Breeding Ditto with... Ditto?

  1. I've heard claims this is possible, despite it sounding completely illogical to me as the point of Ditto is an amorphous blob that assumes the form of the Pokemon it's mating with, something kinda impossible if you're mating with another amorphous blob that assumes the form of the Pokemon it's mating with. Then again, Ditto can breed with genderless Pokemon so who knows.

    Anyways, I obtained a Ditto a looong time ago from the Trophy Garden. Despite being, for lack of a better word, a 'whore' (it's gone up 71 levels in the breeder box) Ditto serves me very well. Recently, I obtained another Ditto from said Garden and the thought occurred crossed my mind of two Dittos breeding to create a grand army of them to offer to friends who are also playing Platinum. I dismissed this on the grounds that Ditto is one of the most sought after Pokemon in the GTS, and if mass breeding were true then someone would be raking in the rare Pokemon people offer just to get their hands on that walking tub of goo.

    But, as with anything in video games, there are always those who say it's true. And just like that friend's cousin's brother's uncle's father-in-law who knew a guy whose postal worker caught a Mew in the wild on Route 201, there are friends of a friends of a... whatever who claim to have bred Dittos and sell them to the highest bidder on the GTS.

    Currently, after a week of "they seem to be getting along", my Dittos have done nothing but smiled happily (well except the one going on 72 levels....). So I have to ask: Can a Ditto breed with a Ditto?

    User Info: AzureLivesOn

    AzureLivesOn - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Exactly, and right now despite the fact that they get along, no egg is being produced. It is illogical for Dittos to breed, and thusly I will take the 2nd Ditto out of the box. Thank you.

    User Info: AzureLivesOn

    AzureLivesOn - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If it's really been a week, then I seriously doubt that they'll breed.

    While it is true that genderless Pokemon (e.g., Bronzor or Magnemite) can breed with Ditto, it is essentially making a copy of itself. As I recall, since the 2nd generation (Gold, Silver, Crystal) it was clearly stated that you could not breed Ditto with Ditto to get another Ditto.

    Since Ditto is genderless itself, there is nothing you can breed it with to get another Ditto.

    User Info: starknight75

    starknight75 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. I don't think that Ditto can Breed with another Ditto to ultimately make another ditto from an egg because I have never seen it happen the only logical way I see another ditto being bred is if you breed a female ditto with a male pokemon in the same egg group as ditto so I hope that helps

    User Info: Ike2100

    Ike2100 - 8 years ago 0 0

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