How Do I trade From A GBA Game To A DS Game Using The Same DS?

  1. I just jumped back into the worl of pokemon, and i have to say, things are A LOT different from the way they were when i last played. Needless to say there are some mechanics to these new games that i dont fully yet understand and was hoping some of my fellow gamers could help me out.

    There's something on the back of my Platinum box that says something about the ability to connect the GBA games to this Platinum version via the "dual Slot" feature.

    How does this work? Can someone please elaborate?

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    JasonB626 - 8 years ago

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  1. Once you have the National Dex (i.e. you have at least seen all Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex, defeated the Elite 4 and Champion, and spoken with Prof. Rowan afterwards) you can gain access to Pal Park south of Sandgem Town.

    You can transfer 6 Pokemon per GBA cartridge per day (no less than 6 at once) to be caught in Pal Park (automatic success when you use a Pal Park Ball, but there are 5 different envirnoment areas that they can appear in). Have the GBA cartridge in the GBA slot and select "Migrate From (GBA Version)" to transfer Pokemon. You cannot get them back from the DS games, so be sure you have the GBA Version Only moves you want (don't worry, there are very few of them, some not even worth keeping).

    Also, certain Pokemon appear in certain areas when you have a GBA cartridge in the GBA slot (different for each GBA Version).

    For more info:

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  1. Put it in your GBA game slot

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  2. 1. You can not trade from a gba game to a ds game because there are knew pokemon in the game that can not register in the pokedex.
    2. Although you can migrate pokemon from you GBA so you can give 6 pokemon every 24 hours to the ds game, but the pokemon can not know tms, although the you get nothing in exchange.
    3. Once you get the national dex you can gain access to Pal Park south of Sandgem Town and there you can migrate pokemon by trning off the game chose migrate pokemon option and then chose the 6 pokemon and only 6 pokemon, no more no less, in the pc.

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