roserade and Crobat. Also u get Roserade from shiny stone on a Roselia, and a Crobat from getting two big hearts on a Golbat and level up at night.

    User Info: YaoMing623

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  9. Shuckle (Bug/Rock) is an exelent pokemon with some EV training in Defense and Special Defense, move set with Iron Defense and Toxic

    Shuckle have a very HIGH stats in both Defense, both Attack Stats are Low, Bold or Impish Nature Improves Defense, Toxic doesn't need Attack stats

    but doesn't works in Steel, Rock, Sand or other pokemon that can't be Poisoned

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  10. Just noticed your no-trade and dual-type specifications. Sorry.

    That means that Magmortar and Electivire are out. There really aren't any Pokemon in the beginning of the Platinum game (I assume that you meant before the Elite Four) that have an Electric type and another type, except for Magnezone (and since he's a Steel type, I can't really suggest him). Rotom would be another option (unless you want Giratina; then I can't suggest him). If you don't want an Electric type, you might want to go the Grass route. However, Roserade is really the only good Grass-type that you can get, since Torterra isn't an option.

    Fire types are an absolute must, seeing as they would be a huge help in the first Elite Four battle and with quite a few others later on. However, the only one I can suggest is Houndoom, and he would clash with Weavile, seeing as they're both Dark-types. Still, if you were asking this question in Diamond, you'd have had absolutely no luck.

    A Fighting type would be great. I recommend Gallade, since Toxicroak, 4x Psychic weakness and all, is really your only other option. It can learn Leaf Blade via Move Relearner, which somewhat takes care of the Water/Ground types you might face.

    Hm...this is a tough question. It's really based on what you want to compliment Empoleon.

    User Info: SilentMemento

    SilentMemento - 8 years ago 1 1
  11. If you have a member card i would get darkrai mine is Lvl 66 moves are dark void nightmare dream eater and dark pulse you still can get member card off nintendo wifi connection

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  12. For the sixth one get a darkrai

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  13. well, houdoom and roserade complete the power trio. however, this leaves you lacking in physical defense, so glicore is another great choice. You could replace roserade with tropius and gliscore with garchomp. Now you need a fighter, here you have teh choice between toxicroak and gallade. While toxicroak has an awesome movepool, it has a nasty 4x psychic weakness. However, this is somewhat covered by houndoom. Gallade, on the other hand, has leaf blade close combat, and psycho cut, along with swords dance, making it probably the better choice. For your final pokemon, the remaining types are bug, ice, ghost, and bla bla bla.(possibly poison, possibly dragon, possibly psychic, and possibly flying). Now Gengar would be incredible here, sporting a much needed fighting immunity, but you cant have him without trading. So, your final option comes to Rotom or froslass, pick either. Froslass will prbably be more useful, but rotom has his merits too. If you dislike either, feel free to replace your grass with abomasnow and then pick a flying type of choice, like staraptor.

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  14. Empoleon is totally the best

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  15. I think a Staraptor with Roost, Aerial Ace, Close Combat, and Brave Bird should help alot. Also with a Luxray with Crunch, Charge, Thunder Fang, and Thunder. I would also reccomend a Roserade or Tangrowth. I would also grab and raise a gible to a Garchomp. Garchomps are pretty rare and strong. Here's my team when entered the pokemon league for the first time:

    Empoleon: Water,Steel
    Staraptor: Normal,Flying

    It was a super great team if you ask me. Hope this'll help!

    User Info: pokemonlover968

    pokemonlover968 - 8 years ago 1 1
  16. you Should try with Lucario (Steel / Fighting)

    Moves Like Close Combat, Crunch, Ice Punch and Aura Sphere

    Good Attack / Special Attack and exelent moves (I don't know if he can Learn Thunder Punch)

    User Info: 6KurinoaForte9

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  17. Metagross. orra berry and can relern magnet rise. good def 2 wecknesses.... I had a Epoleon traded it in for palkia only one weckness. Dropoin is a good pick.(Posin/dark) Spiritomb is good.

    User Info: HoRyuNova

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  18. Hmmm... This was the team I had on Platinum, and it worked out pretty well.

    Togekiss: Flying/Normal
    Empoleon: Water/Steel
    Rapidash: Fire (Arcanine is better, but you have to Dongle (Use the dual slot mode) to catch it. Houndoom is good too)
    Espeon: Psychic
    Lucario: Fighting/Steel
    Gengar: Ghost/Poison (If you can't trade, try Giritina or Rotom.)

    Hope I helped!

    User Info: Lakeandor

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  19. I used lvl 57 Empoleon with dig, drill peck, brine, metal claw
    lvl 46 Luxray thunder, thunder fang, secret power, crunch
    lvl 48 Graveler rock climb, strength, rock smash, selfdestruct
    lvl 50 Giritina shadow force, dragon claw, ominous wind, ancient power
    lvl 43 Lucario quick attack, feint, reversal, force palm
    lvl 40 Drapion scary face, pin missile, shadow ball, knock off

    I had no problems.
    hope it helps

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  20. You could get a shaymin the event is on now

    User Info: sugna12

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  21. Oops sorry just remembered that you need national dex to get shaymin sorry

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  22. Probably you should worry about a set team like:

    User Info: LORDDRAGON1995

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  23. You should try:


    For the last pokemon You can choose:

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  24. The best starters would be Turtwig and Piplup. If you want a good team you need to pick wise. They would be Staraptor,luxaray,gyrodos,magnazone and dusknoir.
    dusknoir/ghost hope this helped


    User Info: nintendoVSsony

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  25. If you're just asking for an ingame team, Empoleon/Roserade/Garchomp/Gardevoir/Clefable/Drifblim all have preevolutions that can be obtained early and provide a solid team throughout the game (provided that you grab a number of good TMs along the way and give Calm Mind/Wish and Cosmic Power/Moonlight to Gardevoir and Clefable respectively as soon as you are able). If you're looking to actually use them in a competitive setting, ignore this post.

    Empoleon is "okay" in OU though, relying mainly on Torrent and Agility with a SpAtk boost from a berry that you probably can't get right now to net kills. Just a heads-up.

    And if you have no issues with using overpowered pokemon to blow through the game, just look up Smogon's Uber list and use whatever pokemon you have from said list to obliterate anything that still has yet to be beaten.

    User Info: HyperKirby7

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  26. Gyrodos:water/flying
    Togakiss: flying/normal

    User Info: vidiomaster

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  27. Well my best team i would pick is cimchar,starly,shinx,giritina, and i wouldnt worrie about water pokemon but when you get to the steel type gym i would recomend water.

    User Info: Natetheawsome

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  28. Choose all this pokemon here:

    Infernape:(fire/fighting) Let it learn flame wheel and ember

    Giratina:(dragon/ghost) if you had catch it

    Lucario:(fighting/steel) Very rare




    I hope this would be helpful

    User Info: ianlimjansern

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  29. Empoleon (water/steel) ur starter. not the best one if u ask me, but that's up to you.
    Garchomp (dragon/ground) the strongest pokemon to find in platinum that is not a legend with it's 600 base stat.
    Gallade (fighting/psychic) this one is prety usefull, obtained via dawn stone if i remember correctly.
    Houndoom (fire/dark) u need a fire one. this one is the only one with a rather OK second type.
    Tropius (grass/flying) i know this one suks. but u need a flyer for sure, and this one covers grass aswell!
    Froslass (ice/ghost) this is a decent pokemon covering another 2 types that were open in this team.
    Starraptor (normal/flying) can be used to replace tropius if u don't want tropius.
    it will leave grass uncovered meaning you will have to learn (example) Gallade Thunderpunch (tutor) in order to sweep water types.

    There you go, a team that had no double used types. They can all be obtained in Pt and do not require trading if i am correct.
    The movepools are all up to you, though i would recommend for each pokemon:
    1 or 2 stat moves, i.e. Toxic or Iron Defence,
    and 2 or 3 attack moves, i.e. poison jab or icebeam.

    try to let each pokemon had atleast 1 attack that maches it type, since a Froslass using Shadowball will be stronger then a gallade using it, due to STAB's (same type attack bonusses). froslass' shadowball will have 120 power, gallade's just the normal 80. Google it for more details.
    Enjoy playing.

    User Info: rastarasta1298

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