What does iv and ev mean?

  1. Ive been seeing this alot on the trading board. I was wondering what it means to iv train your pokemon or ev train your pokemon.
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  1. IVs are totally random. You cannot IV train. EVs are a different story. It takes a while to explain, so be patient while reading this.
    Some major points to know:
    1. EV stands for Effort Values
    2. A pokemon can get up to 510 EVs
    3. EV training is a long and tedious process
    4. Different pokemon give out different EVs when beaten
    5. The process of EV training is just fighting specific pokemon

    The point of EV training is to help manipulate your pokemon's stats. A pokemon can obtain up to 63 extra stat points in 2 different stats, and use the remaining to raise another stat 1 point. The usual way to EV train is to give each stat 252 EVs, and the last one 4.
    For every 4 EV points a pokemon gets in one specific stat, it gets one extra stat point in that stat.

    To check which pokemon give out which EVs, you can check www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/, find the pokemon you're battling, and on the bottom of it's page, it will tell you which EVs it gives out when you beat it.

    As you level up, any EVs the pokemon has will be applied gradually, so don't be surprised if your pokemon only gains 2 or 3 points per level. Once you reach level 50, it starts to pick up a bit. It increases a bit more every level.

    Another thing to keep in mind, is the pokemon's nature. If you're going to EV train your Staraptor for speed, you don't want to give it a nature that will lower it's speed. A good nature for that would be a Jolly nature, which raises speed and lowers special attack.

    One last note, you can increase the EVs your pokemon receives in battle. If you have the Macho Brace, and give it to your pokemon, it's EVs will be doubled. Another thing that has the same effect is Pokerus. If both are used at once, the least you can get from a pokemon is 4 points.

    Other items that help are the Power items, which can be received from the exchange counter at the Battle Frontier. Let's say that you fight a starly, which normally gives out 1 speed EV. If you give it a Power Bracer, it will give you that 1 speed EV, plus 4 extra attack EVs.

    If you need a nature chart, which tells you what all of the natures do for your stats, here's a link:

    Hope this was helpful! =]

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