How do I beat maylene?

  1. My team is:
    staravia level 29
    luxio level 26
    grottle level 26
    eevee level 20
    machop level 13
    and togepi level 9

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Accepted Answer

  1. Maylene has 2 Hyper Potions to use on her Pokemon when they are below 33% health.

    Meditite - Level 28 (Female)
    Drain Punch, Confusion, Rock Tomb, Fake Out.
    Weak to Flying and Ghost
    Resists Fighting and Rock

    Machoke - Level 29 (Male)
    Karate Chop, Rock Tomb, Strength, Focus Energy.
    Weak to Flying and Psychic
    Resists Bug, Rock, and Dark

    Lucario - Level 32 (Male) - Sitrus Berry
    Drain Punch, Force Palm, Metal Claw, Bone Rush
    Weak to Fire, Fighting, and Ground
    Resists Normal, Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Bug (increased), Rock (increased), and Dark (increased)
    Immune to Poison

    Burn and Paralyze are great Status Effects to hit Lucario with. It depends on your Speeds and Defenses.

    Have Wing Attack, Pluck, or Aerial Ace on Staravia to deal with Meditite and Machoke. Evolve Staravia at 34 and you'll be prompted to teach Staraptor Close Combat (for Lucario). Switch out prior to Lucario and switch in to Intimidate it. Endeavor+Quick Attack may be of use VS Lucario if it doesn't 1-shot KO you (Endeavor as your first move, waste her remaining Hyper Potions with Endeavor, then Quick Attack to KO it).

    Use Charge+Spark and pray for a first hit and Paralyze on Lucario. Evolve Luxio at 30 to have increased power as Luxray. Just beware of Lucario's Bone Rush. Rivalry is a bad ability with the mix of genders on Maylene's team.

    Evolve Grotle at 32 and you'll be prompted to teach Torterra Earthquake (also for Lucario).

    Depends on what evolution you want. Keep Umbreon and Glaceon (you can't get it yet) away from Fighting Types. Espeon has potential, but has fragile Defense. Flareon is a great Physical Fire Type, but lacks in Speed. Jolteon and Vaporeon are neutral choices and have great Special options. Leafeon (go back to the rock near the beginning of Eterna Forest) is a weak choice VS Maylene's Pokemon.

    Evolve Machop at 28 to get a Machoke and Trade to get a Machamp (great powerhouse) for Lucario. Just avoid Meditite.

    Make it happy and level up to get a Togetic. Teach it Air Cutter from the Tutor on Route 212 (Hearthome to Pastoria) for a Special based FFlying Move (useless later, but great for now). Use a Shiny Stone on Togetic (if you have it or can get it from a friend) to get a Togekiss (learn Ancientpower at 33 if you have Serene Grace to boost the chance of raising all stats eo 20%). You can get a Flamethrower TM from the Game Corner for use on Lucario (Serene Grace helps with 20% chance of Burn).

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Other Answers

  1. Look, first you'll need to learn either pluck or wing attack ,or some flying move of some sorts.Then kill meditite and machoke with staravia. With a flying type move and STAB , Staravia can easily kill both meditite and machoke.Then comes the difficult part.To kill Lucario.
    Heres a solution. Go to route 214 and use the Vs seeker to refight the Psychic there at least 5 or so times.
    Train your Grotle at lvl 32 where he evolves and learns Earthquake.Now you can deal with Lucario.
    The key is type matching,and raw power (if you cant do supereffective hits.)
    I hope this helped.
    By the way I also had a Torterra at this point lvl33 and a Staraptor lvl 33.Then I traded from my older Diamond some good Pokemon.Try that,it may be a little confusing and/or difficult if they dont obey you,but in the long run you would be benefited.
    I ended up beating Volkner with this team

    Torterra lvl 59
    Staraptor lvl 58
    Alakazam lvl 59 --->from trade
    Empoleon lvl 60 ---->from trade See?

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  2. Your Staravia should be strong enough to knock out both Meditite and Machoke. If you want to play it safe, you might try raising Staravia about 3 more levels. Assuming you've learned most of your Attacks by leveling up instead of using TMs, Staravia probably has either Wing Attack or Aerial Ace, or both. These attacks should be fine against the Fighting Psychic and the pure Fighting.

    Staravia probably won't work against Lucario because of its Steel-type strengths. You might try using Luxio against Lucario instead, using Charge the first turn, followed by Spark the second. I don't remember how fast Lucario is or what attacks it has, so this may not be a suitable tactic.

    Your best bet at this point would be to either evolve your Machop into Machoke and use Fighting attacks against Lucario (since Steel is weak against Fire), or switch out some of your weaker Pokemon for stronger ones altogether. Because you would have had to go through Route 210 and Route 215, I'm sure you could catch a Ponyta and raise it up. It's Fire-type attacks will be good against Lucario. A Chimchar, Monferno, or Infernape (if you traded for it) would be good, too. If you have a Barboach or Whiscash, that would work, especially if it has some strong Ground attacks. Gible, too, perhaps. As a last resort, you can try using Geodude or Graveler if it has Magnitude or Earthquake, but be warned that its Rock-type will be vulnerable to Fighting attacks.

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  3. Maylene uses fighting types so grass & water are very effeted to her pokemon :D

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  4. Train train train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Lv. up all ur pokemon to about lv 32 put togepi in the day care for a while make staravia into staraptor and teach it wing attack and peck toget rid of herfirst to pokemon to defeat lucario evolve eevee into umbreon and kill it give ur pokemon lots of iron before the battle and boom instant gym badge

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  6. Staravia should know wing attack or arial ace, machop should know karate chop, or low kick

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  7. Staravia and Grotle should evolve first since Fighting-type Pokemon are weak against Flying-type attacks and after Grotle evolves, it will learn Earthquake which will give you an advantage against Lucario since it's also Steel-type (Steel-type Pokemon are weak against Ground-type attacks). I suggest evolving Eevee into Espeon (by strong friendship during the day) since Fighting-type are also weak against Psychic-type attacks (yet Fighting is not very effective against Psychic)

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