How many happinness?

  1. How many happinness does togepi need to evolve, how many happinness does a puffin have, and how many happinness does switching togepi in battle have

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    suitelifeofZack - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    The puffin is the food they eat.

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    suitelifeofZack - 8 years ago


  1. Ok first if you mean poffin i'm not quite sure how much that has but what i did is take my togepi which i never used till now so it was at lvl 1 gave it exp share and let it lvl up and 37 it changed from togepi to togetic the friendship it had with me were 2 stars 2 small ones not big ones just 2 small stars is all it needs to evolve not 2 big ones.

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  2. Use Poketch App #6--the one where your party Pokemon are floating around the screen. Hold the stylus on your Pokemon to check its happiness. The best you can get are two big, blinking hearts.

    To raise Togepi's happiness, you can do a number of things--of course it needs to be in your party:

    1) give it massages, either in Veilstone City (the first house on the same ledge as the Gym) or--if you've made it to the Resort Area and become a member of the Ribbon Syndicate--in the Ribbon Syndicate.
    2) feed it Poffins that it likes--spicy, sweet, etc.
    3) give it an item to hold; Soothe Bell works best because its effect is to raise happiness anyway.
    4) if you send it into battle, don't let it get knocked out or allow it to have a status effect longer than necessary (heal it as soon as the battle ends).

    Another way to check how happy your Togepi is would be to take it to Dr. Footprint on Route 213. If your Togepi is absolutely happy with you, it will get a Footprint Ribbon from the doctor, and that's an almost given that leveling up will result in evolution.

    I'd suggest checking your potential movesets online somewhere, level up until you have all the attacks you want from Togepi's moveset, then build its happiness until your ready to evolve it.

    User Info: starknight75

    starknight75 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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