Calculating EVs?

  1. Pardon my ignorance. I don't train for EVs and I don't understand how players can post details like how many EVs went to ATK and how many went to Speed and so on.

    How do players know how many went where? Did they sit down and keep track specifically of how many of which Pokemon a single Pokemon battled to figure it out?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Actually, the berries reduce their respective stats by 10 EVs if there are 109 or fewer EVs to a stat and reduce stats to 100 EVs if there are 110 or more EVs to a stat. Yes, those players actually DO sit down and keep track of how many went where, but they usually map out a plan first.

    Many Players use Vitamins (HP Up, Carbos, etc.) for 10 EVs each (until 100 to a stat) then carefully record every EV they gain until they have the stats they want (510 total EVs, 255 maximum EVs to a stat, 252 recommended maximum EVs to a single stat).

    For example, let's get 252 Attack or Sp.Atk EVs, 252 Speed EVs, and 6 HP, Defense, or Sp.Def EVs:
    Give a Pokemon 10 Protein or Calcium and 10 Carbos then fight 2 Magikarp hooked with the Old Rod, then hold a Power Anklet and fight the Fisherman with 6 Magikarp 5 times (252 Speed).
    Fight for 4-6 EVs to the spare EV stat (HP from Bidoof on Route 201, Defense from Geodude & Hippopotas in Maniac Tunnel, or Sp.Def from Tentacool (1 EV) and Tentacruel (2 EVs) Surfing on ocean Routes)
    Find a Trainer with Pokemon that only give Attack or Sp.Atk EVs or Wild Pokemon equivalents (use the Super Rod at the Lakes for Seaking and Gyarados only (2 Attack EVs each) and Old Chateau for Gastly (1 Sp.Atk EV)).

    For specific EV training help, use 211kyle211's EV Training FAQ:

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Other Answers

  1. I'm quite sure there is no way to CALCULATE EVs, but it is possible to reset all EVs to zero, hence undoing all mistakes. Certain berries can reduce EVs of a certain stat, if it was above 100, it would be reduced to 100. If it was below 100, it would reduce it by 10 EVs.

    That means you would need a total of 100 berries O_O, 10 of each. (Unless it was trained halfway, then you know what stat and what berry)

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