Why are Choice Band/Specs so popular??

  1. In moveset threads, most of the held items I see are either Choice Band for physical sweepers and Choice Specs for specials. Why are these items so overused?? Let's say you have a CB Salamance defeat a Raichu with EQ, and the next pokemon sent out is a Skarmory, then you are forced to switch out Salamance due to CB. Plus you are putting yourself are a risk of major damage when switching to the pokemon you have to send out to counter Skarmory or whatever pokemon is resistant/immnue to EQ. So why do people insist on having these power-boost-one-attack-only items???

    I'd been told that Garchomp is an Uber due to superior stats from most sweepers and it can take out an entire team with CB EQ, but I bet it can't hit a Lv. 1 Pidgey (especially if Garchomp is the last remaining pokemon).

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    yoshirpg - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    unchosen_one, you elaborated more thoroughly what the choice items do. I want to know why would trainers use these items if one type of attack is not effective to every type. Do they have a strategy upon switching out?? What are some examples?

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    yoshirpg - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The fact that alone a move may not get a KO when a +50% power Choice Band/Choice Specs boosted version will makes them more useful. You will have to switch out to change moves, which is good if you use moves like Outrage, Leaf Storm, Close Combat, Hyper Beam, or anything else that has a harmful effect on the user like Confused, Recharging, or Stats Down (or if you use Slaking).

    A popular Choice Band tactic is to U-Turn scout to trick them into a non-effective move on your switch (dealing increased damage on a switch).

    Another is "Trick-Band," which is Choice Band/Choice Specs + Trick/Switcheroo to give them a useless item. Trick/Switcheroo a Choice Band to a Special Attacker, a Choice Specs to a Physical Attacker, or either to a Pokemon that is boosting its stats.

    Test the KO power of the items here:

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Other Answers

  1. They allow for a large power boost in any one move
    So if you use something like a dark type, for example, which can hit any type, it has a large boost
    Plates and other type boosters are type specific and offer a much smaller power boost
    That's why so many like choice items

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  2. The first one that comes to my mind is u-turn
    Start with a scout and get a u-turn at a power of 90 instead of 60, if i remember the base power right
    Another example is slaking
    Get an incredibly powerful attack in and switch out to start truant over
    Or it can be stacked
    Give kyogre choice specs and use a water type attack
    STAB, choice boost and rain dance (from drizzle) boost can lead to an incredibly powerful hydro pump

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