Need master balls?

  1. Can you tell me how to get 1.

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    joekidme - 8 years ago

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  1. There are actually 4 methods:

    Defeat Team Galactic's Leader at Galactic HQ in Veilstone and he'll give you one (you must do this to progress the story anyway).

    Match all 5 Original Trainer ID # digits on the daily lotto at TV Station's front desk in Jubilife (any Pokemon, boxed or not, having Pokemon from multiple trainers increases your chances, repeatable if you're lucky).

    Have someone with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum trade a Pokemon holding one to you (they must perform one of the same methods as above).

    Transfer a Pokemon holding one from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green once you have access to Pal Park (you need to have the National Dex and defeat the Champion at the Pokemon League to get in).

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  1. *Spoilers alert*

    There are two methods to legitimately obtain master balls.

    1) When you beat Team Galactic at their headquarters in Veilstone, the leader, Cyrus, will give you a masterball as a reward.

    2) Inside the TV Station of Jublife city. The receptionist will allow you to check "Lottery tickets" once per day. If the lottery number matches the Trainer ID of any of your Pokemon, you will win a master ball; since each player has a fixed trainer ID, the game encourages trading to further increase your chances of winning.

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  2. i got master balls from my freinds action replay and i trade pokemon;they were holding masterballs it helped my pokedex and i got masterballs.G

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  3. Need an Action Replay.

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  4. Beat the team galactic boss Cyrus and he will give you one.Or if you have one on any of the advance games u can make a pokemon hold it and migrate it

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  5. In Solaceon town in the house next to the pokemon center they ask for a different pokemon each day. If you show them the pokemon they ask for they'll give you 3 of a random set of pokeballs, from pokeballs to masterballs.

    User Info: Peacefulrune19

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