How Important is Speed stat?

  1. Is a total SPD rating under 200 going to hinder me greatly (or a rating above 200 a great benefit) on lvl 100? I'm debating whether to give EV's of 252/252/6 to SP.ATK/SPD/DEF, do the same with SP.ATK/DEF/SPD, or do 252/124/124/8 with SP.ATK/SPD/DEF/SP.DEF

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  2. Additional Details:
    Further, even with a high SPD, I'm concerned that a low DEF/SP.DEF will hurt me more than low SPD

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Accepted Answer

  1. It depends on your Nature and Pokemon. High Speed is a gem for competitive battles and the Battle Frontier. However, Gyro Ball deals more damage if there is a great difference in Speed and the target is faster (paired with Curse on a slow, non-Ghost like Torkoal, Lickilicky, or Weezing, it will deal massive damage).

    For Natures and Speed manipulation, Brave, Quiet, Relaxed, and Sassy lower Speed by 10%, Jolly, Timid, Hasty, and Naive raise Speed by 10%. Hasty lowers Defense and Naive lowers Sp.Def, so don't use them if you can help it.

    For Natures and competitive battling, Adamant, Brave, Modest, Quiet, Bold, Impish, Relaxed, Careful, Calm, Sassy, Jolly, Timid, or one of the 5 neutral Natures should be used.

    If you have low base Speed (for me that's 79 or less), don't bother with Speed EVs and use Impish, Bold, Careful, Calm, Brave, Quiet, Relaxed, or Sassy Natures.
    If you have good base Speed (for me that's 80 to 99), go ahead with 252 EVs and Jolly or Timid Natures.
    If you have excellent base Speed (for me that's 100 or more), go ahead with 252 EVs and Adamant, Impish, or Careful for Physical move sets and Modest, Bold, or Calm for Special move sets. has an impressive analysis under Pokemon of the Week and a complete DPP Pokedex with base stats, moves (level up, TM/HM, Tutor, GBA only, and Egg), and other data.

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Other Answers

  1. i dont understand most of that, but speed is VERY important. It helps if you have a strong pokemon with a high speed stat. you will do very well.

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  2. Part 2.

    If you have high enough Speed and great Attack/Sp.Atk, you can disregard defenses for the most part (Alakazam, Garchomp, etc.). If you have a base Speed below 100, Defense and Sp.Def EVs help if they have the base defenses to use them (Altaria, Lapras, Claydol, Slowbro, etc.).

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