Ultimate team?

  1. I'm having a battle with my mate in a few days, and I need a good all-round team. Any suggestions?
    My party at the moment:
    Staraptor-Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Fly, Defog
    Gengar-Shadow Punch, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater
    Floatzel-Swift, Surf, Water Pulse, Waterfall
    Garchomp-Slash, Dragon Claw, Dig, Dragon Rush
    Infernape-Close Combat, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Flare Blitz
    Raichu-Thunderbolt, Rock Smash, Thunder, Slam
    All Pokemon are level 100.

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    calvinio12345 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks for the help, but if theres a pokemon that you dont agree with, could you think of a good replacement?

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    calvinio12345 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. As this is the team you have proposed...

    Staraptor: Defog probably won't be of much use in the battle you're planning, so drop that. I also suggest dropping Close Combat (reduces your stats). Keep Aerial Ace for quick, accurate attacks, and keep Fly in case you need to dodge an attack that takes time to build up (e.g., Sky Attack). Ice, Electric, and Rock are your biggest threats, so maybe Mud-slap to get super-effective hits on Electric and Rock types (not to mention lowering accuracy) and Roost to recover lost HP when you do get hit.

    Gengar: Without Hypnosis, Dream Eater is useless, so drop that. Choose between Shadow Punch or Shadow Ball based on your stats (one is Physical, one is Special). If you choose Shadow Ball, consider Dark Pulse as another option: one may lower Sp.Def, one may cause flinching. Any of these will cover for two of your three weaknesses, Psychic and Ghost types. For your other three attacks, I suggest Brick Break to counter Dark types, Poison Jab to take advantage of its type, and either Spite to deplete your opponent's attacks or Ice Punch to counter Normal-Flying Pokemon, who would be more dangerous because of the non-Normal attacks the can use against you while remaining invulnerable to Ghost attacks.

    Floatzel: Choose either Surf or Waterfall, not both, based on your stats. Choose either Swift (for accuracy) or Aqua Jet (first strike) but not both. For your other two attacks, Ice Punch will counter Grass attackers, and Dig could work to counter Electric attackers, plus it lets you dodge. Or, if you don't want Dig, keep Water Pulse (but if you do, don't take Aqua Jet).

    Garchomp: Keep both Slash and Dragon Claw. Trade Dig for Earthquake, unless you want a dodging attack. Ice-type is your biggest foe, so trade Dragon Rush (too inaccurate anyway) for Flamethrower or Iron Head (choose based on stats).

    Infernape: Again, drop Close Combat. Also drop Flare Blitz--the recoil is too much. Keep Flamethrower (or Flame Wheel, based on stats) and Shadow Claw, and add Thunder Punch (to counter Flying- and Water-types) and maybe Aerial Ace (for first hits and surprise attacks).

    Raichu: Thunderbolt (or Thunder Punch, based on stats) works. Your only weakness is Ground, so maybe Magnet Rise to eliminate it altogether. To mix up the attacks, I'd suggest Signal Beam (to maybe cause confusion) and Brick Break, Mud-Slap (to definitely lower accuracy), or Grass Knot (to do more damage to bigger, heavier opponents).

    Choose your attacks to go with your stronger stats, and that will also do you some good. Also, I suggest staying away from attacks that cost you turns (e.g. Hyper Beam), that take too long (e.g., Future Sight, though escaping attacks are fine), that hurt you stats-wise or HP-wise (e.g., Close Combat and Flare Blitz), that require two attacks to implement (e.g., Hypnosis and Dream Eater), are very inaccurate (e.g., Thunder), or just have too few PP (e.g. Giga Impact).

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Other Answers

  1. alright let me pick your team apart here for a sec. after I finish pukeing my brains out.

    Staraptor-Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Fly, Defog. I would get rid of either fly oror ariel ace for something that has a diffrent attack type

    Gengar-Shadow Punch, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater. Keep shawdow ball, If you want to keep dream eater get rid of pyschich for hypnosis cause dream eater is no good unless the foe is asleep. and change shawdow punch to something usefull perferably useful against the dark types.

    Floatzel-Swift, Surf, Water Pulse, Waterfall. I dont even know where to strat here. I'd keep surf and swift and change the other two to something else.

    Garchomp-Slash, Dragon Claw, Dig, Dragon Rush. Get rid of dig for earthquake, and change shadow claw to something else

    Infernape-Close Combat, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Flare Blitz. . flare blits for lets say sunny day

    Raichu-Thunderbolt, Rock Smash, Thunder, Slam. thunderbolt for rain dance. and give it a better attack instead of rack smash.

    to put it simply you dont want the same basic moves for a single PKMN. i.e. water fall & surf. it will put you in a severe disavantage if they know the same type of move. you want diversify what they know so you can be better equiped for more situations.

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  2. Staraptor- DEFINITELY take off Defog. Try Brave Bird

    Gengar- Take off Dream Eater, completely useless. Try Toxic. Instead of Shadow Punch, how about Thunderbolt or Focus Blast?

    Floatzel- If it's Special Attack is better than it's Physical Attack, keep Surf. If Physical is better than Special, keep Waterfall. For whichever one you don't have, either have Ice Beam with Surf, or Ice Fang with Waterfall.

    Garchomp- Try Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Flamethrower and Dragon Claw.

    Infernape- Perfect. No help needed. Although having two recoil damage moves is a risk.

    Raichu- Ew. Just ew. Try T-Bolt, Iron Tail, Brick Break, and Quick Attack.

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  3. How about Electivire for Raichu. Its slower, but better attacks. For example:
    Earthquake, Cross Chop, Thunderbolt, and Fire/Ice Punch. Get the idea?

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    suicidesilence2 - 8 years ago 0 0

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