What's the difference between Focus Band and Focus Sash?

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    suicidesilence2 - 8 years ago

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  1. Focus Band lets you survive with 1 HP after you are hit and only works sometimes. Focus Sash lets you survive only when you have full Hp.

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  1. Focus Band doesn't require full health to work, Focus Sash won't ever fail to work.

    User Info: Cornbinks

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  2. Both items leave you with 1 HP from a potential KO hit.
    Focus Band works from any HP level, but only occasionally activates (unsure of the chances).
    Focus Sash always activates when you get hit at full HP, but fails otherwise (great for "glass cannon" Pokemon like Rampardos and those with 4x weaknesses, low HP, and low defenses like Weavile.

    However, always beware of weather damage (Sandstorm, Hail, Dry Skin and Solar Power Abilities in Sunny Day), Poison (both Regular and Toxic) and Burn Status Effects, entry hazards (Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock), Rough Skin Ability (if your move requires direct contact), and multi-hit moves (Bonemerang, Icicle Spear, Beat Up, etc.) when using these items. Multi-hit moves can be stopped by Focus Band, but the chances are terrible.

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