How do you get the three different cloaked burmy's?

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Accepted Answer

  1. The Burmy's change form depending on where you battled last. Taken from Bulbapedia:

    It changes its cloak based on the location where it last battled. It will be the Plant Cloak if it last battled outside or in tall grass, the Sandy Cloak if it last battled in a cave, on a beach, or faced a Pokemon from a Honey tree, and the Trash Cloak if it last battled in a building. In the wild it is always the Plant Cloak variation. Its cloak only affects what its second type will be if it evolves into Wormadam; it otherwise does not affect gameplay.

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Other Answers

  1. I agree with Apatheticidiot.

    If you're planning on evolving them, then I suggest the following:

    Grass Cloak Burmy to Grass Cloak Wormadam - anywhere on the routes or open areas with grass.

    Sandy Cloak Burmy to Ground-Form Wormadam - if it's battling on its own, I'd suggest Ravaged Path, only because Burmy's attacks are quite weak. The Zubat and Psyduck on Ravaged Path are weak and it will take a while, but you'll be less likely to be knocked out. If it's battling paired with someone else via Exp. Share, then go wherever you can gets lots of EXP in a short time--Victory Road if you can get there, otherwise inside Mt. Coronet.

    Trash Cloak Burmy to Steel-Form Wormadam - if it's battling on its own, I'd suggest...well, I suggest NOT battling on its own. But if you must, then I suggest the Old Chateau. By itself, it's really the only place that has Pokemon anywhere near beatable by a Burmy: the Pokemon Center trainers are too strong, as are the Gym trainers (unless you haven't gone through the Gyms yet. The only other possible place MIGHT be in Jubilife City if you haven't already challenged the trainers at the Pokemon school. Otherwise, use Exp. Share while battling in the Seven Stars Restaurant at Valor Lakefront. It's fairly quick: if you started out with a low-level Burmy (e.g., level 5) you should be able to evolve by the time you go through the five battles there.

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  2. ^The Exp. Share method for getting the Steel-form could also be done in the daily Pokemon center battles.

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