How to EV train an Adamant Dratini (Dragonite)?????

  1. Hi, I want to make Dratini a physical sweeper as a Dragonite. I already know about the IVs, the nature (adamant), even the move set.

    This move set counters all of Dragonite's weaknesses (Dragon x2, Rock x2, and Ice x4) while causing a huge amount of damage, but I'm not revealing the moves because I don't want people copying the strategy exactly as mine. I'm not even considering Dragon Dance, Agility, Swords Dance (does Dragonite even learn that move? lol) or any power up move due to its slower speed and I can't risk powering up and getting OHKO in the same turn (e.g. ICE BEAM).

    But I'm stuck with the following:

    I must EV train Dragonite for Attack and what else???

    At first, I chose Speed. Yet, that's Dragonite's lowest stat (Base 80) and I don't know if I just EV train Defense (Base 95) or Special Defense (Base 100) or both defenses instead (EV spread).


    To make it clearer, which one?

    252 Attack and 252 Speed (4 HP)
    252 Attack and 252 for either Defense or Special Defense (4 HP)
    252 Attack, 126 Defense and 126 Special Defense (4 HP)

    Is it better for Dragonite for resist damage (let's say, at least one Ice Beam and/or Stone Edge) and have high attack or be fast and have high attack. This is a dilemma........

    P.S.: What about a holding item? And is Quick Claw really worth it (works ~10% of the time)??


    User Info: yoshirpg

    yoshirpg - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I think there is a problem with both of the first two. Because like you said its slow in the first place, So is the second cause it only powers up one defence stat. I would pick the third one cause it covers both of the defenses.

    User Info: chimer_crisis

    chimer_crisis - 8 years ago 0 0

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